[TRANS] 130819 [Review] Nissan Stadium’s TVXQ: Amassing 72,000 Audience Members Is Easier Said Than Done


72,000 pearl red fanlights, a clock-shaped stage, a concert with the concept of ‘time’, the first non-Japanese singers…

Hallyu duo ‘TVXQ’ held the finale of their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~’ Five Dome tour at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan and it was a blockbuster performance of epic size, concept and meaning.

The Nissan Stadium is a concert venue that can hold up to 72,000 people. Other than the seats needed to set up lighting and equipment, every single seat in the entire venue was filled, a rare sight to see in such a large scale.

Starting off with ‘FATED’, a track from their latest Japanese album ‘TIME’, which was released in March, the concert was filled with the sounds of songs such as ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘One More Thing’ and ‘Y3K’. The concept of ‘Time’ shined through in their concert. The main stage, which was 95m long and 22m high, was decorated with mechanical parts that looked like they were once part of a clock. At both ends of the stage stood time capsule-shaped equipment that helped U-Know Yunho (27) and Max Changmin (25) move around the stage. The entire experience felt like traveling through time.

The lighting effects that used the glow-in-the-dark watches that had been distributed to all 72,000 fans was a highlight of the show. Used once dusk settled in the sky and TVXQ began singing ‘Heart, Mind & Soul’, the watches changed the color of the fans’ fanlights from pearl red (the color that represents TVXQ) to other colors and made the audience a part of the concert. The colors were controlled using laptops and wireless signals.

These watches were similar to the LED bracelets that alternative rock band ‘Coldplay’ used when performing as ‘Xyloband’. The characteristic of these watches is that they give a sense of uniformity and extravagance. The ultimate highlight of the concert was when the second to fourth floors of the seats were controlled separately to create the letters ‘We Are TVXQ’.


The Nissan Stadium, which also hosted the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, has been graced by legendary Japanese singers such as X-Japan, L’Arc~en~Ciel, SMAP and EXILE. Having already held arena and dome tours, TVXQ have become the first non-Japanese singers to hold a concert in the venue, proving yet again how popular they are in Japan.

Though it was a concept with an amazing size, concept and meaning, it would have been too much of a stretch had it not been for the two members’ strong foundation. U-Know Yunho’s dance skills and Max Changmin’s vocal talent exuded a masculine charm, and the duo had their fans laughing with small talk and imitations of celebrities and the animation ‘Attack on Titan’.

U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin’s teamwork shined through in songs such as ‘Catch Me’ and ‘Why’, the last song of the concert and the first song of their encore. Their ability to run around the main stage and the 120m long extended stages on the side for three and a half hours was quite surprising. The 120m long stages also became the route that the members’ 3m long monorails traveled around.

The two members were joined by a five-man band that featured percussionist Fukugana Matsuo and drummer Hanato Detsuya, a 20-member dance crew and 100 backup dancers.

If TVXQ’s previous concerts focused on creating awe-inspiring performances for the members, tonight’s performance focused more on being a ‘show’ with many sights to see. A good example of this is the fireworks show that took place when the encore performance came to an end with ‘Somebody to Love’. Though most of the attendees had been women in the past, many men and families could be seen in the crowd during tonight’s concert.


Atsushi Abe (42), who was at the concert with his wife Mana Abe (42), said, “The reason why I like TVXQ is because they’re cute, amazing, and can sing and dance,” and “At first, I began liking them because I was influenced by my wife, and I like them because they have a lot of male fans and they take care of their male fans.”

Eiko Gamiyauchi (66), a long time fan of TVXQ, said, “I like all of TVXQ’s songs, and I feel more strength and vitality when I listen to their music,” and “I’ll be watching the concert with my daughter, and the other four members of our family have gotten seats elsewhere to enjoy the concert. Everyone in our family is a TVXQ fan.”

The members couldn’t hide their gratitude for their fans. U-Know Yunho said, “The stadium is so big. We’re the first international artistes to hold a concert at the Nissan Stadium. And it’s all thanks to you all.” Max Changmin said, “To be honest, holding a concert in such a large venue can be physically draining, but you all have given us so much power.”

They also expressed their pride as they said, “Today marks a new page in TVXQ’s history. I’m happy to be spending this precious time with you all” (Max Changmin) and, “Nissan Stadium was a gift for you all. Thank you!” (U-Know Yunho)

There were Koreans in the audience as well. Ms Lee (28), who filed for a break to visit Japan for two days, said, “I thought that Tokyo Dome was the highest one could do, but I was proven wrong by this stadium. I’m so proud of them and I decided to fly to Japan to watch them perform.”

Fans arrived at the concert venue in the morning, regardless of the 30 degree weather and the fact that they had assigned seats. The lines that started in the New Yokohama Station, which is 20 minutes away from the Nissan Stadium, were as amazing as the view of the stadium filled to the brim with fans.

Tonight’s concert proved that TVXQ, who made their Japanese debut in 2005, are still evolving and becoming more popular than ever. Many of the fans were middle school students who had become fans two to three years ago. Jueri (13) and Gapuyu (15), who had come from Chiba and Nagoya, said, “Not only are they good-looking, but they’re also great singers and dancers. We recently became fans of TVXQ.”

Youko Kikuta (34), a staff member of AVEX LIVE, the company that’s worked with TVXQ since their first Japanese concert, said, “When they made their debut, they started off in a small-scale theater, but they’ve been able to come so far because they’ve touched their fans at each other, prompting fans to bring their friends and family,” and “Their latest success is more meaningful because they achieved it through only their passion and high quality performances, rather than through a fad or the power of the media.”

A representative of the J-POP industry stated, “Though it’s true that K-pop and the Hallyu Wave have died down in Japan, TVXQ will continue to grow in popularity with a growing fandom.”

TVXQ attracted 72,000 fans in the same venue on the 18th, with a total of 144,000 fans joining them across two days. Fans who were unable to go the concert were able to attend a live viewing that was held in 38 theaters across Japan, including Hokkaido and Osaka.

Source: [newsis]

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[TRANS] 130405 JYJ “We Have Returned To Tokyo Dome” – Concert Review #1

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ “We Have Returned To Tokyo Dome” – Concert Review #1

Approximately 50,000 red fan-lights moved in sync as they basked the interior of Tokyo Dome in a red glow.

On the 4th of April at 5:30pm, audience members filled 50,000 seats in Tokyo Dome and chanted “JYJ” in one voice. When the members appeared on staged, the fans screamed and shouted their delight, only to begin waving their fan-lights in sync. 1,300 square meters of Tokyo Dome were lit by a red glow. The first Tokyo Dome concert in three years for JYJ. This was the moment their last concert was to begin.

“We! JYJ! have returned to Tokyo Dome.”

This is what the three members, including Kim Jaejoong, shouted on stage. And they said, “We wanted to see you. We really, really wanted to see you.”

Their voices were filled with power. Park Yoochun kept shouting, “Are you ready to have fun?” Though the other members tried to calm him down and told him, “Save your voice,” Park Yoochun’s expression was filled with nothing but happiness.

The fans replied by holding up supporting placards that read, “Let’s stick together.”

Kim Jaejoong looked at the placards the fans were holding up, which had been different for every day JYJ had held a concert. The first day’s placards said, ‘Welcome back’, while the second day’s said, ‘We wanted to see you.’ And on the last day, fans held up signs that said, ‘Let’s stick together’. It was like the fans were holding a conversation with JYJ.

“What about tomorrow?” was the response Kim Jaejoong gave before he remembered it would be their last day in Tokyo Dome.

The first portion of the concert had the fans pumped up with each members’ individual performances. The first up to the bat was Kim Junsu. He showcased his sophisticated performance skills, vocal talents and rap skills with the song ‘Breath’. He continued to sing ‘Lullaby’ and walked around the large stage set within Tokyo Dome. He closed his eyes and spread his arms out wide, as if he was feeling the support and love of his Japanese fans with his whole body. At the crux of the song, high notes burst forth from Kim Junsu like the breaking of a dam.

Kim Jaejoong followed him soon after and brought out his rocker side as he sang his latest track ‘Only Love’. The audience members made sure they didn’t miss a single expression that crossed his face. Kim Jaejoong would close his eyes and get into the music in one moment, and suddenly open his eyes and sing to the audience the next.

Last but not least was Park Yoochun. Park Yoochun sang ‘Friend’ by Anzenchitai and ‘An Old Song’ by Kim Dong Ryul. His emotion-laden voice calmed the energy of the venue down and fans could be heard shouting ‘Yoochun-chan’ in between the songs’ melodies. When he finished his pieces, he was met with warm applause from the fans.

The three members then took their individual stages to another notch and showcased their individual colors on stage.

Kim Jaejoong had everyone up and running with ‘One Kiss’ and Mika Nakashima’s ‘Glamorous Sky’. Kim Jaejoong rocked it out with a fur coat worn below his shoulders, getting the fans waving their arms and enjoying themselves. One middle-aged fan who was passionately waving her arms had an expression of pure happiness on her face as he performed.

Kim Jaejoong had the audience at the edges of their seats; he knew exactly what would get his fans riled up. At times, he would put on a look of charisma on his face when the instrumental was playing and when his song hit its climax, he stopped singing, said, “It’s too hot,” and promptly took off his coat. He ended his performance with the smirk of one who knew what he was doing.

Straight after him came Kim Junsu, with his sharp vocal talents.

Starting off with his English solo ‘Uncommitted’, Kim Junsu also sang ‘Everyone Under the Sky’. Kim Junsu’s emotional tone and perfect vocal talent created a stage with no faults. He sang the first minute of his song with any instrumental music and was met with thunderous applause that filled Tokyo Dome. Kim Junsu continued to sing with such strong emotions, as though he had locked it all away for too long and was finally letting go. It was like watching Lim Jae Beom on ‘I Am a Singer’ singing ‘Everyone’.

“No matter how hard it gets, I will not cry. Because I’ve traversed over walls so high numerous times. I’m not afraid of anything. Because I’m not alone.” Though the lyrics were written in another language, they touched everyone’s hearts with their sincerity. The song was met with applause that carried on for a long time. Kim Junsu’s eyes teared up as he took in the applause that was given to him.

It was Park Yoochun’s turn to shake things up. Starting off with Masaharu Fukuyama’s ‘Sai Ai’, he also performed his new piece ‘Walking in Spring with Her’. As a warm and sweet ‘Spring carol’, Park Yoochun’s new song enveloped Tokyo Dome in warmth. The sweet yet sincere song was met with cheers and applause when it ended.

The air crackled with energy for the last of JYJ’s solo performances.

Kim Jaejoong started off with his rock-ballad composition ‘All Alone’, and lit the flame with Mine, the title song of his rock album ‘I’. He unleashed his rock spirit with the help of two guitarists, hitting high notes while moving across the stage and head-banging to the riffs of the guitars. Imitating hitting the keys of a piano when the instrumental came on, Kim Jaejoong proceeded to run his hand down his body. Fans went crazy at the sigh of this and even seeing the back of Kim Jaejoong’s head had them screaming.

Kim Junsu was the last to perform a solo piece with the title song of his solo album ‘Tarantallegra’. He appeared on stage by flying in and his fans cheered along in between the beat of the song. The fans rose from their seats, dancing and feeling the rhythm of Kim Junsu.

Continued in part 2…

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ’s ‘Sorrow’ Of Three Years Is Melted Away By The Cheers Of 50,000 Fans – Concert Review #2

*Continued from Part 1…

The latter half of the concert had all three members of JYJ on stage together. JYJ started off by singing ‘In Heaven’, the title song of their first Korean album. Their beautiful harmonies filled Tokyo Dome and stayed in the hearts of their fans for a long time.

The three members continued to sing ‘A Boy’s Letter’ to express their feelings for their fans. The lyrics of the song depict the grateful emotions a boy feels towards a girl. Like the little boy, the members expressed their gratitude to their fans, but through a heartfelt performance that was met with warm applause.

They immediately changed the relaxed pace of the concert with ‘Get Out’. With great dancing skills, the three members stuck together as they roamed the stage within Tokyo Dome.

JYJ’s car parade kicked things up a notch as they sang ‘You’re’ and ‘Found You’ on moving cars. They threw rubber balls to their fans and Kim Jaejoong even used gun-shaped equipment to shoot the balls closer to the fans who were sitting further back.

Like so, JYJ continued to make memories with the fans they hadn’t seen for three years. The members and fans all waved their arms in sync and finally broke the dam of sorrow that had built up from their three years spent separated. JYJ made a confession through the lyrics, “Found you, my love. The person I’ve been looking for,” and the 50,000 fans in attendance reciprocated by singing, “I love you, I love you.”

JYJ continued to connect with their fans through special performances. Kim Jaejoong stated, “It’s been four years since I’ve seen the bright lights of this concert venue. We’ve prepared a song that will bring back the memories of our time together four years ago.”

The song he was hinting at was ‘Rainy Blue’, a popular Japanese song from the 80s that was originally sung by Hideaki Tokunaga but was reinterpreted by Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun four years ago. JYJ also sang this song four years ago atop a revolving stage at Tokyo Dome.

Seeing them performing the same song they had sung four years ago seemed to connect the fans’ past and present. The applause and cheers that followed the performance lasted a very long time. After the song, Kim Jaejoong said, “All three members agreed that we needed to sing this song again. It’s a song that brings back old memories.”

The end of the three-day event, which attracted a total of 150,000 fans, was coming to an end, and the members expressed their disappointment of having it all end so soon.

“Though so much time had to pass for us to be able to stand on this stage today, we’ve been so happy the past three days.”

Kim Junsu’s eyes teared up but he valiantly held back his tears as he stated, “We will never forget the love you have shown us the past three days and we will perform more often in Japan. For our next concert, we’ll hold a tour all over Japan, not just in Tokyo.”

Park Yoochun said, “I’m happy. We’ll come back soon. The three of us will always be together. I hope we can keep coming back to show you that.” His eyes were also full of tears as he slowly expressed his thoughts.

Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were already very red. He said, “We believe that things are okay, things have been okay, and we have nothing but happy days ahead of us. Never again do I want us to say ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Farewell’ to you guys. Those words don’t fit what you and we have very well.”

He also added, “We were scared of time, because it would keep flowing so fast against our wishes. The first year wasn’t that bad. Because a year can pass quickly. But when it got to the second year, that’s when we thought, ‘Time is a frightful thing.’ Time kept slipping through our fingers and four years passed. I can’t express what emotion we’re feeling, standing here with you all. Though the three of us are still young, we don’t know what’s ahead of us and though our future’s unclear, we will be strong and keep moving forward because we have you, who believe in us no matter what.”

With his words, a look of determination crossed Kim Jaejoong’s face and he was met with applause from JYJ’s fans.

Kim Jaejoong continued to say, “I feel relieved. We don’t have many opportunities to honestly talk about our feelings. And it was great just seeing you all again. I believe that these moments will continue to increase from now on.” Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun took on more serious expressions as they listened to Kim Jaejoong talk.

For their last song, JYJ performed ‘Fallen Leaves’, which contains the lyrics, ‘When the flowers fall, we start again’.

Disappointed at having to let the members go, the fans waved their yellow fan-lights and at the end of the song, Kim Jaejoong shouted out, “Thank you all so very much.”

After the performance, the members gathered around Kim Jaejoong, held hands, and bowed for a very long time.

With Kim Jaejoong’s final words, “We were so happy today. Thank you all,” the members of JYJ began preparing for their encore performances.

The encore performance was like a festival, celebrating the members’ presence at the venue.

While JYJ sang ‘be My Girl’, 56 dancers stood on stage and had the fans do the Wave. It was a sight to see 50,000 fans do the Wave together. Like the pink fan-lights the fans held in their hands, a pink wave seemed to dance across Tokyo Dome.

With the final performance of ‘Empty’ ringing through the venue, Tokyo Dome was filled with colored confetti.

After singing ‘Empty’, the members walked off stage for a few minutes, only to come running back. Though the Japanese fans had stayed calm and orderly throughout the concert, they began shouting and cheering in earnest, knowing that this would be the last. They were sad to see JYJ go, but vowed to wait till they came back again.

The three members of JYJ ran to the middle of the stage and returned back to their original position, holding hands with their staff members and bowing. After saying their final farewells, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun put their hands around their lips and shouted, “Thank you” to everyone. Park Yoochun seemed especially reluctant to leave, staring at the audience with yearning eyes filled with tears.

This marked the end of their Tokyo Dome comeback in three years. During the concert, the members of JYJ aired messages that expressed their emotions through short videos that were met with applause. In the videos, such a message was sent.

“It seemed like our time apart would never end. It was like being in a maze and unable to see the end. But now, the darkness has passed and we’ve exited the maze. Please watch over JYJ as we make our new beginning. We will repay you for the time you have spent waiting. We love you.”

Three days spent together after a long and arduous journey. The three days were like a dream but passed too quickly.

Source: [xportsnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[Review] 120928 The Unforgettable Night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta

[Review] 120928 The Unforgettable Night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta

The night of SMTOWN World Tour III in Jakarta started young; fans mobbed the entire area of the concert venue, Gelora Bung Karno a day before and more even joined in enjoy the concert from the outside for they held no tickets. This is the largest K-pop concert thus far held in Indonesia, and fans from all over the nation came to watch, more with their parent, or with a group of friends that shares the same passion through fanclubs.

This was truly a hard one for me, how could I ever encapsulate a night worth of tears, joy, happiness of all the audience present, who has literally fought their way through by purchasing tickets, flown to the city, and be welcomed by another mob of traffic, heat, and unsightly entrance? SMTOWN clearly has made its permanent mark that fans will be more devoted than ever to their favourites, and the new ones will come to appreciate and learn more in this new popular culture

 As scheduled on time at 6:30PM for the concert to start with no delay, due to the artiste’s tight schedule for their same night flight.Colors of green, blue, yellow and red dominantly filled the dark evening; fans vigorously holding their light sticks to all the artists that appear – that didn’t make any difference for the mega stage was prepared with lighting that spotlighted all over the stadium. Posters of all the SM Entertainment artists decorated around with the iconic SM mascot backdrop. Fans chanted all the names, chorus, took photos together, and shrieked to the videos playing. It was a stupefying sight for even before 6:30 strikes, everyone was in the greatest fever of K-pop, and nothing can stop the sporadic euphoria, even to people not at the concert nor venue, to need to know what was going on. I was part of it as soon as I was 20KM away from the stadium perimeters, a welcoming traffic jam of Jakarta thanks to the concert.

Aptly opened by f(x)Hot Summer’, the weather in Jakarta was feverish and literally hot, they continued on with a warning of danger with ‘Pinocchio’. The level of excitement was deafening with chants and fans, especially when Victoria wishes to return to Indonesia soon! On the other hand, Amber is truly a favourite among the stadium. Unfortunately, due to the SBS drama ‘To The Beautiful You’, Sulli was not present, and so becomes Minho of SHINee.

The SM director and former H.O.T. member Kangta swooned the crowd after with a ballad ‘Remember’, and everyong immediately lowed down their voices to enjoy the slow beat. He made the crowd go mad with his simple Indonesian greeting of “Hello indonesia! Selamat malam, saya Kangta… Mantap!” (Hello Indonesia, good evening. My name is Kangta… Super!). He returned the crowd’s loud energy with ‘Breaka, Shaka‘ before switching the stage with a trio collaboration stage of f(x) Amber, SHINee Key and EXO Kris of Far East Movement’s ‘Like A G6′!

If anyone expects only performances within groups, prepare to view a different preparation for SM TOWN celebrates all the SM artistes within their company and to create special stages found no where else. So who had expected the beautiful sisters of f(x) Krystal and SNSD Jessica partied out with Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls‘; TVXQ! Changmin and Super Junior Kyuhyun in Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are‘ where a fan was invited to be serenaded by the two; TaeTiSeo trio ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again’ featuring D.O, Luhan, Sehun, and Chanyeol EXO for a start. Even without vocals, Victoria and Tao did a Chinese dance featuring their talent of flexibility and traditional martial arts from China. The collaboration stages flutters all fans across the stadium and it was all unexpected!

The game was on for the new youngest group, EXO-K and EXO-M to perform their two powerful single hits, History and MAMA. They looked as in par like all the other seniors in SM, and showed their promising energy and power to continue on to the rise of the Hallyu wave with their two groups of Korean and Mandarin.Short but sweet, they greeted a little in Indonesian and the reaction was wild and positive. I look forward to their continuing powerful skills in the future and not only just two songs


Taeyeon’sDevil May Cry‘ mystified the stage in red and black, powerful once again as she presented on thie stage. SONE fans who had seen their Girls Generation Asia Tour will remember the same moment. Continued with ‘Run Devil Run‘, all 9 members were clad in black leather jackets and sexy short outfits for a strong impression. Nonetheless, once the lights were up after their energetic performance, the crowd went wild when leader Taeyeon greeted “Kami dari So Nyuh Shi Dae!” (We are from SNSD!). The devil look might not be the best image of the girls because when ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and ‘Kissing You‘ came about with moving stage towards the main stage was prepared, the male fans were heard loud and clear.

Of course, Indonesia’s most favourite group due to their recent venture of SUPER SHOW 4 earlier this year, garners the loudest cheer from all other 8 groups – Super Junior started with the duet ‘Oppa Oppa‘ of Donghae and Eunhyuk in stellarly eye-catching costumes. Their other stage that reminds me of their concert SS4 with water fountains and elevated stage was recreated for ‘Superman’, still mesmerising, still beautiful to see, still thrilling to view all the members to slowly rise from below. The fans could not hold their excitement no more to continue on to watch their other hits of ‘Sexy, Free and Single’ and ‘Bonamana’

If that was only for a special group, birthdays are even more special where two SM members are having their birthdays in the weekend; SNSD Hyoyeon had been dedicated a special ‘It’s Hyours Day’ banner project for ther birthday is on the same day as the concert, and SHINee Key was to have his the next day. Both had gotten the greatest love from their fans filled the stadium with the “Happy Birthday” song. This was a truly special feat only for the Tour in Jakarta! Both members looked bashful and thankful and said words of thanks, and Key speaking in English.

SHINee, despite the lack of rapper Minho, did not stop their elemental act with water dance splash with their songs ‘Love Like Oxygen‘ featuring EXO Sehun to fill in Minho’s shoes, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Juliette’, and ‘Ring Ding Dong’. The final song from their latest mini-album, ‘Sherlock’, was the final five song that impressed the fans with their unique choreography. The duet everyone was waiting for was the appearance of main vocalist of the group, Jonghyun, to come topless and show off his built body with the youngest Taemin in ‘Internet War’. Boy, did that shake the entire stadium up with the powerful metal rock rendition!

Those who are seniors in the K-pop scene since early 2000s will be ecstatic for the next performer, the best of Asia, BoA.Hurricane Venus‘ made a strong impact from the little dancer, and later with ‘Only One‘, her own penned song featuring SHINee Taemin to dance, and ‘The Shadow‘. Known since she was still in her early teenager days, BoA talked to the audience and said that this was her second time coming to Indonesia. Her effortless cool style with a casual tank top and baggy pants for her powerful dance choreography proves her stability and image that she is not your usual idol.

It was a night to remember where fireworks were shot, water fountains glittered the sky, and a lot of pink balloons was released to the sky, noting that the 4-hour concert was at its end. With the last song ‘Hope’, the entire SMTOWN artists came to say goodbye, running all over the stage and did more interaction with fans who had thrown them gifts and taking pictures together with phones and cameras. It was so hard not to not be seated as all the performances made myself want to jump up and stand to be able to see all things clearly and close while singing along to the performance. The magic of K-pop was brought just for one night that made a plain Saturday into a special one, and a leap of great heights for the entire Indonesian entertainment industry.

Thanks to MP Entertainment and W Productions for making a night in Indonesia a most historical one yet in 2012!

credit: en.korea

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credit: en.korea

 Momma: Source: sharingyoochun.net
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120715 Dr. Jin…Jaejoong Displays Excellent Acting Skills..But Oh So Sad

       Dr Jin  Extended 

         Four episodes ago I wrote about what I considered to be a bright ray of hope in the midst of this painful drama.  Kim Kyung Tak had supposedly lost his best friend Hong Young Hwi through death, but had gained an opportunity to once again gather Hong Young Rae to his side. I was happy because I tend to favor the underdog at all times, and Kim Kyung Tak definitely fits this description. Even though an add-on character, I was hoping to see more positive things happening for Kim Kyung Tak. Alas, this has not come about. So far this character, being portrayed remarkably well by our own Kim Jaejoong, has yet to be given an alternative to life besides being his Father’s lackey. It is obvious that his Father’s only interest in Kim Kyung Tak is to use his youth and vulnerability to commit crimes.

Kim Kyung Tak truly loves Hong Young Rae. He has loved her since childhood. and has continued to try to woo and wed her and to help her family despite opposition from his Father. Young Rae does not love Kyung Tak in this sad story of parallel universes, time travel, and Dr Jin.

Dr. Jin is a rival for Young Rae’s heart, and Kyung Tak; despite posturing and threatening, has only managed to drive her closer and closer to Dr. Jin.

Young Rae has reneged on marrying Kyung Tak twice already, and because of her stubborness has almost managed to kill herself through refusal to obtain medical help for breast cancer. Dr Jin finally convinces her to allow him to do surgery and saves the day. However, the dilemma between Young Rae and Kyung Tak continues with no relief in sight.

Between shooting the Prince and almost killing himself–Kim Kyung Tak has backed himself into a tight corner that only by giving in to the only shelter he knows–his Father’s dregs of twisted love, does he feel as if he has any worth.

Kung Tak discovers that his beloved childhood friend, Hong Young Hwi is alive. If the Left Prime Minister finds this fact out–the ship may as well sink for Kyung Tak. All I ask is for the writers to grant this character some mercy and to not persist in turning a tender-hearted young man who started this drama with some dignity into someone who has to beg to be loved. No one deserves what they have laid on this character. Fighting Kim Kyung Tak. See you next time. <3

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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Japan Vows To Review Nuclear Safety Standards AP…

Japan Vows To Review Nuclear Safety Standards

AP – Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan reacts during the Upper House Budget Committee in Tokyo Tuesday, March … By MARI YAMAGUCHI and YURI KAGEYAMA, Associated Press Mari Yamaguchi And Yuri Kageyama, Associated Press – 1 hr 20 mins ago
TOKYO – Japan’s government vowed Tuesday to overhaul nuclear safety standards once its radiation-leaking reactor complex is under control, admitting that its safeguards were insufficient to protect the plant against the March 11 tsunami.

The struggle to contain radiation at the complex has unfolded with near-constant missteps — including two workers drenched Tuesday with radioactive water despite wearing supposedly waterproof suits. The unfolding drama has drawn increasing criticism of the utility that owns the plant as well as scrutiny of Japan’s preparedness for nuclear crises.

“Our preparedness was not sufficient,” Edano told reporters. “When the current crisis is over, we must examine the accident closely and thoroughly review” safety standards.

An AP investigation found that Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials had dismissed scientific evidence and geological history that indicated that a massive earthquake — and subsequent tsunami — was far more likely than they believed.

That left the complex with nowhere near enough protection against the March 11 tsunami.

A massive offshore earthquake triggered the tsunami that slammed into Japan’s northeast, wiping out towns, killing thousands of people and knocking out power and backup systems at the coastal nuclear power plant.

More than 11,000 bodies have been recovered, but officials say the final death toll is expected to exceed 18,000. Hundreds of thousands of people remain homeless, their homes and livelihoods destroyed. Damage could amount to $310 billion — the most expensive natural disaster on record.

The mission to stabilize the power plant has been fraught with setbacks, as emergency crews have dealt with fires, explosions and radiation scares in the frantic bid to prevent a complete meltdown.

The plant has been leaking radiation that has made its way into vegetables, raw milk and tap water as far away as Tokyo. Residents within 12 miles (20 kilometers) of the plant have been ordered to leave and some nations have banned the imports of food products from the Fukushima region.

Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon
Highly toxic plutonium was the latest contaminant found seeping into the soil outside the plant, TEPCO said Monday.

Safety officials said the amounts did not pose a risk to humans, but the finding supports suspicions that dangerously radioactive water is leaking from damaged nuclear fuel rods.

“The situation is very grave,” Edano told reporters Tuesday.

Workers succeeded last week in reconnecting some parts of the plant to the power grid. But as they pumped in water to cool the reactors and nuclear fuel, they discovered numerous pools of radioactive water, including in the basements of several buildings and in trenches outside of them.

The contaminated water has been emitting four times as much radiation as the government considers safe for workers. It must be pumped out before electricity can be restored and the regular cooling systems powered up.

That has left officials struggling with two crucial but contradictory efforts: pumping in water to keep the fuel rods cool and pumping out contaminated water.

Officials are hoping tanks at the complex will be able to hold the water, or that new tanks can be trucked in. On Tuesday, officials from the Nuclear Safety Commission, an expert panel of nuclear watchdogs, said other possibilities include digging a storage pit for the contaminated water, recycling it back into the reactors or even pumping it to an offshore tanker.

The latest mishap came Tuesday, when three workers trying to connect a pump outside the Unit 3 reactor were splashed by radioactive water that gushed from a pipe. Though they were wearing suits meant to be waterproof and protect against high levels of radiation, nuclear safety official Hidehiko Nishiyama said the men were soaked to their underwear with the contaminated water.

They quickly washed it off and were not injured, officials said.

Last week, two workers were hospitalized with burns after they were issued ankle-high protective boots to walk into highly radioactive knee-high water.

Such incidents have led to increased criticism of the utility company.

Nikkei, Japan’s top business newspaper, called it “outrageous” that TEPCO had been slow to release information about trenches outside the reactors filled with contaminated water.

On Monday, Edano blasted TEPCO for a major miscalculation that saw company officials announce a wildly high radiation level at the plant over the weekend, only to back away a half-day later, saying it had been an error. “This sort of mistake is not something that can be forgiven,” he said.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan, meanwhile, reiterated in a speech to parliament that Japan was grappling with its worst problems since World War II.

“This quake, tsunami and the nuclear accident are the biggest crises for Japan” in decades, said Kan, dressed in one of the blue work jackets that have become ubiquitous among bureaucrats since the tsunami. He said the crises remained unpredictable, but added: “We will continue to handle it in a state of maximum alert.”

Kan has faced increasing criticism from opposition lawmakers over the handling of a nuclear disaster stretching into a third week.

“We cannot let you handle the crisis,” lawmaker Yosuke Isozaki said in parliament. “We cannot let you be in charge of Japan’s crisis management.”


Associated Press writers Shino Yuasa in Tokyo and Jonathan Fahey in New York contributed to this report

Our source: yahoo news