[NEWS] 150127 JYJ reclaims top spot on Oricon Chart with first single in Japan..Popularity↑


Group JYJ reclaimed the 1st place, recording a reversal with their first single ‘Wake Me Tonight’ released in Japan.

According to Japan’s biggest records-counting site Oricon Chart on the morning of January 27, JYJ’s first single ‘Wake Me Tonight’ –that was released last Jan. 21– climbed up the top of Single Daily Chart, recording sales of 20,609 copies for one day on January 26.

This single had also recorded No. 1 on Tower Records [Japan]’s Daily Chart and HMV 24-hour chart, as well as, No. 2 on Oricon Daily Chart; on its release date. JYJ has proven that there is no change in JYJ’s popularity –despite many restrictions all the while–, with this being the first time that they have their album distributed fully in Japan.

JYJ has [already] climbed to No.1 on Tower Records’ Monthly Chart and No.2 on Oricon Weekly Chart without an official release in Japan, with their regular album ‘JUST US’ released prior in Korea last summer.

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[News] 131203 TVXQ ‘Very Merry X-mas’ Continues to Ranks Number 2 on Japan Oricon Chart for 6 Days


Group TVXQ’s Japan Christmas song has continued to stay at number 2 on the Oricon chart for the past 6 days.

On December 3, Oricon stated that TVXQ’s song, “Very Merry X-mas” sold 3,429 more copies than the day before and was ranked at number 2.

They released the song on November 27 and sold 77,831 copies and continued to sell more throughout the week.

This is their 39th Japan single and is a Christmas themed song to celebrate the holiday season.

On the other hand, TVXQ will be holding their Japan tour concert starting next April.

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[NEWS] 131003 Kim Jaejoong, Boyfriend’s starring movies got 1st and 2nd spots in Oricon DVD ranking


Movies starring Hallyu star JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and boy group Boyfriend topped Japan’s Oricon chart – DVD movie category.

According to Japan’s largest music aggregation site, Kim Jaejoong’s starring film- Making of Jackal is Coming Part 2 (Japan title: Jackal) topped Oricon’s daily chart for DVD-movies.

Jackal is about legendary killer Bong Minjeong (Song JiHyo) who kidnaps top star Choi Hyun (Kim Jaejoong). Kim Jaejoong’s casting in the movie drew attention in Japan before the film showing. Previously released ‘Making of Jackal Part 1′ DVD also got a good response and the movie itself ranked no 2 in terms of Korean movie box office earnings for the 1st half of 2013 in Japan.


Source: Enews24 via Nate
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[TRANS] 130906 TVXQ’s Japanese Single Sells Over 110,000 Copies… Takes The Number One Spot On The Oricon Charts

Hallyu group TVXQ have taken the number one spot on the Oricon Charts in just two days since releasing their latest Japanese single.

According to the Oricon Charts, TVXQ’s 38th single ‘SCREAM’, which was released on the 4th, sold an additional 56,316 copies and topped the daily singles charts.


TVXQ entered the charts in second place after losing to ‘Melon Juice’ by HKT48, the sister group of AKB48, but topped the charts on the second day by selling more than three times as much as HKT48. TVXQ have sold a total of 113,386 copies in two days and have proven yet again just how popular they are in Japan.

As the first song in three months since their June-released single ‘Ocean’, ‘SCREAM’ has already been chosen as the OST of ‘Sadako 3D 2′, and as the theme song of various programs such as ‘Hiruobi’ and ‘MUSIC BB’.

TVXQ will be releasing their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~’ live recording DVD on the 23rd of October.

Source: [enews24]

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As I have stated before–No matter how m…

As I have stated before–No matter how many efforts are out there to limit and harm our mancubs opportunities to promote, sell, or perform their products–it will make no difference in the loyalties of their true fanbase. If anything it unifies us all in our dedication to their cause which in kinship becomes our own. We know how talented our guys are, so do they, and the fans are not hesitant in letting them know this, en masse. So let us keep hoping and praying for mountains to crumble and walls to fall down. It can happen. Love creates power. Momma Cha

[News] JYJ’s DVDs and albums excluded from Japan’s Oricon Chart

JYJ fans have yet another issue on their hands, as it was recently discovered that Japan’s Oricon chart excluded JYJ’s album from its rankings.

Representatives of Oricon Chart reported, “JYJ’s ‘DVD Memories in 2010‘ and their album, ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome Live CD‘, will both be excluded from the chart rankings.”

According to Oricon, the decision was made in deference to Avex Entertainment’s condition of distribution. The Japanese agency had claimed their contracts with JYJ to be invalid as of September 2010. Consequently, this halt on their Japanese activities brought up discussions of whether or not JYJ’s albums would be still distributed. Avex agreed to release the albums under the condition that the trio are prohibited from promoting and advertising their releases for monetary gain.

The albums were eventually released on March 2nd to “revitalize the market“, but Oricon explained that they would be excluded from the rankings chart since it is also a form of advertisement.

After hearing about the notice, fans have been expressing their outrage over the situation by leaving comments like, “It’s ridiculous that JYJ is being excluded from Oricon just because that in itself is advertising and promoting the album,” “Oricon is killing the reliability of their chart,” and “Is JYJ nothing more than a tool to make money for Avex?”

source + photos: Star News via Daum, Osen
credit: allkpop
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