[News] 140216 C-JeS Entertainment and AVEX come to an agreement on JYJ-related matters


C-JeS Entertainment and AVEX‘s long legal battle has been resolved.


On the 16th, C-JeS Entertainment wrote on their official homepage, “C-JeS (JYJ) and AVEX has agreed to end all the legal battles we have had. C-JeS (JYJ) and AVEX will no longer meddle in each other’s affairs.


Last year in January, AVEX was told to stop asserting their sole management rights for JYJ in Japan, and were told to pay C-JeS Entertainment 660,000,000 JPY (about 6.5 million USD) in damages.


C-JeS said, “After our win last year, AVEX appealed the ruling. In the end, through the Tokyo High Court’s mediation, we were able to settle on an agreement.

C-JeS’ CEO Baek Chang Joo said, “We’re thankful that the Japanese judicial branch gave us the 1st ruling of securing JYJ’s Japanese promotions, and also for them for leading the 2nd agreement. With this, we have finished all fights related to the Japanese promotions. Now that AVEX and JYJ have agreed not to interfere in each others’ business, it means a lot in that JYJ’s Japanese promotions are officially confirmed as being secured legally. We are happy that JYJ’s long legal fight has all finished, and we hope to meet Japanese fans more often and closer through stages.

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[TRANS] 130928 JYJ To Focus On Their Solo Activities This Year… Group Activities Will Recommence In 2014


JYJ will be focusing on their solo activities this year, and will return to their group activities in 2014.

JYJ had initially planned to release a new album in the Summer or Fall of this year, 2 years since their last ‘In Heaven’ album in 2011. However, with the solo activities of each individual member taking flight, they have made the decision to continue as individuals for the time being.

Kim Jaejoong plans to release his first full-length solo album in December and add fuel to the currently blazing album market. He showcased his power as a solo singer when he sold out all 200,000 copies of his first mini album and repackage album early this year. Considering the fact that this will be Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album, he will be featuring his unique take on rock music that is more approachable to the masses. He is currently in the finishing stage of his work.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will be continuing his Asia tour, which he began in July, till the middle of October and will then return to the musical industry in December. With an incomparable popularity in the musical industry, Kim Junsu will be taking on the music of the late singer, Kim Kwang Seok in his fourth musical, ‘December: the song that never ends’. The musical will be held from December at the Sejong Culture Center in Seoul, and he will be working with Director Jang Jin. When it was announced on the 26th that Kim Junsu would be appearing in the musical, people began to wonder what new record he will break next. Having already sold out all his past shows on the day of ticket reservations, the musical industry is geared up to see how successful he will be.

Last of all, Park Yoochun is set to make his movie debut in the movie ‘Sea Fog’. As a movie that depicts the life of those at sea, ‘Sea Fog’ has presented Park Yoochun with the opportunity to make a drastic change with a dark and heavy character. He will soon begin filming for the movie and many are excited to see his next work.

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[NEWS] Focusing On Individual Activities For Now…A New JYJ Album To Be Released In The Summer

[NEWS] Focusing On Individual Activities For Now…A New JYJ Album To Be Released In The Summer

JYJ are planning to release a new album this summer.

Since releasing their latest album ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have been focusing on their individual activities. They are now preparing to release their first album as JYJ in two years and are currently busy working on the tracks that will be included in the album.

They were extremely successful last year as individuals. Leader Kim Jaejoong made his mark in a variety of fields with the drama ‘Dr. Jin’, the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ and his first solo album ‘I’. Park Yoochun dominated various end-of-the-year acting awards for his roles in the dramas ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’. Kim Junsu received the Best Lead Musical Actor Award at the 2012 Korea Musical Awards for his roles in ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, and also proved that he has the strongest ticket power in the market.

Through these activities, JYJ have increased their brand value. They plan to take this momentum to make 2013 the year to focus on their group activities.

But for now, they plan to put their all into individual activities. Kim Jaejoong will be holding a mini concert and fanmeet on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX to commemorate the release of his album and will then continue on to an Asia tour. Park Yoochun recently finished filming for ‘I Miss You’, and is now filming CFs and preparing fanmeets while Kim Junsu is working on music and taking a break.

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[TRANS] 121218 Solo Activities Again? We Find Out When JYJ Will Get Back Together Again

[TRANS] 121218 Solo Activities Again? We Find Out When JYJ Will Get Back Together Again

When will JYJ get back together again?

With the continuation of JYJ’s individual activities, many are curious to see when they will get back together to perform as a group.

C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ, revealed on the 18th that, “Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a solo mini album next January that contains a variety of rock genre music.” With Kim Junsu holding a solo concert from the 29th till the 31st of this month and Kim Jaejoong releasing a solo album, JYJ’s group activities can’t help but be pushed back to a later date.

With fans waiting for the group’s next album release, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “JYJ will focus on individual activities in the first half of 2013, and will release a new album in the summer of next year.”

After releasing his solo album in January, Kim Jaejoong plans to continue his career as an actor. Kim Junsu will be choosing from solo activities in a wide variety of genres, potentially including a new musical. After Park Yoochun’s drama ‘I Miss You’ ends in January, he will be taking a break and choosing his next production.

As the group’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment has ended, many are curious to see what kind of activities JYJ will be pursuing in 2013.

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