[NEWS] 140303 JYJ Donates 50 Million Won Earned from Auction

Taking everything they earned from an auction, the JYJ members donated 50 million won to various facilities.


On March 3, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “In June, JYJ held the 2013 JYJ Membership Week, were 13 art pieces from the JYJ gallery were auctioned off. A total of 50 million won were earned during the auction and were donated to different welfare facilities as necessary goods.”

The facilities included institutions for children, the disabled, and the elderly.

“The JYJ Gallery was something that was created so we can have special memories with the fans. We’re glad that the artwork that we created went to the fans and the proceeds to those who need them most,” said JYJ. “With the auction proceeds and additional funds gathered up by the company staff, were able to donate needed goods and begin the year with a happy start.”

C-JeS Entertainment also added that Japanese fans donated to World Vision Japan to protect young children, and the donations will be used for another meaningful campaign.

Credit: Mwave

[NEWS] JYJ donated for charity

JYJ participated JYJ Membership Week on last June and donated fifty million won. C-Jes Entertainment said “They donated fifty million won and bought many things for charity center. We bought many equipment and things for the disabled and the old.” They donated wooden locker for the children, beds for the old and electronics for the disabled. They also donated five million won for the children of Seoul National University Hospital. They said “We participated and prepared this gallery for the special memory of our fans. We’re so glad and happy to help our neighbors. Staffs said “Japanese fans also will be in world vision Japan and help children. Korean and Japanese fans participated this exhibition, therefore profits also will be used for Japanese relief work.”

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[TRANS] 140124 U-Know Yunho Donates 35.2 Million Won To Gwangju, ‘A Steady Stream Of Donations From The Star’


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has stepped up to make donations to Gwangju, his hometown.

According to a representative of SM Entertainment, “On the 22nd, U-Know Yunho donated the 35.2 million Won of profits he made from participating in the ’2013 Gwangju Design Biennale’ to Gwangju’s Community Chest of Korea donation drive. His donation will be used to help children in need in the Gwangju region.”

According to this representative, U-Know Yunho worked as the honorary ambassador of the ’2013 Gwangju Design Biennale’ event from the 6th of September till the 3rd of November. U-Know Yunho released hand-drawn sketches, as well as mobile phone cases, mugs and plates designed by the singer himself.

The profits made from selling these items were donated the Gwangju’s Community Chest of Korea donation drive, showcasing U-Know Yunho’s love for his hometown. It has been found that U-Know Yunho has secretly been participating in a variety of donation drives and volunteer services.

Meanwhile, TVXQ are currently busy promoting their new track ‘Something’.

Source: [mydaily]

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[TRANS] 130910 Kim Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates 10 Million Won To The Beautiful Foundation

jaeherosedonation‘HEROSE’, the fanclub of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, has donated 10 million Won to the Beautiful Foundation.

The fanclub revealed on the 10th that they collected a total of 10 million Won from selling glowsticks at Kim Jaejoong’s mini concerts, which began in Korea in January and ended in Japan in June, and donated the revenue to the ‘Kim Jaejoong Boomerang Scholarship’ of the Beautiful Foundation.

The Beautiful Foundation’s ‘Kim Jaejoong Boomerang Scholarship’ was created by ‘HEROSE’ with a 15 million Won donation in December of 2011 and has been used to pay for school fees for high school students. The scholarship is being funded by Kim Jaejoong’s fans, with his Japanese fanclub recently donating 11 million Won in May.

Source: [sports world]

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[TRANS] 130419 JYJ Hold Their GIVE Fan Event… Will Donate All Of Their Profits

[TRANS] 130419 JYJ Hold Their GIVE Fan Event… Will Donate All Of Their Profits

JYJ recently released their Summer photoshoot for NII.

In the photoshoot that was released on the 19th, JYJ showcased pop-color attire with a blue background to give off a cool, Summer feel.

Though they said, “We were up all night filming,” JYJ started off the photoshoot in the best of conditions.

During the photoshoot session, the members had fun as they played with props like children and moved around in miniature cars and skateboards.

They had everyone in great spirits as their natural poses and happy expressions met the expectations of the photographer.

Meanwhile, NII will be holding their GIVE fan event with JYJ at the Auditorium Hall in COEX on the 29th at 6pm. The profits from the GIVE fan event will be donated to Good Neighbors in NII and JYJ’s names.

Source: [tvdaily]

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[News] 130204 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fanclub Donates 20.6 Million Won To The Fruits Of Love Foundation

[News] 130204 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fanclub Donates 20.6 Million Won To The Fruits Of Love Foundation

Hallyu star U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fans recently made a donation to Gwangju’s Fruits of Love foundation to help those in need.

According to Gwangju’s Fruits of Love foundation, U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fanclub ‘Jung Yunho FanBlog Ring One’ donated 20.6 million Won to the foundation to commemorate U-Know Yunho’s birthday on the 6th of February.

His Japanese fans stated, “We knew that U-Know Yunho has been donating scholarships to his high school for the past eight years, and we thought that it would be more meaningful to make a donation than to give him expensive gifts,” and “We would like to keep helping U-Know Yunho’s hometown Gwangju this year.”

Of the 20.6 million Won that was donated, 2.91 million Won will be used to buy rice for the families of low-income students in Imgok Middle School, and 17.69 million Won will be donated as scholarships for Imgok Middle School and U-Know Yunho’s former school Gwangil High School.

Meanwhile, U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fans have been continually making donations over the past few years. Last year, they donated 22 million Won and 1,1118 copies of TVXQ’s album and have donated a total of 77 million Won since 2011.

Source: [asiae]
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[Trans] 130201 U-Know Yunho’s Fans Donate 10 Million Won’s Worth Of Rice And Monetary Donations

[Trans] 130201 U-Know Yunho’s Fans Donate 10 Million Won’s Worth Of Rice And Monetary Donations

Seoul’s Fruits of Love Foundation revealed on the 2nd that fans of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho donated 10 million Won’s worth of rice and monetary donations.

The donation was made to celebrate U-Know Yunho’s upcoming birthday on the 6th. The rice will be donated to elders in need and the monetary donations will be used to cover medical expenses of children with rare diseases.

U-Know Yunho’s domestic and overseas fans recently donated a large quantity of rice wreaths to support the star’s appearance on the SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition’. Fans from 13 countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Russia, Peru, Spain, Kuwait) and international fan communities donated a total of 19.622 tons of rice and 500 packs of ramen. 19.622 tons of rice can feed 160,000 people for one meal.

Source: [sports khan]

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[TRANS] 121223 Kim Jaejoong’s Fans Donate 10.8 Million Won To Fight Unfair Lunch Costs

[TRANS] 121223 Kim Jaejoong’s Fans Donate 10.8 Million Won To Fight Unfair Lunch Costs

Fans of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong have donated 10.8 million Won (approximately 10,080 USD) to fight against unfair lunch costs for students.

The members of ‘Straightforward HEROSE Noonas’, a fansite that supports Kim Jaejoong, visited the Beautiful Foundation on the 22nd and donated 10.8 million Won to the ‘I Oppose’ campaign that aims to fight against unfair lunch costs for children.

‘I Oppose’ is a campaign that fights against the unfair lunch money children living in institutions receive, which has been calculated as being around 1,420 Won per meal, and supports these children by providing financial aid in the form of donations and working to change government policies.

Though the Ministry of Health and Welfare has stated that the recommended cost of lunch for children should be 3,500 Won or above, but these children must figure out how to eat lunch with money that doesn’t reach this standard.

Hearing this, the members of ‘HEROSE Noonas’ donated 10.8 million Won from the proceeds of selling ‘HEROSE goods’ with the message, “Please use our donation to ensure that children in institutions can eat the same food as others.”

The Beautiful Foundation stated, “Fans these days have been creating a positive fandom culture, not only by donating, but also by participating in voluntary services with their favorite celebrity and donating in their celebrity’s name.”

Source: [mydaily]

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[Announcement] 121008 Calling for Donations – Kim Jaejoong 2012 Asia Tour Fan meeting in Thailand Fan Support

[Announcement] 121008 Calling for Donations – Kim Jaejoong 2012 Asia Tour Fan meeting in Thailand Fan Support

 Hello Everyone,

First of all we’d like to thank you all for your kind cooperation, thank you for supporting our little fan support project. Are you ready for Jaejoong in Thailand this time round? Don’t forget to attend Kim Jaejoong 2012 Asia tour Fan meeting in Thailand at Royal Paragon Hall on 23 Oct 2012.

Did you guys remember “Yuchun Fanmeeting In Thailand Fan Support” ?

More details [Summary] Yuchun Fanmeeting In Thailand Fan Support http://wp.me/piOM4-ud8

This time round, SYC will coordinate with Let’s Fly JJ (http://letsflyjaejoong.wordpress.com/) and together we will be giving a welcome flower – bouquet + welcome drinks to Jaejoong. The organizer has already approved our fansupport ^^ Thank you very much 411Entertainment for giving us a chance to show Jaejoong our love and support from this fan project and also thanking them for bringing to us this handsome guy, “Kim Jaejoong”. Let’s create the precious memories with Jaejoong together.

Please send your love and regards to Jaejoong via sharingyoochun.net ,you can share your love from now (8 Oct) till 17 Oct 2012.

Paypal: uonyong@naver.com

Kindly email to sharingyoochun@gmail.com
Subject: Kim Jaejoong 2012 Asia Tour Fan meeting in Thailand Fan Support

With the below info
Transferring time:
Name in Thank You List for posting on SYC and in the letter for Jaejoong

Thank you so much
Warm regards,
SYC Admin

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ก่อนอื่นต้องขอขอบคุณเพื่อนๆทุกคนที่ให้ความสนับสนุนกับโปรเจคเล็กๆของเราเสมอมานะคะ เพื่อนๆพร้อมจะต้อนรับคิมแจจุงกันหรือยังเอ่ย? อย่าลืมไปให้กำลังใจแจจุง ในงาน Kim Jaejoong 2012 Asia tour Fan meeting in Thailand ณ รอยัล พารากอน ฮอลล์ในวันที่ 23 ตุลาคม 2012 นี้กันเยอะๆนะคะ

เพื่อนๆจำภาพนี้ได้มั้ยคะ? “Yuchun Fanmeeting In Thailand Fan Support”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

เพิ่มเติมที่ [Summary] Yuchun Fanmeeting In Thailand Fan Support http://wp.me/piOM4-ud8

ครั้งนี้ทางแชริ่งยูชอนจะทำแฟนซัพพอร์ตร่วมกับทาง Let’s Fly JJ (http://letsflyjaejoong.wordpress.com/) เราจะมอบช่อดอกไม้+เครื่องดื่มต้อนรับให้กับแจจุงค่ะ ทั้งนี้เราได้รับการตอบรับจากผู้จัดแล้วนะคะ ^^ ต้องขอขอบคุณ บริษัท 411Entertainment ที่อนุญาตให้เรามีส่วนร่วมในการทำแฟนซัพพอร์ตนี้ และขอขอบคุณพี่ๆผู้จัดที่ทำให้เราได้พบกับผู้ชายสุดหล่อคนนี้ มาร่วมกันสร้างความประทับใจให้แจจุงกันนะคะ

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ขอเชิญและเปิดโอกาสให้ทุกคนร่วมส่งความรักถึงแจจุงโดยผ่านทางเวป แชริ่งยูชอน ตั้งแต่วันนี้ (8 ต.ค.) จนถึง วันที่ 17 ต.ค. นี้

รายละเอียด ของการโอนเงินเข้าบัญชี
ชื่อ: ภันทิลา ปลื้มวิทยาภรณ์
ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์ สาขาย่อยถนนสามัคคี
เลขบัญชี 384-202898-7

รบกวนEmail มาที่ sharingyoochun@gmail.com
Subject: Kim Jaejoong 2012 Asia Tour Fan meeting in Thailand Fan Support

ชื่อที่จะอยู่ใน Thank You List เพื่อที่จะขึ้นหน้าเวบกับใส่ไว้ท้ายจดหมายที่จะให้แจจุงด้วยค่ะ

SYC Admin

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[News] 120920 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s Fan Club Donates 10 Million Won

[News] 120920 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s Fan Club Donates 10 Million Won

Widely recognized as singer and actor, Park Yoo Chun’s fanclub known as “Blessing Yoo Chun” celebrated their 2 year anniversary through a charity event.

The fanclub is made up of mostly nuna (ladies over 30) and ahjumma fans and was founded in September 2010. They first donated 10 million won (approx $10,000) to Park Mo Geun to help support his treatment and surgery for major degree burns. They have now been able to donate for charities supporting children with cancer, those who suffered from floods and others who are within the low-income bracket.

“Blessing Yoo Chun” first fed starving children warm, home cooked meals in 8 different children centers costing a little over 6 Million Won.

They also supported an orphanage in Indonesia called “Khusnul Khotimah” with roughly 4,500,000 won.

This orphanage supports 23 children from pre-kindergarten to middle school. The fan club donated living essentials and also provided 12 beds.

“Blessing Yoo Chun” explains, “As nuna and auntie fans, we want to continue supporting Park Yoo Chun by constantly donating and sharing love.”

credit: soompi
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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[NEWS] JYJ Donates 90 Tons of Rice From Global Fans to Korean Non-Profit Organization

[NEWS] JYJ Donates 90 Tons of Rice from Global Fans to Korean Non-Profit Organization

In a warm gesture to help the community, the young men of JYJ were able to donate nearly 90 tons of rice to the Korean non-profit organization Dreame with the help of fans around the globe.

 On June 22nd, the organization announced that JaejoongYoochun & Junsu had donated 23 tons of rice, which had been distributed to six organizations across the country earlier in the week at the request of JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertaiment.

According to a Dreame representative, domestic and foreign fans of JYJ sent roughly 64 tons of rice wreathes to support the musical trio’s cause. 49 tons of the rice were directly delivered to those in need, while 19 tons were saved in the organization’s inventory for future distribution.

Fans of JYJ sent rice-wreathes to various events, including JYJ’s showcases, concerts, fanmeets, Junsu’s musicals (‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Mozart’, ‘Elizabeth’), Yoochun’s drama filming events (‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’), and Jaejoong’s drama filming events (‘Protect the Boss’, ‘Dr Jin’). Furthermore, fans also donated wreathes at the funeral for Yoochun’s father back in March as a sign of condolences.

Some of the places that received donations included the St Paul and Anne House, the council of Yangpyeonggun (which then delivered the rice to 500 homes), an office for the Community Chest of Korea in Busan, the Sancta Familia House in Gapyeong, and a center that helped children who attended school without lunch meals.

It’s certainly admirable and inspiring to see idols and fans banding together to do so much good to help the community, especially knowing that this isn’t the first time that JYJ & its legion of fans have donated to charities.

Source: MyDaily via Nate
credit: allkpop
shared by: iXiahCassie

Kim Jaejoong Fans Set Largest Record, Donation of 23.68 Tons of Rice From Over 31 Countries

Kim Jaejoong Fans Set Largest Record, Donation of 23.68 Tons of Rice From Over 31 Countries

The Press Conference for MBC’s new weekend drama “Dr. Jin” is being held on May 17th at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. Because this drama is starring Kim Jaejoong, his fans sent rice wreaths, which lined the whole entrance of the venue, attracting great attention.

Kim Jaejoong fans from around the world sent in rice wreaths, amassing a total of 23.6 tons of rice. The amount is nearly twice the previous record high, proving Kim Jaejoong’s power as the King of idol stars.

Jaejoong fans even sent in a wreath which represented over 31 various countries including Australia, Korea, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, and various others.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Jin” will be Kim Jaejoong’s first time challenging a historical role, playing the part of military commander Kim Kyung Tak. Kim Kyung Tak is a character that possesses a strong and competitive spirit and Jaejoong’s natural acting as well as stunning visuals are greatly anticipated. The first broadcast of “Dr. Jin” will be on May 26th at 9:50 pm.

credit: ruthy @viki.com

Momma’s Source: viki.com

[Pictures] 120519 XIA 1st Asia Tour In Seoul Concert Venue

[Pic] 120519 XIA 1st Asia Tour In Seoul Concert Venue

dongbangdata: Huge poster of Junsu up at the concert venue. Awwww yeah~♥ http://pic.twitter.com/oNvWZ30s


dongbangdata: Some of the rice wreaths from fans! A total of 2.11 tons were donated :D From Japan, Korea, Australia etc http://pic.twitter.com/ldDX2Sa7

dongbangdata: ADRA Korea, Junsu’s church, and the Cambodian village that was named after Junsu all sent flower wreaths to commemorate Junsu’s concert!

 dongbangdata: List of goods for the concert!! We got…. most of those XD http://pic.twitter.com/QZmHZw53

credit: dongbangdata+55raenergy55
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[TRANS] 120307 Park Yoochun Is Truly A Hallyu Star! Highest Personal Record Of 11.5 Tonnes Of Rice Wreaths

[TRANS] 120307 Park Yoochun Is Truly A Hallyu Star! Highest Personal Record Of 11.5 Tonnes Of Rice Wreaths

JYJ’s member and actor Park Yoochun demonstrated his prowess as a Hallyu star.

SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Rooftop Prince”, which Park Yoochun stars in, held its press conference on the afternoon of 5 March. The press conference venue, the Crystal Ballroom of Lotte Hotel in Jamshil, Seoul, was surrounded with “Support Rice Wreaths” sent by over a thousand fans from 30 countries, amounting to 11.5 tonnes. 11.5 tonnes of rice is enough to feed more than 100,000 children with malnutrition, and is a highest weight recorded for rice wreaths for a drama press conference, for any individual activity, as well as for Yoochun himself.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun, who will be returning to television screens with “Rooftop Prince” that begins broadcasting on 14 March, will be participating in JYJ’s South American concerts held on 9 and 11 March in Chile and Peru. In response to this, (Yoochun’s) management company expressed, “Park Yoochun has finished filming all his parts for the broadcast of “Rooftop Prince” up to the date which his schedule for the South American concerts ends. Thus, there will not be any problems with the broadcast schedule.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Seoul via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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Yunho’s Fans Donate to Charity in Celebration of Yunho’s 27th Birthday

Yunho’s Fans Donate To Charity In Celebration of His 27th Birthday

To celebrate TVXQ member Yunho‘s 27th birthday, fans all over the world have donated funds to charity in his name.

Yunho’s birthday was on February 6th, and his fans have donated an impressive large sum of $21,000 to the Community Chest of Korea as well as the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

The first time Yunho got involved with the Korean Animal Welfare Association was through a special adoption campaign for celebrities via fashion & culture magazine, Oh! Boy. The association reported on their Twitter page that $1,700 was donated in Yunho’s name, and they expressed their deep gratitude.

Members of Yunho’s Japanese fan blog ‘ONE‘ also donated nearly $20,000 to a social welfare association in his hometown of Gwangju, celebrating the birthday of their favorite celebrity.

Additionally, his fans in China volunteered their time with the less fortunate, and donated enough money to support a young girl living in a difficult situation in China so that she can live comfortably for an entire year.

Yunho has been known to take a special interest in social welfare, which explains why his fans chose to celebrate his birthday in such a matter.

In the past, the singer has generously shared his wealth by donating scholarships to his alma mater, among other things.

In related news, Yunho & Changmin are currently in the middle of their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE‘ in Japan.

 Source: Newsen
Translated by: leesa86@allkpop
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_CC @ ContinueTVXQ.com

Momma’s Source: ContinueTVXQ,com

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