Information: KPOP in Singapore – Scent of a Woman Meet & Greet

[Info] KPOP in Singapore – Scent of a Woman Meet & Greet

Fans of SBS drama “Scent of a Women” screams!!!

There will be a meet and greet session for the drama lovers right here in Singapore and Malaysia this coming December.Well, JYJ Junsu even sang the OST for the drama and i bet you many of you would have watched the drama just for that.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this event. But for now, let’s listen to the OST once again!


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[Information] 111111 Junsu To Attend 17th Korean Musical Award

[Info] 111111 Junsu To Attend 17th Korean Musical Award

Kim Junsu: 17th Korean Musical Award
14 November 2011 (Monday), Olympic Hall
Live broadcast by SBS from 5.20pm onwards

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EDITORS NOTE: Scent of A Woman–The Wonder of Hope

Well, the last episode of “Scent of A Woman’ is over. I fully expected Yeon Jae to be taken away from her family and loved ones, and us, but to my surprise–the writers decided to leave it in our hands as to the outcome. The ending is fraught not with angst as much as with hope. There is hope, if we choose to embrace it, that somehow a miracle can occur and our hero and heroine can remain together, marry, and raise a family. After all, that was Yeon Jae’s hearts desire from the beginning of this drama.

We all learned early-on that this was not a typical drama. It is adult material; not designed for children, and is really a melodrama in it’s intensity. Our own Kim Junsu played a pivotal role in this drama, and listening to his soothing voice sing “You Are So Beautiful’ made this drama so much more bearable. I was happy to see changes in everyone’s character through the course of this drama, and I rejoiced to see Ji Wook stand up to his responsibilities as a loved one and a son.

Lee Dong Wook played his role as a ‘straight man’ with no exaggerated moves or emotions. He serves as a steady shoulder to rely on and a tender heart that cares deeply for Yeon Jae. He denies her nothing that she asks and only lives for her comfort.

In the course of time, Yeon Jae manages to heal wounds and to build bridges
to support all those around her, including her ‘rival’, Se Kyeong. Seo Hyo Rim (SKKS) is an excellent actress who matures through her own heart struggles through this drama.

This drama is one that will touch lives for years to come, and serves as a reminder to those of us who have lived through the attack of cancer, that grace and hope through God are ever present at our door.

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110910 Kim Sun Ah’s Promotional Pictures For Make-Up Forever


Kim Sun Ah’s Promotional Pictures for Makeup Forever

by: sherryxkim on Sep 2, 2011

Kim Sun Ah's Promotional Pictures for Makeup Forever

Kim Sun Ah has lately been promoting the makeup brand Makeup Forever. Her pictures for the brand were uploaded on Makeup Forever’s official Facebook page, revealing her radiant youthful looking skin. What’s surprising is that the pictures were not airbrushed or edited!

There are no dark spots on her face, and her skin appears almost translucent. Her makeup was kept light and simple. Because she took such good care of it for a long time, her skin tone is perfect as well. It’s difficult to believe that these pictures are 100% natural with no airbrushing or photoshop.

She showed a natural look as she applied lipstick and HD foundation. It’s the kind of look that makes women want to immediately go out to the store and pick up the product. As a makeup model, she not only promoted the products, but proved that keeping things natural and simple is the best way to go.

Makeup Forever representative Park Jae Min commented, “Kim Sun Ah is a queen of natural beauty. We are using her as a model to promote the charm and beauty that flows out of natural beauties.” He also added that she promotes a “honest and confident” image.

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110906 Unable to Appear On Music Programs, JYJ Turns To Popular Dramas..

[Trans] 110904 Unable To Appear On Music Programs, JYJ Turn To Popular Dramas


Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong. The trio of JYJ, who split from TVXQ to form a new popular group, have all starred in domestic dramas.

After Park Yoochun wrapped up filming for ‘Miss Ripley’ (MBC) that began in May and ended in July, Kim Junsu made a short but strong appearance in the popular drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ (SBS). And now, Kim Jaejoong is playing the role of Department Head Cha Mu Won in ‘Protect the Boss’ (SBS) and stealing the hearts of drama viewers.

Though it’s normal to see idols taking on a side job as actors, JYJ’s situation is quite different. While other singers appear on music and variety programs while taking on roles in dramas, JYJ can only be seen in dramas.

The forerunner out of the trio who found a way to relieve his stress of being unable to appear on music programs through drama appearance is Park Yoochun, as many already know. Last August till November, he appeared in the fusion historical drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ (KBS) and made his mark as an actor who is sought after by drama producers.

Kim Junsu appeared in ‘Scent of a Woman’ as Asia’s top Hallyu singer ‘Junsu’, who Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Seon Ah) wanted to see before she died. ‘You are so Beautiful’, the OST that Kim Junsu performed live during the drama, drives into the viewers’ ears whenever an emotional scene takes place between the two leading roles (Kim Seon Ah, Lee Dong Wook).

Kim Jaejoong is currently being loved as the creator of the love triangle between him, No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) and Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) in the drama ‘Protect the Boss’. Critics have stated that though his acting was a little awkward at the beginning, he is improving as the episodes progress.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “As Junsu has already made his mark in the musical industry, he doesn’t want to take on dramas just yet. But Jaejoong and Yoochun will continue to appear in dramas.

The trio have had restrictions placed on their broadcasted appearances since creating JYJ after leaving TVXQ and SM Entertainment in July, 2009. It has been known that SM has been calling for such restrictions as they believe that JYJ entered a dual contract with C-JeS, the focal point of SM’s lawsuit against JYJ. Though the Courts dismissed SM’s exclusive contract suspension injunction against JYJ and C-JeS in February and laid down the verdict that SM must not interfere with JYJ’s independent activities, JYJ have bene unable to appear on the music programs of Korea’s three major broadcasting companies.

Board of directors member Park Jin Hyung of AStory, the production company of ‘Protect the Boss’ and ‘Scent of a Woman’, stated, “Kim Jaejoong was chosen as the first person to approach for the role of Cha Mu Won, and we deemed that Kim Junsu was the appropriate person to take on the role of a Hallyu star in the drama, as well as to sing the OST,” and “SM’s influence doesn’t reach the drama industry, unlike in the entertainment industry, so we were able to cast JYJ in their respective roles without any problems.” SBS PD Nam Tae Jin of ‘Scent of a Woman’ stated, “No interferences took place in the casting of JYJ.”

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NEWS “Scent Of a Woman’ Concert with JYJ’s Junsu Suddenly Cancelled…Why?

[NEWS] “Scent Of A Woman” Concert with JYJ’s Junsu Suddenly Cancelled…Why?

The concert for SBS’s “Scent of a Woman” which was scheduled for 11 September, to be held at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Bangi-dong, Seoul, has been cancelled.

On 31 August, the production team said “As that day is the weekend that is the eve of Chuseok, the admission schedules and traffic inconvenience, as well as other issues which would leave the fans dissatisfied were considered. Furthermore, with the concert expected to end around 11pm, fans living in other areas may not be able to get home on time, so it was decided that even though ticketing was already underway, the concert will be cancelled.”

Initially, this concert was planned so that audiences could watch the last episode of the drama “Scent of the Woman” while listening to the soundtrack, and as the drama’s main characters Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, proceeds of the concert was to be donated to children who were suffering from cancer. Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Uhm Ki Jun, Seo Hyo Rim and others appearing in the drama were to have a talk session, and to showcase the soundtrack, participants included JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Big Mama’s Lee Young Hyun, JK Kim Dong Wook and others were scheduled to perform.

The production team said, “The organizers of the concert had announced the cancellation via the ticketing website on 30 August, and those who had already got their tickets during the presale which had ended, will be contacted individually.” And also “Despite preparing the event with good ambitions, but we’re sorry that it ended in a failure.”

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Translation 110826 “Protect The Boss” and “Scent Of A Woman” In My Hand…

[Trans] 110826 ‘Protect The Boss’ And ‘Scent Of A Woman’ In My Hand… Smartphone Apps For The Dramas Are Released


SBS Contents Hub has revealed that smartphone applications have been created for the popular SBS dramas ‘Scent of a Woman’ and ‘Protect the Boss’ as the love they receive from their viewers progressively grows with each new episode. Much awaited by smartphone users who have been asking for such apps to be released, the new iPhone app has been available since the 23rd.

The app of ‘Protect the Boss’, a drama that is receiving praise for its talented cast and interesting plot, has services that include ▲Playback (streaming and downloading through 3G or Wifi), ▲Preview ▲My Page (save and play downloaded files), ▲Drama Info (Purpose and information about characters) and ▲Official Twitter (@SBS_BOSS) Connection and SBS Contents Hub is working hard to accommodate to the users for a higher level of satisfaction.

 The app of ‘Scent of a Woman’, the number one drama of its time slot and constantly a hot topic for its kiss scenes, also has services that include ▲Playback, ▲Preview, ▲My Page and ▲Drama Info.

The new service is garnering the attention of fans by providing a ‘Filming Location’ service that shows photos and videos taken from the filming location of the drama. The media presented in the service show the warm atmosphere on set and showcase a variety of fan service photos and videos from Kim Seon Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Eom Gi Joon and Seo Hyo Rim, making it the most popular contents on the official homepage.

Both applications can be found in the iPhone App Store. A free download gives access to contents from the first and second episode while users must pay $5.99 to have access to all of the episodes.

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To purchase the ‘Protect the Boss’ application -> Click here

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EDITORS NOTE: Impressions Of “Protect The Boss” and “Scent Of A Woman”

110822 Editorial Impressions of “Protect The Boss” and “Scent  Of  A Woman”

Earlier I posted my impressions of the first “Protect The Boss” and “Scent Of A Woman’ episodes. At the time, I kept them separate, but as time has gone on, I am beginning to see these two dramas as related one to another. We catch glimpses and inferences; images and cameos that link these two productions together as a part of the work of JYJ. The old saying,”You can’t keep a good man down” applies here because the sheer, raw talent of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are what is keeping them in the public eye despite the setbacks from their contract disputes. Even the negative things keep their names in the headlines, and that is a blessing. It means that they are constantly before us and producing excellent work that has to be acknowledged even by those who oppose them.

“Protect The Boss” continues to entertain with that underlying theme of corporate rivalry between the Cha male cousins. This rivalry presents itself as continually desiring and having to share goals and people. Somehow, I believe that they are going to have to realize that they will accomplish more together as allies than rivals. How their love lives will turn out is still hard to guess, but both of them deserve happiness. One element that disturbs me is the amount of violence displayed between parent and son, and subsequently between other characters in the drama. It is treated in a comical manner, but relays a subtle message. Also, the amount of maneuvering, backbiting, and intrique are social problems showcased in “Protect The Boss’, and also in ‘Scent of A Woman’.

“Scent Of A Woman” is one of the best Korean melodramas I have viewed. It has such realism, including the circumstances that bring Lee Yoon Jae to a place of desperation, and the fight of Kang Ji Wook against the old system of arranged marriages. There are so many layers to this drama there could have been three or four dramas produced with the available material.

We are finally seeing by Episode 9 the truth about Lee Yoon Jae’s cancer coming to light. Kang Ji Wook literally stands at the door of discovery of what has been motivating Lee Yoon Jae all this time. Will he be strong enough to withstand this new problem in their relationship on top of every other obstacle that has come their way?  Does Kang Ji Wook deserve to lose every family tie in pursuit of his relationship with Lee Yoon Jae. We will just have to wait and see how this all turns out. We may not get what we want, which would be freedom from cancer and therefore life for Lee Yoon Jae, and deliverance from a corporate world rife with inner intrigues and obligations for Kang Ji Wook, but we can hope for the best conclusion. Since we are all imaginative, we can make our own endings if this turns out negatively. The angst in this melodrama is palpable and touches the heart. We can all learn from watching this drama unfold.

Credit: Momma Cha

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[CAPS] Junsu’s “You Are So Beautiful” Spotted #1 On KBS Music Bank OST Chart! YAYYY!!!

[CAPS] Junsu’s “You Are So Beautiful” spotted #1 on KBS Music Bank OST Chart! Yayyy!!! ^_^

20 Aug


It was aired during Piggy Doll’s performance

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Translation 110810 JYJ Kim Junsu “Scent Of A Woman”……

[Trans] 110809 JYJ Kim Junsu “Scent Of A Woman” Previously Unreleased Cuts Revealed, “Full Version Requested”

JYJ Kim Junsu’s previously unreleased performance cuts for MBC TV drama “Scent of a Woman” has been revealed.

On 8 August, the SBS homepage released a large number of Kim Junsu’s performance cuts. Kim Junsu, who participated in the “Scent of a Woman” OST with “You are so Beautiful” also made an appearance as a character with the same name.

To shoot the scene in the drama for hallyu star Kim Junsu, a mini-concert was held. This was one of the items in Lee Yeon Jae’s list, to watch Kim Junsu in concert. He also had a 1-on-1 date with Lee Yeon Jae, where he displayed his charm.

During the concert, Kim Junsu performed “I can Soar” from JYJ’s worldwide album “The Beginning” as well as his Japanese single “Intoxication” and others, with approximately 500 fans turning up with placards and banners to support him, creating an atmosphere similar to a real concert.

Netizens have requested for the concert performance video to be released. They said, “Please broadcast the full version of Intoxication,” “Can’t you reveal the full performance?” “I want to go on a date with Junsu like Yeon Jae did,” “I definitely had to watch the broadcast because of Kim Junsu,” and other reactions.

Source [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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