121214 Happy 27th Birthday Mr. Jeong-nyeok-jeog-in [Energetic] Xia Junsu :)

 Happy Happy Birthday Junsu

Awwww…To be so young. You have so much life, learning, and opportunities ahead of you, Junsu. You are talented and imaginative, and you possess just enough ingenuity to experiment and risk finding out what your particular niche is in the scheme of things.

You can bask in those things that you have achieved thus far with the knowledge that you have those of us who truly desire the best for you cheering you on.. The question is, what do you consider the best to be? Always strive for those things that will benefit yourself and others. To leave a legacy is a responsibility that may overwhelm some, but it is as essential as breathing. What do you want others to remember about you 100 years from today? I pray that you will have inspired many to achieve their own goals and that they will look to you as a worthy source of guidance.

You probably are not looking that far ahead at this point, but you are now in the throes of your productive years. Choose wisely, my dear, for once done nothing in this world can be undone. You have achieved memorable work that entertains, inspires, and soothes the masses.

Junsu, I know that you have the ability to play hard. This will strengthen you as well. I admire your soccer skills and thus your ability to be a leader and a team player. You can discipline yourself and go without rewards until the job is accomplished. Yet, always remember that taking care of your own legitimate needs will benefit others around you. Stay healthy, stay strong, and stay determined.

A Birthday is a momentous occasion with family and friends wishing you well. I also wish you well, because I can see the fire and potential in you to do many great things. I admire the tenacity that you share with your brothers–that ability to stand in the midst of a storm. Your strength comes from within–from your spirit. Thank God for that, He will always hold you up. Know when to give and bend, but also when to be a tower of strength to protect others.

Happy Birthday to a deserving, young Birthday Man.  Momma Cha   🙂 <3

narrative credit:  Momma Cha  @jyjfantalk.com

cake photo credit: forum.xcitefun.net

video credit: foreverTAEMIN9192

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Junsu 27th Happy Birthday 2012俊秀27歲生日快樂

Thank you for an enthusiastic, sincere Birthday video. Early Happy Birthday Duckie, Ahem…Mr. Xia Junsu. What a wonderful, productive year. 😉 Happy Holidays. <3

credit: 桑情 獨秀

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun [International Fan Project 2012]

Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun [International Fan Project 2012]

Have A Wonderful Birthday Micky. I Love You. Momma Cha

credit: DbskForeverClub

Momma’s Source: youtube

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130603 Happy Birthday from Momma Cha to Micky Yoochun

Micky, so much has happened in a year’s time. You stood on the stage at Tokyo Dome with Jaejoong and Junsu, What a wonderful accomplishment! We are all happy for you at JYJFantalk. Birthday Celebrations are the order of the day…So roll up the curtains; dim the lights, and let’s get on with the production… 🙂
Ivory’s Birthday was one week ago and my own Birthday is this month…so bring on the cake, ice cream, and presents for that legendary, unique DBSK, JYJ team member Micky Yoochun!!!.

What? 28 years old on June 4th? !!! 🙂

You Are THE Number ONE Birthday Boy Micky!!

SO…What do you give a Birthday Boy who has just about everything? He has money and cars and fame (not to mention golf clubs  🙂 so you give something that speaks of the immaterial and the immeasurable in physical  terms–you give him LOVE Love is something that you simply cannot buy, it has to be given and exchanged, and true love comes from the…

Now, Love has many meanings and applications so we will define Love in this Birthday Post as the love characteristic of an ajumeoni (aunt), which distinquishes it from other forms. This has been an emotional year for Micky, so encouragement and things to give him Joy are in order. 

So, what would an Auntie fan with a Momma’s heart want to give Micky Yoochun for his Birthday? Kudos on so many wonderful accomplishments in the past year!! You have worked hard for many years to show us so many wonderful accomplishments that have made us all glad!! Such is the nature of Park Yoochun. So ,without any more adieus…..I present my personal birthday gift to you, Micky Yoochun , starting with MEMORIES…

 Kudos YOOCHUNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debut Song with DBSK [Hug will always have a special place in my heart for all five members]

You are a talented singer/songwriter Micky. Your throaty tones are beautiful.

New to the singing talents of Park Yoochun? Search his songs out on Youtube]

With Kim Jaejoong

Micky Yoochun The Actor [I cannot express the JOY that I get from watching Yoochun’s dramas and CF’s. He is a fine actor]

Micky The Photographer  [as a photographer I can really appreciate the photos of such beauty and quality that Micky shares with us]

Micky The Vehicle Enthusiast  [Who does not like an artistically designed and engineered vehicle? I certainly do–I love cars, boats, trucks, especially antique ones… ]   😉
Yoochun The Car Enthusiast



Just For You, Micky…an Auburn Cord Duesenberg circa 1920’s

I sincerely wish you the most wonderful Happy Birthday, My Dear Chunnie.  You are a delight to us all, so on your 28th Birthday I can only say “Hope for many more Kudos, Micky ”  🙂   Momma Cha

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

heart picture credit: Dennis Cox

Photo credits: Park Yoochun+Yahoo Pictures+SinglesMagazine+OBS One News

credit: auburn cord duesenberg museum  www.citydata.net


Momma’s Source: youtube

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To Our Yunnie-Bear: A Birthday Message

Dear Yunho,

I wanted to think up something incredibly witty for your birthday, like a funny story, or a series of pictures with accompanying narrative, or something suave and engaging. I wanted to create something worthy of your amazingness, because you *are* amazing. However, the thought of smart-aleck comments and goofy pictures did not appeal to me at all when I thought of you, and I couldn’t understand why. I mean, I really enjoy comedic writing, and it’s your birthday, so why shouldn’t I want to give you and fellow fans a good birthday giggle?

I don’t know, but for some reason, when I think about you, I want to be sincere. Maybe it’s the way you smile when you’re tired, the way it doesn’t quite reach your eyes, but you try anyway. Perhaps it’s the selflessness of your leadership, over and over again, day after day, not just to your fellow member(s) and staff, but to us fans as well. We don’t call you Yunho Appa for nothing. 🙂 Possibly, it’s the way you throw yourself body and soul into everything you do, without fear of potential failure. Or perhaps it’s the child-like spirit that you display, inspite of the difficulties of life. Whatever the reasons, I just want you to know that I greatly admire and respect you. I also want to say that I worry about you, and pray for you all the time. If I could get close to you, I would try my best to take away some of the burdens you bear, even if it meant taking responsibility for them myself. I’d be miserable, because I don’t like taking care of other people (just being honest), but I’d do it anyway, because I love you, as much as a fan can love her bias without drifting over into obsession.

As it is, I live halfway across the world from you, and even if I didn’t, the chances of becoming your friend would be very slim indeed. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think we’d get along, having two opposite personalities. But I stil care about you, and pray for you, and cry for you, and try to understand you. Why? Because I choose to. You’re Yunho oppa. I can’t imagine going back to a world without you and your four brothers. You light up my day. When I’m depressed, I watch you laugh, head thrown back, eyes crinkled and shining. When I think I can’t do something, I watch your passion, and am deeply inspired. When I’m feeling lonely and unloved, I think about what the five of you went through (and still go through), and realize that I’m surrounded by people that love me for me. And that’s how I want to love you. For being you, and not just U-Know Yunho, dancer extraordinare and charismatic leader, but Jung Yunho, a young man who is trying to find his place in the world. Kinda sounds like myself, now that I think about it. (except for the man part) Maybe we have more in common than I thought.

Ok. I’m done. And kinda embarrassed. But I just wanted to say happy birthday, Yunho. May your life be long and blessed with peace and joy. I love you, and I’m not the only one, so keep your head up, ok? Have a good one.   


 thatmelancholysoul@ jyjfantalk.com

[Spazz] Duck Butt Junsu

Smile Duckie, It’s Innocent   🙂

The only man on earth who got the hottest S-Line!!!

Do not click read more if your parents are around XDDD (last pic is completely……)


 This is bee butt not duck butt

Butt Naked!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Guess which one is Junchan)

shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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