[Pic] 131208 SMTown Facebook Update : U-KNOW in Ghana for ’2013 Road for Hope

[Pic] 131208 SMTown Facebook Update : U-KNOW in Ghana for ’2013 Road for Hope

U-KNOW in Ghana for ’2013 Road for Hope’


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[TRANS] 130805 From Japan To Romania, The ‘Amazing’ Rice Wreath Donations Of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Fans


Rice wreaths made an appearance at Kim Junsu (XIA)’s concert.

Fans from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the US, SPain, Algeria and Romania sent 1.25 tons of Dreame rice wreaths to Kim Junsu’s ‘XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE in SEOUL’ concerts on the 3rd and 4th of August. This rice will be donated to those in need and will be distributed to areas of Kim Junsu’s choice.

Starting at JYJ’s showcase and concert in 2010, Kim Junsu’s fans have been donated Dreame rice wreaths at every concert and fanmeet, and donated 1.3 tons and 790 kgs to the musicals’ Tears of Heaven’ (February 2011) and ‘Mozart!’ (May 2011) respectively.

Kim Junsu’s role in Elisabeth last February was met with 2.68 tons of rice wreaths and 270 briquettes as well. 2.11 tons were donated to Kim Junsu’s May concert last year, 700 kgs of rice and 100 mango trees to his Jeju fanmeet last September, 200kgs to his appearance at the Korea Musical Awards last October, and 910 kgs of rice, 6,000 eggs and 2,000 briquettes were donated to his December concert last year.

Kim Junsu has been donating these sacks of rice, briquettes and eggs to various organizations such as the Seoul Dongmun Center for the Disabled, the Southern Hope Care Center, the Korean Silverlight Hope Church, Goyang-si’s Better Life Sports Association, the Briquettes of Love Movement and the National Food Bank.

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[TRANS] 130614 Kim Junsu Builds His 8th House Of Love… Proves He Really Is ‘Angel Xiah’

 [TRANS] 130614 Kim Junsu Builds His 8th House Of Love… Proves He Really Is ‘Angel Xiah’

‘Building Houses of Love’, the project funded by popular group JYJ’s Kim Junsu, has completed yet another house.

The non-governmental organization ADRA KOREA revealed on the 13th that the 8th house of the ‘Xiah Junsu Building Houses of Love’ project has been built.

The ‘Building Houses of Love’ project is a social contribution project that is funded by Kim Junsu and builds houses for those in need in Korea. Kim Junsu has been making donations to ADRA KOREA since 2008 and these donations have been used to fund the project.

The eighth ‘Xiah Junsu House of Love’ was built in Gyeonggi-do Icheon-si, following houses in Dangjin-si, Paju-si and Taean-gun. It is a wooden house that is 80㎡ big and features various living facilities such as a kitchen, washroom, living room and study room. Mrs. Park, who has been raising her young children as a single mom in a run-down home, has been gifted a new house with the help of Kim Junsu.

The ‘Building Houses of Love’ project chooses recipients through a recommendation and evaluation process. Kim Junsu’s funding and manual labor by volunteers combine to create new homes for people in need. Over 100 people participated in the latest project and their sweat and tears created the foundation of the house.

The completion ceremony of the house was held on the 12th and was attended by Icheon’s mayor Kim Gyung Hee, ADRA KOREA’s Kim Daesung, volunteers and people in the neighborhood. Kim Junsu and his parents also attended the event to make the whole project even more meaningful. Mrs. Park and her family were seen with bright smiles on their faces for the first time in a while.

Kim Junsu’s father Kim Jin Seok stated, “It is an extremely meaningful event for all of your love and affection to come together to create a new life for a family,” and “Junsu was extremely happy to hear the news of the latest house’s completion. The project has solidified our family’s determination to be a family that shares happiness and love with those around us.”

ADRA KOREA’s Kim Daesung stated, “It is a great thing to be sacrificing one’s time to volunteer for others,” and “We are extremely moved by Kim Junsu and his family’s dedication to sharing love with others, despite the star’s young age.”

Kim Junsu has been participating in various charity events both in Korea and overseas. In 2011, Kim Junsu set up a school in Cambodia and has been funding projects to better the living conditions of people living in poorer quarters.

Kim Junsu is planning to release his second solo album in July and has also decided to reappear in the encore performances of the musical ‘Elisabeth’ as ‘Tod’.

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[TRANS] 130419 JYJ Hold Their GIVE Fan Event… Will Donate All Of Their Profits

[TRANS] 130419 JYJ Hold Their GIVE Fan Event… Will Donate All Of Their Profits

JYJ recently released their Summer photoshoot for NII.

In the photoshoot that was released on the 19th, JYJ showcased pop-color attire with a blue background to give off a cool, Summer feel.

Though they said, “We were up all night filming,” JYJ started off the photoshoot in the best of conditions.

During the photoshoot session, the members had fun as they played with props like children and moved around in miniature cars and skateboards.

They had everyone in great spirits as their natural poses and happy expressions met the expectations of the photographer.

Meanwhile, NII will be holding their GIVE fan event with JYJ at the Auditorium Hall in COEX on the 29th at 6pm. The profits from the GIVE fan event will be donated to Good Neighbors in NII and JYJ’s names.

Source: [tvdaily]

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[News] 130428 K-pop Stars Giving Back – A New Trend?

[News] 130428 K-pop Stars Giving Back – A New Trend?

Celebrities give back. Who’s the latest to be involved in charity?

A handful of superstars including the likes of Psy, JYJ and Lee Byung Hun are giving back in big ways. The entertainers are taking their earnings to help others in need and using their platforms to give a voice to communities.

Psy is literally taking his “Gentleman” status to a whole new level. The international star has plans to donate 500 million won (approximately $557,000 USD) to help children suffering with cancer. On top of the whopping donation, the “Gangnam Style” singer is taking part of the $10 miracle program which raises money to build a children’s rehabilitation hospital. The project is headed by The Purme Foundation’s ambassador Sean of Jinusean.

Gorgeous actress Song Hye Kyo recently worked with an animal protection foundation to care for stray dogs. Song Hye Kyo along with Lee Hyori are known for their love of animals and give as much of their free time to helping animals in need.

Trio group, JYJ, and clothing brand, NII, are teaming up together for a great cause! The group will be holding a fan event called “GIVE” where the proceeds will go to a charity called Good Neighbors. The event will take place at the COEX auditorium hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul, Korea.

 G.I. Joe actor Lee Byun Hun recently led a charity event called “Cinema Theque Charity Night” at the Gangnam Shinsegae Department Burberry Store. The event was put together to support and improve Korean independent films and the night was filled with loads of important figures in the film industry.

While the industry is known for its glitz and glamour, it’s nice to see huge stars taking the time out to give back!

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[News] 130108 Park Yoo Chun Lends His Voice for a Charity Project

[News] 130108  Park Yoo Chun Lends His Voice for a Charity Project

Park Yoo Chun’s voice is going to be used for charity! Isn’t that great? He is joining the charity event “Nice Library Project” which is run by Standard Charter.

The charity event will create audio books and other media material for the blind. He will help the charity by being the model and also PR ambassador.

This project began last year and its website has had nearly 1,000,000 visitors. Nearly 50,000 individuals joined the project by donating their “voices” for the various charity activities.

You can sign up for the charity event through Standard Charter’s Kakao Talk Plus by January 13. Afterwards you will be invited to the “Nice Voice Festival” and have a “Nice Date” with Yoo Chun on January 19.

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[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion

[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion

The five member rookie group ‘Pure’ will be holding a charity concert in the hopes that the former members of TVXQ, who have now split into TVXQ and JYJ, will soon stand on one stage again.

Pure Entertainment (CEO Park Sang Hyun) revealed that the group will be holding 100 concerts at the pure k-pop live concert hall near Myeongdong in Seoul from the 12th of this month, with the hopes that the five members of TVXQ will reunite soon, before making their broadcasted debut.

The rookie group consists of white Soo Hyuk, pink Chan Hwee, black Ji Min, blue Jung Bin and yellow Young Hoo. Created by Pure Entertainment’s CEO Park Sang Hyun, who is a long-time fan of TVXQ, the group is meant to be an homage for domestic fans who miss TVXQ.

It was found that the five members of Pure were picked after beating stiff competition in an audition that centered around TVXQ’s good looks, singing, and dancing, as well the contestants’ affection for TVXQ. Pure showed off their talents in Japan first, and have already held two sold-out showcase events in Tokyo.

The concerts will be held three times a week and fans of TVXQ, children of families with no parents, and the disabled will be given free admittance. A portion of the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation to help those in need.

Also, Pure created the project group ‘Pure Family’ with the soon-to-debut trio ‘The Soul’ and Han Sung Wook, who entered the finals of MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star’, and will release the charity album ‘Standing Together’ for those in need.

The music video of their title song has already garnered much attention as it reenacted the true story of a man who found the body of his wife-to-be by the initials on her engagement ring in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan last year. It was later said that people in the Miyagi and Sendairegion who had experienced the earthquake took part in the music video and shared the pain and despair they felt at that moment.

‘Standing Together’ will be released on the Korean, English and Japanese version of iTunes at the same time, and the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation.

Pure’s Leader White Soo Hyuk stated, “We’re happy to be greeting fans with such meaningful events as our relay concert and charity album,” and “We will do our best to not tarnish the achievements that our TVXQ seniors have made overseas at our Sendai, Japan and New Jersey, USA charity concerts. We sincerely hope for the day when we can see the five members of TVXQ on stage together to come soon.”

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[Vid+Trans] 121113 Ystarnews “The Man Who Knits – Park Yoochun‏”

[Vid+Trans] 121113 Ystarnews “The Man Who Knits – Park Yoochun‏”

In order to share love, the male lead of ‘Missing You’ Park Yoochun learnt as a role model in this warm hearted place, not any other things but knitting. His skills are not too bad right?

It seems a bit difficult in the starting, even the fingers were bent. Seeing his own looks, Park Yoochun laughed. And this time he held onto the finished hat and proudly showed it. A man who knits can be so handsome, this is something previously unknown.

(Interview: Park Yoochun)

This is my first time knitting because of this event and it is much more interesting than I imagined it to be. It is pretty addictive too. Everyone, please do take this chance and try knitting to join the Save-The-Newborn charity event. Everyone, fighting! Thank you~

Park Yoochun who knit hats in order to save the newborns who suffered from the hypothermia~ Just like his face, his heart is so warming too, saying out ‘I Miss You’ unknowingly. Please do anticipate the handsomeness of Park Yoochun in ‘Missing You’!

source: Ystarnews

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[News] 120920 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s Fan Club Donates 10 Million Won

[News] 120920 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s Fan Club Donates 10 Million Won

Widely recognized as singer and actor, Park Yoo Chun’s fanclub known as “Blessing Yoo Chun” celebrated their 2 year anniversary through a charity event.

The fanclub is made up of mostly nuna (ladies over 30) and ahjumma fans and was founded in September 2010. They first donated 10 million won (approx $10,000) to Park Mo Geun to help support his treatment and surgery for major degree burns. They have now been able to donate for charities supporting children with cancer, those who suffered from floods and others who are within the low-income bracket.

“Blessing Yoo Chun” first fed starving children warm, home cooked meals in 8 different children centers costing a little over 6 Million Won.

They also supported an orphanage in Indonesia called “Khusnul Khotimah” with roughly 4,500,000 won.

This orphanage supports 23 children from pre-kindergarten to middle school. The fan club donated living essentials and also provided 12 beds.

“Blessing Yoo Chun” explains, “As nuna and auntie fans, we want to continue supporting Park Yoo Chun by constantly donating and sharing love.”

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[TRANS] 120516-120517 Post of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 120516-120517 Post of JYJ Tweets

Written by melodiamuse

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, May 16th to 5:59am KST, May 18th.

Happy birthday 🙂
(Jaejoong, 12:09pm KST, 120516) @sukwon7123 I know I’m late, but happy birthday~!

(Junsu, 2:28pm KST, 120516) Our dear friends M.E.N went to Minanisoma-shi, and sent a photo, but seeing the photo really made my heart ache. FC MEN will continue to support (them) from now on. pic.twitter.com/v1OzJYGf (T/N : Minamisoma-shi is a city in Fukushima, which was badly hit by the Tohoku quake last year)

Getting excited for the concert \o/
(Junsu, 5:47pm KST, 120516, English tweet) Tarantallegra!! pic.twitter.com/KD9FnUfB


(Jeri, 5:59pm KST, 120516, English tweet) @1215thexiahtic jerrrrrrrriii 😉
(Junsu, 6:02pm KST, 120516) @slaughterationKikikikikikikiki!!!!!!jeri~~~~ Set me alight now! lol

(Junsu, 8:14pm KST, 120516, English tweet) Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!!! pic.twitter.com/HWdvqlZQ


Awww such deep advice for his junior 🙂
(So Hyun, 9:15pm KST, 120516) I’m…^^ never going to show a photo of my report card again~keke I regretted it so muchㅠㅠ Actually I… really regretted it five minutes after I tweeted it and instead of deleting it, I pressed the RT button, so I tweeted it three times in a row hahaha You know what I mean, right?? I think today I’m going to~ have a good night’s sleep^^~
(Yoochun, 7:58pm KST, 120517) @wowkimsohyun ^^ I’m proud of you~ Who cares if you’re last or if you got a zero^^ What’s important is that you kept your promise since that’s what get blurry in life~ Just make sure you keep your promises^^ Because I will too^^ Hwaiting twa~ah!!!!^^

We got our albums too 😀
(Jaejoong, 11:59pm KST, 120516) @1215thexiahtic I finally received your album! pic.twitter.com/daHCXtMQ

Beautiful <3
(Junsu, 2:38am KST, 120517) Whew~~~ pic.twitter.com/shIoIe1C

(Junsu, 2:44am KST, 120517, English tweet) Secret… pic.twitter.com/JwrAhQOZ

Dr. Jin hwaiting!
(Jaejoong, 7:45pm KST, 120517) Thank you so much for the Dreame you sent over to the press conference today~ I feel so energetic when I think I can be a great strength to you all!

Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu+Other’s  Twitter]

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120225 Video+Translation JYJ For NII Heart Campaign

NII Heart Charity Campaign
JYJ: Hello, we are JYJ!
Jaejoong: The 2012 spring minis tshirts collection is now on sale!
Junsu: A part of the money raised from this campaign will be donated to charity.
Yoochun: To all the people around us that are going through difficulties, we hope that this small contact we are making will give strength to everyone.
Jaejoong: Yes!Please lend us a hand.
Yoochun: We will be waiting for everyone’s collaboration!
Junsu: Heart!

credit: gmarketjapan
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credit: gmarketjapan

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Yunho’s Fans Donate to Charity in Celebration of Yunho’s 27th Birthday

Yunho’s Fans Donate To Charity In Celebration of His 27th Birthday

To celebrate TVXQ member Yunho‘s 27th birthday, fans all over the world have donated funds to charity in his name.

Yunho’s birthday was on February 6th, and his fans have donated an impressive large sum of $21,000 to the Community Chest of Korea as well as the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

The first time Yunho got involved with the Korean Animal Welfare Association was through a special adoption campaign for celebrities via fashion & culture magazine, Oh! Boy. The association reported on their Twitter page that $1,700 was donated in Yunho’s name, and they expressed their deep gratitude.

Members of Yunho’s Japanese fan blog ‘ONE‘ also donated nearly $20,000 to a social welfare association in his hometown of Gwangju, celebrating the birthday of their favorite celebrity.

Additionally, his fans in China volunteered their time with the less fortunate, and donated enough money to support a young girl living in a difficult situation in China so that she can live comfortably for an entire year.

Yunho has been known to take a special interest in social welfare, which explains why his fans chose to celebrate his birthday in such a matter.

In the past, the singer has generously shared his wealth by donating scholarships to his alma mater, among other things.

In related news, Yunho & Changmin are currently in the middle of their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE‘ in Japan.

 Source: Newsen
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[TRANS] 111123 JYJ Donate 200 Million Won To World Vision, “We Want To Help Those In Need In Thailand

[TRANS] 111123 JYJ Donate 200 Million Won To World Vision, “We Want To Help Those In Need In Thailand

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) donated 200 million Won to World Vision, the total amount the organization was hoping to collect for their second round of aid for those suffering in Thailand due to the recent floods.

Soon after the worst flood in Thailand’s history hit the nation, JYJ posted a video on their official homepage and expressed their sorrow as they stated, “We worry about the safety of our fans. Also, as there are many staff members who we’ve worked with in Thailand, we hope everyone is able to find stability in their lives as soon as possible.”

Now, JYJ have decided to donate 200 million Won to World Vision, the total amount the organization was hoping to collect for their second round of aid which will help with restoration, as well as provide daily necessities, sanitation, education and psychotherapy for children.

The donation will be used to provide necessities such as meals, emergency provisions, mosquito nets, blankets, water filters, drinking water and books.

JYJ stated, “We learned a lot from seeing just how much help our donation in Japan helped those who were mentally and physically strained from the earthquake and its aftermath. We heard that the situation in Thailand is severe and with the nation submerged in water, the aftermath and damage was quite extensive. As we receive so much love from Thailand, we decided that we had to do whatever we could to help. We hope the Korean community in Thailand and our Thai fans stay strong and find stability in their lives as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, JYJ are also working on a child sponsorship program with Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan. On the 25th, with Christmas only a month away, C-JeS will be releasing a video in Korea, English and Japanese to promote the ‘Mango Tree Project’, which aims to plant 20,000 mango trees of hope in Africa.

Source: [etoday]

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