[Picture] 120203 JYJ Facebook Update/News] 120204 JYJ says, “What’s the Greatest Thing is That We’re Together

[Pic] 120203 JYJ Facebook Update

What is the most important thing for JYJ? The answer is “Being together”.
What about you guys? What is the most important thing in your life?

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JYJ is in the limelight for their firm relationship.

On February 3, a picture was posted on their Facebook official account with the caption, “What is the greatest thing is that we’re together.”

In the picture, all the members of JYJ are in a friendly pose. The way they look natural is eye-catching.

Netizens responded: “I’ll always love and support JYJ.” “My family, friends, and JYJ” “It’s terrific to see them all together.”

JYJ recently went through tough times when the release of their documentary film at theaters was abruptly canceled.

source: TV Report
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[News] 120131 Kim Jae Joong Feels Bad About Cancelled JYJ Documentary Screening

[News] 120131 Kim Jae Joong Feels Bad About Cancelled JYJ Documentary Screening


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently expressed his feelings about having to cancel the release of their documentary The Day.

On January 31, Kim tweeted, “I will raise my head and run harder as much as I’m sorry.”

Kim tweeted the comment after he was told that CGV will not release the documentary movie, The Day, featuring JYJ’s everyday life.

 A spokesperson for JYJ said, “We haven’t talked about this but CGV just told us that they can’t release the movie. We will file a complaint against them to the Fair Trade Commission and to the Grievance committee.” A spokesperson for CGV, however, said, “We never decided to screen the movie. There was a problem while discussing the contract.”

People responded: “You don’t have to feel bad…” “I’m proud of you JYJ! Cheer up!” “You are not the one who should feel bad.”

JYJ’s agency is currently looking for other theaters to screen the movie other than CGV.

source: TV Report
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[Trans] 120130 JYJ’s Documentary, QTV Followed By A Screening Misfire From CGV– Why?

[Trans] 120130 JYJ’s Documentary, QTV Followed By A Screening Misfire From CGV– Why?


The screening of JYJ’s (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) documentary has suddenly been cancelled.
The documentary that was filmed at QTV was not aired on broadcast, and so JYJ’s management, CJES, announced that a documentary titled “A Day” would be screened on February 9th.

JYJ had begun holding meetings to discuss details with CGV since December 15th, and their second meeting was on January 16th where they discussed further details. On the 19th, contract details were examined and on the 20th the contract was received. But it was after this day that CGV gave a sudden notice of cancellation by telephone.

JYJ management stated, “At that time, CGV said that the final authorization for the contract had not been given so they needed to initialize that. But on the 25th we received a notice that the contract had been cancelled.”

CGV management stated in this notice, “To the new managers, in regards to the process of briefing that we have conducted for the screening of “The Day”, internal reports and further progress have not been appropriately conducted according to the rules. Internally, to focus on the innovation of “The Day”, it has not been done well according to specific processes, and therefore due to strict regulations we have fallen into this kind of a difficult situation.

JYJ’s management stated, “The business people that own the channel and are abusing their position, CJES will be taking action against CGV for this sudden one sided breaking of a contract through the Fair Trade Commision by filing a complaint to the committee of grievances and complaints.” They added, “For this situation that CGV has created that we don’t understand, we demand for a viable answer.”

source: ohmynews
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[TRANS] 120119 [C-JeS] JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary To Be Screened In Cinemas!

[TRANS] 120119 [C-JeS] JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary To Be Screened In Cinemas!

Written by melodiamuse

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We’ve prepared a special Valentine’s Day event for the upcoming month of February.
We will be officially screening the ‘JYJ Private Film’, which was released as a DVD as it’s airing was cancelled last year, in over 20 CGV theaters.

As a documentary-style movie with the title ‘The day…’, commentary from the members has been added to the Private film, which shows an exclusive look into the joyful days of JYJ’s daily lives, to make the experience more special.

How about spending a very special Valentine’s Day with JYJ’s ‘The day’?
JYJ are also planning surprise visits to some of the theaters, so please stay tuned for further information.

Date: February 9th, 2012 (Release date) ~ 14th
Location: Main CGV theaters all over the country

*Further information about the event (date to reserve tickets) and about the surprise visits by JYJ will be released through our homepage in late-January.

Thank you.

Source: [C-JeS]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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Translation 110928 Sale of Complete Collector’s Edition “Come On Over, JYJ” — Private DVD

[TRANS] 110928 Sale Of Complete Collector’s Edition 『Come on over, JYJ – Private DVD

Posted on September 28, 2011 by TheRarasaurus

The Special import edition of JYJ’s Documentary DVD has been confirmed.

This release is focused in America, and the sale of the  “Complete Collector’s Edition 『Come on over, JYJ – Private DVD』” has been decided.

This is the documentary about the 3 members’ private lives that all the fans have been waiting for. This is the rare, precious unreleased hidden video collection which was not broadcast in Korea.

There will be special premiums for those who purchase this item.
General pre-orders will start on 6 October 2011.
We will provide more details in another follow-up email.

Content Details
The three members, who have not shown their homes to the public so far, their “secret houses” will be shown.
Theses are videos of the three members’ private lives, lifestyle, how they spend their own personal time in their houses, and are a must-watch for fans.
Aside from their music-related activities such as their CD releases and Worldwide Concerts, how they put their energy into movies, dramas, musicals, CMs and others, you will be able to see the three members while they “rest for a moment” and “prepare for the next step.”

DVD Specifications
Title : JYJ Documentary 『Come on over, JYJ – Private DVD』
– Total duration : 70 minutes x 5 discs
– Format : Set of 5 DVDs. 40 Page Booklet (in Luxury Box)
– Sound : Korean/English/Chinese/With Japanese Subtitles
– Complete Import Edition
– Region Code : All – Region Code for Japan
– Japanese Subtitles Included
– Each person can order up to 2 sets. (Tentative)

– Made in Korea
– Produced by : SOMEONE AGENCY
– Expected Release Date : Delivery in Late November – Mid December
– Expected Price : 22,890 yen (Inclusive of 1,090yen tax) 

Source : [JYJ 3Voices Shop Official Mail]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
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News 110617 Park Yoochun Proves Star Power on TV Screen

[News] 110617 Park Yoo-chun proves star power on TV screenWhether singing, acting, or narrating, he guarantees Asia-wide promotion. K-pop star Park Yoo-chun, who is taking on his second major TV drama, is proving his star power, as the show has drawn big attention both in the country and overseas.

The MBC drama “Miss Ripley,” in which Park plays an heir to a resort empire, had already been exported to Japan and the U.S. before it was finished, in a deal worth 1.8 billion won ($1.6 million). The chances are high that it will enter markets of China and Southeast Asian countries soon.

In Korea, the drama is the most watched one among Monday-Tuesday evening TV dramas, reaching high viewer ratings since its first episode. As many of his fans are Japanese, the drama website provides Japanese language service for the drama.

Park Yoo-chun (MBC)

Although he achieved fame as a singer at the boy band TVXQ and later JYJ, his acting has earned him even more popularity.

His previous drama, KBS’ “Seongkyunkwan Scandal,” which portrayed student life in the Joseon period, also attracted great viewership and won him the rookie actor of the year award at the Korea’s Paeksang Arts Award. His choice for playing a historical character for the first time has surprised many, but he later received praise for his acting.

He also narrates MBC documentary “The Hometown Where I Used to Live,” which airs on June 17. The MBC staff figured Park’s soothing voice would fit the concept of the documentary, depicting disappearing rural villages under the influence of urbanization in Korea.

“Miss Ripley” airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:50 p.m. on MBC and “The Hometown Where I Used to Live” will air Friday at 11:05 p.m.

By Lee Woo-young (wylee@heraldm.com)

credit: koreaherald
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News JYJ’s Yoochun to Narrate For A Special MBC Documentary

[News] JYJ’s Yoochun to narrate for a special MBC documentary

JYJ’s Yoochun is lending his voice for a documentary. According to MBC, the idol will be narrating for the documentary, ‘The Hometown I’ve Once Lived In‘. It tells the story about Korea’s small towns, which are slowly disappearing under the force of urban developments.

It specifically investigates a small country town in Kangwon-do that protested against a developing golf resort for six years; the town’s citizens tried to prevent being forced out of their homes.

The production team stated, “We chose Yoochun to be the narrator in the hopes that his soft and kind voice will touch more viewers about the painful stories we all hold about our hometowns.”

They added, “We explained the program’s special purpose and content to Yoochun’s team, and Yoochun gave a positive response [to them], thus agreeing to narrate.”

The documentary is set to air on June 17th.

Source & Photo: Star News via Nate

Credit: allkpop

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net

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