[NEWS] 140831 JYJ successfully complete Vietnam concert in heavy rain! The night in Saigon they’ll never forget

Group JYJ created a special encore stage with Vietnamese fans in heavy rain.

On August 31, C-JeS Entertainment disclosed, “JYJ successfully completed the Vietnam concert of their Asia Tour in the midst of 6000 Vietnamese fans’ cheers at Quân khu 7 Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on August 30,” and, “In particular at this concert held in an outdoor venue, singer and fan becoming as one created a splendid sight, even amid pouring heavy rain on the encore stage”.


JYJ is famous as the team gaining highest popularity among Hallyu stars in Vietnam.

On this day fans, who gathered from across the nation, sang along to songs in Korean and enjoyed JYJ’s concert.

One fan saw JYJ who she’s looking upon again in 4 years, and choked back tears.

On this day, JYJ opened with live stages for all of 24 songs; like title song ‘Back Seat’ and their 1st regular album’s title songs ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’. As a talented band they also showed off a variety of colorful stages –such pop, rock, dance, R&B– within their own solo performances in a group-like way and captured local fans’ hearts.

The encore stage became an unforgettable memory for everyone, singer and fan.

Although everyone got drenched in the rain, they enjoyed the concert. JYJ said, “The rain came but we got more excited. It became a sexy stage because of the rain” and “It seems we’ll never forget the time we spent with Vietnamese fans”.

Passing through Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Vietnam, JYJ’s Asia Tour will continue onto Chengdu, China on September 6.

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[Video] JYJ ‘Just Us’ Album Choices Eng Subs Lyrics

Insightful songs and lyrics Boyos. The lyrics are loaded with underlying meanings. The music and performance are exquisite, as always.  🙂

‘Just Us’ JYJ

【TRACK LIST】Full Album

00:00 01. JUST US
00:46 02. BACK SEAT
03:56 03. LETTING GO
07:43 04. 7살
11:24 05. DAD,YOU THERE?
15:54 06. So So
19:40 07. 새벽 두시 반
23:20 08. LET ME SEE
26:56 09. 서른..
30:34 10. BABOBOY
34:03 11. DEAR J
37:43 12. CREATION
41:41 13. VALENTINE

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[News] 131111 OCA General Assembly in Philippines Postponed Due To Devastation Caused by Typhoon Haiyan

November 11 – The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has announced its 32nd General Assembly and the Asian Games Centennial Festival Celebrations due to be held in Boracay later this month have been postponed after the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

The category five typhoon, with ground winds of up to 235 miles per hour hit the Philippines over the weekend and there are fears that over 10,000 people have been killed while around four million people have been affected.

Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, is now bearing down on Vietnam and southern China with millions of people being evacuated from their homes across the south east of Asia.

Boracay, an island situated approximately 320 kilometres south of the Philippines capital Manila, was due to host the OCA General Assembly and the Asian Games Centennial Festival Celebrations from November 27 to 29.

But in a letter to its Executive Board Members and the Asian National Olympic Committees (NOCs), OCA President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah announced the event has been cancelled.

Among those who had been due to attend the event was newly-elected International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.


OCA President Sheikh Ahmad has written to Executive Board Members and all Asian NOCs confirming the postponement of the OCA General Assembly in Boracay

Sheikh Ahmad pledged that the OCA will support the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) in any way it can.

“The OCA stands behind its brothers and sisters in Philippines and will do its utmost to ease the sufferings of those who have been affected by this great tragedy,” Sheikh Ahmad wrote in the letter.

“Considering the scale of the tragedy, the OCA has decided to postpone the 32nd OCA General Assembly and the Asian Games Centennial Festival Celebrations to be held in Boracay from 27th to 29th of November 2013.”

The letter went on to say that new dates for the General Assembly are being discussed with mid-January 2014 a “tentative” date and the final decision will be announced in due course.

Contact the writer of this story at gary.anderson@insidethegames.biz

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[Info] 131024 JYJ(EN)Line Update

JYJ Line: We are in Vietnam right now! Arrived yesterday. We laughed a lot!!  Always happy to be together. Now we are going to have a rehearsal!! Let’s go!

JYJ Line: thank you !!! Vietnam!!!!!

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[News] 131025 JYJ unite 3,400 fans in Vietnam for the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games’


JYJ united 3,400 fans during their roadshow and showcase in Vietnam for the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games’!

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The ’2014 Incheon Asian Games’ held a PR roadshow and showcase in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 24th. Upon JYJ’s arrival in Hanoi, media outlets were ecstatic, and fans filled the national convention center of 3,400 seats as they danced along to choreography for JYJ’s ’2014 Incheon Asian Games’ theme song, ‘Only One’, showing a hot response.”

JYJ shared, “We want to be of help in the unity of Asia. We think that the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games’ will serve as a place to unify races, culture, and languages.”




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Xia Day in Vietnam with KJSsmile

Hi. A little tip from a Twitter friend. Can’t read this? Try using the translator on the sidebar. Select Vietnamese.   Momma Cha  🙂


Như các bạn đã biết, KJSsmile sẽ mang đến XIADAY in VIETNAM tới 2 thành phố: TP.HCM vào ngày 9.12Hà Nội vào ngày 15.12 sắp tới.

Và giờ hơn thế nữa, để tạo điều kiện cho bất cứ Fan Việt Nam nào cũng có thể chung vui với KJSsmile ngày XIADAY,

Bọn mình sẽ tổ chức EVENT XIADAY with KJSsmile tặng quà cho 5 bạn Fan Việt Nam may mắn nhất. ^_^


*Cụ thể EVENT XIADAY with KJSsmile là như sau:

Trong 5 ngày ở dưới, mỗi ngày bọn mình sẽ bốc thăm trúng thưởng 1 bạn may mắn nhất để nhận quà XIADAY. Vậy là tổng cộng có 5 bạn sẽ được nhận quà XD.

Bạn chỉ cần tham gia EVENT theo từng ngày (như đã ghi ở dưới), event diễn ra đúng 24 tiếng trong ngày đó (12h sáng – 12h đêm). Ngày hôm sau bọn mình sẽ tổng kết, tiến hành bốc thăm rồi sẽ đăng kết quả lên Twitter và Facebook.

– 15.11.2012 (Thứ 5): Event RT Twitter

– 20.11.2012 (Thứ 3): Event Share Facebook

– 25.11.2012 (Chủ nhật): Event Share Facebook

– 30.11.2012 (Thứ 6): Event Share Facebook

– 5.12.2012 (Thứ 4): Event RT Twitter


*Điều kiện nhận quà event XIADAY with KJSsmile 

Bạn đang sống tại Việt Nam (Bọn mình chỉ có thể ship quà tới tận nhà những bạn ở Việt Nam thôi :DDDDD)

– Bạn chết mê chết mệt XIA JUNSU XD

Bạn đã follow tài khoản Twitter @KJSsmile_VN của KJSsmile, đối với EVENT RT Twitter

*Điều kiện nhận quà event XIADAY with KJSsmile 

Bạn đang sống tại Việt Nam (Bọn mình chỉ có thể ship quà tới tận nhà những bạn ở Việt Nam thôi :DDDDD)

– Bạn chết mê chết mệt XIA JUNSU XD

Bạn đã follow tài khoản Twitter @KJSsmile_VN của KJSsmile, đối với EVENT RT Twitter

đã Like Facebook page của KJSsmile http://www.facebook.com/pages/KJSsmile/142318882544041 , đối với EVENT Share Facebook.

– Mỗi 1 người chỉ có 1 lần nhận quà thôi nhé ^___^. Chẳng may lần sau lại bốc trúng bạn đã nhận quà hôm trước rồi thì bạn sẽ không được nhận quà nữa và bọn mình sẽ bốc thăm lại bạn khác 😀


*Quà: <3

– Ngày 16.12 bọn mình sẽ bắt đầu ship quà cho 5 bạn may mắn. Vậy là bạn sẽ được nhận quà trước giáng sinh nhé XD *wink*

– Quà sẽ là bí mật. Nhưng gợi ý là sẽ liên quan tới XIA JUNSU <3 (haha đương nhiên rồi phải không)

– Bạn sẽ không mất tiền ship nhé. Chỉ cần cho bọn mình Họ tên đầy đủ, số điện thoại, địa chỉ để nhận quà thôi.


EVENT XIADAY with KJSsmile đầu tiên sẽ diễn ra vào ngày thứ 5 tới 15.11.2012. Vậy thì trước đó vào ngày 14.11.2012 bạn nhớ vào check Twitter và Facebook Page của KJSsmile để biết rõ cách thức tham gia EVENT nhận quà nhé ~! ^_^


Mọi thông tin chính thức về XIADAY in VIETNAM sẽ được đăng tại 
http://xiahday1215.cafe24.com/xe/vietnam hãy liên tục cập nhật nhé!


KJSsmile.net – 김준수 스마일
Twitter @KJSsmile_VN
Facebook page: KJSsmile

Momma’s Source: KJSmile

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[Info] 121111 JYJ Facebook Update – Jaejoong Had A Fan Meeting In Vietnam on Saturday

[Info] 121111 JYJ Facebook Update – Jaejoong Had A Fan Meeting in Vietnam on Saturday

Jaejoong had a fan meeting in Vietnam on Saturday. His Asia fan meeting tour is successfully done now. Through this fan meeting tour he met 17,500 fans in Asia! Thank you!

credit: JYJ FB+ sports.donga
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Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Video] Jaejoong Vietnam Fanmeet Compilation

You did well, Sugar. Very shy and very self-deprecating, Jaejoong. In other words you are an humble man. I Love You.   Momma Cha 🙂

credit: VietnamKpopLive+Kenhphim123+RaymondLam+LeeThek Viaed+JunALee+YenNhiNgo+LyNguyen+EtsukoQ1810