[TRANS] 121002 Scene From Tohoshinki’s Changmin’s Movie Debut In Japan Revealed!

[TRANS] 121002 Scene From Tohoshinki’s Changmin’s Movie Debut In Japan Revealed!

A scene from the movie “Fly With The Gold”, starring Tsumabuki Satoshi, Asano Tadanobu, Kiritani Kenta, Mizobata Junpei and Tohoshinki’s Changmin was released on 2 Oct, in commemoration of “Tofu Day”. The scene features Cho Lee Han (played by Changmin) working part-time at a tofu shop.

“Fly With The Gold” is based on the crime-mystery novel by Takamura Kaoru, and depicts the story of 6 men who try to steal 240 billion yen worth of gold bullions from a bank. It stars Tsumabuki, and is directed by director Kazuyuki Izutsu.

In this movie, Changmin plays the role of Cho Lee Han, who appears to be a university exchange student who works part-time at a tofu shop. He is a mysterious figure, who joins the group as a bomb expert, and whom Koda (Tsumabuki) calls “Momo”. The story depicts how the pasts that each of the characters carry with them causes them to influence the process of the burglary in various ways. The character “Momo”, which Changmin plays, is an undercover spy for his country, and carries past which he cannot reveal to the group. He ends up being the target of people who are after his life.

Director Kazuyuki Izutsu explained that Changmin had been decided for the role of Momo because they “wanted a fresh and real casting”. As it is his first appearance in a Japanese movie, we anticipate the new side of him that will be shown under the guidance of director Kazuyuki Izutsu.

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[Pictures] Jaejoong and Junsu in ASTA TV August Issue

[Pic] Jaejoong and Junsu in ASTA TV August Issue

Asta TV Thailand

The magazine mentioned about XIA TIME hand banner project



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[News] 120113 JYJ is reported in Chicago Sun-Times For The First Time As Korean Singers

[News] 120113 JYJ is reported in Chicago Sun-Times for the first time as Korean singers

Group JYJ was recently reported in Chicago Sun-Times for the first time as a Korean singer.

On January 9 (Local time), the newspaper reported on JYJ and Kanye West and said that they previously worked together.

Kanye West drew a lot of attention because he was featured in JYJ’s song “Ayyy Girl” from their worldwide album The Beginning.

JYJ was also reported in the British newspaper Guardian on December 29 of last year. The said, “Kanye West recently worked with K-pop trio JYJ.”

People responded: “JYJ is the best.” “JYJ is going into the world.” “JYJ is acknowledged more in the world.” “I’m eagerly anticipating their next album.”

source: TV Report
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Translation 111031 JYJ Spearhead The Opening Act Of Their European Debut With K-Pop

[TRANS] 111031 JYJ Spearhead The Opening Act Of Their European Debut With K-Pop

 At their first solo concert in Spain, JYJ captivated their European fans with their musical performances. This became JYJ’s small but meaningful and fruitful opening act of their European debut.

On the 29th at 9:15 (Spanish time), JYJ held the ‘JYJ EUROPEAN TOUR CONCERT 2011′, a two-hour extravaganza featuring numbers from the group’s worldwide album and Korean album ‘In Heaven’, at Barcelona’s POBLE ESPANYOL.

Regardless of the chilly weather, JYJ donned short-sleeved t-shirts and repaid the 3,000 or so audience members with a satisfactory performance. The fans cheered and made sure they didn’t miss a single moment till the end of the concert.

Also, JYJ seemed to passionately throw their hearts and soul more fully into this performance than usual, as if they were taking into consideration the fact that the acoustics weren’t great because of the fact that it was an outdoor performance.

JYJ’s concert began 15 minutes later than it was supposed to. When JYJ appeared in white suits amidst a cloud of thick smoke, the fans began screaming and shouting.

JYJ began singing ‘Empty’ as their opening number and their fans followed along. Dancing in sync with their Spanish dancers, JYJ completed their performance of ‘Empty’.

JYJ gave a short greeting in Spanish. They then promised in Korean, “We’ve kept our promise with our fans. We’ll work hard to create a great performance. We’ll create lots of opportunities for you all to see JYJ often.”

JYJ then sang ‘Pierrot’, ‘Ayyy Girl’, and ‘Be My Girl’ to get the audience even more pumped up. As it was a performance without any special guests, videos and songs of JYJ would play when JYJ left the stage to change outfits.

After changing from white to black suits, JYJ sang ‘I Love You’ from their ‘The Beginning’ album. While singing ‘I Love You’, Junsu showcased his dancing skills with the Spanish dancers.

The individual performances stood out as well.

Jaejoong sang ‘I’ll Protect You’ from the drama ‘Protect the Boss’. Junsu sang a rendition of ‘You are so beautiful’, which was used as the theme song of ‘Scent of a Woman’, while Yoochun sang ‘Found You’ from ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, which he also starred in as the main character.

Though JYJ are not fluent in Spanish, they didn’t forget to say ‘Gracias (Thank you)’ to their fans after every song.

JYJ’s volubility was still kicking. When Junsu asked the other members if they knew any Spanish words, Yoochun sang, “Besame Mucho(Kiss me).” Hearing this, Jaejoong said, “Te quiero (I love you),” while Junsu spoke for the team as he said, “Os queremos (We love you).”

Not willing to lose in this battle, Yoochun said, “Besame te quiero” and had the 3,000 audience members laughing and cheering.

The stages that followed were extravagant. JYJ sang a medley of ‘I.D.S’ and ‘Be the One’ with lasers for special effects.

When they sang ‘Nine’ and ‘Mission’, JYJ changed outfits again and made sure to give their fans as much fan service as they could.

JYJ said, “If we’re able to come back to Spain again, we’ll work hard to provide a better performance than today’s. Please keep loving JYJ.”

Singing ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’ as their encore numbers, JYJ completed their jam-packed, two-hour concert. The fans found it hard to leave the venue as they stood, wanting more. JYJ ran back on to perform the remix version of ‘Empty’ to thank their fans for waiting in tents two days before the concert to see JYJ.

Source: [TV Report]

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News 111001 What Made “Protect the Boss” So Popular With Viewers?

[News] 111001 What made ‘Protect The Boss’ so popular with viewers?

SBS‘s ’Protect the Boss‘ seemed to come out of nowhere with its strong popularity, and many viewers who had no expectations were ultimately surprised by its quality content. But what made this drama stand out from the rest?

‘Protect The Boss’ was a feel-good drama that didn’t have any negative elements of an affair or a broken family; it also lacked a character that you loved to hate. The way that the characters caused problems in the story were endearing in their own way, and when the characters plotted against each other, the situation turned out pretty comical in the end.

For example, there was potential for ‘Cha Ji Hun’ (Ji Sung)’s ex-lover ‘Seo Na Yoon’ (Wang Ji Hye) and ‘Noh Eunsul’ (Choi Kang Hee) to get into a messy rivalry over Cha Ji Hun. But the two didn’t try to make each other’s lives miserable, and they become close friends.

Meanwhile, Cha Ji Hun and ‘Cha Moo Won’ (JYJ‘s Jaejoong) were rivals for a long time; instead of competing intensely against one other, the two fought like grade-school students. They would say things like, “I really don’t like him“, and get into scraps with one another that made the audience laugh. In reality, the two seemed like childhood friends rather than enemies.

‘Protect the Boss’ broke the mold of traditional Korean dramas, as the audience was able to relate with the more “average” and down-to-earth characters. Those who appeared to be the “bad” guy in the story actually wasn’t some horrible, irrational demon come-to-life; in the end, they were individuals who made some bad decisions, but ultimately sought happiness. The fact that these characters were relatable made the audience fall in love with the drama.

But the characters weren’t the only aspect that helped ‘Protect The Boss’ gain popularity. The main issue in the storyline didn’t lie with the characters’ conflicts with one another — it was in trying to disprove the stereotypes of being rich.

For example, Cha Ji Hun has a panic disorder, and although he is the boss, he cared very little about his job. He became a better man after meeting Noh Eunsul, but still had no ambition to take his father’s place in his company. He doesn’t want to inherit his father’s wealth, but even so, his colleagues called him mocking names like ‘Papa’s boy’. The story follows the hardships he endures before he could successfully break free from his situation.

‘Protect the Boss’ was comical and funny, and it also deconstructed the stereotypical ‘Cinderella’ story. Devoid of melancholy, excessive love, and senseless hatred, the story simply told of a person’s journey to find happiness in a relatable way.

Source & Image : Newsen
credit: allkpop

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