[Vid] 130126 MTV K Sneak Preview: Kim Jaejoong, The Rockstar

[Vid] 130126 MTV K Sneak Preview: Kim Jaejoong, The Rockstar

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121128 JYJ 유천 YuChun 보고싶다 I Miss You 8회 예고 ep 8 preview 윤은혜 Yoon EunHye

Sorry Folks. There is no sound. You don’t need it. This speaks emotionally, but there are some translations below.  Thank You, Hunbun Ajib.

Han Jung Woo: You said her voice sounded the same?

Han Jung Woo: Don’t say anything.

Han Jung Woo: Sounded the same, right?

Han Jung Woo: Don’t ask. Hold my hand tight so that you don’t lose me.

Lee Soo Yeon: What is this? Let go!

Lee Soo Yeon: As soon as the party’s over, I’m going to leave first…I’ll wait for you there.

Kang Hyung Joon: If that’s what you want…

Man: The suspect is Lee Soo Yeon!

Han Jung Woo: Let’s go…together…


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NEWS THSK Japanese Album Tracklist “TONE” + B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY) Preview

[News] THSK Japanese Album Tracklist, “TONE” + B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY) preview

As per usual, there’s three different version of the album.


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