Trans] 140811 Jung Yunho Says, “I’m Working Hard To Get Into My Role And Bring Good Results On ‘Night Watchmen”’


Ahead of his first appearance in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Night Watchmen’, TVXQ’s Jung Yunho opened up about what he hoped to achieve.

On the 11th, Jung Yunho stated, “I feel great because the drama’s off to a good start,” and “The atmosphere on set is positive and energetic.”

He continued to say, “Everyone, including the actors, director and staff members, is doing their best for the drama,” and “The adult actors will begin appearing in the drama from the third episode, and I will work hard to really get into my role and bring good results to the drama.”

Jung Yunho will play the role of Moo Seok, who works for the royal ministry of supervision and works to protect the king and his family from ghosts. He will begin appearing in the drama from the third episode, which will air on the 11th of August.

Meanwhile, ‘Night Watchmen’ is a fantasy romance drama that reflects the tug of war between those who deny the existence of ghosts, those who use ghosts, and those who defeat ghosts.

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[TRANS] 130728 Requests Flood In For Kim Junsu’s Appearance On ‘Inkigayo’ But The Staff Stay Silent


The viewers’ request page of SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ has been flooded with fans asking for JYJ’s Junsu to appear on the show. This has been happening for all three major music programs, including KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ and MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’.

One viewer stated, “Till when will you tread on glass around large entertainment agencies and concede to their every whim,” and “Viewers are bored with the same celebrities always appearing on the show, and people don’t watch the show anymore because they’re bored.”

They continued to add, “The FTC have made their verdict, and now is the time to give Junsu an chance,” and “We want to see Junsu, the frontrunner of K-pop, on a broadcasted stage in Korea.”

JYJ left TVXQ in 2009 and since then, have been unable to appear on broadcasted music programs due to external pressure. The FTC recently found SM Entertainment and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industries guilty of interfering with JYJ’s activities. With the FTC’s verdict made on the 24th, JYJ’s fans began expecting to see JYJ on stage in the near future.

However, the staff of the show have stayed silent, regardless of the viewers’ requests. Although it has become the hottest issue of the week in K-pop, not a single staff member of any broadcasted music program has expressed his or her opinion on the matter through official posts, SNS accounts or news articles.

In order to ‘strengthen communication with viewers’, all three major broadcasted music programs

have incorporated SNS points, and text message votes into their ranking systems, but they have stayed silent when it comes to requests made by the viewers themselves. Broadcasting companies use viewers when they need to, but do not reflect their requests or opinions at all.

Another viewer stated, “Legally, all restrictions against JYJ have disappeared,” and “We hope that the media remembers that their most important role is to promote fairness.” It is time for the staff of music programs to express their official stance to gain the trust of their viewers.

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[Trans] 130717 JYJ Appear On Australian Public TV, “Talking About What We’ve Been Doing, And The World Tour”

[Trans] 130717 JYJ Appear On Australian Public TV, “Talking About What We’ve Been Doing, And The World Tour”


JYJ appeared on an Australian public TV show and gave an official greeting to their fans down under.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ appeared on the Australian public TV program ‘SBS Pop Asia’.

Australia’s SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) is a government-funded program that is aired in all corners of the country and is viewed by 8 million people, 40% of the entire population of Australia.

‘SBS Pop Asia’ is Australia’s biggest Asian-pop program that has recorded a high viewership since it began airing in 2011.

A representative of the program stated, “We introduce singers from all over Asia for an hour every Saturday and Sunday, and we’ve been receiving a lot of requests for JYJ for a long time. Therefore, we decided to fly to Korea to interview them.”

JYJ will appear in the episode of ‘SBS Pop Asia’ that will air on the 21st to greet their Australian fans and talk about what they’ve been up to, as well as the things they experienced during their world tour.

Specific information can be found on the ‘SBS Pop Asia’ homepage ( and their YouTube channel ( as well.

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[News] 121122 ‘I Miss You’ The Adult Actors Appear

[News] 121122 ‘I Miss You’ The Adult Actors Appear

The four actors have all been revealed.

I Miss You’ The Adult Actors Appear

The four actors have all been revealed.

On the Wednesday episode of the MBC drama “I Miss You,” Jung Woo (JYJ’s Yoochun) and Soo Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) have become adults.

Jung Woo had told Sung Ho (Jun Kwang Ryul) that he would find Soo Yeon. Jung Woo became a detective. He was seen always sticking by his criminal to make sure that they were apprehended properly.

He had left home and was living with Myung Hee (Song Ok Sook). He was taking her his salary and living off of the food that she was making. She also took care of Sung Ho’s daughter Eun Joo (Jang Mi In Ae).

Soo Yeon was a designer and a successful career woman. What was more impressive was that she was dating Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho), who had a limp because of a dog bite in his childhood.

However, Hyung Joon was already a successful businessman and is wealthy enough to own a house and a swimming pool. Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon had forgotten about their pasts and were growing into new people.

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[TRANS] 120119 [C-JeS] JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary To Be Screened In Cinemas!

[TRANS] 120119 [C-JeS] JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary To Be Screened In Cinemas!

Written by melodiamuse

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We’ve prepared a special Valentine’s Day event for the upcoming month of February.
We will be officially screening the ‘JYJ Private Film’, which was released as a DVD as it’s airing was cancelled last year, in over 20 CGV theaters.

As a documentary-style movie with the title ‘The day…’, commentary from the members has been added to the Private film, which shows an exclusive look into the joyful days of JYJ’s daily lives, to make the experience more special.

How about spending a very special Valentine’s Day with JYJ’s ‘The day’?
JYJ are also planning surprise visits to some of the theaters, so please stay tuned for further information.

Date: February 9th, 2012 (Release date) ~ 14th
Location: Main CGV theaters all over the country

*Further information about the event (date to reserve tickets) and about the surprise visits by JYJ will be released through our homepage in late-January.

Thank you.

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