[TRANS] 131102 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, November 2nd to 5:59am KST, November 3rd.

(Jaejoong, 12:40pm KST, Twitter) Seriously, these guys..☆ pic.twitter.com/Q8vdpFhaIJ

[From left to right:
-From the maknae (youngest), Kim Junsu; if I could, I’d already be in the standing area. Hyung, I’ll be waiting to see you go up to 7 in the ‘Gwiyomi song’!!!
-6002. Just do what you normally do… As always! You are perfect.
-Gummy. I should have been sexier than Jaejoong.
– Don’t forget the blanket you said you’d give me! – Song Ji Hyo – Jaejoong’s songs are a “Paradise”]

(Jaejoong, 1:54pm KST, Twitter) As expected, I’m a rain guy [T/N: It rained today in Seoul. It always seems to rain whenever Jaejoong has a concert :P]

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]

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[News] 130515 JYJ’s Junsu Lends His Voice for ‘Mandate of Heaven’ OST with “Foolish Heart”

[News] 130515 JYJ’s Junsu Lends His Voice for ‘Mandate of Heaven’ OST with “Foolish Heart”

JYJ‘s Junsu has lent his beautiful voice for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Mandate of Heaven‘!

His fellow agency member Song Ji Hyo is the female lead in the drama, and he’s lending his support with the song “Foolish Heart“.

The track also serves as the theme song of the love line between Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo’s characters, so you can bet you’ll hear more of it through the drama as well!

credit: allkpop

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[NEWS] Actress Song Ji Hyo Attends ’2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra’ Revealing Her Friendship with JYJ’s Junsu

[NEWS] Actress Song Ji Hyo Attends ’2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra’ revealing her friendship with JYJ’s Junsu

Actress Song Ji Hyo made a surprise visit to JYJ member Junsu‘s concert.

On December 29th, Junsu held a 120 minute long concert filled with rich music with an all live orchestra. Song Ji Hyo attended the concert to support her fellow agency family member, Junsu.

While performing Lee Seung Gi‘s “Because You’re My Girl“, Junsu surprised the fans by greeting Song Ji Hyo in the seats and grabbing her hand.

Song Ji Hyo revealed,“I’m Junsu’s co-worker as well as a big fan. All performances were really touching, and I spent a special time crying and laughing. I felt that Junsu’s power on stage is amazing.”

After releasing his first solo album ‘TARANTALLEGRA‘ and successfully wrapping up his world tour, Junsu proved himself to be the best idol with a perfect performance and an intense stage. Junsu perfectly harmonized with a live orchestra this time, creating another amazing atmosphere for the fans.

The concert was like a musical with a vocal chorus and an orchestra. In addition, a pop chorus joined in the performance of Junsu’s ballad from his album and famous OSTs, entertaining the fans’ eyes and ears for the full 120 minutes.

Meanwhile, ‘2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra‘ is being held until the 31st, and the tickets for all three days, 21,000 seats, have been sold out.

credit: allkpop
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[Trans] 121113 ‘Code Name: Jackal’ Unique Premiere, Tons Of Song Ji Hyo Appeared

[Trans] 121113 ‘Code Name: Jackal’ Unique Premiere, Tons Of Song Ji Hyo Appeared

On the 12th, there were almost hundred of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jaejoong who appeared at the entrance of Lotte Cinema. It was actually a mask event by Kim Jaejoong’s fansite to support the new movie.

On that day, the mask event was organised by Kim Jaejoong’s fansite Herose. There were fans from young students to pregnant lady and male fans above 30 years old. The gathering of the wide variety of fans’ age groups shows the high anticipation for the movie.

Before the movie started, the full house of viewers put on the promotional mask by Lotte Entertainment and took a photo. They then upload it onto ‘Code Name: Jackal’ event to support the move.

‘Code Name: Jackal’ is a comedy about a legendary killer (Song Ji Hyo) who kidnap the lady killer and star (Kim Jaejoong). It will be screening on the 15th November.

source: bntnews
credit: chuanghuoji
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[TRANS] 120727 Park Yoochun To Begin His Asia Fanmeet Tour In August

[TRANS] 120727 Park Yoochun To Begin His Asia Fanmeet Tour In August

JYJ’s Park Yoochun will be holding fanmeets all across Asia.

On the 27th of July, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that, “Though it has been over two months since ‘Rooftop Prince’ ended, Park Yoochun’s domestic and overseas popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down,” and “With his popularity as an actor, which began in 2010 with ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, taken into consideration, it has been decided that Park Yoochun will be holding a large-scale fanmeet tour for his Asian fans.”

‘Miss Ripley’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’, which are airing in countries such as Taiwan, China and Thailand, are currently experiencing explosive popularity in these nations. Taiwan’s ‘Yes Entertainment’ held a poll titled ‘Which Male Protagonist has Stolen Your Heart?’ and many of the 22,000 viewers voted for Park Yoochun, who came out on top and beat Song Seung Heon of ‘Dr. Jin’ and So Ji Seob of ‘Ghost’.

Park Yoochun stated, “I’m really grateful for the love that our Asian fans have given me,” and “I believe these fanmeets will be a fun opportunity for me to show our overseas fans how I’ve been doing these days. I hope to share memories of Lee Seon Joon, Song Yoo Hyun and Lee Gak with them.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s Asia fanmeet tour will begin in Shanghai, China on the 25th of August and will continue on to Taiwan and Thailand. Talk is underway to include an additional one or two cities in the tour as well.

Source: [bnt news]

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[NEWS] JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan deliver 2,000 seedlings to Sudan, Africa

[NEWS] JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan deliver 2,000 seedlings to Sudan, Africa

Mango Tree Donation Project by C-Jes Entertainment singers including JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan is closed on January 2 collecting over 25 million won.

C-Jes Entertainment posted on its official website, “Mango Tree Donation Project by Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su, and Park Yoo Hwan collected over 25 million won in donation and it will deliver more than 2000 mango and apple seedlings to Sudan, Africa.”

The donators of this project will receive a thank-you mango tree card that has autographs of stars of C-Jes Entertainment.


Song Ji Hyo, JYJ, and Park Yoo Hwan even shared their new year’s resolution.

Song, who was awarded with the Excellence Award at SBS Entertainment Awards and the Producer Award at MBC Drama Awards, said, “As an actress, I’m very happy to receive such a meaningful award which is derived from the love for Gyebaek by so many people. I’m also happy for Running Man, which is like a family to me, to bear a big fruit this year. I will keep trying my best to give you laughter in your living room and will meet you through great, touching works on TV in 2012.”

JYJ said, “The award means a lot to us and we believe that fans of JYJ will be more happy than any of us. We will do our best as actors to respond to your great love and support. We promise to give the best out of us as JYJ and actors through the musical Elizabeth which opens in February and writing new songs while preparing for the tour concert to South America.”

Finally, Park Yoo Hwan, who was nominated for the Rookie Award at MBC’s Drama Awards said, “I’m so happy for Yoo Chun, Jae Joong, and Ji Hyo, who are like a family to me, for winning many awards. I was happy for simply being at the awards ceremony for the first time in my life. This year I’ve learned that if I learn with integrity and do my best, my acting will improve and I’ll be able to make a bond of sympathy with viewers. I promise to become an actor who never loses his first resolution and meet you with better works in 2012.”

Source: TV Report
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111202 [RE-POST] [MINI PROJECT] Support The Mango Tree Project And Leave A Message For JYJ

[RE-POST] [MINI PROJECT] Support The Mango Tree Project And Leave A Message For JYJ


I haven’t posted here in a while and it makes me feel kinda guilty .__.
But I’ll probably start posting again in the next week so \o/

Anywho, the reason I’m making this post is because t’is the season of giving!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is just around the corner (okay… more like 25 days away) and the spirit of sharing has returned.

As you all know, JYJ, along with Yoohwan and Ji Hyo, are participating in World Vision’s Mango Tree Project.

It aims to plant 20,000 mango trees in Sudan as a sustainable source of income for those who have been afflicted by the internal conflict. Each tree costs 10,000 KRW to plant, which means JYJ are aiming to collect 200 million KRW. Personally, I think this is an absolutely spectacular charity project, which is why I’ve set up this mini project.

I’m sure some of you have visited the C-JeS mini-homepage thing for the Mango Tree Project, clicked on the little link that said “click here” and…. ended up on the Korean site of World Vision (as seen here)… Awkward sauce yo .__.

You need a Korean registration number to make the donation, which is only given to Korean citizens (more awkward…). This was why my fellow ninja master Rara had to ask me if I could help her out and I said, ‘Hey, why not?’

So, in light of it being the happiest season of the year, I’ll be using my registration number to make a collective donation from anyone who would like to join in.

Here’s some basic info for the mini-project:

Date: December 1st ~ December 10th 11:59pm KST
Amount: As much or as little as you would like
Paypal account: TVXQmelodies@gmail.com

On the 5th, 8th and 11th (after all donations have been collected) I’ll post a spreadsheet with first names, amount donated and ‘message received’ (for the message to JYJ)

All other costs that come from transferring the money from my Paypal account to my actual bank account will be paid for by me, but whatever costs may come from donating to my Paypal account must to paid for by you guys (I don’t even know if there are any costs for this D:) and I’ll be contributing an extra 30,000 KRW (one tree per member )

After your donation has been made, send me an e-mail to TVXQmelodies@gmail.com with the following information

Amount donated:
Message to JYJ: (Maximum 5 lines guys. I know you all have a lot to say, but I can’t be translating paragraphs .__.)

On the day the donation is made, I’ll post a confirmation screencap of the donation, as well as the money withdrawn from my bank account as well as the e-mail that I’ll be sending to both C-JeS and World Vision.

So whether you’re a JYJ fan, TVXQ fan or someone who just wants to help out with a great cause, join in and spread the holiday cheer!

Mucho loves,

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