[TRANS] 140107 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, January 7th to 5:59am KST, January 8th.


(Junsu, 5:51pm KST, Twitter) From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you for the infinite love and support you have given December! pic.twitter.com/zFV0Sgurfr


(Junho, 5:49pm KST, RTed by Junsu, Twitter) Hello, this is Kim Moo Young. I’ve decided to make a fresh start as an actor in Korea. I’ve also become a member of the C-JeS family. My Facebook page can be found on C-JeS’ official site, so please come visit ^^ I feel a lot of pressure, but I’ll do my best! http://www.facebook.com/cjesmooyoung 



(Junsu, 11:34pm KST, Twitter) ‘Wicked’ with the greatest musical actresses of all time~ My ears were in heaven. I was only in the waiting room with them for 10 minutes, but my mind has become fuzzy with their buzzing energy. lol Now that I’ve visited the Emerald City, it’s time for them to come to Ji Wook’s boarding house. pic.twitter.com/TNGSfAIiJG



Source: [Junsu+Other’s Twitter]

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[TRANS] 131224 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131224 Photographer Cho Sun Hee Takes A Photo With Park Yoochun, “We Started Laughing When We Felt A Connection”


Photographer Cho Sun Hee recently released a photo she took with actor Park Yoochun.

The photographer posted the photo on her personal Twitter account with the caption, “It isn’t easy for a photographer and her model to connect and understand each other completely. But I think such laughter can be caught on camera when the two feel a connection. I’d like to thank Yoochun for really getting into it, despite the cold weather by the sea.”

The photo shows Cho Sun Hee and Park Yoochun facing each other and laughing. The desert-like background behind them and their padded jackets give off a sense of closeness between the two people. Their bright expressions as they face each other are the focal point of the photo.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments like, “Park Yoochun looks great,” “I can’t wait to see the final product of Cho Sun Hee and Park Yoochun’s work together,” and “I wonder what they were working on?”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently filming for the movie ‘Sea Fog’ and will soon begin filming for SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Three Days’.

Source: [sports donga]

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[Info] 130429 Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

[Info] 130429 Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

Here are a few facts you may not know about Park Yoo Chun.


Park Yoo Chun, also known as Yoochun and by the stage name of Micky Yoochun is so popular throughout Asia, that when he travels with his group JYJ, airports are often immobilized by the arrival of eager fans.

Although you may know a lot about the singer-turned actor, here are a few more facts.

1. Park Yoo Chun is very close to his brother, Park Yoo Hwan, who is also an actor. The brothers immigrated to America with their parents but were separated when Yoochun left to pursue a career as a singer. The experience was difficult for both of them, but today the siblings are closer than ever.

“My brother is like a father to me,” said Yoo Hwan, who appeared in the drama, “A Thousand Days’ Promise.”

As to who is a better actor, Yoochun says his brother’s acting is more natural than his, but he is better at being emotional.

2. The role of Han Jung Woo in “Missing You” proves that Yoochun can turn on the tears. The line his character kept repeating was that he was not really crying but the wind was making his eyes tear up. But it was so cold on set that it actually interfered with his crying.

“When the chilly wind is blowing, it’s not easy to cry,” said Yoochun. “And in the cold wintry weather, my mouth often became frozen when I was saying my lines.

3. He does not think he is a good actor yet or necessarily very attractive.

“Honestly, I need makeup in order to look good, and because I became an actor all of the sudden after being a singer, there is a lot of room for improvement,” said Yoochun.

When praised for his work, he said. “It is not because my acting is good; rather I think my personal experiences show through my acting. As I have experienced crying bitterly before, it was possible for me to cry in scenes like that.”

4. He would like to grow hair longer again, as it was in his early JYJ days, but drama roles get in the way.

“After “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” my hair was so long I could tie it up, I like long hair like that. But after I cut it off, even if I want it long again, I can’t do it. If I want to let my hair grow long, I need to have one year of no work, but there is work continually.”

5. He is so busy that he considered adopting a daughter but decided his schedule was too demanding. He so enjoyed interacting with the young actress Kim So Hyun when he starred in “Rooftop Prince” that he began to think about how much he would like to have a daughter.

“I really love daughters,” said Yoochun. “I fantasize about having a loving family. When I marry I think I will be able to have a daughter like So Hyun.”

credit: kpopstarz

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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130111 Kim Jaejoong: Composing and Songwriting

Jaejoong is a prolific songwriter and composer of extraordinary talent and ability.

The table below–retrieved on January 11th, 2013 from the world-wide web @ http://en.wikipedia.org lists some of his solo and joint compositions. Have fun looking for more. If you haven’t had the privilege of hearing these songs I believe that you will enjoy them.

Composing & Songwriting

Role Song Language Album
Composer; Lyricist 사랑아 울지마 (Saranga Uljima; Don’t Cry My Lover) Korean Mirotic – The 4th Album by DBSK
Co-composer with Yoochun Kiss したまま、さよなら (Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara; As We Kissed, Goodbye) Japanese T – The 3rd Album by Tohoshinki
Composer; Lyricist 忘れないで (Wasurenaide; Don’t Forget) Japanese The Secret Code – The 4th Album by Tohoshinki
Composer; Lyricist; Arranger; all instruments 9095 Japanese The Secret Code – The 4th Album by Tohoshinki
Composer; Lyricist; Arranger; all instruments 9096 Japanese The Secret Code – The 4th Album by Tohoshinki
Composer; Arranger Colors~Melody and Harmony~ Japanese Colors (Melody and Harmony)/Shelter by JEJUNG & YUCHUN from Tohoshinki
Composer; Arranger; Programming Shelter Japanese Colors (Melody and Harmony)/Shelter by JEJUNG & YUCHUN from Tohoshinki
Composer Still in Love English The Beginning by JYJ
Composer; Lyricist; Arranger Nine Korean Their Rooms “Our Story” (우리 이야기 “Our Story”) by JYJ
Composer; Lyricist; Arranger Pierrot Korean Their Rooms “Our Story” (우리 이야기 “Our Story”) by JYJ
Composer; Lyricist I.D.S. Korean Their Rooms “Our Story” (우리 이야기 “Our Story”) by JYJ
Lyricist Boy’s Letter Korean In Heaven by JYJ
Composer; Arranger; Lyricist Get Out Korean In Heaven by JYJ
Composer; Lyricist In Heaven Korean In Heaven by JYJ
Composer; Lyricist No Gain Korean Tarantallegra by Junsu
Composer; Lyricist Until the Sun Rises Korean Until the Sun Rises by Baek Seung Heon
Composer; Lyricist Stay Korean Jackal is Coming OST by Kim Jaejoong
Composer; Lyricist Kiss Be Korean Jackal is Coming OST by Kim Jaejoong
Composer; Lyricist 나만의 위로(Healing for Myself) Korean Jackal is Coming OST by Kim Jaejoong
Lyricist One Kiss Korean I / MINE by Kim Jaejoong
Lyricist Mine Korean I / MINE by Kim Jaejoong
Composer; Lyricist All Alone Korean I / MINE by Kim Jaejoong

Credit/Momma’s Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaejoong

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[TRANS] 121230 Kim Jaejoong Wins The Rookie Of The Year Award At The MBC Drama Awards

[TRANS] 121230 Kim Jaejoong Wins The Rookie Of The Year Award At The MBC Drama Awards

Idol group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong won the Rookie of the Year award at the MBC Drama Awards.

During the 2012 MBC Drama Awards, which was held on the 30th at 8:40pm, the Male Rookie of the Year award was given to Kim Jaejoong of ‘Dr. Jin’ and Lee Jang Woo of ‘Oh Ja Ryong is Coming’.

Kim Jaejoong stood in front of the microphone during his acceptance speech and stated, “I’m even more nervous because my parents are here. Before, acting used to be something I had to do, but ‘Dr. Jin’ made acting something I wanted to do.”

He ended his speech by addressing his fellow JYJ members and saying, “There are so many people I want to thank, but if I tried to list them all, that list would never end. But (Park) Yoochun, and (Kim) Junsu, who couldn’t be here today… Thank you so much for being such a great strength to me.”

Kim Jaejoong played the role of Kim Kyung Tak in ‘Dr. Jin’. Though it was the first time that he had tried acting in a historical drama, his concentration and acting talent helped lead the drama to greater popularity.

Source: [mydaily]

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[Trans] 121202 Park Yoochun, “My Younger Brother Made Me Very Proud Of Him”‏

[Trans] 121202 Park Yoochun, “My Younger Brother Made Me Very Proud Of Him”

Park Yoochun who is currently acting as the lead in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Missing You’, recently praised his younger brother in an interview, “In the past, I have a feeling that I had to lead the family (as a family head) but now my younger brother’s strength is getting stronger gradually that he made me feel that I have some parts I can depend on.”

Ever since his younger brother Park Yoohwan (21) debuted as an actor last year’s February in MBC weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, he experienced a total of three dramas last year, including MBC ‘Gye Baek’ and SBS ‘Thousand Days Promise’, making his face and name known. Especially in ‘Thousand Days Promise’ where he acted as the younger brother of Soo Ae, his sincere tearing acting gained attraction.

This year, he was chosen to be the lead in Channel A ‘Strongest Kpop Survival’, followed by a six month stint in MBC sitcom ‘Can’t Live Without You’.

Park Yoochun laughed saying, “Yoohwan seems to be acting very well. As he have acted in sitcom and dramas, he has more acting experiences than me.”

He continued to emphasize, “His non-stop filming of 110 episodes recently is very commendable. Seems that since the both of us are acting, we are able to understand and relate to each other. Thus it feels really comfortable and good.”

Park Yoohwan is the typical example of ‘started acting through his brother.’ Living together with his older brother and mother, he returned to Korea after spending 6 years in America. Before he found his goal at acting, he was at a lost with no dream.

However through his older brother Park Yoochun, he developed an interest in acting and after a year of acting classes, he received a pass immediately at his first audition and acted in ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

Park Yoochun said, “It’s only a few years ago that I became an actor together with Yoohwan. It was really unexpected. My younger brother is currently doing very well and I am very proud of it.”

source: segye
credit: freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] 121113 Renowned Japanese Actor Tsumabuki Satoshi Praises, “Max Changmin Is An Actor With Determination”

[Trans] 121113 Renowned Japanese Actor Tsumabuki Satoshi Praises, “Max Changmin Is An Actor With Determination”

TVXQ Max Changmin is acting as Momo in the Japanese movie ‘Fly With The Gold’ and it is also his first step as a movie actor. In the movie, Changmin acted alongside renowned actor Tsumabuki Satoshi who have acted in various movies such as ‘Tears For You’, ‘Josee, the Tiger and the Fish’, ‘Water Boys’ and drama ‘Lunch no Joou’ etc and Tadanobu Asano who acted in hollywood movies ‘Thor’ and ‘Battleship’, accumulating his acting experience.

Displaying acting together with Max Changmin, Tsumabuki Satoshi who acted as Koda mentioned in various interviews that, “Changmin is an actor with determination and it became my motivation as well. As Changmin is Momo, I feel that it is very good.”, giving his praises for Changmin.

He expressed, “Director Izutsu is well known to be harsh and I think Changmin will be in difficulties. At first though I received a lot of harsh comments too, but I still told Changmin, ‘Director tend to be harsh with his words but it was all because he hopes that Changmin can do well. Therefore don’t lose to it and do it seriously till the end!” While relaying the situation on the filming set, he said too, “Changmin is really a honest hard worker and hate to lose. I think the director’s motivation and Changmin’s determination that complement each other.” He has great compliments of Changmin who courageously acted in his foreign language.

 As for Tadanobu Asano, he also said, “Changmin is really a great person. It was his first time acting in Japanese movie but he is very hardworking.” As he also has experience acting with a foreign language in hollywood movies, he recognized Changmin’s effort, “I feel that I learnt a lot from this filming. He really is a great kid and I completely became his fan. If there is anyone who badmouthed Changmin, I would not let him off.”, revealing his words of support for Changmin.

It is Max Changmin’s first time acting in movie and with Japanese language, he received a lot of compliments and also is nominated for newcomer award in the 37th Hochi Film Award and 36th Japanese Academy Award.

Other than being active as an actor, TVXQ will be having their concert ‘TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘Catch Me’ In SEOUL’ on the 17th and 18th November at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium and then embarking on their world tour.

source: Newsen
credit: loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[News] 120926 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Ranks High On Japanese Charts

[News] 120926 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Ranks High On Japanese Charts

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is drawing a lot of attention by ranking high on every Japanese chart.

Japanese magazine Anan recently did a survey asking, “What is your favorite Hallyu TV series?” SBS’s Protect The Boss, in which Kim appeared, ranked first.

Kim also ranked third, following Hyun Bin, on the survey of ‘Japanese women’s favorite Korean actor.’

The fashion magazine, which sells around 300 thousand copies every week since 1970, is well known as a publication that features the top stars. The magazine is also very popular among girls from their 20s through 30s.

The series was aired on Japanese TBS in July and received considerable attention. The ‘Protect The Boss Kim Jae Joong Special Making DVD,’ which will be released in November, ranked first on a chart as soon as they started to receiving reservation offers.

A Japanese official says, “Kim has many fans who love him in Japan. His series made him even more popular all cross the country.”

Kim will start going on an Asian fan meeting tour on October 20 in China.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] 120606 Lee Tae Sung: “The Prejudices I Had Towards Idols-Turned-Actors Were All Broken By Yoochun

[Trans] 120606 Lee Tae Sung: “The Prejudices I Had Towards Idols-Turned-Actors Were All Broken By Yoochun

While “Rooftop Prince” was being broadcast, Lee Tae Sung would often demonstrate his close friendship with Park Yoochun through Twitter. To Yoochun, who had suffered the loss of his father in the earlier stages of filming, Lee Tae Sung had sent a message full of genuine care, “Although you are doing very well now, just be a son that your father would be proud of. Don’t say such heartbreaking things. You just experienced it earlier than others would. Press on.” Naturally, it makes people wonder how Park Yoochun is like in his eyes, as a colleague.

“Before the filming, I had my doubts as to whether Park Yoochun, who had started off as an idol, would be able to take on the role of Lee Gak well. So I think the way I looked at Yoochun was influenced by these social perceptions. Although he has quite little experience with filming productions as an actor, if you were to look past that, he is really very hardworking. Despite the tight filming schedule where we did not even have time to sleep, he was still able to familiarise himself perfectly with the script. He had to deal with some tough situations while filming, and in the latter half his physical condition got worse and worse, but he was still able to take on what is equivalent to 3 different roles, right up till the end. He is a good actor.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Newsen]
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110925 Video Park Yong Ha Story Jaejoong Cut

[Vid] Jaejoong Talks about Park Yong Ha

Jaejoong: An actor who had much desire for his craft?Jaejoong: Very much… How do you say… shall I say laughter? I feel that he was very much overflowing with smiles. Worries… He was someone with a lot of worries, always. To refrain from showing those worries—he tried hard to do that also. I don’t know what it was, but he always had so many worries. And the counseling on those worries—we had many of those, as hyung and dongsaeng. But I remember his face—the face that, even in the midst of them, never once lost the smile.

Jaejoong: Ah… he was a singer who always worked hard, and also always worried for the sake of his fans.

Jaejoong: A while ago… when I had gone to the United States and maybe two to three days had passed… I heard of the news. In the United States… as soon as I landed in the Los Angeles Airport, I had a call from Yongha hyung. “Where are you.” “In the US.” “Ah, so you’ve gone to the US. When you come back, let’s have a drink together.” He had said those words to me.

And even before that, when we had met in Japan, he had spoken repeatedly about that concert. Very much… let us keep improving, improving. Those words, he had told me repeatedly, over and over. But, then suddenly such a thing happened… Just… My mind had no thoughts. I was… for a very long time, just blank…

Jaejoong: He was someone that did not give off the feel of being a celebrity, at all. He was someone like the hyung next door. When you look at the results and the feats that Yongha hyung had accomplished in his life, he had a very high stature. Despite that, he showed himself as someone who, separate from the renown and popularity of celebrities, was a human being exactly like everyone else—very often.

So I feel that perhaps that is why the people around him loved very much the Yongha hyung, the man.

Jaejoong: When Yongha hyung did not have too many activities in Japan, we were in Japan quite a lot because of group activities. There was a time in which we lived in Japan for six months, a year. If my contact information changed, of if the contact information of those friends in Korea changed, then we would lose touch with each other—this happened from time to time. But in my voicemail, “My number changed. Are you healthy? Your health is the most important thing, so take care of it. And I miss you. And also… even once… I should go to you, to see you.” He’d say that. But many people say that—“let’s meet, let’s have a drink.” Often, those words just end in words. But he was someone who really kept to the words that he spoke. He really came all the way to Japan. Yongha hyung… before he left… he came to see a performance of ours, in Japan. He did say that because of a schedule he had to go out in the middle, but… He was someone who really kept every word.

Jaejoong: First, as a basic thing, we talked about music a lot. And also, performing—we talked about it a lot. We talked about acting also. We also talked about women. Yes. How do you say…? Really, what is strange is that he felt lonely a lot. He felt lonely quite often, but he relieved the loneliness with other things. I think probably that thing was music. Even though his main career was that of an actor… he’d say: “I really want to sing. I really want to sing, and… I want to begin anew, from the very beginning.”

Jaejoong: I think all the fans know. The musician or the actor they like… from behind the scenes, “how hard do they work for our sake?” I think the fans know the answer to that the best. He worried so very much. On stages that were so big, he had performed many times, and he also had so many fans. But for the sake of the fans in Japan… “from the little theatres, from the very beginning, I want to begin performing anew.” He’d tell me that in his worry, and would repeatedly ask me whether I thought that was okay. Because he had such a loving heart for the fans like that—probably that is why, even now, the fans are waiting for Yongha hyung.

Jaejoong: Ah… When I think of Hyung, already laughter comes forth from me. I… from Hyung… truly so many things I think I learned from you for a long time… and to the many people around me… the kind heart that Hyung showed… I am conveying that… and I want to also show it as you did… And also, your mother, your brother-in-law, your older sisters… I would contact them, have meals together with them and such… but now that you aren’t here… really you are missed…. The place where you are now—I visit it often… and talk to you very often, but… Ah… I do not know. But, I don’t know. More than any other thing, I wish that you are also happy where you are. So that even by just looking up at the sky, we will continue to have your smile come to our minds… please, continue to protect us… I wish you’d smile down at us. Really really, I love you. Thank you.

credit: lovemjjeje
trans by: JYJ3

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110825 JYJ Park Yoochun Will Represent Hallyu Stars…

[Trans] 110825 JYJ Park Yoochun Will Represent Hallyu Stars, Attending The Seoul Drama Awards Press Conference



Park Yoochun is scheduled to attend the press conference for the Seoul Drama Awards at Taepyeongno News Center on the morning of 29 August, and will accept interviews, as well as hold a fan meeting.

A hallyu star popularity poll was conducted on the Seoul Drama Awards website, and Park Yoochun was selected among the 115 nominees as the most popular actor in Asia, with approximately 480 thousand votes. Following Park Yoochun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) is Jang Geun Suk (Mary Stayed Out All Night), Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart) in second and third place, and in the Korean Actress Category, Moon Geun Young (Mary Stayed Out All Night) took top position, followed by Park Min Young (SungKyunKwan Scandal) and Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden.)


On the day of the press conference, attendees will include Director Im Kwon Taek from the review committee as well as the chairman and 40 members of the Korean Connection, Seven university lecturers from Paris, France, hallyu fanclub leaders from Romania and Peru, as well as others. During this event, the special features and direction of various works will be introduced, as well as an awards ceremony and various supplementary activities are scheduled. Aside from related personnel, there will be over 60 fanclubs attending this press conference. They will be introducing “Hallyu culture in the eyes of hallyu fans,” and after this activity a fanmeeting with Park Yoochun will be held.

This year is the sixth year that the Seoul Drama Awards is being held, with the aim of introducing the highest-rated dramas to various countries. This year, 37 different countries and a total of 204 works have participated, and famous directors, actors and other related persons from all over the world will be participating in this activity. 11 countries and 79 works from Asia, 15 countries and 68 works from Europe, 2 countries and 10 works from the Pacific continent, 5 countries and 29 works from the American continent, as well as 3 countries and 16 works from the Middle East have participated, with Mongolia and Romania participating in this Awards show for the first time.

The Seoul Drama Awards aims to strengthen the position of Korean dramas in the international market as well as to encourage cultural exchange between the countries, and this year nominated works includes “Walking Dead” from America, “Router” from England, “Three Kingdoms” from China, “Shades of Happiness” and “The Pillars of the Earth” from Germany, and “When Harvey met Bob” from Ireland. Domestic drama nominees include “Dream High,” “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.” “Shiny Shiny Shining” and others.

On 31 August, the Seoul Drama Awards will be held in the Seoul Yeouido KBS Hall, gathering the actors and producers from the nominated works as well as drama fans from all over the world, and will be aired on SBS.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Kuki News via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110630 Kim Junsu, “I Would Like To Act Out Musicals in Theatres Too.

[Trans] 110630 Kim Junsu, “I would like to act out musicals in theatres too.”‏

“Falling in love with musicals, next year, the year after next, I would like to act out musicals in theatres.” Moving onward from Xiah Junsu to Kim Junsu, he met us in a cafe at Cheongdam-dong on the 29th.

Upon talking about musicals, this new actor who debuted in musical field for 2 years would passionately discussed with us, but when facing burdensome inquiries, he would be alike to the idol singer who debuted for 8 years, displaying his experiences and confidence.

Within the idols who challenged musicals, Kim Junsu is definitely the topic. Other than the subsequent lead acting of great works, the tickets that were sold out within a short time, the high performance fee etc, were the topics of discussion.

Even though the raging topics, why did you decided to step in with musicals from the start?

“It’s just the right timing. Although I did received projects from movies, dramas and there are free slots in between schedules…. but compared to anything, music is still the most important. So I was thinking since it a must to have music, why not take a try at musicals? When I first acted in musicals, I did not think that I would end up loving it. (laughs)”

After the debut musical ‘Mozart’, you were asked to lead in ‘Tears of Heaven’, this simply is a follow-up victory.

“I seems to have slightly understood what musical is about until recently. In the beginning, it felt very tiring even though there’s no mistake made, now I’m slowly learning through the amicable cooperation with the other actors… and starts to notice the reactions of the audience. Thus the musical performances for every day is different.” He continued introducing the so-called ’3 seconds difference’ on stage. “There is a scene in Mozart where I followed the Baroness, how many seconds should I back-faced the audience after finishing my lines so that I can display to the audience the feel that I wanted? The most suitable timing is about 3 seconds. (laughs)”

Other than this, he was often pointed out that his delivery of lyrics was not as strong as professional musical actors.

“Singing in musical is totally different from singing songs. For example, the usage of ‘banding’ (a singing technique where the note was dragged and blended into the next word) was not appropriate. The lyrics has to be sang out one word by one word. Compared to other actors, maybe it was not easily differentiate but it would still be better that l changed my way of singing.”

As a musical actor and actively as an idol singer, do you feel that you have slowly became closer to any character?

“But if I were to stand on JYJ’s stage now and to sing with my way of singing in musical, it would probably be a torture to the members. Even my hand signals has slowly increased. (laughs) I think for me right now, it is to slowly forwarding towards the way of ‘Even if I was a singer, I’m also a musical actor.’ Just as though there’s a switch in between the two, where I can freely move around.”

There were a lot of controversies. Like the rumours of ten millions of performance fees and the ability to become the male lead due to the investment by the company (you belonged) etc. When asked about the question of ‘idol glamour’, Kim Junsu surprisingly gave a calm and outright attitude while giving an answer.

“I understand that the choir department actors were able to stand on stage after working hard for a long while. I received this ‘gift’ of being the lead actor after my hardwork as a singer, this is at least how my thought is. As for the high performance fee rumours, I think it’s not only in musical that there are such rumours right? No matter it be drama or CF, there were many issues for the receipt of fees that broke records too… It’s just that the musical industry was so bad and thus the unique appearance of such rumours, right?”

Do you have any contributions that you wanted to do or ambitions that you have in the future involvement into musicals?

“Next year, or the year after, I would like to act in theatres. If I can be ambassador-like and create the effect of supporting musicals, it would be a rather grateful thing. But to do till such, the first step should be having audience who watch, and to have the love of the public, then the public performance can be a success, and followed on by more investors. Therefore, the production company and actors will be able to create a more fruitful work, and afterwhich wouldn’t there be a possible promotion to overseas?”

Due to the contract issue between JYJ and ex-company SM, the broadcasting activities were restricted by their contract. (T/N: JYJ was not directly restricted due to contractual problems. Refer to legal news.)

“It’s currently still in an unclear state. Due to the difficulties currently, we just have to try working in other directions, this is very exhausting. If there were things we wished to do, we’d have to think about how to do it in another way, and then not to give up on any hope.”

He is currently a young adult of 24 years old, are there any plans for army enlistment? He jokingly replied, “When performing the story in ‘Tears of Heaven’, I ever thought, ‘Why not bring forward the enlistment, it actually would be not a bad experience, isn’t it!’.”

“I received a health check last February and of course it’s a must to enlist for army. (laughs) The results for the health check is 3rd grade (note: 3rd grade is for person who had injuries but still able to be enlisted in army and an approximate of 22 months.) There’s a bit of disappointment for the results. I’m a man afterall, and has the pride of a man, I thought the results will be of 1st grade. Hopefully I can be enlisted after maximizing the activities I can do.”

We asked about the greatest change after involving in musicals.

“During the empty period (lawsuit with SM), musical came to me, and now I only listened to music from musicals. I hope to become an actor who is able to inspire and touch the audience.”

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(June. Don’t worry about the vocals. Your voice will strengthen from use and application and even now you have a uniqueness of tone and expression that the others do not possess. <3 Momma Cha P.S. You will always be a man to us. Your personal sacrifice and injuries were in the line of duty.

Translation 110607 Seven Experts Rate Idol-Turned-Actor For Their ‘Acting Career and Potential “Idol-Turned Actor

[Translation] 110607 -7 Experts Rate Idol-Turned-Actors For Their ‘Acting Career And Potential ’Idol – Turned- Actors

Did I miss something here or did TOP and Yoochun win the same award? Momma Cha

TOP and Park Yoochun are ‘Blue Chips’

#2. Park Yoochun 7.7
“When he sings, I see him as an artiste but when he acts, I see him as an idol.”

The experts who participated in this evaluation: Director of the KBS Drama Bureau: Ko Myung Tak, Head Of The Entertainment Department at Sports Donga: Kim Jaebum, Director of iHQ Acting Academy: Ahn Hyuk Mo, Professor of Korean Literature at Choongnam University (Drama Critic): Yoon Seok Jin, Director of MBC’s Drama Bureau: Lee Dae Young, Pop Culture Critic: Lee Moon Won, Director of SBS’ Drama Bureau: Heo Woong.

Big Bang’s TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) has been evaluated as the idol-turned-actor with the most successful acting career and the most potential for growth. A panel of 7 experts, including the directors of the three major broadcasting companies, evaluated the ‘acting careers till now’ and ‘potential for growth’ for 11 idol-turned-actors who have been active in the past two years through dramas and movies. Choi Seung Hyun came out on top for both with average scores of 7.6 and 8.

According to the experts, “His bold and clear image is his charm”(Ahn Hyuk Mo) and “It’s time for him to expand his acting career.” Choi Seung Hyun received the Best Male Newcomer Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the movie ‘Into the Crossfire’

Second place in both fields was given to JYJ’s Park Yoochun (7, 7.7) while third place went to 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon (6.6, 7.6). Park Yoochun debuted through the drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ last year and is currently acting in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’. Ok Taecyeon debuted through ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ and played the leading role in ‘Dream High’ this year.

Regarding Park Yoochun, the experts said, “He needs to maintain his dry fluidity,”(Yoon Seok Jin) and “He has potential as a melodrama actor.”(Lee Dae Young) Regarding Ok Taecyeon, they said, “He is serious about his work and has star quality. What he lacks is the time to focus all his energy on acting.” (Lee Moon Won)


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