[TRANS] 130118 JYJ “Win Their Lawsuit Against AVEX” – Guaranteed Freedom In Their Japanese Activities

[TRANS] 130118 JYJ “Win Their Lawsuit Against AVEX” – Guaranteed Freedom In Their Japanese Activities


It has been found that JYJ have won their exclusive contract invalidity lawsuit against Japan’s biggest music management agency ‘AVEX’.

A representative of JYJ’s management agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “At around 2pm, our Japanese legal representative gave us a short call to inform to us that we won the lawsuit,” and “They have stated that they will send us the detailed verdict and content of the lawsuit, so we will wait for that.”

JYJ’s fans are already busy sending their congratulations online. The rumor of, “The Courts made the verdict that Avex must pay JYJ 600 million Yen and can no longer block any future JYJ activities,” is spreading fast amongst fans. Regarding this, C-JeS stated, “We can’t confirm anything until we receive the full verdict.”

JYJ, who had also been locked in a legal battle with SM, signed an exclusive management contract with AVEX in February, 2010 for their Japanese activities. However, AVEX changed their attitudes completely in September, 2010 and conflict emerged between the two sides. AVEX suddenly began taking up an issue with the controversies surrounding JYJ’s representatives and announced that they would stop all activities. In October, they joined hands with SM Entertainment’s singers such as TVXQ and Super Junior and began supporting their activities.

JYJ and AVEX’s legal battle began in the early months of 2011. JYJ planned their own Japanese concert in Saitama, Japan as AVEX was no longer following through with their exclusive contract, but AVEX blocked the concert in a variety of ways.

In April, JYJ filed an activity hindrance prohibition injunction, as well as an exclusive contract invalidity lawsuit, and have been waiting for a verdict.

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Editors Note: Whew! Is it Really Over?

While in the process of rejoicing over the resolution of JYJ’s lawsuit with SM, I think the fact that they still needed to find closure with Avex got downplayed a little? To be honest, I completely forgot that they were also in litigation with Avex over the charity concerts. Sorry Boys, no neglect intended 🙂

    I am so happy that this is also resolved. Our Guys deserve opportunities to go to Japan and to be able to perform there. Hopefully, this will release the iron band that still seems to surround JYJ. Just a word to the wise–use your freedom to create good products and good memories. Sometimes in the giddiness of freedom after a long imprisonment there is a tendency to want to fly as high as possible. Please take it slow and make it meaningful for us all.

    Japan has a lot of memories good and bad for Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, but I believe the good predominates. What’s also important is the fact that the Japanese fans have not ceased in their ardor for DBSK or JYJ. The Boys will be welcome.

Addendum: It seems as if Avex is filing an appeal of today’s court decision. Par for the course.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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[TRANS] 120918 SM vs JYJ, Negotiations Break Down Once More… Will The Lawsuit Be Extended Yet Again?

[TRANS] 120918 SM vs JYJ, Negotiations Break Down Once More… Will The Lawsuit Be Extended Yet Again?

SM Entertainment and JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) have once again failed to reach an agreement as they battle over TVXQ’s exclusive contract.

An arbitration session for JYJ’s exclusive contract lawsuit was held at the Seoul District Courts at 5pm on the 18th of September in room 579. This session had been scheduled by the judge’s orders though the final verdict had been scheduled to be made on the 13th.

So that the two sides could end the dispute with an agreement, the judge called in SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min and each side’s lawyers for an arbitration session that lasted around an hour. However, it ended in failure with both sides doing nothing but reaffirm the differences in their positions.

JYJ’s lawyer met with Star News after exiting the building and confirmed that the arbitration had failed by stating, “There were no results.” The lawyer added, “We did nothing but state our opinions and reaffirm our stances,” and “The differences in the two sides’ stances haven’t changed.”

It is said that the judging panel urged the two sides to come to an agreement during the session. The next court date has not been set, and the verdict has been postponed indefinitely. The reasoning was to give the two sides enough time to discuss and settle the dispute. This has made it almost impossible to determine when this lawsuit, which began three years ago in 2009, will finally come to an end.

SM Entertainment and JYJ’s lawyers have met several times since May, 2011 to come to an agreement and settle the issue. However, the final arbitration session of 2011 ended in failure, causing the case to be brought back to court. Though both sides gave their final pleas in May of this year, a clear difference in their stances could be seen. A final verdict was to be made this month but another arbitration session was held as the courts wish for both sides to end this dispute in an agreement.

(omitted recap of everything that’s happened till now)

Source: [Star News]

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CEO of SM Entertainment Youngmin Kim Charged by…

CEO of SM Entertainment, Youngmin Kim, Charged by the Prosecutor’s Office
김시현 기자 shyun@chosun.com
March 09, 2010

서울강남경찰서는 9일 화장품업체 W사가 인기 아이돌 그룹 동방신기 소속 기획사인 SM엔터테인먼트를 명예훼손과 업무방해 혐의로 고소한 사건과 관련, SM엔터테인먼트 김영민(40) 대표를 불구속 기소 의견으로 검찰에 송치했다고 밝혔다.

The Seoul Police, Kangnam Division, revealed on the 9th that it had sent an indictment on the CEO of SM Entertainment, Youngmin Kim (40), to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the lawsuit that the cosmetics company ‘W’ has filed against SM Entertainment for defamation and obstruction of business.

김 대표는 지난해 동방신기 멤버인 영웅재중, 믹키유천, 시아준수가 그룹을 탈퇴하고 SM엔터테인먼트측을 상대로 전속계약을 끝내달라는 소송을 내자 “동방신기 멤버들의 소송은 화장품업체에 투자해 이익을 얻을 욕심 때문이었다”고 말해 W사에 의해 두 차례 고소당했다.

Ever since the three members of TVXQ—Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu—filed suit against SM Entertainment for the annulment of their long-term exclusive contract with the entertainment management company, Kim has declared, “The reason why the three members of TVXQ filed this lawsuit was to satisfy their greed for money after investing in a cosmetics company”. For these words, Kim was indicted already twice.

W 사측은 고소장에서 “김 대표가 우리회사에게 동방신기 세 멤버의 그룹 탈퇴 책임을 떠넘겨 회사 이미지에 타격을 받았다”며 “SM엔터테인먼트가 우리 회사 중국 대리점에 ‘민•형사상 제소를 하겠다’는 내용증명을 보내 보증금 반환 사태도 벌어졌다”고 밝혔다.

The representatives of ‘W’ state, “The CEO Kim is attempting transfer all responsibility and blame for the departure of the three members of TVXQ on us and this has consequently gravely damaged our corporate image”. They also added, “SM Entertainment publicly threatened our operations in China with a civil or criminal lawsuit, which has incurred further damages and led to the loss of our security deposit.”

경찰은 “동방신기 세 멤버는 장기 전속계약을 끝내달라고 소송을 낸 것이지 화장품업체 투자와는 무관하다”고 판단했다. 지난해 10월 법원은 동방신기 세 멤버가 SM엔터테인먼트를 상대로 낸 전속계약 효력정지 가처분신청을 일부 받아들였다.

이에 대해 SM 엔터테인먼트는 “우리는 이 문제로 W사 이름을 밝힌 적이 없으므로 명예훼손도 없었다”고 말했다.

The police already concluded that “the three members of TVXQ filed the lawsuit against [SM Entertainment] in order to have their long-term exclusive contract with their management company declared invalid; their legal proceedings have noghitng to do with their investment in a cosmetics company.” In October of last year, the Court upheld the preliminary injunction submitted by the three members of TVXQ to have the effects of their exclusive contract nullified during the duration of the lawsuit. SM Entertainment continues to affirm, “we have never mentioned the name ‘W’ in relation to this problem and have thus never commited defamation.”

Source: http://www.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/03/09/2010030901479.html
Translation by: leperenands
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News: 110429 JYJ Sues Japanese Agency Over Cancellation of Concert

WHEN you are dealing with human rights issues, they cannot be resolved quickly unless either mutual respect on both sides leads to early resolution, or a timely process is employed to resolve the issues. In the case of JYJ against the established entertainment cartel, this is going to be a long, drawn-out process. I anticipated this was going to happen so I have always cautioned that the process was just beginning. Those of us who truly love our mancubs, not their bodies only, or their music only, but love their spirits, souls, and personalities will have to hold in and continue to pray for resolution that benefits the common good. I believe that Avex has been using JYJ and other artists to solve their money issues and to fufill their corporate goals with disregard for the artist’s human rights, as has SM and all of the United Management Companies, et al.. Artists are so much more than talent and box office appeal–they are human beings with desires and hopes of their own. It can be hard to work for years toward someone else’s dream. I have lived this. IN this particular case the disregard also extends to the people in need in Japan.

Let’s keep loving and supporting not SM, not Avex, not even C-Jes–just our guys wherever they feel the most comfortable. Love you, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. Momma Cha

News: 110429 JYJ sues Japanese agency over cancellation of concert JYJ has filed a lawsuit in Japan against their management company AVEX Entertainment for interfering with their attempt to hold a charity concert.

JYJ, a boyband formed by former TVXQ members Kim Jae-joong, Kim Jun-su, and Park Yoo-chun after they filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for unjust contract, had planned a charity concert to aid earthquake-affected areas in Japan. However, the concert’s venues have canceled their contracts with JYJ after AVEX allegedly pressured them.

(From left to right) JYJ’s Kim Jun-su, Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun talk to Thai fans during their Bangkok Concert on April 3. (Yonhap News)

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment and the concert organizer ZAK Corporation have filed two provisional dispositions against AVEX with the Tokyo District Court.

AVEX released an official statement, in which they do not deny the action. “Our company holds the exclusive rights for JYJ’s activities in Japan, and we have just taken actions against the infringement rightfully and properly,” AVEX said. They also claimed that they have received blackmails and threats due to the matter.

AVEX signed a contract with three members of JYJ in early 2010 after JYJ filed the lawsuit with SM Entertainment. A few months later, AVEX announced the “suspension of activities” of three members, arguing JYJ should refrain from promoting in Japan while legal proceedings against SM Entertainment were under way in Korea.

This “suspension of activities” has kept JYJ from conducting any promotional activities in Japan. Even after the suspension, however, AVEX has continued to make profits with products such as DVDs and JYJ footage.

Due to their ongoing lawsuit with their management company, JYJ has had difficulties in their activities in Korea as well. They have released an album, held concerts globally, and acted in dramas and musicals, but have had trouble getting airtime on television entertainment shows.

Another pop group, KARA, who also had three members embroiled in a dispute with their management company DSP for nearly 3 months, recently announced they have resolved the disagreement and will continue their career with DSP.

By Joo Hye-Mi (hyemijoo@gmail.com)

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Hi Everyone. Sorry for the delay. The Fl…

Hi Everyone.

Sorry for the delay. The Flu struck my household on the weekend and we are in recovery. Nuclear family first.
Now, on to what is happening within our beloved extended family. This news concerning the January 18th, 3pm hearing between SM and JYJ. is courtesy of Newsis via Nate; Credit: allkpop.

‘The ongoing lawsuit between the members of JYJ and SM Entertainment has been delayed.

The 47th Seoul Central District Court held the third trial on January 18th at 3 PM, but due to the difference in opinions with both sides being unable to meet a compromise, the court decided for an additional hearing to be held on March 15th at 2 PM with one employee from SM as a witness.

JYJ’s lawyers requested a quick announcement by the justice department by asking, “The promotional period of singers is short, so please give a quick judgment on at least the validity of their exclusive contracts.”

SM Entertainment’s lawyers retorted to JYJ’s lawyers by asking for a judgment to be made including all of the issues that are being disputed.

The justice department responded, “There’s a necessity in further discussing the legal problems before a portion of the announcement is made. There is plenty of time until the next appointed date of March 15th, so we ask for both sides to cooperate and investigate further evidence.” ‘

Source: Newsis via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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So, here we have more delay until March 15th, my husband’s birthday. I’ll have to stay very aware that I do not miss this important date while birthday celebrating. I pray that we will all be celebrating an end to this traumatic lawsuit that the verdict will result in benefiting the one’s we love best. JYJCY. I wonder which poor soul has been chosen by SM to bear the burden of being on the stand. Shame on you SM. As if anyone you employ really has a choice as to testifying and to voicing their own opinion. Shame 100 times. In my opinion –there is no credibility when you live in the taskmaster’s house.

 Momma Cha