[TRANS] 131017 Kim Jaejoong Chooses ‘Butterfly’ As His Second Pre-released Track… Writes The Lyrics For The Rock Song

jaewwwmvteaserphotoJYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is set to release another track ahead of his first full-length solo album.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a song with an intense rock spirit on the 23rd.

‘Butterfly’, the second pre-released track of Kim Jaejoong’s album, will be a rock song with a strong beat and a melody line that is easy to sing along to. Kim Jaejoong wrote the lyrics to the song himself and has incorporated restrained yet paradoxical expressions to heighten the experience.

The composer of the song stated, “Kim Jaejoong never lost his confidence and sincere attitude through the whole process. His sharp, but detailed and delicate, emotions can be felt throughout the song. The process has created a passionate piece that expresses the passion in Kim Jaejoong’s life.”

‘Sunny Day’, the first pre-released track of Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album, was released on the 15th and topped charts in four countries, including the iTunes singles chart in Japan. Many are excited to see what ‘Butterfly’ will sound like.

Kim Jaejoong will release ‘Butterfly’ on the 23rd and his first solo album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’ will be released on the 29th.

Source: [wstarnews]

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[TRANS] 131001 [C-JeS] 2013 Notice On Ticket Reservations For Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

After releasing his first full-length solo album in October,
Kim Jaejoong will kick off his Asia tour with a concert in Seoul.

We would like to notify you of the following ticket reservation information.

Concert title: 2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert

Concert dates: 2013 November 2nd (Sat.) 7p.m.
2013 November 3rd (Sun.) 6p.m.

Concert venue: Seoul Coex Hall D

Ticket reservation site: Interpark
(1st round) 2013 October 8th 8p.m.
(2nd round) 2013 October 10th 8p.m.

Please join Kim Jaejoong at the first stage of his Asia tour!
Thank you.

Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage]

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JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[News] 130129 Kim Jaejoong: “Why I Chose Rock For My First Solo Album? Because I Like It!”

[News] 130129 Kim Jaejoong: “Why I Chose Rock For My First Solo Album? Because I like it!”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is a positive person. Instead of being afraid of changes and failures, he’s filled with excitement for new challenges. His smile didn’t fade throughout the interview.

At a cafe located in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, he appeared with a ‘Hello’, bowing and greeting me. About the release of his first solo album, he said, 

“I feel so good because this is my first solo album. As it’s my new attempt, I hope that people will listen to it with a tender mind.”

Kim Jaejoong chose Rock for his first solo debut. The reason is simple. Rock music is what he always likes and is happy to sing.

“I chose it just because I like rock. Maybe I came to like it because I was so happy singing rock when I was little. ‘I’m a rocker to the bone’, I didn’t make the album with that mind. However, I never thought that I’d receive songs from great seniors and work with them. I really feel honored.”

“I didn’t attempt a transformation to fit the existing rock to my style. Instead, I tried to digest authentic rock as the way it is. I think it was time for me to learn how to express emotions and vocalization when singing rock.”

In order to make his first solo album that contains rock genre which he had been pursuing, Kim Jaejoong worked on the album in collaboration with Kim Bada, Sinawi’s vocal.

Kim Jaejoong’s choice was excellent. Husky yet gentle vocals of Kim Jaejoong in harmony with an intense rock sound in One Kiss made the song top real-time charts of Bugs, Cyworld Music shortly after released. Not only that, it also swept #1 in iTunes music charts of 9 countries such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., showing off the power of ‘Rocker’ Kim Jaejoong.

“It was really hard to record ‘One Kiss’. It’s way different from usual singing methods. Especially the treble, I had to learn the vocalization on stage. I felt like I was learning deugeum (T/N: vocal techniques in Pansori, a genre of Korean traditional music. Deugeum literally means “to acquire the vocal sound”, and refers to the intensive training that singers have to go through to attain the perfect stage of the superior, advanced quality of vocalization techniques) Haha. It was like I came back to my rookie times.”

“He (Kim Bada) respects me and thoroughly taught me about rock music. I think he tried to find a more suitable way to express rock for me. It’s not that rock music colors me but rock music and I become one. He taught me that feeling.”

In the meantime, Kim Jaejoong has participated in JYJ’s albums and Kim Junsu’s album as lyricist and composer. He wrote lyrics for this whole album ‘I’, which has proven once again his competence as a singer-songwriter.

Toward the praise of the reporters that ‘the lyrics are really good’ Kim Jaejoong burst into a hearty laughter. “I also think that I did write well indeed. I usually write lyrics very fast. I would take long to imagine and write but if I just barely write down, I can finish it real soon. I usually trace back in memory to write lyrics. In case of drama OST or such, because there is defined writing material or synopsis, I finish the lyrics more quickly.”

Rather than care about the ranking of the album, Kim Jaejoong is more curious about the reaction and evaluation relating to his album. “If I go to the fansites, I often read the post where they write about my music. The most memorable was a post from an Indie band active in Hongdae, saying ‘We hope that more singers would attempt rock music’. When a pop singer sings rock, I think rather than being hostile, they hope that rock music will be popularized through more attempts.”

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album. At first glance, it might be viewed as another challenge to test his competence. However, if you look more deeply into Kim Jaejoong, you can easily surmise that ‘I’ is an album of the fans, by the fans and for the fans.

“I think, in the meantime, because I was focusing on drama and movie, they couldn’t hear my music. Although there are people who like JYJ, there are also people who like the vocals of each member. The biggest reason of releasing this album was that I didn’t want to let those people wait longer.”

“I don’t have exact plans yet but if I have a chance, I also want to greet overseas fans. There is not many songs in the album but I want to meet the fans and let them hear my songs directly.”


Source: Nate
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ

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[Trans] 130124 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, “There Exists An Unjust World That People Can’t See”

[Trans] 130124 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, “There Exists An Unjust World That People Can’t See”

– His lawsuit comes to an end in 3 years… His first solo album in 10 years

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (27), who we met at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on the 21st, seemed to be cautious of his words. When we asked him how he felt about his recently ended lawsuit, he seemed to shake a bit before he spoke up. He said, “I’m really happy,” and “You probably don’t know how big my smile was when I heard the news.”

The lawsuit of JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu), who broke away from TVXQ in 2009, against SM Entertainment ended in November last year with a settlement. The group also won their exclusive contract invalidity and indemnification for damages lawsuit against Japan’s biggest music agency AVEX on the 18th. AVEX signed a contract with JYJ in February, 2010 to help them with their Japanese activities, but then announced that they would be halting all of their activities in September. The Tokyo District Courts gave the verdict, “Avex can no longer claim that they are the sole management agency of JYJ.” AVEX must pay 7.8 billion Won (660 million Yen) to JYJ for the indemnification for damages charges.


“In our point of view, this was something we knew would happen, but we were frustrated because it was taking so long to resolve. The three of us told each other ‘It’s been rough, but we got through it.’”

But there’s a disappointing note to all of this. Kim Jaejoong said, “Unjust things. They’re not limited to the laws and contracts,” and “There’s an unjust order that people can’t see, there exists a world where such ridiculous things are accepted.”

As soon as their lawsuit began, it became more difficult for JYJ to appear on TV. He stated, “Whenever PDs or screenwriters say, ‘Why don’t you appear on TV?’ I say to them, ‘Muster the courage to be the first to call us in.’”

The situation isn’t that different in Japan. When they borrowed a concert venue, they would be blocked in various ways. He said, “Most of all, I really want to hold a concert in Japan as soon as possible.”

Though JYJ have been faced with so many obstacles, they have collected a string of achievements. Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun have been shining in the musical and drama industries respectively. Kim Jaejoong, who took on the role of the stage director for JYJ’s world tour, released his solo album on the 17th and has stepped up on his individual activities. He has always filled JYJ’s albums with emotional compositions, and he has now put his all into his own solo album.

The theme of the album is ‘rock’. Of the five tracks in the album, ‘MINE’ and ‘One Kiss’ were created through a collaboration with rocker Kim Bada, who took on the melody while Kim Jaejoong took on the lyrics. Kim Bada also helped direct the vocals and chorus of the songs.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I know that it’s dangerous for a singer with roots in an idol group to sing rock songs. Kim Bada was also concerned about this,” and “Regardless of this, I really wanted to work with great rock musicians, and I wanted to create an intense, rock-inspired performance.”

He has always introduced a rock element to JYJ’s world tours, creating songs with rebellious messages. Regarding his title song ‘MINE’, he explained, “It’s a story about my small domain, and it’s a song that warns others not to take even that freedom away from me.” He added, “I was worried that underground artistes would reject my work and say, ‘A kid who doesn’t know the first thing about rock is singing rock’. But there were a lot of people who gave me good reviews,” and “I think it’s because I mixed K-pop with rock, instead of fully going the traditional rock route, or because of Kim Bada.” The other two songs ‘Comfort for Myself’ and ‘All Alone’, sincere and sophisticated songs, were composed by Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong made his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2004 and it has been 10 years since his debut. He said, “I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday (20th) so I listened to all the songs I’ve sung till now, and I found that there are 120~130 songs,” and “I looked back on the past 10 years by listening to all the songs, and I found that the good memories came to mind before the bad ones.” He also smiled and said, “This is my first solo album since I made my debut 10 years ago, and it makes me happy to feel like I’ve become a rookie all over again.” Kim Jaejoong will be focusing on his individual activities in the first half of the year and will resume group activities with the rest of JYJ in the second half of the year.

Source: [kyunghyang]
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[Vid] 130126 “Your, My, & Mine” Concert Day 1 parts 1&2

[Vid] 130126 “Your, My, & Mine” Concert Day 1 parts 1&2


[Vid] 130126 “Your, My, & Mine” Concert Day 1 Part 2

+updated again

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130123 [Video] Yim Jae Beum Song Compilation/Sampler

Thank You, Jae, for leading me to this singer. Beautiful, rich voice.  His covers are just as beautiful as the originals.  🙂 TT

credit: koolbjeongshin+AFGMcHan+OceanBrightness+kissofdragon08+kuri8000708+

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[Audio] Kim Jaejoong – One Kiss (Full Audio)

[Aud] Kim Jaejoong – One Kiss (Full Audio)

Jae. This is so amazing!!! The music, the emotions, and the artistry are overwhelming. I’m looking forward to the rest. <3

credit: BubbleFeetGravityCH3
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[>> Jae Joong <<]

Born free , sadly , but one kiss one heart
chyeojin i sume matchun one kiss
bogjabham soge gamgin nune neukkyeojin
Oh I’ll try to show you
jayuroun sesangWhy didn’t come my way?
neut jin anhat na?
chimmug sog my away,
jobajin giroe nalgael dara jun
cheon gugeuro ganeun gil boyeojun geudaenaro tae eona al su eobseotdeon,
heunhan kiseuwa geochin simjangi
gamchwo isseot deon gieogui
chul gureul allyeojun naui geudae

Why didn’t come my way?
neut jin anhatna?
chimmug sog my away,
jobajin giroe nalgael dara jun
cheon gugui bichin geudae bichin geudae
bichin geudae

I’m feeling, one kiss, one heart

Compostion: 김바다
Lyrics: 김재중
Arrangement: 숀/td>
Korean: music.daum
Translation: pop!gasa
Romanization: kromanized
Born free, sadly, but one kiss one heart
With a slowed breath, we share one kiss
I feel it with my eyes closed in this
complicated feeling Oh I’ll try to show you
A free worldWhy didn’t come my way?
Isn’t it too late?
Inside my silence, my away
At the narrowed crossroads, you put wings on me
You showed me the way to go to heaven

Because I was born as me, I couldn’t know
About this common kiss and this rough heart
My dear, you taught me the exit
to the hidden memories

I’m feeling oh my way?
Isn’t it too late?
At the narrowed crossroads,
you put wings on me
Heaven shines on you,
shines on you

I’m feeling, one kiss, one heart (x2}

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[Trans] 121223 Kim Bada Did Not Know Who Is Kim Jaejoong… But

[Trans] 121223 Kim Bada Did Not Know Who Is Kim Jaejoong… But

The lead singer of rock band ‘Art of Parties’, Kim Bada (41) composed a song for other singer for the first time. And this singer is JYJ Kim Jaejoong who is debuting his solo album next January.

Kim Bada expressed, “In order for a brand new change, Kim Jaejoong requested a song from him.”, “In fact, he has no idea who is Kim Jaejoong at first.” However, he gave it to him “due to (his) invitation”.

Kim Bada said, “Kim Jaejoong is the first singer who approached me for a song.”, and also emphasized “No matter who is it, I will give a song to whoever that asked me.” ‘Art of Parties’ drummer Kim Yun Bum revealed, “Bada hyung is just not good at showing it, but in fact he likes collaborations a lot.”

Kim Bada gave two songs to Kim Jaejoong. “He originally asked for one song and after the recording of that song, he wanted another.” He also expressed his anticipation for it, “You will be able to see Kim Jaejoong’s maturing in music next year.”

Kim Bada praised Kim Jaejoong for his outstanding ‘digesting ability’ for rock genre and also said, “As I did not know who is Kim Jaejoong, I was unsure. But the recording for the first song exceeded my expectation. Kim Jaejoong is abled with rock genre.” He then continued, “For the second song, I intentionally gave him slightly stronger heavy metal genre and he did not reject it. He understood the meaning behind the composition well and digested it perfectly.” Kim Bada said, “One of the two songs includes the collaboration with rock band Pla, involved as the instrumentation. It was done with great effort.”

The first solo album of Kim Jaejoong will be comprising of many varieties of rock music and his representative company C-JeS Entertainment expressed, “This album will be able to let others feel the charm of the differences between Kim Jaejoong and JYJ’s music.”

source: joinsmsn
credit: kimjaejoong baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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