[Pic] 140725 Philstay DDP Facebook Update With Jaejoong

Over 100 likes!!!!! BIG THANKS!!!!
As the promise that we made yesterday, we will show you the photo that our boss shooting with a super big K-POP star and the signing from him. He is Kim jaejoong from JYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo handsome is him


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[OTHER TWITTER] 131003 Gun Young Twitter Update: Junsu’s Autograph

Jung Gun Young is the leader of JYJ backup dancers
and the lead choreographer for most of JYJ(group&solo) dances


[TRANS] Junsu-ya..
sign Thank you~~


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[TRANS] 130822 Post of JYJ Tweets

Looks like that Tae Hui guy fulfilled his wish 🙂
(Junsu, 5:08pm KST) M.Pire~ I received a CD from this rookie group. I heard that they had prepared a signed CD and waited for me at the salon.. Do rookie idols do this kind of thing these days? It reminded me of when we used to go around to all our seniors to greet them and give them our CDs.. pic.twitter.com/GC5gqIg5jh

(Junsu, 5:09pm KST) It was great to meet such well-mannered youths^^ M.Pire, you have my support~!! ^^ Good luck!
(Young Ki, 5:14pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Junsu, I want a signed CD from you hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Mr. well-mannered Junsu
(Junsu, 5:19pm KST) @poimin73 Ha-ack!
(Young Ki, 5:20pm KST) @1215thexiahtic That means ‘okay’, right?? keke
(Junsu, 6:10pm KST) @poimin73 Yes keke
(Young Ki, 6:11pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get here quick!!! I’ve already gotten all my make-up done and am waiting ^^
(Junsu, 6:23pm KST) @poimin73 I’ve gotten all my makeup done as well and am on my way.^^

That is… a lot of eye makeup O__O
(Junsu, 6:45pm KST) Death, on the way to the SAC..^^ pic.twitter.com/XBKiFJoS8K


(Junsu, 6:47pm KST) Death is in a good mood..^^ But.. I think it actually makes Death look scarier.. pic.twitter.com/xSt5p7psRz



(Junsu, 6:48pm KST) Death is pretending to be cute..^^;; pic.twitter.com/VIxkcA2HAX



So wise these days, Mr. Kim. So wise.
(Jaejoong, 7:58pm KST) People feel the strongest sense of joy when their minds are most active and when they are least forgetful. This is the best way to test whether something is the true happiness we strive to enjoy. pic.twitter.com/b0QPKc7c7p



Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong+Other’s Twitter]

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[Trans] 130519 Qinghegu Weibo Update

[Trans] 130519 Qinghegu Weibo Update

Today JYJ member Park Yoochun came to our restaurant to eat… He ordered our signature dishes steak, egg rolls and fried mixed vegetables. It seemed like Yoochun really liked eating egg rolls. We hope friends that like Korean food and want to experience Korean culture, please visit our restaurant a lot.. Here’s a little bonus for everyone, attached is Park Yoochun’s signature. Please visit our restaurant a lot.

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[News] JYJ’s Junsu Holds Autograph Event To Commemorate Release of ‘XIA – TARANTALLEGRA’

[News] JYJ’s Junsu Holds Autograph Event To Commemorate Release of ‘XIA – TARANTALLEGRA’

In order to commemorate the release of his new solo album ‘XIA-TARANTALLEGRA‘, JYJ‘s Kim Junsu recently held a private autograph signing event.

A handful of fans who purchased Junsu’s solo album were randomly selected to attend the private event, but others had gathered in the area in order to try and catch a glimpse of him from a distance.

Junsu who was touched by their unending support took some time to talk about his latest activities, and even fulfilled a few of his fans’ wishes. When asked to sing a song for them on the spot, Junsu earned the wild cheers of his fans after performing “Lullaby” and “Reason“.

Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment remarked, “This autograph event was held as a way of giving back to the fans who have showed him unending love and support for his solo album, and he spent some quality time with his fans for the first time in a while. There are plans for him to spend more time with his fans this weekend as well.”

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

Credit: Allkpop

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Fan Account: 110501 A Fan Who Happened To Meet Jaejoong At The Baseball Stadium

Jaejoong, This is why you are loved. You didn’t assume that you automatically came first. Momma Cha

Fanaccount: 110501 A Fan Who Happened To Meet Jaejoong At The Baseball Stadium

Fan: Are you Hero Jaejoong…
JJ: Yes, that’s right, keke
Fan: Please sign for me..keke
JJ: Okay, Oh! But which team are you supporting?
Fan: Nexen (Heroes)~
JJ: Haha, oh, really? Me too! Because Jae Young is my friend, so I came…
Fan: Oh, so you came because of this…
JJ: Kekekekeke
Fan: I also came because of Oh Jae Young…
JJ: Oh, I’m sorry…what should I do..
Fan: Why are you apologizing, I should be the one to apologize…
JJ: Then should I still go or not, it’s a bit of a problem..
Fan: I don’t know what to say, I’m sorry…I came because of Nexen…

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