[TRANS] 130826 Kim Junsu In ‘Elisabeth’, Breaks Through The Wariness Surrounding Idols


JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu)’s Kim Junsu has broken through the prejudices surrounding idols in the musical industry with his explosive presence in ‘Elisabeth’.

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu has returned to the role of ‘Tod’ (Death) in the musical Elisabeth, which opened its curtains for the second time in July. Having been praised for his rendition last year, Kim Junsu has been praised as the one and only ‘XiahTod’ of the world for this year’s rendition.”

They continued to add, “In all eight of his performances, since he began performing on the 14th of August, he has received a standing ovation. He has taken the musical by storm by evolving ‘Tod’ into a more beastly and dynamic character.”

If last year’s ‘XiahTod’ was like a beastly and instinctual panther, this year’s ‘XiahTod’ has returned as a cold but deadly ‘Vampire’ with black hair, red lips, and eye make-up that resembles the wings of death. As someone who was in the cast last year, Kim Junsu worked hard to analyze every scene and character as thoroughly as possible. His solo numbers such as ‘The Last Dance’ and ‘As the Shadows Grow Longer’ completely captivated his audience.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Kim Junsu monitors all his performances after every show, and looks over every detailed movement and line, pouring all his passion into his work.”

Multiple sources stated, “Kim Junsu is the only musical actor who has sold out all of his performances in this Summer’s lineup of large-scale musicals. Because of his passion and the show’s top quality status, even overseas fans have chosen it as the must-see show of the season, and we hear that even scalper’s tickets are hard to find these days.”

Kim Junsu will step on stage again on the 28th of August at 8p.m. at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall.

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[TRANS] 130822 Post of JYJ Tweets

Looks like that Tae Hui guy fulfilled his wish 🙂
(Junsu, 5:08pm KST) M.Pire~ I received a CD from this rookie group. I heard that they had prepared a signed CD and waited for me at the salon.. Do rookie idols do this kind of thing these days? It reminded me of when we used to go around to all our seniors to greet them and give them our CDs.. pic.twitter.com/GC5gqIg5jh

(Junsu, 5:09pm KST) It was great to meet such well-mannered youths^^ M.Pire, you have my support~!! ^^ Good luck!
(Young Ki, 5:14pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Junsu, I want a signed CD from you hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Mr. well-mannered Junsu
(Junsu, 5:19pm KST) @poimin73 Ha-ack!
(Young Ki, 5:20pm KST) @1215thexiahtic That means ‘okay’, right?? keke
(Junsu, 6:10pm KST) @poimin73 Yes keke
(Young Ki, 6:11pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get here quick!!! I’ve already gotten all my make-up done and am waiting ^^
(Junsu, 6:23pm KST) @poimin73 I’ve gotten all my makeup done as well and am on my way.^^

That is… a lot of eye makeup O__O
(Junsu, 6:45pm KST) Death, on the way to the SAC..^^ pic.twitter.com/XBKiFJoS8K


(Junsu, 6:47pm KST) Death is in a good mood..^^ But.. I think it actually makes Death look scarier.. pic.twitter.com/xSt5p7psRz



(Junsu, 6:48pm KST) Death is pretending to be cute..^^;; pic.twitter.com/VIxkcA2HAX



So wise these days, Mr. Kim. So wise.
(Jaejoong, 7:58pm KST) People feel the strongest sense of joy when their minds are most active and when they are least forgetful. This is the best way to test whether something is the true happiness we strive to enjoy. pic.twitter.com/b0QPKc7c7p



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[Info] 120905 Musical “Elisabeth” OST – Kim Junsu Version

[Info] 120905 Musical “Elisabeth” OST – Kim Junsu Version

Kim Junsu Musical “Elisabeth” OST (2CD + DVD +40 P Photo)
[Release Date] September 18

credit: item.taobao
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Says “Goodnight” To Fans While Dressed Spookily

[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Says “Goodnight” To Fans While Dressed Spookily

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu shocks fans with his dressing, which is reminiscent of the Grim Reaper.

On the afternoon of 26 March, Kim Junsu updated his own Twitter with “Goodnight”, and uploaded a photo.

In the photo, Kim Junsu’s dark eye make-up and pale face create a creepy atmosphere. Due to his blond hair, his face seems even paler.

Upon seeing the photo, fans expressed, “Musical Elisabeth dressing”, “It really gave me a shock, seeing this at night” and “I will not be able to sleep after seeing this”, among other responses.

(repeated portions omitted)

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far

JYJ’s Junsu has been enjoying much popularity even in musicals.

According to (Junsu’s) management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on 21 March, the 12 performances of “Elisabeth” which Junsu has participated in so far have a cumulative total audience of more than 200,000. “Elisabeth” has ranked number 1 with record high sales due to Junsu’s involvement. It can be said that all the musicals that Junsu has participated in have become topics of discussion.

With his 12th “Elisabeth” performance on the afternoon of 21 March, Junsu has attracted more than 200,000 audiences so far, proving his popularity.

In response to his own popularity, Junsu said, “The feeling of working with really outstanding actors and actresses day after day is very fun. I am touched each time during the curtain call, thanks to the audience who applaud us, it gives me strength.”

In addition, he also said, “I hope that with the remaining performances of “Elisabeth”, the audience will be able to find their own happiness after watching the performances.”

Source : [K Star News]
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[Translation] 120321 Junsu’s Tweets‏

[Trans] 120321 Junsu’s Tweets‏

[Momma Cha inserted picture] Xiah-Tod looks masculine with his hair up or down…  🙂

Junsu: Should I style up my hair today or let it down… hmm… it has its pros and cons in the musical…

Junsu: If were to let it down… it would be more feminine in the musical. If were to style it up, it would be more masculine… there’s actually not much difference but when I was acting in it, it felt differently… Not sure if others felt it… but this is what I feel~ Hmm

Fan #1: @1215xiahtic Let it down during 1st act and style it up during 2nd act.

Junsu replied: Oppa will be tired~ TT

Min Young Ki (poimin73): @1215thexiahtic Stop worrying and come quickly kekeke

Junsu: @poimin73 Ke ke Hyung, this is our first collaboration after three weeks~!!!

Fan #2: Oh, I felt it too. In that case, how about styling up half and letting half down??!! As Death is neutral!! kekeke so sorry…

Junsu replied: That seems to be Tod who just woke up…

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[TRANSLATION] 120227-120305 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 120227-120305 Post Of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, February 27th to 5:59am KST, March 6th.

Sad but true 🙁
(Jaejoong, 2:59pm KST, 120227) When faced with having to make a choice, we smile at times and cry.. at times.

Awwww I’m so glad they still hang out 😀
(Eun Hyuk, 4:52am KST, 120228) Kim Junsu lost to me in Winning (Winning Eleven). 3:2.
(Junsu, 2:27pm KST, 120228) @AllRiseSilver Hyuk Jae~~ Why can’t you remember.. the times that you’ve lost to me.. Is it that you want to forget those moments? Or do you honestly not remember…… lol

Having a nice sleep-in eh? 🙂
(Junsu, 2:32pm KST, 120301) Such a languid afternoon.. Maybe it’s the aftereffects of yesterday’s performance… I opened my eyes but my body’s been lying in bed… for the past 2 hours and 12 minutes……

(Junsu, 2:38pm KST, 120301) I don’t usually like lying down in the middle of the day.. But I seem to be enjoying myself today.. The sound of cars that comes through the darkness from the closed curtains.. The steam that comes from the humidifier that stares at me… My legs that have been placed upon a cool blanket… A sense of languidness that I can call my own.. amidst the bustles of my busy life

Hwaiting to both of them!
(Young Seok, 2:48pm KST, 120301) @1215thexiahtic Great job yesterday~^^ Rest well~^^ It’ll be a while till I see you again~
(Junsu, 2:55pm KST, 120301) @yoonphantom You’re rightㅠ Keep giving great performances till then~^^

Junsu, please give us the meaning of ‘Ha-ak!’ D:
(Hyo Jun, 2:43pm KST, 120301) @JUNO_Japan Hyung!!! You didn’t know this right…kekeke I’m going to call us the three brothers… kekeke pic.twitter.com/D2oRmDSk

(Junsu, 2:55pm KST, 120301) @AmadeRudolph Ha-ak~!

Awwww Junsu takes such good care of his juniors 🙂
(Junsu, 6:13pm KST, 120301) So today was finally Seung Hyun’s first performance as Rudolf as well as his first step as a musical actor.. Seeing your face yesterday, as you were nervous and somewhat exhilarated, reminded me of myself, shaking with nerves as I waited to step on stage for the first time for Mozart! two years ago..

(Junsu, 6:15pm KST, 120301) Of course, I’m still a rookie musical actor but as a senior who stepped foot into this industry before you, I give you my support.. The Rudolf that you think is right.. The Rudolf that you imagined, never back down and do what you feel is what needs to be done~ Because at least for today, you are the one who creates Rudolf on stage.. Here’s an unconditional Hwaiting!!!

(Junsu, 6:17pm KST, 120301) I’m sorry I couldn’t go today but I had work~~ Though you’re probably nervous.. I pray that you forget it all the moment you step on stage and are left with only the Rudolf that you imagined~^^

(Junsu, 6:20pm KST, 120301) Most of all, you know that the genre isn’t one that is accomplished alone, right..? Just being with some of the greatest actors (in Korea) to create a production will give you a great sense of courage and strength~ Have faith in your hyungs and noonas^^ They’ll make it work, no matter what you do~ I hope you have a successful first performance

I wonder what they said? 😛
(Junsu, 5:22am KST, 120304) @Evi_pui Hey… I didn’t get my hair cut… Do you mind not over-exaggerating??
(T/N: The account he replied to is private so I didn’t get to see the tweet he’s replying to)

idk if they meant this satirically but it sounded a little too harsh 🙁
(Kim Junsu Fan, 3:26am KST, 120304) @1215thexiahtic Are you seriously not going to participate in any broadcasted activities? You’re at such a great, young age, but because you’re chained to doing only concert-based activities in so few genres, JUNSU fans are being devoured by anxiety. If you don’t appear in any broadcasted TV appearances this year, you’ll be forgotten by the public and you won’t have any fans left who will support you till the end
(Junsu, 5:24am KST, 120304) @jbghhtpa83e08ty Do you not know (about our situation).. or are you saying this though you do… Is it that we’re not doing it (participating in broadcasted appearances)… or is it that we can’t… Think before you speak

I think I know what he’s talking about~ 😉
(Jaejoong, 5:57am KST, 120304) Monitoring Junsu and Yoochun’s work! My great, amazing dongsaengs and members^^ I saw Yoochun and Junsu today but I don’t ever get sick of seeing them…. haha They’re the best pic.twitter.com/e9VgjK2M

(Junsu, 1:38pm KST, 120304) @mjjeje Huh?? What did you watch?? lol
(Jaejoong, 2:54pm KST, 120304) @1215thexiahtic You might feel embarrassed if I tell say it out loud.. haha
(Junsu, 3:38pm KST, 120304) @mjjeje What is it?????? lol

Aww \o/
(Jeri, 3:40pm KST, 120304, English Tweet) @12215thexiahtic Junsu!!!!
(Junsu, 6:05pm KST, 120304, English Tweet) @slaughteration Jeri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i miss you!!!!!!!!!

How you doin’?
(Jaejoong, 6:17pm KST, 120304) Cute Yoohwan ^^ pic.twitter.com/ZKzlkQzK

Me too! She’s amazing!
(Jaejoong, 10:34pm KST, 120304) If Comedian Shin Bora really makes her debut as a singer, I’ll for sure be buying and listening to her album.

This reminds me of last year’s awards ceremony 🙂
(Jaejoong, 12:41am KST, 120305) My hair’s grown out a lot~~^^ pic.twitter.com/amjkhG8a

I imagine this tweet coming with a pout from Mr. Park XD
(Ji Hye, 2:09am KST, 120305) I was dead tired after making that long trip but I still wanted to eat ddeokbokki.. keke Everyone’s practically sleeping as they eat^^ pic.twitter.com/TIkO4SmY
(Yoochun, 12:15pm KST, 120305) @jihye5555 And you left me out of your meal…

FC MEN Fighting~!^^
(Junsu, 3:21pm KST, 120305) Everyone is waiting for Kokuritsu Kyougijou! The second round of pre-sales has started. Don’t forget to apply on the official home page!^^

Feeling kinda sad today? 🙁
(Junsu, 7:15pm KST, 120305) Sorrow… A solitude I wish to break free from pic.twitter.com/T044iglQ

(Junsu, 8:31pm KST, 120305) pic.twitter.com/wrFd0mUm

(Young Seok, 8:53pm KST, 120305) @1215thexiahtic Are you feeling down.. because it’s raining??^^ Be strong~~ Our sexy XiahTod~~~^^
(Junsu, 12;24am KST, 120305) @yoonphantom Hyung, please look after Blue Square while I’m gone~^^

Hwaiting to everyone 😀
(Moon Jung, 9:11pm KST, 120305) Because Zorro, which has already faded a little because it ended over a month ago, earned a profit from its performances, every~~~one in the staff received a huge bonus.. It couldn’t have been an easy decision but they gave happiness to the ‘Share Happiness Foundation’.. A warm story.. Let everyone know of it!!~~~~
(Junsu, 12:24am KST, 120306) @mjkim8200 Hwaiting to Elisabeth!

(Joo Hyun, 9:18pm KST, 120305) The one in white is me, right?! It’s hard to tell the difference between us@Jeny233http://photonui.com/31pw photonui.com/31px photonui.com/31py Ok Elly and Esther Haji are getting a massage~

(Junsu, 12:24am KST, 120306) @joohyunieee Hwaiting to Elisabeth~^^

🙁 I think you need a hug. A nice warm and fuzzy one
(Junsu, 12:49am KST, 120306) When I die…. I want the world to look just like this… Or I’d at least want to be somewhere that looks like this (when I die).. Just like this.. http://pic.twitter.com/hkGgz6bG

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