[Trans] 121214 [A Style’s Celeb] An Interview With Kim Jaejoong, Who Has Settled Down As An Actor

[Trans] 121214 [A Style’s Celeb] An Interview With Kim Jaejoong, Who Has Settled Down As An Actor

Lights and ornaments for each room… call me an interior design enthusiast

Kim Jaejoong (27) will not be able to forget 2012. This is because it was the year that Kim Jaejoong moved away from his title as a member of JYJ and made his mark as an actor. He garnered much attention for his role in the drama ‘Dr. Jin’ and has taken his first step to becoming an actor on the big screen through his role in ‘Jackal is Coming’.

Even amidst his busy schedule, Kim Jaejoong is never idle in one aspect. Working on the interior design of his house.

“I think I have a knack when it comes to interior designing. Haha!”

He smiled brightly when the topic of interior designing came up and began talking animatedly. He said, “I have a lot of affection for the house I’m currently living in,” and “Whenever I have a spare moment, I work on the interior design of my house.” Kim Jaejoong once revealed the interior of his apartment last November through his personal SNS account. A simple, circular table, extravagant chandelier and clean-cut marble floors and walls reminded one of a ’boutique hotel’.


“It’s already been a year since then. The interior design has changed. I’m the kind of person who will change furniture immediately once I get tired of it.”

With that, he gave us his phone to show us a picture of his living room. A horse sculpture, the size of a normal human being, is what catches our eye. When we said, “That sculpture is cool,”  he replied by saying, “It’s not a sculpture, it’s a lighting apparatus.”

“It’s a product I really like. It took me a lot of effort to get it. I really like lamps. I make sure to have at least two or three lighting apparatuses in each of my rooms.”

He has a lot of unique ornaments in his home. As someone who prefers modern furniture, he tries to place sensual items in strategic locations to create a sophisticated image.

“I like simple designs for the most basic pieces of furniture like sofas and tables. I usually choose unique and sensual products to become focal points in each room.”

Kim Jaejoong, whose love for interior design is quite extraordinary, laughed as he said, “I might even leave my friends for the sake of interior designing.” It’s been long since he gave up on the cats he once liked so much.

“I like inviting my friends over to my house, but they touch my favorite art pieces and leave fingerprints on them. And they break my clocks. I feel as though I have to choose between friendship and interior designing. (laughter) I found that I can’t keep a cat either. I used to have cats but they scratched my favorite blue sofa. So I gave them to my sister.”

As he is now done with his movie, we said to Kim Jaejoong, “Now that you have more downtime, we’re guessing your house will become more beautiful.”

“I’m already in the process of choosing my next project. Acting is so much fun. Decorating my house doesn’t conflict with my schedule because it’s something I’m always doing. Maybe next time, I’ll open my house up to cameras? (laughter)”

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[TRANS] 121208 Post of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 121208 Post of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 8th to 5:59am KST, December 9th.

It’s getting colder this weekend too D:
(Jaejoong, 7:39am KST) I wonder when the snow will melt pic.twitter.com/4PhIQQyn

This is.. the return of Junsu’s Cats!! Eeeeeeee \o/
(Junsu, 11:13pm KST) Tigger, Leo and Bakira have dressed up since it’s the season of Christmas^^http://pic.twitter.com/8fmepxqk

(Junsu, 11:14pm KST) Peek-a-boo, Leo^^ http://pic.twitter.com/Ay4fiYdD

(Junsu, 11:18pm KST) And Bakira, too haha http://pic.twitter.com/ayF0WsV5

(Junsu, 11:18pm KST) Tigger, you look dashing!!!!^^ http://pic.twitter.com/a5w9PI0Q

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu’s  Twitter]

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[PICS] JaeSu’s Cats Update! ^o^

[PICS] JaeSu’s Cats Update! ^o^



On the Other Hand, It’s reported by Jaejoong’s sister (@shie486) that Yoyo and JiJi got into a fight, YoYo scratched JiJi’s eye..Poor JiJi T.T.
We hope JiJi recovers soon <3

 Evil YoYo… LOL

Pics Credit: @raiteriem+@ayoungjessica+@shie486 via JYJ3
Shared by: iXiahCassie

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[Trans] 120205 JYJ Twitter Update/ Video: YooSu Couple Talk

[Trans] 120205 JYJ Twitter Update

Jaejoong: Turkey is great~~^^

Yoochun: There are those experiences that even if you go through them many times, it’s still difficult…It’s possible to crumble because of being too tough…
Yoochun: Seems like I’m like that..


Soulmate talk~! <3
Jaejoong (in reply to Yoochun’s tweet): Yoochun do your best! Jyungu and Jaejool hyung-ie (T/N: he typoed) are here for now right? Shooting is difficult but do your best.

Yoochun : Are you drinking? I love you~
Jaejoong: It’s only 6pm here, drinking now would be… I love youz…And cheer up! I’m sure if you remember what hyung told you on my birthday you’ll feel better^^
Yoochun: The three of us during that time~~we were a little bit lovable right~
Yoochun: J.Y.J. hwaiting!
Junsu:Yoochun-ah, what are you doing?

Yoochun: On Jaejoong hyung’s birthday~~ that conversation is a secret~
Jaejoong: That picture ㅎㅎ.It’s so aliveㅎㅎ
Yoochun: I want to see you~~~ Come back to Korea quickly!

Jungoo has joined the conversation!
Junsu: Something was really funny at that time right? We were so excited. By the way how’s Turkey?
Jaejoong: Turkey’s really great, let’s go together next time!
Jaejoong (to Yoochun): I’ll have to make a surprise visit to your set!I’ll come with Jungoo~
Junsu: They call it the flower of Eastern Europer~ (T/N: referring to what Jae said about Turkey)
Jaejoong: I have a picture from that time too..Lol that day was dangerous lol.


Yoochun: Junsu-yah I observed my signal today too. I love you ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ (T/N: yoochun made a pun with Junsu’s name.)
Junsu: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Junsu: Everything we talked about that day is a secret.
Junsu (to Yoochun): Everything about is good but if you had a disadvantage…it’s that you’re really not funny at all.
Junsu: That video where you told me that my disadvantage is being ugly…Watching that even now would be deadly.
Jaejoong (to Junsu and Yoochun): Yoochun who has a handsome face is the center of the filming site. (T/N:he made a pun with both their names)
Junsu (in reply to Jae’s pun): Whoa that was funny
Yoochun: Junsu-yah, I’m sorry…That I can’t even make you laugh…I should just die…sobssobs
Jaejoong (to both):Yoochunnie has to make us laugh with his facial expressions.

Yoochun: Battery dying ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Junsu: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is this guy so funny

Beyondmonica (in reply to Yoochun’s tweet):
Like this you have to learn to become stronger.
Yoochun: Is that how you are learning?

@PR_babe: The story seems rather long~ ㅋㅋㅋ we’ll talk about it later okay?
Yoochun: What is it~ Are you well??

Jae’s still not done, you guys!

Jaejoong: Turkey cats~

Jaejoong: Close up of Turkey cats… Ah, I miss Jiji

 (T/N: if anyone’s curious about what video Junsu was talking about when Yoochun called him ugly, here’s the link

credit: ayano_jyj
shared+trans by: sharingyoochun.net

AADBSK – YooSu Couple Talk (ENG

credit: aktfhannah01

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110829 Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata! FanAccount

Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata!

Posted on August 19, 2011 by melodiamuse

We had the privilege of meeting a certain Mr. Kim Junsu at his mom’s cosmetic shop by chance 🙂 We gave him a little introduction about our site and he very willingly agreed to give us a signature and a little message!

His parents asked us what we wanted written on the signature and we said anything was fine, so this is what he wrote for us♥

“I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

A big thank you to his parents for letting us meet him, and an especially big thank you to Junsu for writing us such a sweet message!

~for our fan account, go here~

RANDOM] Fan Account of Meeting Junsu at Crebeau Today!
August 19, 2011 in Random Babbling

The giant cat house of awesomeness right here!


*breathes in and out*

lol I’m still flailing and I met Junsu six hours ago…. *flails again*

teehee, anywho Rara and I decided to go to Junsu’s pizza place and Crebeau today to eat and get our nails done.
We were supposed to go on Tuesday but because of my college apps, we pushed our Ilsan trip to today and thank God we did!

After Imshil (btw Junsu’s favorite pizza is the Chicken Barbecue one if any of you are interested) we found our way over to Crebeau and Rara had just gotten her nails done, when a couple of Japanese fans started like major spazzing.

Then we saw his mom and she was carrying two photos for the Japanese fans. My initial thought was ‘wow they’re getting so excited from seeing his mom. I wonder what they’re like when they see Junsu’ and I decided to eavesdrop a little.

For some odd reason, the lady who worked there was talking to them in Korean and said something like “and he’ll sign these for you since you bought them”

I was like “……….. ?!?!?!” and then the lady who was doing my manicure was like “Oh Junsu must be here right now.”

Cue me and Rara’s “………….. WAIT WHAT???????”

Spazzing, we ended up each buying Xiahlendars for him to sign (they are hella cute btw) and we waited for our turn. We walked into the room and there’s this guy in a hoodie with the hood covering half his face and texting like a mad man.

He put his phone down and looked and us and he actually has pretty nice skin, even without any make up on. So he started signing Rara’s, whose name I had to spell out like four times X) And I was spelling it out for him and his mom and dad starting chiming in, it was adorable. It felt like being a parent teaching her kid how to spell♥

And I told him that Rara spoke Japanese and English, though his mom and dad both thought she was Korean. And I thought he would write something in Japanese, but he wrote “thanks~” in English and his dad laughed.

And then I gave him my name and his dad asked me if I was a college student. I said I had just submitted college apps and he was like “Oh so you’re a 12th Grader?” and I was like “No, I graduated overseas,” and his mom asked where I lived and I said, “Dubai!”

Junsu, his mom and his dad all looked at me and were like “Wow~” and I was like ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ on the inside. So then Junsu’s dad asked where I had replied and I said, “I’ve gotten into Korea and Yonsei University and I just applied to SNU today,” and he said “Wow~ You must be really smart!”

By that point, Junsu was done signing my paper and I said, “Oh! and we run a translating site and we were wondering if you could give us your signature for it?” His dad looked really interested and he gave Junsu an A4 sheet of paper and asked me to write down the name of our site. I wrote it down and Junsu gave us a signature. His mom asked what Junsu should write for a message and I said anything was fine, but she said that ‘anything’ is pretty hard and Junsu just wrote what he wanted and said ”I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

And I asked if we could take a photo with him and his dad said, “Oh he hasn’t put anything(bb cream/make up) on his face, so he won’t” and I said, “I haven’t either! It’s okay~” and we all laughed 🙂

So after that, Junsu’s phone rang, which he answered with “Who is this?” and then he was having a phone conversation and I zoned out because I don’t like eavesdropping on people’s phone convos, and we were wondering if we should leave when Junsu’s dad said “Shake his hand before you go.” So we waited a bit.

And then Junsu got off his phone and looked at us with this gaze that seemed to say ‘Wait, why are they still here?’ and it was so ADORABLE♥ And then his dad was like, “Junsu shake their hands!” and Junsu was like “oh right!” and he shook our hands. omg his hand is so small for a guy but so strong T__T

So then as we were leaving, I was like “Oppa Hwaiting~ Hwaiting on your new album~” and him and his parents all laughed and smiled.

After that, I was getting my manicure finished and I told the lady that we weren’t able to take pictures with him, and she said, “Oh yeah, he doesn’t like taking photos because he says he comes out chubbier on camera. But isn’t he so skinny?” so then she and I talked about how skinny Junsu was for a good five minutes.

He left for a bit to go to the bathroom and when he came back I looked to see how skinny he was and dat butt…. lol Yes it is noticeable since his legs are so skinny compared to it 😉

After a bit, he left again and when he did, he said bye like four times. It was so cute♥

So then we got to see his cats and omg ;A; I LOVE THESE CATS SO MUCH LIKE….. NO LIE
I can’t even express my love for them in proper English SO CUTE T__________T
Bakira and Tigger were chasing each other around for a bit and Leo was just….. lazing around and sleeping lololol

So then we left, and his mom was like “Come again soon~”

Credit: melodiamuse

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net+melodiamuse.wordpress.com

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Spazzing on Jaejoong

[Spazz] Cats want to be adopted by JaeJoong

I have an earlier post on this website featuring my pet cats preoccupation with DBSK. Look in Momma’s Categories on the sidebar under Kitty Haven. So real. Momma Cha

credit: Ivan @sharingyoochun.net
our source: sharingyoochun.net

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