[News] 120817 JYJ’s Junsu Releases “Uncommitted” on Aug. 17

[News] 120817 JYJ’s Junsu Releases “Uncommitted” on Aug. 17

Jun Su (of JYJ)’s first English song, “Uncommitted,” will be released on August 17.

C-Jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported, “‘Uncommitted’ will be released on August 17 at noon on online music sites. A music video of the song will also be released on JYJ’s official YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/cjesjyj). For Junsu’s first world tour, an American songwriter from Sony Music made an urban R&B song. This middle-tempo song will be a great gift for all fans from North and South America and Europe.”

“Uncommitted” is about a man who tells his lover to trust him as she leaves him in disbelief.

This song is composed by the world-renowned songwriter Automatic, who has worked with Christina Aguilera, The Wanted, and Leona Lewis. Junsu’s romantic voice and a melody of the song create a perfect harmony.

The music video of this song is also attracting a lot of attention.

In the first and second teasers of the video released on August 14 and 15, Junsu attracts a lot of attention with a big change in his style. In the video, Junsu enjoys dating with two girls. Junsu’s fans enthusiastically responded to this attractive look of him.

Marc Klasfeld, the director of the music video, says, “Junsu’s performance was impressive throughout the shooting. It was really fun to work with such a talented artist like Junsu.” Klasfeld has worked with such artists as Beyonce, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Far East Movement.

Junsu’s first single will also be released offline on August 23.

Source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[TRANS] 120809 Interpark Ticket Cast, Which Star Are People Most Interested In? ‘JYJ’s Kim Junsu’

[TRANS] 120809 Interpark Ticket Cast, Which Star Are People Most Interested In? ‘JYJ’s Kim Junsu’

Which star and production were people most interested in the first half of 2012?

On the 9th of August, Korea’s biggest ticket reservation site Interpark released the list of stars and productions people have been most interested in since the launching of their ‘Ticket Cast’ service in January.

First, it was found that the star who gained the most interest was JYJ’s Kim Junsu (11,866 people added him to their lists). He was followed by Jo Seung Woo (10,415 people), Ryu Jung Han, Park Eun Tae, Kim Sun Young, Ok Joo Hyun, Infinite, B2ST and Hong Gwang Ho.

The most popular production of the first half of this year was the musical ‘Elisabeth’ (10,827 people). This was followed by musicals ‘Wicked’ and ‘Dr. Zhivago’, EBS’ ‘Gather Around, Ding dong deng, Lightning Man’, ‘Hyundai Card Super Concert Lady Gaga’, ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, ‘B2ST concert’, ‘Rooftop Cat’, Heineken presents ‘Sensation’ and the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

As musicals are held over a longer period of time than concerts or classical performances, they hold ticket reservations two to five times. And as the Ticket Cast service provides users with notices on when such reservation periods begin, it seems that many people have added musicals more than any other genre to their Ticket Cast lists.

Genre-wise, musicals are the most added, followed by concerts, sports events, plays, classical performances and dance shows. Sports events have been helped by the pro-baseball season.

Meanwhile, Interpark’s ‘Ticket Cast’, which has over 500,000 users, is a service that provides notifications on stars and productions that have been added to each user’s ‘Interest List’ through SMS or e-mails.

Source: [bnt news]

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[PICS-HQ] 120601 XIA “Tarantallegra” Fansign Event [Choices]

[PICS-HQ] 120601 XIA “Tarantallegra” Fansign Event


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[News] 120518 Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Attains Massive Success in Japan

[News] 120518 Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ Attains Massive Success in Japan

Junsu‘s (XIA) solo album ‘Tarantallegra‘ is receiving an explosive reaction in Japan.

On May 18th, CJES Entertainment revealed, “XIA’s first solo album has taken the #1 spot on Japan’s Itunes. What is even more surprising it that he surpassed Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to receive the #1 spot, proving XIA’s massive popularity in Japan.”

Pre-orders for ‘Tarantallegra’ grabbed first place at Tower Records Japan as soon as the release date of Junsu’s album was announced earlier this month, and the album completely sold out on the day of its release. Junsu’s solo album also snagged the #1 spot for sales in Japan’s Rakuten and Amazon site.

A music official from Japan stated, “After the explosive amount of pre-order sales, the album is now becoming a scarcity. This is even more surprising because Junsu has not had any activities in Japan lately.

 A representative of CJES Entertainment said, “Japan’s response towards XIA’s first album is really hot. The Japanese public has been looking forward to Junsu’s music and performances, I think it is because of Junsu’s solid fan base in Japan. Another reason why this album is gaining so much popularity is because it’s compelling in that it attempts to be exceptional and sensational at the same time. It’s just a well-made album derived from Junsu’s own skill.

In related news, ‘Tarantallegra’ is also running short in stock on Korean online sites, and gaining many favorable reviews.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
credit: allkpop

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[ENG SUB] Xiah Junsu (JYJ) – 사랑이 싫다구요 (I Don’t Like Love) (Rooftop Prince OST)

Sad title but poignant beautiful vocals, Junsu. <3

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Rooftop Prince OST – After A Long Time (Baek Ji Young)+ Additional OST Songs

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120502 CJESJYJ Youtube Junsu_1st Album_Xia_Tarantellegra_Teaser_02

This seems to have goth imagery, however, I really can’t form an opinion until I see the entire music video. I get the impression that this is going to be a high-energy, provocative video, Mr. Kim Junsu. Don’t overheat now, ya hear? 🙂

credit: CJESJYJ

Momma’s Source: Official JYJ Youtube Channel

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[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jun Su Names His First Solo Album “Xia

[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jun Su names his first solo album “Xia

JYJ’s Jun Su released the teaser poster and the name of his first solo album after releasing its visual concept, Unequalled, last week.

On April 30, C-jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, released the teaser poster of Jun Su’s first solo album on JYJ’s official Facebook account (www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ).

In the teaser poster, Jun Su is wearing a cloak, showing a dark image. There’s also a phrase that reads Xia Trantellegra, which is the album’s title.

Trantellegra, which is written in a strong style, means a magic spell that makes people dance. It’s the lead track composed by Jun Su.


As the teaser poster gives a powerful image of Jun Su, people are now curious about the jacket photo, which will be released soon.

A spokesperson for Jun Su says, “The title of Jun Su’s first solo album is Xia. Xia is a representative identity of Jun Su. It also means a type of album that combines all the talents of Jun Su.”

The advance sales for Jun Su’s first solo album Xia will start on May 4 on and offline.

The second teaser video of Jun Su’s first solo album will be released on May 2 on JYJ’s official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/CJESJYJ), and the jacket photo will be released on May 4.

Jun Su will hold his first concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on May 19 and 20. He will then start his concert tour in Asia. He will hold live concerts in six Asian countries, and it will start in Thailand on May 27. Jun Su’s popularity in Thailand was proved as all 3,000 tickets, partially out for sale, were sold out only in ten minutes.

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea

[NEWS] 120405 DBSK/JYJ Are The Most Favorite Kpop Groups In Vietnam!

[NEWS] 120405 DBSK/JYJ Are The Most Favorite Kpop Groups In Vietnam!

Despite the fact that they haven’t worked in the same company anymore, 5 outstanding members of DBSK can still affirm their tremendous attractiveness in the hearts of thousands of Vietnamese fans by winning the first position in the voting campaign “The Most Favorite Kpop Artist” in this country in 2011.

The campaign is a major part of 360Kpop Award – the annual event of 360Kpop (http://360kpop.com) – the biggest website about Kpop in Vietnam. During one month of running (March 1st , 2012 to April 1st, 2012), the contest attracted thousands of supporters to vote via SMS. As a result, 5 amazing members of DBSK (DBSK Yunho, Changmin and JYJ Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong) together, they have become the most favorite group with the total votes of 16,124. Super Junior comes second with 13,743 votes, followed by BEAST (No.3), SHINee (No.4) and SNSD (No.5).

One special thing in the campaign is that the organizers have responded to the wish of Vietnamese Cassiopeia that 5 members are nominated as solely one group – DB5K (DBSK with 5 members). This will express the dream of their fans to see 5 members standing on stage together and confirm that DB5K will always exist in the hearts of Kpop fans in Vietnam. Besides, with the title of “The Most Favorite Artist in Vietnam”, Cassiopeia community wishes to see DBSK/JYJ coming to their country in the near future.

(Unrelated part has been omitted)

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far

JYJ’s Junsu has been enjoying much popularity even in musicals.

According to (Junsu’s) management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on 21 March, the 12 performances of “Elisabeth” which Junsu has participated in so far have a cumulative total audience of more than 200,000. “Elisabeth” has ranked number 1 with record high sales due to Junsu’s involvement. It can be said that all the musicals that Junsu has participated in have become topics of discussion.

With his 12th “Elisabeth” performance on the afternoon of 21 March, Junsu has attracted more than 200,000 audiences so far, proving his popularity.

In response to his own popularity, Junsu said, “The feeling of working with really outstanding actors and actresses day after day is very fun. I am touched each time during the curtain call, thanks to the audience who applaud us, it gives me strength.”

In addition, he also said, “I hope that with the remaining performances of “Elisabeth”, the audience will be able to find their own happiness after watching the performances.”

Source : [K Star News]
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