[TRANS] 130719 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s 2 Minute TV Appearance Has Japan In A Frenzy, “Preparing My Next Work”


Kim Jaejoong has proved yet again just how popular he is in Japan.

Last week, Kim Jaejoong’s appearance on BS11′s entertainment program ‘Han Love’ made quite an impact in Japan. C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Kim Jaejoong appeared on the program ‘Han Love’ to teach Park Yoohwan, who is currently brushing up on his Japanese for his drama fanmeet, a few tips on the language.”

The representative continued to add, “Although he only appeared for two minutes, the outfit he wore that day was sold out on a Japanese online site on the same day, and the ‘Han Love’ video has been met with an explosive response on various online sites, proving yet again just how popular Kim Jaejoong is.”

A representative of the Japanese program also expressed Kim Jaejoong’s long-lasting popularity as he said, “Even we were surprised by the explosive reaction to his cameo appearance. We believe his appearance was a piece of welcoming news to viewers as there have been restrictions placed on his televised broadcast appearances since 2010.”

Although Kim Jaejoong has not been able to appear on programs recently, his dramas ‘Protect the Boss’ and ‘Dr. Jin’ are extremely popular in Japan. He also held a solo concert at the Yokohama Arena recently that attracted over 45,000 fans, more evidence that his popularity is stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong is currently taking a break after successfully completing his Asia Tour and is planning to greet fans with a new project soon.

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[Info] 130429 Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

[Info] 130429 Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

Here are a few facts you may not know about Park Yoo Chun.


Park Yoo Chun, also known as Yoochun and by the stage name of Micky Yoochun is so popular throughout Asia, that when he travels with his group JYJ, airports are often immobilized by the arrival of eager fans.

Although you may know a lot about the singer-turned actor, here are a few more facts.

1. Park Yoo Chun is very close to his brother, Park Yoo Hwan, who is also an actor. The brothers immigrated to America with their parents but were separated when Yoochun left to pursue a career as a singer. The experience was difficult for both of them, but today the siblings are closer than ever.

“My brother is like a father to me,” said Yoo Hwan, who appeared in the drama, “A Thousand Days’ Promise.”

As to who is a better actor, Yoochun says his brother’s acting is more natural than his, but he is better at being emotional.

2. The role of Han Jung Woo in “Missing You” proves that Yoochun can turn on the tears. The line his character kept repeating was that he was not really crying but the wind was making his eyes tear up. But it was so cold on set that it actually interfered with his crying.

“When the chilly wind is blowing, it’s not easy to cry,” said Yoochun. “And in the cold wintry weather, my mouth often became frozen when I was saying my lines.

3. He does not think he is a good actor yet or necessarily very attractive.

“Honestly, I need makeup in order to look good, and because I became an actor all of the sudden after being a singer, there is a lot of room for improvement,” said Yoochun.

When praised for his work, he said. “It is not because my acting is good; rather I think my personal experiences show through my acting. As I have experienced crying bitterly before, it was possible for me to cry in scenes like that.”

4. He would like to grow hair longer again, as it was in his early JYJ days, but drama roles get in the way.

“After “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” my hair was so long I could tie it up, I like long hair like that. But after I cut it off, even if I want it long again, I can’t do it. If I want to let my hair grow long, I need to have one year of no work, but there is work continually.”

5. He is so busy that he considered adopting a daughter but decided his schedule was too demanding. He so enjoyed interacting with the young actress Kim So Hyun when he starred in “Rooftop Prince” that he began to think about how much he would like to have a daughter.

“I really love daughters,” said Yoochun. “I fantasize about having a loving family. When I marry I think I will be able to have a daughter like So Hyun.”

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[News] 120915 Park Yoochun ‘I Want to Film a Movie in the Great China Region with My Brother’

[News] 120915 Park Yoochun ‘I Want to Film a Movie in the Great China Region with My Brother’

Park Yoochun successfully wrapped up his fan meeting in Taiwan.

On September 13, Park Yoochun of JYJ landed at the Taipei Airport where a countless number of fans and reporters were waiting for his arrival.

The couple hundred people who were waiting at the airport began to scream as soon as they saw Park Yoochun and over 20 different media sources were struggle to capture every moment of his arrival.

 Recently, the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” is highly popular in Taiwan. It has been reported that of all the dramas that aired after 2011, “Rooftop Prince” received the highest viewing rate and set a new record in Taiwan. Also, during a Taiwanese TV show called, “Yes Entertainment” and one other show, approximately 22,000 people were surveyed. When they were asked, “The best male drama character in my heart?” over 71% of the people chose Park Yoochun.

Yesterday (September 14), Park Yoochun held his fan meeting at the gymnasium of the National Taiwan University. As part of “2012 Park Yoochun Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Taiwan”, Park Yoochun played games with his fans as well as other activities to spend time with his fans.

With about 4,000 fans in the audience, Park Yoochun spoke to them about his future plans as well as talking about filming dramas.

When Park Yoochun was asked to describe his ideal girlfriend, he answered, “Someone who is polite and kind.” After hearing his answer, the fans screamed out loud to show support. While talking about his acting career, Park Yoochun revealed that he wants to film a movie in the Great China Region. I would be a lot better if my little brother Yuhwan could be in the movie with me.”

All the fans who were present held their breath until Park Yoochun was finished speaking and screamed to show support as soon as he finished each statement.

Park Yoochun wrapped up the fan meeting with the statement, “I’m so happy to see my fans in Taiwan. I don’t think I will ever forget the warmth I felt from this fan meeting.”

Representative of Park Yoochun’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, stated, “Ever since the 13th, the day of Park Yoochun’s arrival in Taiwan, the newspapers in the local area was filled with detailed news of Park Yoochun.”

Park Yoochun will wrap up his “2012 Park Yoochun Asia Tour” on the 16th of this month in Thailand.

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111202 [RE-POST] [MINI PROJECT] Support The Mango Tree Project And Leave A Message For JYJ

[RE-POST] [MINI PROJECT] Support The Mango Tree Project And Leave A Message For JYJ


I haven’t posted here in a while and it makes me feel kinda guilty .__.
But I’ll probably start posting again in the next week so \o/

Anywho, the reason I’m making this post is because t’is the season of giving!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is just around the corner (okay… more like 25 days away) and the spirit of sharing has returned.

As you all know, JYJ, along with Yoohwan and Ji Hyo, are participating in World Vision’s Mango Tree Project.

It aims to plant 20,000 mango trees in Sudan as a sustainable source of income for those who have been afflicted by the internal conflict. Each tree costs 10,000 KRW to plant, which means JYJ are aiming to collect 200 million KRW. Personally, I think this is an absolutely spectacular charity project, which is why I’ve set up this mini project.

I’m sure some of you have visited the C-JeS mini-homepage thing for the Mango Tree Project, clicked on the little link that said “click here” and…. ended up on the Korean site of World Vision (as seen here)… Awkward sauce yo .__.

You need a Korean registration number to make the donation, which is only given to Korean citizens (more awkward…). This was why my fellow ninja master Rara had to ask me if I could help her out and I said, ‘Hey, why not?’

So, in light of it being the happiest season of the year, I’ll be using my registration number to make a collective donation from anyone who would like to join in.

Here’s some basic info for the mini-project:

Date: December 1st ~ December 10th 11:59pm KST
Amount: As much or as little as you would like
Paypal account: TVXQmelodies@gmail.com

On the 5th, 8th and 11th (after all donations have been collected) I’ll post a spreadsheet with first names, amount donated and ‘message received’ (for the message to JYJ)

All other costs that come from transferring the money from my Paypal account to my actual bank account will be paid for by me, but whatever costs may come from donating to my Paypal account must to paid for by you guys (I don’t even know if there are any costs for this D:) and I’ll be contributing an extra 30,000 KRW (one tree per member )

After your donation has been made, send me an e-mail to TVXQmelodies@gmail.com with the following information

Amount donated:
Message to JYJ: (Maximum 5 lines guys. I know you all have a lot to say, but I can’t be translating paragraphs .__.)

On the day the donation is made, I’ll post a confirmation screencap of the donation, as well as the money withdrawn from my bank account as well as the e-mail that I’ll be sending to both C-JeS and World Vision.

So whether you’re a JYJ fan, TVXQ fan or someone who just wants to help out with a great cause, join in and spread the holiday cheer!

Mucho loves,

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Translation 110801 Park Yoowhan Says, “My Brother’s Habit From When He Was A Baby Is…

[Trans] 110801 Park Yoohwan Says, “My Brother’s Habit From When He Was A Baby Is…”

Actor Park Yoohwan recently showed off his masculinity in a photoshoot.

Park Yoohwan showcased his chic charms in a photoshoot for the August issue of ‘Elle Girl’.

With a firm and shaped body, Park Yoohwan surprised the staff members by perfectly taking on a variety of outfits that included sleeveless shirts, leather jackets and black skinny pants.

On this day, Park Yoohwan took pictures of himself with glitter on his porcelain skin and joked around with the staff, acting like a normal and energetic youth. But when the photographer began giving him orders, Park Yoohwan showed professionalism as he took on his role with sincerity.

Park Yoohwan, who currently plays the role of Han Seo Woo in MBC’s weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, showed his affection for acting as he said, “I always wanted to try acting out emotional scenes so I’m so happy that I was able to.”

Regarding his older brother Park Yoochun, he confessed a secret and said, “This is a habit he’s had since he was a baby, but when he sleeps, he intertwines his fingers into my clothes and holds on.”

Park Yoohwan’s charming photoshoot and interview can be seen in the August issue of ‘Elle Girl’.

Source: [donga sports]
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