[TRANS] 131226 [TVXQ] We Thank You For Your Love And Support For The Past 10 Years.^^

[TVXQ! Debut 10th Anniversary Message]


U-Know Yunho]
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10th anniversary~
Wow~ It’s already our 10th anniversary~ Cassiopeia feel like family now~
I’m so grateful to you all… Thank you for always~ being there for us
Let’s keep sharing more and more things as TVXQ and Cassiopeia ^^
I love you all~ ^^*


[Max Changmin]
10 years…
It was all possible thanks to you, our fans…^^
We’ll continue to work hard to be better than ever~
Thank you so much, everyone ^^


Source: [TVXQ’s Official Homepage]

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[News] 130507 TVXQ To Celebrate 10 year Anniversary This Year, Opened The Doors For Idols Who Followed

[News] 130507 TVXQ to celebrate 10 year anniversary this year, opened the doors for idols who followed

TVXQ debuted in back 2003, and they’ve come an incredibly long way.

The legendary group will be meeting their 10th anniversary this year in December, and now the boys men are more than just singers. Korean media outlet Newsen recently wrote an article chronicling how much the group has achieved over the years.

Yunho and Changmin have been active in both dramas and variety shows, and they’ve spread out from just Korea and Japan to all over the world.

Yunho has been sometimes criticized for his acting, but he showed much improvement in the recent drama, ‘Queen of Ambition‘. In the past, Changmin was never active in variety shows, but that’s changed recently and he has been a permanent panel member of ‘Moonlight Prince‘ and ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education‘.

They then went onto create a record for themselves with a 5-dome tour in Japan, attracting 850,000 fans. They’re also have the privilege of being the first foreign artist to perform at the 72,300 seat Nissan Stadium. Of course, after that they’ll be heading toward the rest of the globe with their world tour.

It can’t be said that their road had some bumps along the way. They experienced the biggest pain when they split into halves with JYJ and TVXQ. But still, all five (even those who aren’t active under the TVXQ name anymore) broke out the road of ‘idol-dom’ for countless hoobaes that would follow in their steps.

credit: allkpop

JYJFantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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NEWS 111203 JYJ Sent Congratulatory Message To Sejong Law Firm

[News] 111203 JYJ sent congratulatory message to Sejong law firm for its 30th anniversary

On Nov 30th, Sejong has celebrated the 30th anniversary of it founding at Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Before this event, famous singers JYJ’s members’ congratulatory video was showed. They said, “During our very difficult time, thanks to Sejong, we were able to start our activities again. Next time, we hope that we can meet as younger brothers and brothers/sisters, not in case of incident/accident.”

“Incident/accident” refers to the fact that they have withdrawn from SM Entertainment’s affiliated group DBSK in 2009 and involved in a legal dispute. On their behalf, Sejong applied for injunction against SM Entertainment, demanded SM to do not interfere in breakaway members’ independent entertainment activities. The Court accepted this application in October 2009. SM Entertainment filed an objection against it but it was dismissed last February. With this winning (T/N: in original article, the journalist used “승소”, a legal term which means “win a case/lawsuit”), JYJ traveled with their concerts around Europe and Asia and have become one of the leaders of “Hallyu Fever”.

In 2009, Sejong formed a team wholly charged for events in entertainment industry, with lawyer Im Sang-hyuk and 5 other lawyers as main axis. On the behalf of JYP Entertainment, this team was responsible of various negotiations with Sony Japan, in order to sign a contract establishing local affiliated company. Early this year, they gave legal advice to DSP Media that was dealing with the declaration of leaving of KARA’s members. They also took charge of contract issue between actor Song Sae-byuk and JY Entertainment.

As entertainment industry has grown with “Hallyu Fever”, it became a trend that many law firms formed a team exclusively responsible for entertainment cases. Yulchon also has Cultural Industry team that engages in advisory activities for entertainment companies including SM Entertainment.

Source: Korea Economic Daily via Nate
Translation by: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
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Trans Junsu’s signature at PRAIN celebrating its 11th…

[Trans] Junsu’s signature at PRAIN celebrating its 11th anniversary

Junsu’s signature at PRAIN celebrating its 11th anniversary! The message reads:

It’s Junsu^.^ I congratulate [instead saying 축하 he wrote 추카 spelling it just like it is read] very very [in Eng but written in Krn] congratulate Prain on its 11th anniversary thank you arigato omedetou sawasdee khrab kob khun krab ^.^

P.S. xie xie [all written out in Krn lol Junsu is so cute]

source: sunxiahine_jyj
trans by: inheaven_wJYJ

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Pictures From 110705 JYJ at Kepco 50th Anniversary…

Pictures From 110705 JYJ at Kepco 50th Anniversary Event Parts 2&3

Beautiful photo captures, Mancubs. You are so busy doing good things. Sa-rang. Momma Cha

Credit: as tagged

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INFO JYJ to Join KEPCO 50 Year Anniversary Concert

[Info] JYJ to join KEPCO 50 year anniversary concert

KEPCO 50 year anniversary concert

Invited singer – JYJ

Date: July 5th, 7:30pm

Credit: 6002nanal+baidu

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Korea Electric Power Corporation; a South Korean power provider

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

(Great news Mancubs 🙂 )

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