[TRANS] 131011 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, ‘Perfectly Connects’ With His Fans At His Nagoya Concerts Without A Translator


YJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) has ended his Nagoya concerts in success.

Kim Junsu held the Nagoya leg of his ‘XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert in Japan’ tour from the 8th till the 10th of October at Nagoya’s Nippongaishi Hall, attracting a total of 24,000 fans to the event.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu’s perfect live skills and the local project dance crew created an incredible stage. From the 14th till the 16th, Kim Junsu will hold the grand finale of his Asia tour in Yokohama.”

On this day, Kim Junsu performed songs from his first and second album, and his OST repertoire, as well as ‘Minna Sora No Shita’ and ‘Kobukuro’ to a cheering crowd. Starting off with ‘Tarantallegra’, the title song of his first album, Kim Junsu had everyone pumped up with songs such as ‘Chocolate girl’, ‘I’m Confessing Right Now’ and ‘Isn’t This Song Funny?’


It was later said that representatives were surprised by Kim Junsu’s Japanese fans following along with the Korean cheers of ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’, a song written by the singer himself and based on his real life experiences. In the second half of the concert, the singer touched everyone with a live rendition of ’11 o’clock’ and ‘Love is like a Snowflake’. For three days, fans stood up and clapped for Kim Junsu till the end of the concert instead of staying in their seats.

Through his talk segments, Kim Junsu connected with his fans and talked to them. Kim Junsu was able to communicate in fluent Japanese without a translator to help him, and gained a lot of attention for singing ‘The Last Dance’ from ‘Elisabeth’ in Japanese during ‘Genie Time’, when he granted wishes for his fans. He had everyone screaming with his ‘Gwiyomi Song’ dance, and a double encore of ‘Incredible’, the title song of his second album, ended the show.

During his last performance on the 10th, Kim Junsu said, “I was nervous because this is my first concert in Japan as a solo singer. But day by day, your applause and passion became a great source of strength for me. Thanks to you, I think I’ll be able to do great in Yokohama as well. Thank you.”

Ms. Ayumi (Female, 31) stated, “I really like Kim Junsu’s second album. I went to Korea last year because I wanted to watch him perform. I’m so grateful that he’s come all the way to Nagoya this year. I was so moved by his amazing vocal talent. I can say with confidence that you could only see such an amazing performance at a Kim Junsu concert,” while Ms. Haruko (Female, 24) said, “It was a pleasant surprise to see Kim Junsu singing and talking in Japanese. I’m very happy to be watching the last leg of Kim Junsu’s Asia tour in Japan. It was a two-hour concert full of happiness and joy.”

Source: [wowtv]

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[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion

[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion

The five member rookie group ‘Pure’ will be holding a charity concert in the hopes that the former members of TVXQ, who have now split into TVXQ and JYJ, will soon stand on one stage again.

Pure Entertainment (CEO Park Sang Hyun) revealed that the group will be holding 100 concerts at the pure k-pop live concert hall near Myeongdong in Seoul from the 12th of this month, with the hopes that the five members of TVXQ will reunite soon, before making their broadcasted debut.

The rookie group consists of white Soo Hyuk, pink Chan Hwee, black Ji Min, blue Jung Bin and yellow Young Hoo. Created by Pure Entertainment’s CEO Park Sang Hyun, who is a long-time fan of TVXQ, the group is meant to be an homage for domestic fans who miss TVXQ.

It was found that the five members of Pure were picked after beating stiff competition in an audition that centered around TVXQ’s good looks, singing, and dancing, as well the contestants’ affection for TVXQ. Pure showed off their talents in Japan first, and have already held two sold-out showcase events in Tokyo.

The concerts will be held three times a week and fans of TVXQ, children of families with no parents, and the disabled will be given free admittance. A portion of the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation to help those in need.

Also, Pure created the project group ‘Pure Family’ with the soon-to-debut trio ‘The Soul’ and Han Sung Wook, who entered the finals of MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star’, and will release the charity album ‘Standing Together’ for those in need.

The music video of their title song has already garnered much attention as it reenacted the true story of a man who found the body of his wife-to-be by the initials on her engagement ring in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan last year. It was later said that people in the Miyagi and Sendairegion who had experienced the earthquake took part in the music video and shared the pain and despair they felt at that moment.

‘Standing Together’ will be released on the Korean, English and Japanese version of iTunes at the same time, and the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation.

Pure’s Leader White Soo Hyuk stated, “We’re happy to be greeting fans with such meaningful events as our relay concert and charity album,” and “We will do our best to not tarnish the achievements that our TVXQ seniors have made overseas at our Sendai, Japan and New Jersey, USA charity concerts. We sincerely hope for the day when we can see the five members of TVXQ on stage together to come soon.”

Source: [fntoday]

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[TRANS] 120424 TVXQ, Preparing For Korean Activities With The Completion Of Their Japanese Tour

[TRANS] 120424 TVXQ, Preparing For Korean Activities With The Completion Of Their Japanese Tour

It has been revealed that TVXQ will be making a “return of the kings” when they make their comeback in the later half of this year.

TVXQ, whom we met just before the finale of the “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~” concert in the Kyocera Dome Osaka, said, “We are preparing for our comeback, which is targeted for the later part of this year.” TVXQ said, “It seems like we have kept the Korean fans waiting as our activities were centered in Japan for the first half of this year. We will work hard to get closer to the fans in Korea with brand new images. The exact promotional period has not been decided upon, but we want to produce good results at an appropriate time. We would also like to have concerts if possible.” TVXQ, who has completed 26 concerts over the course of 3 months, at a pace of about one concert every 4 days, will be taking a break before pushing forward with the preparations for their activities in Korea.

Yunho smiled while saying, “We would like to rest. The tour has continued throughout these 3 months, so the fatigue which has accumulated cannot be ignored. Although it is true that our stamina is a little weaker since it is the finale, we get burts of energy just with the word ‘finale’.” Changmin explained, “First, I would like to relieve the stress which has built up thus far by doing things such as having a drink with friends. Preparations are underway for an album to be released this year, along with other activities through which we will showcase the best sides of ourselves. In order to prepare well for the album, we will be taking a break after the concerts to recharge.”

(repeated part omitted)

Source : [K Star News]

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[TRANS] 120112 For Now, Please Call JYJ “Actors”

[TRANS] 120112 For Now, Please Call JYJ “Actors”

 After stopping musical and drama related activites for a while, members of popular idol group JYJ is now starting to take another step towards planning for activities related to acting. Park Yoochun has been selected as the male lead for the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Prince of the Rooftop House” and concrete details on dates and the signing of the actual contract is expected to be completed by this weekend. (T/N: This may not be true since there are articles that refute this)

“Prince of the Rooftop House” is a romantic comedy about a prince from the Chosun era who lost his wife during a war, and travels through time to the modern world to look for love. This role is said to have been created with Park Yoochun in mind even from the planning stages.

Member Kim Jaejoong’s acting activities are easily comparable to Park Yoochun’s. He made his debut last year in SBS’s “Protect the Boss,” and has also received requests to appear in 2-3 dramas, and these have been put up for review and planning as part of his schedule for the first half part of this year.

While Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong focus on the silver screen, member Kim Junsu pulls the attention of the masses to the musical industry. Kim Junsu will be meeting the fans via “Elisabeth,” which will be playing in Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul starting from 8 February. He has been working hard daily in preparation for this first performance since the start of December last year.

These 3 men who are will be active in the drama and musical industries will be coming together as JYJ in March for the South American concert tours. They will be performing in Santiago, the capital of Chile on 9 March, and Lima, the capital of Peru on 11 March for the their first solo concerts. (in South America.)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Donga via Nate]

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Translation 111016 Hayato’s Blog Update “I Will Support Them Even 100 Years Later

[Trans] 111016 Hayato’s Blog Update, “I will support them even 100 years later”

Everyone did a good job.

Following the performance yesterday, today’s performance was also the best.

I can’t even express it in words.

I think this deep emotion will become a memory in me that is engraved in my heart.

Right now, we have done finishing up everything with them.

Today, I had something to ask Jaejoong.

I’m sure it is something that everyone also wants to ask.

I was waiting for him to drink a bit and get into a good mood, but he already brought a glass to come and greet me.

I told him, “I have something I want to ask you when you’re a bit drunk.”
And Jaejoong said, “Ah~ but I’m already drunkk???”

And I asked him.
He answered my question directly and sincerely.

Right now, I can’t reveal to you the question that I asked him and the answer that Jaejoong gave me.
I think there would be a time when I can reveal those to you.
Please be patient and wait until that time comes.

But at least I can say this.
Japanese fans are his greatest happiness.
With tears filling up his eyes… he told me how much he appreciate you guys.
There are moments that he choked on his words.
Even without me telling you, you would understand what I mean by that. I’m glad about that. I think we were talking for more than one hour.

Not only me but everyone around us who were listening to him could not stop their tears from falling either.
I’m sorry that I can’t tell you about this talk in details either.
But the feelings were somehow conveyed to you, weren’t they?
On the other side, Junsu kept singing
I told him, “Ne, Junsu, because you’re a good boy… can you be quiet for a little bit” LOL
You don’t have this kind of luxury, do you?

There’s one thing that we can do for them… to keep believing in JYJ… the only one thing that we can do.

We hugged each other when it was time to say goodbye.
“Thank you… I will keep supporting you guys forever…”
I told them that and bid farewell to them.

JYJ is the best!!!
Thank you for everything today!!!

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Info] 111014 JYJ in Europe

[Info] JYJ in Europe

Recently, Kpop FM was approached by CJES to help in their promotion for JYJ events in Europe.
Thus, they are having an event right now and will be offering one ticket each for the Barcelona and Berlin shows.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 15th October
Time: 9pm to 12 midnight (France Time)
What: They will broadcast JYJ songs during the 3 hours and will offer one ticket for Barcelona show and one ticket for Berlin show


To participate, you just have to : 

1 – Participate in this event by clicking “YES”
2 – Link the page of the radio there : http://www.facebook.com/kpopfm
3Listen to JYJ on the radio Kpop FM on October 15th, 9pm French time
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