[TRANS] 140310 Max Changmin – Moon Ga Young, A Behind-The-Scenes Shot Of Their Sweet Mural Date Is Released


A behind-the-scenes photo of TVXQ’s Max Changmin and actress Moon Ga Young’s mural-painting date has been released.

Cable channel Mnet’s ‘MiMi’ is set to air its last episode on the 14th of March.

With its last episode coming up, the drama has released a photo of MiMi (Moon Ga Young) and Minwoo (Max Changmin) enjoying their time together as they paint a mural. The two stars drew the attention of many for perfectly portraying their role as two high school students in love.

The photo comes from the scene where Minwoo apologizes to MiMi by painting her a mural. As the scene that depicted the beautiful and shining first love of young people, it is set to make a reappearance in the 4th episode and have its secrets unravelled.

Meanwhile, the last episode of ‘MiMi’ will air at 11pm on the 14th of March.

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[Preview] Changmin Mnet Drama “MiMi” 8 minute Preview

It’s so great to see Changmin stretching those acting muscles once again. Let’s follow along to see how this drama unfolds…        <3

credit: HeeMin Jung

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[TRANS] 140122 Max Changmin Is Cast As The Leading Role Of The Mnet Drama ‘MiMi’… ‘Transforms Into A Handsome Webtoon Artist’


TVXQ’s Max Changmin has transformed into a webtoon (online cartoon) artist struggling with the scars of his first love.

Mnet announced on the 22nd that Max Changmin has been chosen as the leading role for ‘MiMi’ their upcoming ghost romance drama that has a total of four episodes.

Max Changmin, who has been reaping in great success both as a musician, with ‘Something’ dominating major music shows, and as an entertainer on his variety show, is set to transform into a webtoon artist who holds the pain of his lost first love in his heart.

‘MiMi’ is a drama that depicts the beautiful but sorrowed first love story between two people whose fates have been altered. Max Changmin will play the role of the handsome and popular webtoon artist ‘Minwoo’, who sets out to find his first love once more.

The singer will be playing two roles, one being the present-day Minwoo, a charismatic, 28-year-old webtoon artist who holds on to the pain of a first love he can’t remember, and the other being Minwoo in the past, when he was an 18-year-old high school student.

Minwoo is not only handsome, but he is also a talented and popular webtoon artist. He finds a post-it note on his calendar one day, which leads him to create a new webtoon called ‘December 8th’.

The webtoon becomes immensely popular from the start, but Minwoo begins to feel the pressure of his work, developing strange headaches. He then decides to search out his first love from ten years ago.

Max Changmin said, “It wasn’t easy to act out two versions of the same person as they have such different memories and emotions, but I’m enjoying the process,” and “Because the story revolves around the theme of one’s first love, something everyone can relate to, I hope a lot of people tune in to watch.”

Mnet’s ‘MiMi’ will begin airing at 11pm on the 21st of February and will air every Friday for four weeks.

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[TRANS] 140120 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, January 20th to 5:59am KST, January 21st.

(Junsu, 12:08pm KST, Twitter) Oh.. When I met Mayor Park Won Soon in my waiting room yesterday.. there was someone with him who introduced me to him and they said, ‘This is JYJ’s Junsu, and his fanclub is famous for being the most well-mannered and thoughtful fanclub in Korea’.. I was so proud and happy to hear them say this. Yes.. That’s what stuck with me the most.

(12:19pm KST, LINE) [Official] [WWW Removing One’s Makeup], Kim Jaejoong’s repackaged album, was released at noon^^ Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice! , a warm duet that will melt the icy winter, check it out right now^^
Melon http://goo.gl/upx0H1
Bugs http://goo.gl/m9kVla
Naver Music http://goo.gl/Rq4EJN
Daum Music http://goo.gl/vo93Gf
Mnet http://goo.gl/BWoZLu

(Junsu, 12:39pm KST, Twitter) Oooooooh~~ ‘Heaven’ is great! Jaejoong, wow! Makeup.. reminds me of the streets of Hong Kong on a rainy night.. My tears, please don’t fall.. Don’t get further than my heart.

(4:03pm KST, LINE) [Official] Kim Jaejoong’s repackaged album can now be found on iTunes^^ http://me2.do/x9TouAtB

Source: [Junsu’s Twitter + JYJ LINE]

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[TRANS] 140110 ‘Rain Effect’ Rain Reveals His New Year’s Text Message Exchange With Kim Jaejoong


During ‘Rain Impact’, Rain talked about his New Year’s text message exchange with JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu)’s Kim Jaejoong.

The episode of Mnet’s ‘Rain Impact’ that aired on the 9th showed Rain headed to Singapore for his end-of-the-year concert. This was when Kim Jaejoong contacted the singer to wish him a Happy New Year.

Rain said that Kim Jaejoong sent him a text that read, “Hyung, Happy New Year~ Hope luck comes your way this year!” Rain replied by saying, “Happy New Year to you too. I hope this year turns out to be amazing for both of us.”

When Kim Jaejoong asked if Rain was out working already, Rain showed off his generosity by saying, “I have to earn a lot of money to buy you something~!!”

Kim Jaejoong jokingly replied, “Hyung.. Don’t just give me empty words. Actually buy me things,” to which Rain said, “You earn a lot of money. Isn’t it time for you to buy me something?”

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Translation: 120510 Explosion of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Ballad “Hate Love”

[Trans] 120510 Explosion Anticipation of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Ballad ‘Hate Love’‏ [aka I Don’t Like Love]

JYJ member Kim Junsu’s ballad ‘Hate Love’ in his first solo album will be released on the 0000hr of 11th.

First appearing in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, this song is a slow-tempo ballad. A creation from the composer of drama ‘Secret Garden’s OST ‘That Woman’, this collaboration of melancholy lyrics with the gentle rythmn, together with Kim Junsu’s voice, has thus given birth to a classic tune.

In the broadcast of the 15th episode of ‘Rooftop Prince’ on the 9th, the song ‘Hate Love’ appeared again. When Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) and Park Ha (Han Ji Min) were having a fireworks date, the song were accompanying the scene of the repeating disappearance-appearance of Lee Gak. It suitably depicts the feelings of Park Ha who don’t wish to lose Lee Gak.

Additionally, after the drama episode ended, there were increase of search results for Kim Junsu and Rooftop Prince OST, thus creating discussion topics.

Representative company expressed that, “The MV teaser for ‘Tarantallegra’ of Kim Junsu’s solo album and the ballad title song ‘Hate Love’ have already been highlighted. The official release of the solo album on the 15th is also being anticipated.”

The ballad title ‘Hate Love’ off Kim Junsu’s first solo album will be released tonight (midnight) through Melon, BUGS, Mnet, Dosirak, Soribada etc.

credit: park0604 +Asia Today
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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NEWS 110812 TVXQ Makes A Visit To Support Super Juniors Comeback

[News] 110812 TVXQ makes a visit to support Super Junior’s comeback

On August 12th, Yesung shared a photo of the Super Junior members with TVXQ and expressed his gratitude for their support.

Through his Twitter, the singer wrote, “Today, our cool dongsengs TVXQ came over to support us. Loyalty is the best in SM Family!”

Standing together in a line, it’s definitely a picture that will stop fans’ hearts with its sheer level of suaveness. Netizens commented, “SuJu and TVXQ are the best”, “Amazing friendship”, and “They’re all so handsome!”

Super Junior made their comeback earlier this month and took home their first cable win on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ yesterday.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
credit: allkpop

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