Happy Birthday Ivory: You Are as Transforming as the Butterfly; as Loyal as The Elephant

Happy Birthday Ivory,

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Butterflies Are Changelings; Elephants are Changeless

So many years have passed since we first met. You, an infant, staring at us with those wide, wondrous eyes. You weren’t sure whether you should smile or cry, so you simply grimaced. How wonderful this was to parents who had spent nine months anticipating this moment despite months of pain, anguish, and hospitalization. Neither you nor I were expected to live, yet God in His infinite mercy kept us both, and now, we are still here, still loving, and still gazing with wondrous eyes at everything around us.

From Momma:

We work well together, Ivory. You, with your quiet, introspective nature, and I, with my spontaneous, self-reflective nature. You are understatement; I am overstatement. Yet this combination of characteristics makes us an effective team. I am the hare; you are the tortoise. You need me to prod you along, and I need you to suggest caution. I hope that we both are equipped to reach the goal.

Our family members have similar talents and interests. It takes all of us supporting one another to produce results. There is great joy in teamwork, and the years build strength and solidity.

Life has a way of carrying us along on a swift current to places we never dreamed could exist. While on this journey we see miraculous things while in the midst of experiencing sorrows and joys. Both of these states of being can strengthen us because what colors our view of the world is how we respond to our environment and beyond. If we have been nurtured it will show, just as mistreatment will. It is in the power of those around you to make a positive impact or a negative impact on your life. It has been my goal to not only do what is right by you, but also to live it out. There is no concept of do as I say; not as I act. There is a great responsibility to help you to attain those goals that are the fabric of your dreams. We all have a right to dream, and without vision there would be no hope. The butterfly in you hopes and dreams, and the elephant in you anchors and makes those dreams attainable.

The symbolism of the butterfly is that of metamorphosis, beauty, strength, and variety. The elephant symbolizes steadiness of character, fierceness, longevity, and fidelity. You possess traits that are a combination of both, even though they may seem to be opposites. You are infinitely unique, and the man who captures you for his own will be blessed.

Keep dreaming your dreams, and set your course on a sure current. Below: A gift of song from Mom and Dad.

Love and Kisses, Momma and Papa @JYJFantalk

Editors Note: A World of Unrest: The Ball Keeps Rolling

A World of Unrest: The Ball Keeps Rolling

One thing does lead to another. This may sound trite, but whenever there is a reporting of one disaster or potential disaster, it seems as if others are encouraged to vent their own grievances at their society or at society as a whole.

The ongoing inflammatory posturing of North Korea, and even China’s assertions that the United States is stirring up trouble in the Asian region are bad enough without the addition of a violent bomb attack at something as monumental, traditional, and family oriented as the Boston Marathon. The objective in both scenarios is to shock and disorient others in an attempt to gain a personal goal. In the case of North Korea there seems to be an attempt to cause fear and gain rewards for outrageous behavior. The Boston Marathon bomber(s) appear to seek notoriety and the ill satisfaction of killing and wounding others. There is never a reason to take either stance.

Throughout history there have been innumerable examples of posturing, aggression, and terrorism; so this is nothing new under the sun. However, the tragedy is in the sadness that these unnecessary acts of aggression should exist at all, and especially that they should harm and target innocent people. Over the span of the last 100 years, among the outstanding wars and conflicts have been WW I, WW II, The Korean War, The Vietnamese War, and the Mid-East Conflicts. Some of these have never been fully resolved. This leaves a climate of potential trouble that can occur on any day or any hour, and certainly on any continent.

The world is facing an ever-growing disregard for people, societies, and moral values. Life is considered highly expendable, even to the extent of euthanasia which extols allowing the sick to die to benefit society. On the local level there is more disrespect for each other while shopping, traveling, or attending recreational events. On a national and international level this same dynamic is present. Patience as a virtue is not winning the day.

I pray that the Boston Marathon bombing is not a prelude to even more detestable actions on the part of individuals, groups, or world powers. Life is hard enough without having to imagine yourself under an attack from someone you have not only never met, but have never held in contempt or derision.

Please pray for the Richard Family, who suffered the loss of their son, Martin, and also suffered personal injuries. I’m sure that their presence was to support and cheer on a hard-working athlete and father who deserved respect, as did everyone attending or participating in this race. No one at the event deserved pain and injuries.

Please also pray that the investigation of this crime will yield information that will lead authorities to the perpetrators. This tragedy has been compared to 9-11 and the Oklahoma Bombing. It was certainly meant to disrupt a momentous occasion in our nation’s history.

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @ JYJFantalk.com

Pictures Credit: yahoo news

130125 A New Birthday–A New Kim Jaejoong Revealed? by Momma Cha

A New Birthday–A New Kim Jaejoong Revealed?  by Momma Cha

Truth to tell Jae, this new side of you isn’t so new to some of us. We’ve always known that you possessed a zany sense of humor, and that you have the ability and the inclination to hang off of chandeliers.^^  So, that having been said with extreme love…<3

     I usually do a Birthday post with pictures, narrative, and video of Jae that I have enjoyed from the previous year–but this time around I have something to say about the talent of Kim Jaejoong that has been revealed within the last few weeks. Jaejoong, you are astonishing. You have always had great songwriting and singing ability, and there are many favorites of mine among the songs you have produced and co-produced over the last nine years. Yet, I must express my delight in listening to this new mini-album, “Mine’. Every since the first time that I heard MAZE and watched you so joyously absorbed in the performance of this song–I have wanted to have a soft rock album featuring your voice. You do well in this genre– I believe that you should explore many genres. You have a voice that is distinctive and unique–there are few like it in the world. You can sing mellow ballads that help me to relax and emote; then belt out rock ballads that encourage me to dance. All of these songs and approaches are you, but I can hear more than this in your future… I am happy that you are free to have a fulfilling future.

Over the years there have been many things that we did not know; things that were part of your everyday existence. If we had been aware we would have prayed even harder because you hurt a lot. I find it incredible that you and your brothers not only survived, but I believe that you grew in many ways because of the adversity. When your back was against the wall you came out fighting–not with fierce weapons meant to harm and cripple, but with a vision and a determination built on genuine talent that was a more formidable weapon. Love conquers all, and that is what you chose to do. I’m not implying that there were not moments of rage and unbelief that these things were happening and still happen, but overall you chose to love.

Love is what has held this fan base together for so many years despite the occasional war. This is family, and families fight more intensely than mere strangers. Adversely, families also love more intensely than mere strangers. That intensity makes me realize, Jaejoong, that you occasionally need a breathing space. Hard work is countered by hard play. However, because I understand your personality type, I realize that you are driven to serve and give, even to the detriment of your own body and spirit. I have lived here for many years but I have now learned to stop occasionally and see to my own needs. I cannot be there for others if I am totally consumed and neither can you. I was happy to read that you take breaks in between projects–this will strengthen you for the next one.

I don’t believe that we are seeing a new you, Jae. I believe that we are finally seeing as much of the real you as you can safely give. I thank you for your honesty and integrity and pray that this will be the best year yet. I believe that you are aware of the great influence and responsibility that you have as a public person and I can envision great things for you in the future. Right now though, I am looking forward to receiving my copy of “Mine’.      🙂  

Have a Wonderful Birthday, Jae.

Love, Momma Cha

Picture credit: JYJ Facebook

Narrative Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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Editors Note: Whew! Is it Really Over?

While in the process of rejoicing over the resolution of JYJ’s lawsuit with SM, I think the fact that they still needed to find closure with Avex got downplayed a little? To be honest, I completely forgot that they were also in litigation with Avex over the charity concerts. Sorry Boys, no neglect intended 🙂

    I am so happy that this is also resolved. Our Guys deserve opportunities to go to Japan and to be able to perform there. Hopefully, this will release the iron band that still seems to surround JYJ. Just a word to the wise–use your freedom to create good products and good memories. Sometimes in the giddiness of freedom after a long imprisonment there is a tendency to want to fly as high as possible. Please take it slow and make it meaningful for us all.

    Japan has a lot of memories good and bad for Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, but I believe the good predominates. What’s also important is the fact that the Japanese fans have not ceased in their ardor for DBSK or JYJ. The Boys will be welcome.

Addendum: It seems as if Avex is filing an appeal of today’s court decision. Par for the course.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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