Translation 111119 A K-Pop Cafe Opens In Myeong-dong, The Heart of Seoul

[Trans] 111119 A K-Pop Cafe Opens In Myeong-dong, The Heart Of Seoul

A K-pop attraction that recently opened in Myeong-dong, the heart of Seoul, has become a hot topic.

‘Kstory’ promises to provide a unique display of over 100 personal signatures from K-pop stars, as well as outfits and bags that the stars use on and off stage.

It isn’t easy for overseas K-pop fans to see personal signatures from K-pop stars and ‘Kstory’ gives them the opportunity to see what the signatures of groups like Girls’ Generation and KARA look like with their own eyes.

‘Kstory’ provides a variety of attractions. Korean albums, which are hard to find in Japan, are sold at inexpensive prices. With these albums costing a third of what fans would pay when buying Korean albums in Japan, it would be smart to visit this store to stock up on CDs when visiting Korea.

Fans will also be able to purchase all DVDs that are being sold in Korea. The owner of this store has worked as the manager of many celebrities for over twenty years and is Gang Chan, the CEO of Chani Music. Hallyu stars visit ‘Kstory’ often as he is friends with many of them. If one is lucky, one may even be able to bump into their favorite star during a visit.

As the store has become a place that is often used by Korean reporters when interviewing singers, fans may also be able to see stars sharing intimate stories with these reporters.

One corner of the store is a cafe so fans will be able to enjoy a variety of caffeinated drinks in comfy seats. Fans may find themselves sharing a cup of coffee with a famous star and can take a breather while watching the music videos that are playing.

img src=”” alt=”” title=”kpopcafe1″ width=”500″ height=”280″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-11581″ />

Currently, over 100 limited edition CDs with personal signatures from stars such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, KARA, JYJ, Wondergirls, 2PM, FT Island, 4Minute, Secret and After School have been set up around the store while accessories, personal items and stage outfits are also on display.

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[Picture] JYJ in a Popular German Teen Magazine “POPCORN”

[Pic] JYJ in a popular German Teen Magazine “POPCORN”


Kpop is far away, uncool and no one cares about it here? Wrong! The Korean superstars JYJ just held their first European Tour celebrated by thousands of fans!
«The Boys received oodles of letters, yes even calls from Europe – so they decided to hold a live show for their fans there now!» a spokesman said. Starting signal for K-Pop over here!

JYJ (formed in 2010) are the first K-Band that is international recognized: For their debut album «The Beginning» (2010) they were supported by US-rapper Kanye West! The sound of the cool Gentleman-Trio is soulful pop, the beginning of 2012 comes their new album «Heaven» and new gigs!

Boyband from South Korea: Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun (from the left)


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Translation 111031 Cultural Director Jang Jin Sang is “Anticipating JYJ’s role in Spreading K-Pop Throughout Europe”

TRANS] 111031 Cultural Director Jang Jin Sang Is “Anticipating JYJ’s Role In Spreading K-pop Throughout Europe”   Posted on November 6, 2011

“The K-pop craze continues to burn brighter in Spain. We want to thank JYJ for spearheading the effort to spread K-pop here.

Cultural Director Jang Jin Sang, who began his job in Madrid, Spain in June, expressed his thoughts about the current condition of the K-pop craze that has swept over Spain.

Cultural Director Jang Jin Sang met with reporters at the POBLE ESPANYOL on the 29th and said, “When JYJ decided to hold a concert in Spain, they still hadn’t decided if they would hold the concert in Madrid or Barcelona. But they ended up choosing Barcelona because it was decided that if it was done here, people from Southern France would also be able to attend the concert as well as the citizens of Spain,” and “Though the influence of the K-pop craze and Hallyu Wave are still quite small in Europe, we believe the K-pop craze and interest in Korean culture will continue to grow in Spain.”

The reason why Director Jang made this statement is because Spain was the European country with the highest participation rate at the K-pop Cover Dance Competition that was held in Madrid, Spain on the 15th of September.

Director Jang said, “More than 50 Spanish teams participated in the competition. More and more people in Spain are beginning to like K-pop. Though B2ST came and performed a couple of songs as the judges for the competition, JYJ will be holding an official concert,” and “We’d like to see many more Korean singers come to Spain to perform like JYJ.”

He added, “We debated quite a lot on whether the culture center should sponsor the concert because it could be classified as a private concert,” and “But because this is the first time a Korean singer is holding a solo concert in Spain, we provided JYJ with 10,000 Euros (15 million Won) and that money was used to rent out the concert venue. The rest of the costs for setting up the stage and the additional facilities was paid for by JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment.

Director Jang explained that the tickets for the concert cost 100 Euros for SVIP, 70 Euros for VIP, and 50 Euros for regular seats, which doesn’t differ much from the ticket prices Spanish singers charge for their performances.

He also stated, “It’s been 69 years since Spain and Korea established diplomatic relations but a Korean culture center has been created in Spain much earlier than expected,” and “We don’t have culture centers in Italy or Switzerland yet. Taking this into consideration, we can make the conclusion that the Spanish have a great interest in Korea.”

Director Jang had a positive outlook for K-pop’s future influence in Europe.

He stated, “Europe has high standards for art and music, so it won’t be easy for Korea to compete in the European markets. However, K-pop continues to evolve and grow, and I believe the rate at which K-pop fans grow will increase as well,” and “I heard that many people are coming to JYJ’s concert because they talked about it on Facebook and decided to come together. Therefore, we plan on opening an official page for the culture center and share information about K-pop, and provide at least one or two K-pop related events every year.”

Meanwhile, Director Jang stated that Korean dramas do not have much of an influence in Spain.

He explained, “I heard that till 2007, overseas broadcasting companies could air Korean dramas for free. But 2008 came with copyright issues and because it was decided that these shows couldn’t be aired for free, it hasn’t been easy to watch Korean dramas overseas, especially in Europe. It’s because Korea’s influence in Spain is still quite small and because it’s not easy to air those dramas due to the prices. Though there are people who would like to air dramas here with the rights already secured, it costs almost 10 million Won to dub one episode, so I’ve heard that discussions continue with broadcasting companies due to the expenses.”

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Translation 111031 JYJ Spearhead The Opening Act Of Their European Debut With K-Pop

[TRANS] 111031 JYJ Spearhead The Opening Act Of Their European Debut With K-Pop

 At their first solo concert in Spain, JYJ captivated their European fans with their musical performances. This became JYJ’s small but meaningful and fruitful opening act of their European debut.

On the 29th at 9:15 (Spanish time), JYJ held the ‘JYJ EUROPEAN TOUR CONCERT 2011′, a two-hour extravaganza featuring numbers from the group’s worldwide album and Korean album ‘In Heaven’, at Barcelona’s POBLE ESPANYOL.

Regardless of the chilly weather, JYJ donned short-sleeved t-shirts and repaid the 3,000 or so audience members with a satisfactory performance. The fans cheered and made sure they didn’t miss a single moment till the end of the concert.

Also, JYJ seemed to passionately throw their hearts and soul more fully into this performance than usual, as if they were taking into consideration the fact that the acoustics weren’t great because of the fact that it was an outdoor performance.

JYJ’s concert began 15 minutes later than it was supposed to. When JYJ appeared in white suits amidst a cloud of thick smoke, the fans began screaming and shouting.

JYJ began singing ‘Empty’ as their opening number and their fans followed along. Dancing in sync with their Spanish dancers, JYJ completed their performance of ‘Empty’.

JYJ gave a short greeting in Spanish. They then promised in Korean, “We’ve kept our promise with our fans. We’ll work hard to create a great performance. We’ll create lots of opportunities for you all to see JYJ often.”

JYJ then sang ‘Pierrot’, ‘Ayyy Girl’, and ‘Be My Girl’ to get the audience even more pumped up. As it was a performance without any special guests, videos and songs of JYJ would play when JYJ left the stage to change outfits.

After changing from white to black suits, JYJ sang ‘I Love You’ from their ‘The Beginning’ album. While singing ‘I Love You’, Junsu showcased his dancing skills with the Spanish dancers.

The individual performances stood out as well.

Jaejoong sang ‘I’ll Protect You’ from the drama ‘Protect the Boss’. Junsu sang a rendition of ‘You are so beautiful’, which was used as the theme song of ‘Scent of a Woman’, while Yoochun sang ‘Found You’ from ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, which he also starred in as the main character.

Though JYJ are not fluent in Spanish, they didn’t forget to say ‘Gracias (Thank you)’ to their fans after every song.

JYJ’s volubility was still kicking. When Junsu asked the other members if they knew any Spanish words, Yoochun sang, “Besame Mucho(Kiss me).” Hearing this, Jaejoong said, “Te quiero (I love you),” while Junsu spoke for the team as he said, “Os queremos (We love you).”

Not willing to lose in this battle, Yoochun said, “Besame te quiero” and had the 3,000 audience members laughing and cheering.

The stages that followed were extravagant. JYJ sang a medley of ‘I.D.S’ and ‘Be the One’ with lasers for special effects.

When they sang ‘Nine’ and ‘Mission’, JYJ changed outfits again and made sure to give their fans as much fan service as they could.

JYJ said, “If we’re able to come back to Spain again, we’ll work hard to provide a better performance than today’s. Please keep loving JYJ.”

Singing ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’ as their encore numbers, JYJ completed their jam-packed, two-hour concert. The fans found it hard to leave the venue as they stood, wanting more. JYJ ran back on to perform the remix version of ‘Empty’ to thank their fans for waiting in tents two days before the concert to see JYJ.

Source: [TV Report]

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NEWS 111105 KPop Stars Overseas Fanclubs — More Passionately Devoted Than Their Managers

[News] KPOP Stars Overseas Fanclubs – More Passionately Devoted Than Their Managers

<Going As Far As Doing Press Publicity, Donations & Community Services>

“We Japanese fans are also thankful that U-Know Yunho-ssi is able to have many activities. We wish to convey U-Know Yunho-ssi’s Japanese activities in Korea.”

In the middle of last October, gratitude was conveyed to approximately 20 media outlets for press reports regarding idol group Tohoshinki member, U-Know Yunho. Letters requesting for reports on his Japanese activities were also relayed. The place where the letters were posted from was U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fanclub “Fan Blog Ring One”. Comprising of approximately 800 Japanese fans, these fans sent letters and Tohoshinki’s albums, which went on sale in Japan the previous month. The places where they sent these letters and presents did not merely include Korea’s media outlets. To promote and publicize U-Know Yunho’s activities, “Fan Blog Ring One” also sent letters and albums etc to music broadcast outlets in Europe and America.

An administrator of “Fan Blog Ring One”, Koto Kiyumi-ssi said, “There is an underlying commemoratory significance for Tohoshinki’s album, which went on sale in Japan in approximately 2 years. We wanted to do activities which could leave memories, so we commenced support activities.” More than just enjoying seeing K-Pop stars, the culture of overseas fanclubs is now evolving to the level where it involves assisting the stars’ activities and taking part in the management of their activities.

The “fan support culture” of these fans did not merely include the promotion of the albums, they have even gone on to overcome cross-border boundaries to do volunteer work. This fanclub raised 10 million won last February to donate to two social welfare organizations in U-Know Yunho’s hometown, Gwangju, conveying 5 million won to each of them. They commented, “As fans, while wishing U-Know Yunho on his birthday, we want to share these congratulatory wishes with the children of U-Know Yunho’s hometown, Gwangju.” As soon as the huge earthquake in Eastern Japan last March happened, they even used the name of U-Know Yunho’s fanclub to raise and donate 5 million yen (approximately 73 million won) through the Japanese Red Cross Organization.

Koto Kiyumi-ssi said, “Even before the K-Pop fever in Japan, U-Know Yunho has received love from the Japanese.” Further, she continued, “The fate with the individual star extends to looking on at that country and that country’s people. We’ve evolved so as to be able to look warmly at that country’s people too.”

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INFO KPOP in Singapore — SHINee The 1st Concert in Singapore

[Info] KPOP in Singapore – SHINee The 1st Concert in Singapore

photo credit: Running Into The Sun and Conceptual

Being the first and only stop currently across Southeast Asia, it’s no wonder SHINee The 1st Concert in Singapore: SHINee World was fully sold out 3 hours after it’s launch; with ticket prices going at $218, $168 and $138. The group which consists of member Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key touch down Singapore in the morning of the 10th, the day when the concert was held. SHINee also belongs in SM Entertainment, the company which, group DBSK is in. Though the members look tired, Onew was spotted with a mask on at the aiport, from the journey here, they perform to their fullest that very night for their 6,000 fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium which took 5 nights to set-up.

Even as it started to rain hours before the concert starts, the weather did not falter fans who are already seen queuing up for this much anticipated 21/2 hour concert. F&N, the official drink was even spotted giving fans the boost to carry out with their queue and the much needed energy for the concert. Most of the official goods were already out of stock, as most fans had place their pre-order weeks before the concert was held.

To add a little touch of Singapore for the concert, two Singaporean children were even handpicked to be a part of the much admired SHINee World Concert. Euclase Lim Rae, 5 years old, and Baptist Lim Siang Leong, 7 years old, portfolio is one to be admired off as they are featured in many of the local advertisements here. Both of these children made their appearance when the SHINee boys appeared, transformed into angels and sang “Lullaby” to them.

Not only fans from Singapore were present for the event but others such as Japan and Korea was spotted at the event too. Almost all fans came prepared with lightsticks and handmade placards, something which has become a necessity for any events. Fans of different age were also present. From the preschool to those in their forties were seen among the thousands of fans in the stadium; even the moshpit.

During their individual performances, Key and Taemin drew the most cheer when the latter dress up as a girl and both almost kissing each other. Onew, though having a hoarse voice, gave a stunning performance with his rendition of Turandot, Nessun Dorma. Minho known for his built drew the crowd wild once he unbuttoned his shirt and showed fans in full view, his packs. Jonghyun on the other hand, made the crowd speechless with his amazing notes.

The boys were seen not only seen performing on stage, but they flew for quite a number of their performances. Something which has not been done much for concerts held here in Singapore.

Apart from their performance, the concert played several videos in between the songs which also acts as an intro to their next songs.

Throughout the concerts, fans were seen singing and dancing along with the boys, be it for those sitting down or in the moshpit. Many of the fans at the mosh pit fans though were busy running up and down the pit to follow after their favourite member and getting as close to them as they possible could. Fan-chanting was heard the loudest when “Lucifer” a song from their latest album was sang.

photo credit: Running Into The Sun and Conceptual

For member Key, whose birthday falls on September 23rd, the fans did a special event, a banner with “Happy ‘키’ Day!”, which caught the attention of the boys, claiming it being one of the things which they are touch most during the entire concert. The other members even held a small celebration for Key which excites many of their fans present. Key then went on thanking his fans and even promise to be back to Singapore once again.

Though the concert has ended, many fans hesitated to leaving the venue in hopes that the boys would return on stage for a last goodbye. Up till the last moments, fans were seen asking the stage crew, who were clearing up the stage and picking up gifts thrown in by fans, for the items worn by the boys themself. In hopes of getting a memorabilia of the SHINee’s 1st Concert held in Singapore.

Being the junior of DBSK, these five boys really do amaze the crowds with their amazing powerful voices and stunning performances. Just like their seniors, even when they are sick, they will put their best in every single stage they stand on. Something which all fans are proud off no matter which artistes they support. SHINee will continue with their world tour and is currently promoting their Japanese single “Lucifer”. Sharingyoochun would like to thank the organizers, Running Into The Sun, Conceptual and their partner Fly Entertainment for the invite and for making this event possible for Showals. Till we meet again.

Intro + SHINee World


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Letter of (Almost) Resignation: Final Confessions Part III


Posted on April 25, 2011 by The JYJ Files

Letter of (Almost) Resignation: Final Confessions, Part III

In any case, as a Korean Government employee and representative, my loyalty lies first and foremost to Korea before the Korean Wave. My responsibility is to serve Koreans—including the idol singers under SM—not the Korean Wave. JYJ’s fight and plight is clearly exposing that, under the circumstances engineered by companies like SM, the latter is destroying the former. The social context of the lawsuit and the certain characteristic elements of the Kpop fandom reveal that not everything associated with the Korean Wave is beneficial to Korea or Koreans. If anything, a great many aspects of the Korean idol boom and its internationalisation have left me deeply disturbed, if not downright afraid, on behalf of our singers and citizens. As attractive as the commercialised components of it are—the slick music videos, cool fashion and complex stage performances—it is ultimately disseminating the image of Koreans as disposable products or exotic performing circus monkeys. One only needs to peruse the comments on high-traffic English-language Kpop sites to understand that this way of marketing Korean artists does not necessarily garner respect for Koreans or genuine admiration for the country’s culture—a culture that survived its unfortunate geopolitical position, wars, neo-Confucian oppression/repression, annexation, division, extreme poverty and more to accomplish in 60 years what it took Western countries 200, a rare and unique example of economic development and citizenship empowerment. Surely such a culture and its descendants deserve far more than to be regarded as a disposable Internet byte.

Not too long ago, Korean netizens were fuming over articles, blog posts and/or cartoon strips originating from Japan that portrayed Korean girl groups as little more than sex objects[i]. Koreans attacked the Japanese for their racism and low regard for Koreans, but, in all seriousness, were they in a position to level such criticism? After all, it’s not as if girl groups or idols are regarded any differently in Korea—ultimately, they are all objects, sexual or otherwise. So, who can blame the Japanese, or any other non-Korean group of ‘fans’ for that matter, when they are simply acting on what they learned from the original source? Idol singers…written off as products in Korea…and thus treated as sexual objects everywhere else. If this is the face of the Korean Wave, I daresay it’s not worth preserving. For the security and moral integrity of our citizens, this kind of Korean Wave is best dismantled.

Without Korea there would be no Korean Wave, and without Koreans there would forcibly be no Korea. Therefore, I strongly believe that a sustainable Korean Wave will have at its centre talented Koreans (along with an accountable infrastructure that cultivates and supports their well-being and potential) NOT faceless, shameless entertainment companies.

Thus, inasmuch as SM needs JYJ to fail, Korea, and more specifically the Korean music industry, needs JYJ to succeed. Every stable, thriving and/or critically acclaimed music industry has artists occupying the middle ground between the commercialised pop idols and serious indie musicians, artists who act as the fulcrum, and buffer, harmonising the two extremes. Industry size ultimately doesn’t matter. This principle applies to the music market in the United States—where the likes of Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson were allowed to grow from teen idols to music icons with merit in their own right—as well as the music markets of Iceland and South Africa, both of which have produced Grammy Award-winning artists[ii]. Korea needs artists like JYJ. The Korean Wave needs artists like JYJ, artists with pop idol roots but who grow to become acknowledged as artists in their own right, bringing stability to the entire industry by doing so and securing its future by sticking around to cultivate the next generation of pop singer-songwriters. And so I have always believed that not only JYJ fans but also those who truly value Korea, the Korean arts and the Korean Wave will support JYJ.

What the Korean Wave ultimately needs are leaders that, first of all, truly love Korea and also respect and understand the value of Art. Art is not a Slot Machine but a complex and capricious muse that will only play second-fiddle mistress to SadoMasochistic perverts for so long. By all indications, she has already grown tired of the game with said perverts and has found a new patron that truly appreciates her. The C’est si bon show, which gathered the artists of the Korean folk music movement of the 1960s and 70s for a studio concert that was broadcast live, garnered jaw-dropping ratings[iii], even among the young, and YG Entertainment is fast rising in prominence as a model for the future of Kpop business ethics and artistic success[iv] (though given its recent ill-judged dive into the cartel world through UAM, it remains to be seen if or, rather, how much, YG will sell out, since it will now have to harmonise its position with that of the likes of SM).

What the Korean Wave needs are more Seo Taijis and Yang Hyeonseoks (CEO of YG Entertainment) as opposed to Lee Soomans and Kim Youngmins, more DFSB Kollectives[v] as opposed to Melon or Dosirak, and an industry environment where the likes of Fluxus and C-JeS can compete alongside the likes of JYP and Cube.

And so, in the end, in attempting to leave my last words on JYJ, I have strayed far from our favourite trio and have ended up on policy recommendations for the sustainability of the Korean Wave. Nonetheless, I hope my readers can see the logical connections between all the points that got me here. Also, I hope that the readers of The JYJ Files can now see why I never considered JYJ’s plight to be a question of Kpop or fandoms but rather one of justice and State sovereignty. In fact, I believe SM has been trying for a long time to trivialise the matter into a conflict between fandoms, pitting in its discourse the JYJ fandom against either the HoMin fandom or the fandoms of other SM artists. In my view, it is so much bigger than that, and it is my wish that the international JYJ fandom does not fall to the trivialisation ruse. As I have said above, SM—in drafting and enforcing the kind of contracts that it did, in continually disobeying the mouthpiece of the Korean State, and in defrauding Korean taxpayers—has meddled in the one area the Korean State cannot tolerate—its exclusive sovereign authority—and consequently has come to symbolise the antithesis of post-G20 Korea and a force that hates the Republic of Korea and her citizens.

More than anything, I would like the international JYJ fandom to be a fandom that truly loves Korea and Koreans…that cares enough about Korea to have high expectations of it and hold it accountable to those expectations…a fandom that loves the members of JYJ as Koreans and human beings with talent. I don’t know how much I’ve convinced you that to love Korea in practicality means hating SM, but the only effective response will be to NOT get bogged down in fights with either the HoMin fandom or the fandom of other SM idols. At the most fundamental level, this is not a fight between SM fans and JYJ fans. It is not even a fight between SM and JYJ. It is a fight between the SM system and the Korean State. Therefore, I am convinced that the only effective response is to pressure the Korean Government. Continue writing and emailing relevant ministries and communicating with them through projects like the international fans’ petition. As international consumers of the Korean Wave who are fully aware of the prevailing conditions, you have immense potential to influence policy on the labour standards in the Korean entertainment industry and to effectively protect the artists you love.

In many ways, you boast a power Korean fans cannot even dream of, as the ripple effects of the international fans’ petition have already shown. I remember on the day of the interview I gave to the Chosun Ilbo, I told an impressed reporter that there were an unimaginable number of people outside of Korea who have never been to Korea before but who loved Korean culture. “Korean culture no longer belongs solely to Koreans,” I said, and this part made it to the actual article. What didn’t make it into the article is that I went on to say, “Now that Korean pop has garnered an audience beyond Korea and has gone truly global, it must meet the international expectations of its international audience. If only to retain the economic prowess and global appeal of Korean music, we cannot afford to ignore the opinions and demands of the international consumers.” These standards and expectations, being international, are ultimately yours to define, not Koreans’. Your mobilisation will thus benefit not only Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, but future ambassadors of the Korean arts, music and pop culture as well. Ultimately, your voice will prove the most effective in realising positive change in the Korean pop music industry. As such, I consider you all (including all those who participated in the international fans’ petition) as true Friends of Korea and decent human beings. JYJ could not ask for better admirers, and Korea could not ask for better supporters. I thank you all immensely from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t change, and may your numbers grow.

Be encouraged! Be empowered!

Yours Sincerely,

Jimmie Kim


[ii] See also,


[iv] See also,

[v] . The company is better known as the distributor of Korean music for Apple’s iTunes in North America. Unlike the Korean Internet music download distributors, DFSB does not slash prices at the artists’ expense and invests a chunk of their profit into promoting a new Korean indie or underground musician each year. This year, it’s Seoulsonic.

Written by: Jimmie of TheJYJFiles

Translation 110423 TVXQ Talk About Ending Their Activities…

Translation: 110423 TVXQ Talk About Ending Their Activities, “We Gained Strength From Our Fans Who Waited So Long For Us”

TVXQ(U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin) will be leaving the Korean stage for a while to have time to recharge.

On the 22nd, TVXQ appeared on KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’ 600th Episode Special to sing ‘Why-Keep Your Head Down’ and their hit song ‘Rising Sun’ and say farewell to their fans in preparation for their temporary departure from Kpop.

Before the performance, TVXQ held a small interview in the ‘Music Bank’ waiting room and U-Know Yunho said, “I like the fact that we get to showcase ‘Rising Sun’ and ‘Why’ in one performance.”

He also expressed his gratitude and lingering regrets as he said, “I feel really great about having been able to perform for a long period of time after our prolonged absence from Kpop, and we gained much strength from our fans who waited so long for us.”

On this day, TVXQ showcased a performance brimming with energetic, lively and charismatic charm and proved once more the power and potential of the team.

Now that TVXQ have wrapped up their domesitc activities, they plan to focus on overseas performances.

Source: [tv daily]
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As I have stated before–No matter how m…

As I have stated before–No matter how many efforts are out there to limit and harm our mancubs opportunities to promote, sell, or perform their products–it will make no difference in the loyalties of their true fanbase. If anything it unifies us all in our dedication to their cause which in kinship becomes our own. We know how talented our guys are, so do they, and the fans are not hesitant in letting them know this, en masse. So let us keep hoping and praying for mountains to crumble and walls to fall down. It can happen. Love creates power. Momma Cha

[News] JYJ’s DVDs and albums excluded from Japan’s Oricon Chart

JYJ fans have yet another issue on their hands, as it was recently discovered that Japan’s Oricon chart excluded JYJ’s album from its rankings.

Representatives of Oricon Chart reported, “JYJ’s ‘DVD Memories in 2010‘ and their album, ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome Live CD‘, will both be excluded from the chart rankings.”

According to Oricon, the decision was made in deference to Avex Entertainment’s condition of distribution. The Japanese agency had claimed their contracts with JYJ to be invalid as of September 2010. Consequently, this halt on their Japanese activities brought up discussions of whether or not JYJ’s albums would be still distributed. Avex agreed to release the albums under the condition that the trio are prohibited from promoting and advertising their releases for monetary gain.

The albums were eventually released on March 2nd to “revitalize the market“, but Oricon explained that they would be excluded from the rankings chart since it is also a form of advertisement.

After hearing about the notice, fans have been expressing their outrage over the situation by leaving comments like, “It’s ridiculous that JYJ is being excluded from Oricon just because that in itself is advertising and promoting the album,” “Oricon is killing the reliability of their chart,” and “Is JYJ nothing more than a tool to make money for Avex?”

source + photos: Star News via Daum, Osen
credit: allkpop
Our Source: