Deadly Tornado Outbreak Sweeps Midwest

By Mark Leberfinger, Staff Writer
November 17, 2013; 8:00 PM

At least seven people were killed as a result of Sunday’s tornado outbreak in the Midwest.

Patty Thompson with the Central Office of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency confirmed that there have been six fatalities for the state and that there are likely over 100 injured, though that number is not yet official.

The Associated Press has reported an additional death in Michigan as a result of the storms.

Washington County, Ill., Coroner Mark Styninger told The Associated Press that an elderly man and his sister were killed around noon local time when a tornado hit their home in the rural community of New Minden in southern Illinois.

The AP also reported a third death occurred in New Minden while two other deaths occurred in Massac County, also in southern Illinois.

The New Minden tornado was preliminarily rated as an EF-4 (166 to 200 mph) on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, according to an initial survey by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in St. Louis.

At least 20 people were injured there, The AP reported. More than 30 people were injured around Nashville, Ill., WBBM-AM/FM reported.

Tornado touchdowns were reported Sunday in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

At least 68 tornado reports have been received by NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, along with about 400 wind damage reports on Sunday.

A majority of the reports came from Indiana and Illinois, where meteorologists expected the worst storms to take shape.

“It had the best combination of instability; the sun came out several hours before the thunderstorms blew up,” Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait said. “The wind shear was also favorable for tornadoes.”

Based on photographs of some of the tornado touchdowns, the destruction looks “pretty serious,” Strait said.

“It was what we thought there would be: big, violent-type tornadoes,” Strait said.

Severe Weather IL

An Ameren Illinois worker walks past homes looking for gas and electrical hazards in Washington, Ill., Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013. Intense thunderstorms and tornadoes swept across the Midwest, causing extensive damage in several central Illinois communities while sending people to their basements for shelter. (AP Photo/The Pantagraph, Steve Smedley)

An apartment complex was severely damaged in Washington, Ill., according to the Peoria Journal Star. A shelter was established for those in need of a place to live for the time being.

The Central Illinois chapter of the American Red Cross was setting up additional shelters around Washington, the chapter said on its Twitter feed. Seven shelters had opened across Illinois, according to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s website.

The Illinois National Guard said 10 firefighters from the 182nd Airlift Wing were deployed to Washington to aid with search and rescue efforts.

Another tornado was reported in the Chicago suburb of Frankfort, Ill.

At one point, more than 116,000 Ameren Illinois customers were without power Sunday afternoon as a result of the storms, according to the utility’s website.

A state of emergency was declared by Mayor Greg Goodnight in Kokomo, Ind., where significant storm damage was reported.


Kokomo Police @KokomoPolice

Heavy damage to businesses in Maple Crest area. Lights out at Lincoln and Washington. Avoid the area.
3:33 PM – 17 Nov 2013 from Kokomo, IN, United States

Emergency management reported at least one home was destroyed by a tornado and another was severely damaged near Logansport, Ind. Gas leaks in the area also forced evacuations.

The Union County, Ky., emergency management office said a tornado caused widespread damage countywide with homes, a garage and outbuildings destroyed.

Damaging Winds to Shift to Northeast Into Monday
AccuWeather Severe Weather Center
LIVE: Tornadoes Touch Down in Indiana, Kentucky

A November tornado outbreak is not unprecedented, occurring once every four to five years, Strait said.

“It looks like this will go down as one of the worst we have seen in November in recorded history,” Strait said.

Severe Weather Illinois

An overturned car rests on top of tree branches and other rubble near the destroyed home of Curt Zehr, about a mile northeast of Washington, Ill., on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013. Intense thunderstorms spawning tornadoes swept across the Midwest on Sunday. (AP Photo/David Mercer)

credit: Accuweather News

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Editors Note: Out of Respect For The Victims of the Shooting in Newtown CT

The United States of America is flying flags at half-staff across our nation in memory of the children and their teachers in Newtown, Connecticut who were victims of a school shooting.  JYJ(CY)Fantalk will be observing a short period of inactivity out of respect for the families of victims.  Please continue to pray for them.

picture credit: tamatoledonews

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120722 Editors Note on The Aurora, Colorado Shootings

 Please pray for the victims and their families that were affected by the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. No one deserves to die this way. TT

There are things that occur in this world that truly sadden you, especially when they involve the shedding of innocent blood. The shooting at the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” is just an example of the many horrendous acts of terror happening everyday in this country and around the world.

You have to wonder where the line snaps in someone’s mind–allowing them to kill others in such a heartless manner. You see more and more headlines such as these, although this is the worse incident of shooting in American history. We may get some clues as he is questioned and put on trial, but I truly doubt that he understands the injustice that he has dealt out to others including a 3 month old child.

Even considering present law that says that a person is not guilty until proven so, this does not look good for James Holmes.  If he is truly the killer you cannot argue the point that this was a person who had no means and no education. This was a graduate student with more opportunities for achieving his goals than many people get.  So you have to ask, “what turned the tide”.? Was it too many hours of lost sleep or anger at a teacher, boss or co-worker? Whatever the reason, we find ourselves having to clean up the mess; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I pray for strength for the families of the victims–how horrible to hear that your loved one has perished this way. Perhaps if we could step away periodically from our computer/app dominated existences to be able to relate to the loners and burdened people all around us, there could less loss of life and property. Yes, some people may not respond to kindnesses, but we can always try. It is better than seeing, hearing, and reading about atrocities such as this with the frustration of knowing that somewhere something went wrong.

This was a planned out, premeditated act of violence, and it seems as if he was going to return to his apartment and trip the bombs and devices to take out himself and the others living there.

As I said earlier, it is saddening and disheartening as you watch not only these acts of violence but also the way in which people can distance themselves from humanity until taking someone’s life seems both logical and necessary.

I believe that there is always hope, as is evidenced in the reaction of the filmakers,and their condolences to the families of the victims. There may not be a move as of yet to connect the movie to the crime committed, but since the human imagination can surpass anything that we see on the screen,I believe that the reference to “The Joker’ does form a connection between the content of the movie and the act of shooting. This is not meant to say, however, that this is specifically the responsibility of Warner Brothers. The entertainment industry creates,;we interpret as individuals what we perceive from the material.

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120105 Personal Note

It is getting more and prevalent to see fraud of this type appearing not only in the headlines but also in our personal lives. There are some who view society as a means of obtaining a living at the expense of others. Sadly, this may happen again, but I am grateful that this was caught before more damage was done and I am sure that JYJ and C-Jes are thinking the same.


[TRANS] 12014 C-Jes–Notice Regarding “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party +[TRANS] 120105 Popular Group JYJ, “Will Not Be Appearing At Disaster Relief Event” — Tickets Already Sold At High Prices, Calls Of “Fraud”

[TRANS] 120104 C-JeS – Notice Regarding “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party” by Juggling The Clouds

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

An advertisement was recently published in the Nikkei newspaper stating that JYJ would be attending the “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party” organised by the “Earth Project Kizuna Committee”.

C-JeS Entertainment has no agreement nor ties with organisers of the above-mentioned events, and the contents reported were carried out unilaterally from (the organiser’s) side.

Also, in relation to this incident, we have requested, through the media that published the advertisement, for the agency involved (Earth Project Kizuna Committee) to make corrections to the content of the advertisement. However, a correction report has not be published from the day the advertisement was published till now, hence our notice on this matter. We seek your understanding on this issue.

JYJ will not be attending the “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party”.

Please take careful note, so that no harm is done to any of the fans involved.

Thank you.

Source : [C-JeS Entertainment]

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TRANS] 120105 Popular Group JYJ, “Will Not Be Appearing At Disaster Relief Event” — Tickets Already Sold At High Prices, Calls Of “Fraud” by Therarasaurus   Jan 5, 2012

(T/N: Before you freak out, please understand that this is most likely a case of fraud, which means that JYJ’s name was just abused in this situation)

In relation to the “Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party” which advertised in the Nikkei newspapers that “Popular Korean group JYJ will be appearing,” JYJ’s management company C-JeS Entertainment announced on 4 January that “JYJ will not be appearing at this event.”

JYJ consists of 3 of the 5 members in the popular Korean group Tohoshinki. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu left the group in 2009, and (JYJ) has been popular not only in Japan and Korea but in other countries as well.

The event organizers “Earth Project Kizuna Committee” advertised on the evening edition of the Nikkei newspaper on 22 December 2011 that “A Tohoku Earthquake 1st Year Anniversary Charity Party will be held on 21 March, and JYJ will be performing.”

In the advertisement, the event’s price was 100,000yen for round table VIP seats , 50,000 yen for round table S seats and 30,000yen for standing-dining, high prices for a party. They have already started to accept payment, and it can be seen that quite a few fans have already paid for these tickets.

However, with the sudden revelation that JYJ, who were the key point of the party, were not appearing, fans have been crying out that, “This is a fraud” and “This is unforgivable” non-stop.

In this newspaper ad,

1) It was stated that this event was “Produced by : Tokyo International Music Secretariat Office” – A organization that doesn’t exist.
2) The event venue was stated as “A hotel within Tokyo” with the name not clearly specified.
3) The contact email address (“Nifty”) was a personal address

and other “suspicious” details were included, and when the advertisement was first placed, many fans had voiced their suspicions.

Furthermore, the organizer “Earth Project Kizuna Committee’s” homepage ( has been locked down since the end of last year, and the contact number suspended, a situation where no one can be found.

It is unclear whether this event was meant to be a fraud right from the beginning, or if this “Earth Project Kizuna Committee” and JYJ’s management agency had prior discussions.

However, if customers who have already paid the money were to report this case to the police, it cannot be denied that criminal charges will possibly be pressed, and the confusion that surrounds this party continues.

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