[TRANS] 120104 JYJ, Fugitives Of K-Pop Who Refused To Be ‘Slaves’, What Will Their Fate Be…

[TRANS] 120104 JYJ, Fugitives Of K-Pop Who Refused To Be ‘Slaves’, What Will Their Fate Be…

Written by melodiamuse

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[Lee Dong Yeon’s K-pop Odyssey] K-pop’s Amazing Fandom
 -Written by Professor Lee Dong Yeon Of the Korea National University of Arts

A K-pop craze is at its peak these days. In cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, even Paris, London and New York, K-pop is rising as a global pop genre. Broadcasting programs and internet media are raving that K-pop has become a global icon that showcases the cultural superiority of Korea to the world. But how much do we really know about K-pop? In what conditions did K-pop emerge into the limelight of global pop? How is K-pop music made, and how is it consumed? Is K-pop sustainable?

The K-pop we know isn’t real K-pop. This is because K-pop only deals with music from idols. It is also because the outside and inside of K-pop are cut off from each other. It is because international K-pop fans and domestic music fans see K-pop from different perspectives. K-pop is like Samsung, that has become a global corporation through its non-union myth. Though the idol groups have become global stars by working hard, the outlet for them to talk about their own troubles and pains has been blocked. Like Samsung, the global corporation without a union, K-pop is a global pop genre with no freedom and unlimited competition.

Though it’s true that there exists a global craze for K-pop, it’s been exaggerated by the media. Why is that? It’s because the media has a collusive relationship with entertainment production companies. More than 20 Korean press companies came together to cover the SM Town Live in LA concert in 2010. Of course, all expenses were paid for by SM. The day after the performance, a flood of articles praising K-pop came from the reporters who enjoyed the concert for free, and thanks to this, the stocks of Lee Soo Man, SM’s largest shareholder, shot up by 6 billion Won in the blink of an eye. Lee Soo Man’s stocks currently are valued at over 200 billion Won while Yang Hyeon Seok’s stocks from YG Entertainment, which went public last year, are valued at over 140 billion Won. The Korea Tourist Service, Inc. funded SM with 300 million Won for the 2011 SM Town Live in Paris concerts. K-pop has dominated the domestic market and has set its sights on the world with highly concentrated aid from the media and the government.

K-pop is a universal phenomenon, created by global fans who like music from idols in their teens to their 20s. It’s become a global sensation, not because it’s recognized for its musical talent, but more because it’s filling the gap left by idol pop of the past in the global music market. K-pop music creates unusual music by taking into consideration the trends of American pop and incorporating great dance moves, and an ironic situation has come about where third-party music markets are now imitating K-pop in return.

Professor Lee Dong Yeon of the Korea National University of Arts, who has played a big role in the creation of the Korea Pop Music Awards and has approached Korea’s pop music in a serious perspective through works such as ‘Idol’, has begun a series to explain K-pop. This series plans to delve into the secrets behind the ins and outs, the music and its industrial nature, and the creation and consumption of K-pop. This 10 part series will greet readers on a weekly basis and the first topic is JYJ, the perfect representation of the present state of K-pop.

▲JYJ made the problematic practices behind Korean idols’ contracts, which have even been compared to ‘slavery’, an issue in society once more.

JYJ are Exiled

JYJ are outcast of K-pop, fugitives. They are the Homo Sacer of K-pop, scared fugitives. According to Roman Law, Homo Sacer refers to a person who has been exiled, killed by someone, or erased from society and has his citizen rights taken away. But JYJ are neither political fugitives nor social rejects. We can’t make the conclusion that JYJ are as misfortunate as the lonely and worn out political refugees since they are still top stars in K-pop who have a large fandom. But they have the characteristics of exiled refugees and fugitives as they are unable to do what they wish in their own country.

JYJ are currently unable to appear on broadcasted programs like most celebrities. The only broadcasted program they’ve been in as a group was the airing of their congratulatory performance at the Daegu IAAF World Championships in September, 2011. Since leaving TVXQ two years ago, they have released official albums and sold many of them both domestically and internationally, but they have not received a single award at any domestic music awards ceremonies. Considering the fact that their first two albums ‘The Beginning’ and ‘In Heaven’ have each sold over 350,000 copies regardless of the deteriorating state of the album market, it’s almost impossible to understand why they have not even been named in nominee lists for Korea’s music awards ceremonies. Looking back on the fact that JYJ were named honorary ambassadors of the ‘Jeju 7 Wonders of the Natural World Nomination’ but had their performance cancelled for doubtful reasons, and the fact that their scheduled appearance on KBS ‘Music Bank’ never happened, we can come to the conclusion that there is either someone who is systematically hindering their activities or a large-scale interest group that has been working together to silence JYJ.

JYJ’s fans state that the people behind this hindrance is SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former agency. This is because they firmly believe that the only group of people capable of putting a stop to JYJ’s domestic broadcasted activities are SM Entertainment, who have been dissatisfied with the trio’s actions from the start. JYJ publicly exposed the unclear income division and unlawful nature of their contract with SM, and put the entertainment agency, that had been doing so well, in a bind. JYJ’s fans believe that SM is hindering JYJ’s activities as much as possible to exemplify what becomes of those who betray them, and to plant a sense of silent obedience in the minds of the idol groups currently in SM. It’s a plot that seems to have come straight from the life of a gangster. Even if a fatal blow was struck on TVXQ, the agency’s greatest idol group, and their activities, SM seems to have come to the conclusion that they can use their production power and authority to raise their current trainees, who are counting the days till they make their own debuts, to TVXQ’s high position. To SM, TVXQ are the filial sons who showed everyone the might of the company’s entertainment production power, but they are also the concubine’s child, who can be discarded at any moment.

SM’s Erroneous Judgment

There are two reasons why SM believed that they could incapacitate JYJ by putting a break on the group’s activities. One is that SM believes that, as the most powerful idol group production company of K-pop,  they will be able to affect JYJ’s broadcasted activities. Due to the nature of Korean pop culture, it is impossible to be a hit in the industry without any broadcasted activities. The role that SM idol groups have in cable and major broadcasted channels is one of great power and presence. More members from these groups appear as regulars on music programs, variety shows and radio programs than members from any other idol group from any other entertainment agency. Even if direct pressure isn’t being applied by SM, broadcasting companies can’t help but tread on glass as SM is home to many of their programs’ regulars, and they can’t properly consider allowing JYJ to appear on their programs without SM’s tacit approval.The only reason why JYJ were able to appear on KBS during the closing ceremony of the ’2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships’ was because the program wasn’t under the entertainment sector. Though the broadcasting companies claim that they can’t allow JYJ to appear on their shows because of their lawsuit with SM, this argument has lost its persuasive power as the Courts have already laid down the verdict that SM’s exclusive contract with TVXQ was unlawful. Also, it has been reported that the Fair Trade Commission received a petition stating that SM was hindering JYJ’s activities, and is currently preparing to impose hundreds of millions of Won in fines as they have found proof of these hindrances through an investigation.

The second reason is that SM probably came to the conclusion that JYJ would not be able to secure a proper management system that levels up to the one they had as TVXQ. To be popular both domestically and internationally, idol groups require, not only talent, but a systematic management system that will take care of them. Idol groups require a large staff for music production, choreography, wardrobe choice and scheduling. SM seemed to have believed that in a sitaution where broadcasted activities were difficult to obtain, it would be close to impossible for JYJ to succeed without a powerful support system from an agency, even though they were former members of TVXQ.

But the strange thing is that JYJ are on a winning streak. Ironically, the two-member TVXQ, who are receiving full support from SM, are less active than JYJ. Even fans of the former TVXQ are fully behind JYJ’s activities and cause. When comparing the sell-out rate of concerts, popularity of showcases, album sales, activities as CF models and internet search rankings, it can be concluded that three-member JYJ are much more successful than the two-member TVXQ. Why is this happening?

▲Chairman Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment is the representative icon of the Korean idol pop, or K-pop, success story. He is also the representative icon of idol stars’ slave contracts. 

The Definition of the Fandom

The most important factor that SM has overlooked since TVXQ’s unlawful contract controversy began was the power of fandoms. It seems as though SM believed that there would to little to no unrest within the fandom if they kept the group going under the name ‘TVXQ’, even without the three members who left. They believed that as long as they kept the name of TVXQ alive, the fans would continue to cheer at and support the name. But their predictions were off. The majority of TVXQ’s fandom began supporting JYJ’s activities. What was important to the fans was not the name itself, but what defined TVXQ. With SM distorting the trio’s just cause into greed for an independent business, and with the other two members of TVXQ writing statements that threw the blame on the trio, TVXQ’s fandom moved towards JYJ’s side. JYJ were the definition and truth of what TVXQ had been. Fans believe that though JYJ no longer call themselves TVXQ, they continue to walk down the right path that TVXQ should follow as musicians, only under a new name.

Then what does JYJ’s fandom stand for? The fans strive to be the ones who protect their favorite musicians. It is in this point that fans can be deemed selfish. Fandoms act as exclusive as they can to protect their stars. That is why this fandom wants the separation of their favorite stars and the production company that made those stars who they are now. Though it’s true that stars are able to be active in the industry because of their production companies, the fandom believes that their stars won’t disappear just because they don’t have that production company anymore. To fandoms, production companies are a necessary evil and an inconvenient truth. Though their favorite stars need a powerful production company to succeed, they do not want to see their stars placed under strict control from these companies that have gained power and wealth from the fans’ economic investments. Furthermore, if their favorite stars’ contract is unlawful, if their schedule is suicidal and if they aren’t receiving a fair division of income, production companies can’t help but become a public enemy to the fans. The fandom’s distrust in SM, TVXQ’s production company, dates back many years. With HOT and Shinhwa’s past conflicts with SM over unlawful exclusive contracts in their minds, fans lived in fear that TVXQ could hit a snag at the height of their popularity over their own unlawful contracts.

When that fear became reality, TVXQ’s fandom chose to side with justice over the name itself. They created a base camp to support the three members of TVXQ and declared war on SM. With detailed logic and substantial proof, they explained why TVXQ’s contract was unlawful, why the members weren’t receiving a fair portion of their income and why SM wasn’t revealing the exact profits from TVXQ’s Japanese activities, successfully stirring up positive public sentiment. Also, they submitted petitions declaring that TVXQ’s contract was unlawful to the Fair Trade Commission and when JYJ’s broadcasted activities were blocked, submitted another petition that expressed the fans’ suspicions that SM was behind it. They were not afraid to go from being TVXQ’s fandom to JYJ’s fandom. Also, they collected donations to set up a support campaign for JYJ under the slogan, “We Support Your Youth”. In order to protest against JYJ’s inability to appear on broadcasted programs, they created satirical advertisements such as ‘You want to sing on TV? How dare you?’ and ’101 Ways to Get JYJ on TV’. While JYJ were living as fugitives, their compatriots were forming a new just republic.

The Source of Happiness, Free Will

Then, are JYJ, the fugitives of K-pop, happy? Of course they are. They are happy because of what their fandom stands for. JYJ’s source of happiness can appear to be commercial success on the outside. Since making their official debut in 2010, JYJ have been as successful as they were as TVXQ. They’ve sold at least 1.2 million albums in total with two albums, solo single albums, OST albums and concert albums. They appeared in over ten CFs, which include Lotte Duty Free, and not only have they released photobooks, an essay and DVDs, but all three members have also been appearing in movies, musicals and dramas. Including their live tour in Japan, their 2010 worldwide showcase and their 2011 world tour, they’ve held a total of 33 performances for 550,000 people. They’ve attained more economic wealth than they did as members of TVXQ, and have achieved more fame than the two-member TVXQ.

But the real reason as to why JYJ are happy lies in the fact that they are now in a free environment that puts them in control and allows them to choose their own activities. No longer do they merely wait to be told what to do by their agency, but they have now recovered their free will and are able to choose their own activities, and this is their true source of happiness. JYJ are currently not listed under any agency and are signed an agency contract with C-JeS Entertainment, giving the agency work that is required to keep the group going. Different from their days as TVXQ when they were given their schedules by SM, they have full control of what they will be doing. They now produce their own music and are expressing their wish to be called artistes. They now have the right to make the decisions on things such as holding concerts, performing as a unit and releasing albums, without having to tread on glass or get approval. Though they have become fugitives who have had to give up their nationality as members of TVXQ, they have been granted the right to make their own decisions. They’ve given up their original name and vested rights, but have in turn gained the free will to think and act as they please. Is this not the dream that many K-pop musicians should have?

▲TVXQ once released a song that had nuances of criticism against the members of JYJ.

Reuniting as TVXQ Once More?

TVXQ, who were once praised as the most perfect group in Korea’s idol group history, have now been divided into TVXQ and JYJ. This fateful split that occurred when they were at the top of their game can’t help but be a misfortune and tragedy for fans. Though it would have been best if all five members had left SM and pursued independent activities like Shinhwa, personal interests and misunderstandings got tangled up, leading to the split of the group.

Fans of the former TVXQ and even current fans of JYJ have all probably dreamt of the group’s reunion at least once. Of the two remaining members canceling their contracts, leaving SM and reuniting with the three members as TVXQ, that is. This is because there is little to no chance of JYJ returning to SM because they miss the name ‘TVXQ’. This leads to the question, will the two members of TVXQ be able to leave SM? And will they be able to exercise their power under the name TVXQ once more?

That is most probably impossible. As long as SM doesn’t give up their trademark rights to ‘TVXQ’, it will be impossible for any reunion to happen under the name ‘TVXQ’. There isn’t much of a possibility for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the members of TVXQ who made the decision to stay in SM and have been active till now as a two-member group, to put into action the thoughts they must have had at one time of leaving SM. Even if it was possible, it would be impossible for them to use the name ‘TVXQ’. That leaves only two possible ways for the five members to get back together as TVXQ. The first is to accept the reality of a two-member TVXQ and a three-member JYJ, but to recognize JYJ as members of TVXQ in one’s heart. This means giving the three members of JYJ the actual authority and power behind the name ‘TVXQ’, though they are unable to use the name and though a two-member TVXQ exists under SM. In short, this means accepting the reality that the name and the contents of that name don’t match. In this case, JYJ will still have had to give up their original nationality as members of TVXQ, but will forever live as fugitives who are given a symbolic prestige and authority by fans.

The second way is highly unlikely, but draws the scenario in which the two remaining members of TVXQ leave SM and join JYJ. Even in this case, they will not be able to perform under the name ‘TVXQ’, but they will be able to regain their identity as members of TVXQ. This will be because all five members of TVXQ will have chosen exile together. The name doesn’t really matter. They could end up being JYJYC or YCJYJ. Though there were misunderstandings and hostility in the past, fans probably wish for the second scenario to happen. Even if it means being unable to call the five members TVXQ, and having to call them a new name of exile. As long as they are together, it doesn’t matter.

Source: [Pressian]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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Translation 120106 TVXQ Next Goal is a 5-Dome Tour and a World Tour…

[TRANS] 120106 Tohoshinki, Their Next Goal Is A 5-Dome Tour And A World Tour – Interview With Sanspo
Jan 8, 2012 Written by jugglingtheclouds

It seems like just yesterday when we conducted this interview at a recording office in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. In between their schedules that are packed back-to-back, we (still) got to witness the duo’s hearty laughter.

The single “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” released last January attained 1st place (on the Oricon charts), their new album “TONE” has sold more that 450,000 copies, a highest record so far for the unit. From an Excellence Award in the (Japan) Record Awards, to quickly making an appearance on the Kouhaku (Utagassen), it seems like nothing can stop them.

In order to thank the fans, performances at the Tokyo Dome on 14 and 15 April, 2 years since their last, and their first independent performances at the Kyocera Dome Osaka, on 21 and 22 April, have been decided upon. The tour, which will have 24 performances across 11 cities, and is expected to draw a crowd of apporximately 450,000. It will be the largest-scale (tour) the unit has had thus far.

Yunho: I think the Tokyo Dome performance will be a turning point which will allow us to mature. It’s a place with memories, so we’re happy to be able to stand on that stage again. If the opportunity arises we’d like to do a 5-dome tour. (T/N: The 5 major domes in Japan; Tokyo Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka, Nagoya Dome, Fukuoka Dome and Sapporo Dome)

They also performed in “SM TOWN” in Europe and America, including Paris and New York, and (created) much excitement at the “homegrounds” of entertainment/pop culture.

Changmin: (Seeing fans who) remember our songs made me feel very happy. If the opportunity arises, I’d like to do an overseas tour as well.

Having been 7 years since their debut in Japan, their next goal is?

Yunho: I think it’s important to showcase ourselves not only as Yunho and Changmin of Tohoshinki, but also as actors “Jung Yunho” and “Shim Changmin”. I’d hope for us to show more of our other charms, and to become artists who can bring courage and hope to people. Since this is the year of the dragon, everyone, let’s strive forward and soar like the dragon together with Tohoshinki.

“From Asia to the World.” These humbly spoken words were overflowing with their unwavering confidence.

*(T/N: parts omitted for repetition can be found in the Nikkan Sports Interview)

Source : [Sankei Sports]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 120106 Bigeast Mail “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” Dome Performances Decided

[TRANS] 120106 Bigeast Mail “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~” Dome Performances Decided

Greetings to everyone at Bigeast!

Following the performance and additional performances, the Dome concerts will now be added to the “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~”!

Fanclub preorders and other details and schedules will be posted on the Bigeast site once they have been confirmed, so please wait a while more!

14 April (Saturday) Tokyo Dome
Gates Open/Concert Starts : 16:00/18:00

15 April (Sunday) Tokyo Dome
Gates Open/Concert Starts : 16:00/18:00

21 April (Saturday) Kyocera Dome Osaka
Gates Open/Concert Starts : 16:00/18:00

22 April (Sunday) Kyocera Dome Osaka
Gates Open/Concert Starts : 16:00/18:00
※ Gates Opening/Concert Starting times are subject to change

【Ticket Price】
Premium Seat ¥19,800(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Normal Reserved (With Penlight) ¥9,500(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Seating Reserved (With Penlight) ¥9,500(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Seating Reserved ¥8,500(Tax inclusive)
S Seats – Normal Reserved ¥8,500(Tax inclusive)
※ All Seats except “S Seats – Normal Reserved” can be purchased from a-ticket and the fanclub only

(T/N: Based on a-nation, the “normal” reserved seats are the arena seats, and the “seating” reserved seats are in the stands)

※ Anyone above 3 years of age requires a ticket
※ For the S Seats, children below the age of 3 are allowed to enter. However, if a seat is required, then a ticket must be purchased.
※ The S Seat penlights will be a limited edition penlight that is different from the normal tour goods.

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Trans] 120102 [Special Power Interview 1] TVXQ, “In Order To Guide A Positive Hallyu Wave

[Trans] 120102 [Special Power Interview 1] TVXQ, “In Order To Guide A Positive Hallyu Wave

Hot! When I look at these two guys, I get the feeling that I’m capable of doing anything. The men who shone brighter because they were together, who stand in the spotlight of the world, they are TVXQ. U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who have already reached the eighth anniversary since their debut, are ready to command the world yet again this year.

We met with these two hot/passionate (T/N: The term 뜨겁다 is nowadays used to describe someone who is passionate about their work rather than literally ‘hot’) guys to celebrate the new year. I feel as though this year is going to be a good one.

Last year was quite meaningful for TVXQ in a number of ways. It was the year that they stood on stage as TVXQ once more after a long period of heartache. It’s clear that 2011 was an unforgettable year for both them and their fans.

Yunho: Our comeback performance of ‘Why?’ is the most memorable moment for me. I was even more nervous than usual because it was a stage that allowed us to approach you all for the first time in a while, and I was deeply moved by all our fans who supported us. It made me think about a lot of things. I pledged to work hard, improve as an artiste, and never forget the emotions I felt at that moment.

Changmin: What was most memorable for me was when we stood on stage as TVXQ once more this January. I really wanted to get back on stage and I wanted to give a great performance to the fans who had unchangingly waited for us. I’m happy to have gotten a comeback stage and a chance to meet with our fans again.

TVXQ celebrated their eighth anniversary last year. I’m sure when they look back on their memories, there will be moments that make them want to compliment themselves on surviving so well and  there will be areas in their lives that have changed drastically.

Yunho: It’s a little ambiguous to be saying this about myself, but I think I’ve matured a little more. (laughter) And when I heard that it was our eighth anniversary, I found myself thinking ‘Has it already been eight years?’ We’ve been so busy since our debut that I hadn’t noticed that eight years had passed. I feel as those all those years have made TVXQ the group it is now, and it reminded me of all our past memories.

Changmin: Something that has changed is our appearances…. (laughter) When I see that my looks have matured(?) has I get older year by year, I can feel the passing of time. And I think that my attitude towards work is changing as time continues to pass. Should I say that I approach my work with a more professional attitude? Also, as time passes, my greed for the work I do continues to grow.

It must feel quite unusual for them when they see rookies. Especially since SM Entertainment will be debuted rookie groups EXO-K and EXO-M this year.

Yunho: I saw the teaser video that was recently released and I’ve been watching those guys rehearse. I’ve also given them advice as their senior. Whenever I see rookie groups, I’m reminded of my days as a rookie. Because they’re such talented and hardworking guys, I know they’ll do well and I expect them to keep that attitude with them and improve.

Changmin: I find myself sincerely supporting them as more than just a senior singer from the same agency, not only the new guys who will be debuting soon, but also when SHINee first debuted a few years ago. I hope they receive a lot of love. And I hope they become reliable seniors, more SM senior singers, who can help the juniors who come after them.

But there may be some who are surprised that it has already been eight years since TVXQ made their debut. That reason being that the members good looks and fit bodies haven’t changed since their debut days. If there are people out there who are distressed that they feel as though they look so old though all they’ve done is become a year older, then I’m sure they are curious of TVXQ’s methods of staying young.

Yunho: I don’t really have any special remedies, I just rest properly when I can. It’s important to eat well and enjoy life. Stress makes you depressed and worn out, so I think your mindset is what’s important.

Changmin: I don’t think I’m in the position to say I have any special remedies or secrets. I just try to drink a lot of water. And I try to laugh a lot.

TVXQ are the forerunners of the Hallyu Wave. As the forerunners, I’m sure they’ve felt a difference between what it was like when they first began their overseas activities and what it’s like now. What do they feel has changed over the years as people who have experienced the entire process?

Yunho: It feels great to know that there’s a K-POP boom going on these days and that the artistes as showcasing their individual colors/styles. I think everyone’s working hard with the mindset that they’re representing their country. I’d like to carefully make the prediction that next year will become a time for us all to reap bigger fruits from all our labor. We’ll have to work harder from now on. In our case, when we first made our debut in Japan, we started everything from scratch and thought of ourselves as rookies. I think what’s changed because of the K-POP boom is that other markets have become more friendly and approachable. If we are to continue such positive changes, we’ll all have to make the effort to understand that country’s culture and approach them with more sincerity.

Changmin: “I’m certain that K-pop is being recognized and paid more attention to by more people. Only if we provide music and contents of a higher quality will we be able to live up to the expectations of these people who have taken an interest in us.Therefore, I think all the people who are receiving a lot of love need to work that much harder. I too will also work harder. I’ve said this before, but I think K-POP is receiving much more love and attention than before.”

Currently, their senior BoA is working as a judge for  SBS’ ‘K-Pop Star’. I feel as though TVXQ would be able to make sharp commentary due to their years of experience. I’m curious to know what they would be looking for the most if they were the judges. I don’t even think the applicants would be able to survive the audition if they had such magnificent judges sitting in front of them.

Yunho: I enjoy watching ‘K-Pop Star’, that features our senior, BoA. If I was a judge, I would place my main focus on potential and individuality. Though talent is important, I believe that anyone can improve and get better if they work hard. I believe that as long as someone has potential and individuality, the rest is up to them and how hard they work.

Changmin: I would have to make my judgement based on a collection of areas, but I would focus on talent, star quality and their hard-working attitude.

Source: [SBS Entertainment News via Nate]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] 120102 [Special Power Interview ②] TVXQ, “If We Are Feeling Lonely…”

[Trans] 120102 [Special Power Interview ②] TVXQ, “If We Are Feeling Lonely…”


(T/N: Part 1 will be coming up soon…I’m sorry, this translator is slightly blind in the earlier parts of the day :P )

They have already passed the stage of trying to define each other, and now the presence of the other is just a natural existence.

Being able to chat with the two members of TVXQ, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin is always an enjoyable thing. Always very cool and unreserved when talking about themselves, they are very much like their on-stage personalities, bold and unguarded.

When performing, their sweat is used to fill the stage, and when coming off stage the two youths smile as they return. Their “double-charm” is expected to continue this year.

Although we are familiar already with their on-stage images, how do they spend their time when they don’t have any activities? As expected, they have their own hobbies that they do during their free time.

Yunho : Recently it’s been really cold in winter, and I enjoy snowboarding. I also like watching movies. I like the feeling of peacefulness when watching and enjoying a movie.


Changmin : I like hiking or strolling around, and I like watching movies, musicals and performances.

There seems to be many moments where they would feel alone. Everyone has a different way to overcoming loneliness. When asked about how they overcome loneliness, the two men of TVXQ smiled a little.

Yunho : There are times that I feel lonely. When I’m done with all my schedules and get home, and planning to lie down on my bed, I sometimes get lonely. If I am unable to fall asleep, I read books. I slowly started to like reading, so I’m trying very hard to read lots of books. It seems like it helps me to improve on my flaws, and also allows me to widen my range of thinking.

Changmin :  I’m the kind that gets lonely often. To overcome this, I listen to music and watch funny variety shows to make myself laugh.

Walking together on the same path like this, the two men have spent many precious moments together. To each other, the presence of the other person is more precious than anyone else. And like this, the two men must understand each other quite well.

Yunho : Changmin may be the younger brother, but be it work or on a normal basis, he always has a very calm side. He is the kind of friend who speaks more through actions than words.

Changmin : Yunho is the type who gets things done once he sets his mind on it. He is the type that is exceptionally motivated. I feel that this is his strong point, and something that I should learn. Also, when working, he will always maintain a professional attitude, and this is also another of his good points.

TVXQ’s unique fashion sense is also very famous. Their airport fashion, in particular, is often something that is noticed by the fans. However, their airport fashion gaining too much attention has become a burden.

Yunho : Fashion is one of the ways to express yourself. As a singer, you often show a powerful look on stage, but airport fashion shows a more casual and relaxed side, and is expressed through many styles. The airport fashion may be a burden, but compared to being a conscious dresser, I prefer to dress according to my own opinions, and it’s good that people like it.

Changmin : To me, Fashion is something that creates a character and image, and the way for you to express yourself. Airport fashion is actually quite a burden. (Laughs)

If one were to be able to gain the love of these two cool men, that would be such a great fortune. Let’s take a look at what types these two men like.

Yunho : If we’re judging by appearances, I like girls with long, straight hair and big eyes. In terms of artists, it would be Jeon Ji-hyun, as I have mentioned many times before. I like the type from the movie “My Sassy Girl.”

Changmin : Someone who is like the Japanese actress Takeuchi Yuko would be my preferred type.

In the new year, both men have different goals. This year, aside from Korea which is a given, you will see a TVXQ which is more active on a global scale.

Yunho : I hope to have an even happier and more meaningful year. Just like how we have been working hard in preparation so far, next year I want to be like a dragon and soar to the skies for all matters, and I will work my hardest.

Changmin :  I happen to be born in 1988, which is also the year of the dragon.It would be great if there were many good things that happen this year. Personally, I would like to train myself harder, and it would be good if this is a year in which I can progress.

Every New Year, SBS Entertainment News will see an overhaul. To express our determination, and thanks to the support of the passionate TVXQ, we seem to be off to a great start. We hope that everyone can have a happy New Year together with SBS Entertainment News.

Yunho : We hope that you can deliver news in a great way, especially good news. As this is the year of the dragon, we hope that it is a year which you can soar. I, Yunho will work hard together with SBS Entertainment News, to make it a year where we can bring more smiles to everyone.

Changmin : This new year is the year of the dragon, so it would be great if SBS Entertainment News can soar to the skies like a dragon, and gain a lot of love. From now on, please deliver lots of great news and rich content, we will be supporting you! Fighting!!”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + SBS Entertainment News via Nate]
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120102 [Spazz] “By the way, it is a rhinoceros!!”

[Spazz] “By the way, it is a rhinoceros!!”

Review Test – English Section

If only there were more exams like this~

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[Trans]  111231 Tohoshinski, 2NE1, KARA PERFORM AT JAPAN RECORD AWARDS

 On 30 December at 6.30pm, popular groups Tohoshinki, 2NE1 and KARA appeared at the 53rd Japan Record Awards helf at the Tokyo New National Theatre, showing cool stages.

Broadcast live on TBS TV, Newcomer Award winner 2NE1 performed their hit song “Go Away”.

On this day, among newcomer award winners 2NE1, Super Girls, Ito Miyu and Fairies, Fairies won the best newcomer award.

Following which, excellence award winners Tohoshinki and KARA performed “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” and “Go Go Summer,” presenting  a grand stage.

Among the 10 excellence award winners including Tohoshinki, AKB48, JUJU and others, AKB48 won the top award at the Japan Record Awards.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Yonhap News via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 111231 Bigeast Staff Report: Shine! Japan Record Awards

[TRANS] 111231 Bigeast Staff Report: Shine! Japan Record Awards

Written by TheRarasaurus

Yesterday, on 30 December, (Tohoshinki) participated in TBS’s “Shine! Japan Record Awards”!

After the “Shine! Japan Record Awards” ended, they took a photo to commemorate the event.

Tohoshinki will be appearing in NHK’s “Kouhaku Utagassen” today, finishing up their work for the year. We are really thankful for all the support that has been given to them in 2011! 2012 will also be a great year spent with everyone! Next year, please take care of them as well!!

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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[Pictures] 111230 Homin at Gimpo Airport

[Pic] 111230 Homin at Gimpo Airport

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photo by 抹茶
最后 请记得点击大图 ╭(╯3╰)╮

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[News] 111229 TVXQ’s Yunho Criticized For His Drawing Skills?

[News] 111229 TVXQ’s Yunho Criticized For His Drawing Skills?

Earlier this month, TVXQ traveled to Taiwan to interact with their fans through fan meetings. While the group was in Taiwan, they also went on a few variety and music shows in order to promote their new songs. In particular, the group was interviewed by Calvin Chen, who is a member of Taiwanese idol group Fahrenheit. TVXQ and Fahrenheit once met at a concert in Korea. When the three of them met again this time, they caught everyone’s attention due to the fact that they are all over 180cm tall. This led to staff members from Korea to comment, “You guys can create a new international group!”

During the interview, while Changmin made a strong impression with his singing, Yunho provided the greatest highlight of the show when he attempted to show off his drawing skills. To give back to their fans in Taiwan, Changmin sang a part of “How Can I.” Eventually, he was cut-off by Yunho who wanted Changmin to save the rest of his performance for the fan parties.


On the other hand, Yunho showed off his drawing skills on the show when they were asked to guess the other member’s favorite animal. While he correctly answered Changmin’s favorite animal as dogs, his drawing drew laughter from everyone in attendance. Calvin expressed relief as he was glad that he finally found someone who has no drawing skills just like him, and said that he thought Yunho had drew a camel. When asked whether he likes to draw, Yunho expressed, “I do like drawing, but it seems that no one ever understands what I’ve drawn.”

On another show, Changmin and Yunho also played a game to test whether they think of the same item when given a topic. Even though the host expressed that there is no need to draw, Yunho insisted on drawing, which resulted in laughter from everyone once again with his drawings of snow (mistaken for a mother), Santa (disagreed by everyone besides Changmin), and dragon (mistaken for a worm/snake). Even until the end, Yunho stood by his drawings and claimed that they represent his own style.

Check out the pictures below! What do you think of Yunho’s drawing skills?


Source: Changminson and Yahoo News Taiwan
credit: koreaboo

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[Pic] 111226 KyuHyun Twitter Update

[Pic] 111226 KyuHyun Twitter Update

KyuLine who is spending the last of 2011 together with a year-end party^^ TVXQ & S.J & SHINee & CNBlue, barely finding a time between these 4 groups’ schedules with such difficulty, we managed to meet ㅜ In any case I feel so happy^^

source: GaemGyu
trans by: AllRiseXiahtic

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[Trans] 111226 Person In Focus: Tohoshinki In AERA Magazine Part 2

[Trans] 111226 Person In Focus: Tohoshinki In AERA Magazine


“I want to learn how to cook. But the only thing I’ve ever made for Yunho is ramen.” (Changmin)

This is Changmin, who relieves stress by eating good food. A person who focuses on the basics, Changmin has the qualities of a good chef. Although according to Yunho, Changmin’s ramen seems to be “…”

It’s not just Japan and Korea. In Paris, fans who couldn’t get into the concert started a demonstration, and an extra concert was added. Even till now, they are supported passionately by their fans, with a “Star” presence that hasn’t changed.

They were filled with nervousness during the shoot, but after it was over, Yunho ran up to one of the magazine staff members and said , “You look like Matsujun.”

He said that the staff member looked like Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun. Then, he said to the embarrassed staff member, “Because it’s my hobby to look out for lookalikes,” giving a carefree laugh.

With an overwhelming aura, yet occasionally showing a type of friendliness that makes them feel like they are within you reach. The combination of these two qualities make Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin’s true worth. But there are also points where the two men are in total contrast.

Oblivious of the intense performances on stage, Yunho is full of cute actions. Changmin considers everything one by one and replies politely. For example, they were asked how they was able to answer in Japanese without the use of an interpreter in the midst of such a hard schedule, these were their answers.

“I watch anime, such as ‘Detective Conan,’’One Piece,’ and others.”(Yunho)

“I took the time, and studied everything properly starting from grammar.”(Changmin)

Even the places that they want to go in Japan are different. Yunho chose Hokkaido’s Niseko (T/N: One of Japan’s most famous Ski resort towns). As snowboarding is his hobby, he really wants to go there. Despite the persistent questioning, he said “Who with? Hoho..”and was thrown into a situation.

For Changmin, he searched on the internet for delicious shops that he was interested in and wanted to try going there. But regretfully, it is not so easy to just go to these places. Therefore, he would order from a popular curry shop where you can pick the spiciness of the food. He orders the “10 times”(spiciness level). “It’s good when you eat it while going ‘Hot!’” he said. The perfect style is achieved by maintenance, such as not consuming anything but water after 7pm.

Tohoshinki’s “true self” is a blend of different characters. In the opening of 2012, they will be doing nationwide lives at 9 locations in Japan, and we wonder what kind of blend they will show us.


Dressed in simple, casual T-shirt & jeans, boots and backpacks – the two appeared at the set for the photoshoot in very similar casual clothing. The difference was, Yunho held a book in his hand all the time, and did not put it down even when he went to the toilet. “Recently I like reading books, and my personality is such that once I start reading, I will want to read (the book) all the way to the end. As work keeps me busy, in order to soothe myself, I am reading (some) Korean essays.”

Self-control, that is precisely what has allowed Tohoshinki to achieve success in their works so far. Being able to do that, is Tohoshinki’s strength.

Thoughts That Cannot Be Put Into Words

Yunho, who says it is “unexpectedly embarassing”, has something that he always does before he stands on stage, since debut. That is, to shout “I am amazing”.
“I want to become a king of the stage. I want to show everyone the energy I have.”
He heads towards each stage telling himself that.

January 2011. Restarting activities at the Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, he shouted it all the same. His uneasiness did not disappear, but he said, “I thought (to myself) that given that we had not had activities for about a year, even if only a few fans were left, I had to give it my all”.
However, the number of fans that waited for them was much more than they imagined. ” ‘Thank you’ is all I can say, but there are thoughts that these words cannot express”, said Yunho. Changmin too, held the same thoughts when the duo made their first live appearance. “Since (we were performing again) after a year, I was nervous, as expected.”

Both agreed that what kept them going during the time when their activites were put on hold was the fans. “The messages (that the fans) brought to the management company, of ‘Waiting for (Tohoshinki) to return soon’, allowed us to keep our determination to stand on stage strong. Through these messages, we could feel more tangibly that there were fans who were waiting for our return.” (Changmin)

These feelings of gratitude that could not be put into words are all contained in the album “Tone”, which was released in September. When singing “This is the place to return to” in the song “Weep”, Yunho, who “so far, hasn’t really cried”, says that he was almost brought to tears.

The year since they restarted activities began with a number 1 ranking on the Oricon charts, and (will) end with their appearance in the NHK Kohaku Utagassen for their 3rd time, 2 years since their last appearance. “Kohaku, was a stage we dreamed of since we were new artists. This time, it’s also a conclusion of the wait that everyone has had to go through, so I’m even happier”, said Yunho. Changmin also said, “To be able to stand on a stage as great as Kohaku this soon after we’ve restarted our activites, I truly am thankful.”

From Asia To Europe & America

For the two, who have outstanding talents in singing and dancing, it must not have been easy to achieve new successes while being in a difficult situation. The strong bond that has been forged since their debut was a big strength for them. Perhaps this can be viewed in the same way as the symbolism that “Kizuna (bond)” has due to the Tohoku Great Eathquake.
(T/N: The Japanese people have placed great emphasis on “Kizuna(bond)” as a representation of the bonds between people that will help them tide through tough times.)

Their activities began in Asia, then spread to Europe, and now America.
“I want to allow my singing and performance to mature, as Tohoshinki. I’d also like to grow as a person.” (Yunho)
“In January, the long awaited tour will begin. Everyone, please look forward to it.” (Changmin)

Starting with Yokohama Arena, on 18 Jan 2012, Tohoshinki will soar higher in the upcoming year.

Source : [Yoonhostar + AERA]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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