[INFO] XIA TARANTALLEGRA Spotted #4 on Gaon Chart First Half of 2012 National Physical Albums Ranking

[INFO] XIA TARANTALLEGRA Spotted #4 on Gaon Chart First Half of 2012 National Physical Albums Ranking

1. Big Bang – ’5th Mini Album ALIVE’ – 266,911 albums

2. SHINee – ‘Sherlock 4th Mini Album’ – 168,161 albums

3. TaeTiSeo – ‘Twinkle’ – 140,826 albums

4. Xia Junsu – ‘Tarantallegra’ – 126,220 albums

5. CNBLUE – ’3rd Mini Album Ear Fun’ – 121,735 albums

6. Big Bang – ‘Special Edition STILL ALIVE’ – 117,929 albums

7. Busker Busker – ‘Busker Busker 1st Album’ – 114,760 albums

8. INFINITE – ’3rd Mini Album Infinitize’ – 108,639 albums

9. EXO-K – ‘MAMA The 1st Mini Album’ – 106,683 albums

10. Shinhwa – ’10th Album The Return’ – 77,279 albums

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NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu To Hold a World Tour and Release a Repackaged Album!

NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu to Hold A World Tour and Release a Repackaged Album!

 On July 16th, representatives from C-Jes Entertainment announced, “[JYJ‘s] Junsu, who is currently traveling on his Asia Tour, will also be holding a world tour in North America, South America, and Europe.

After having released his first solo album and sweeping music charts across the continent of Asia, Junsu appears to be ready to meet his global audience. And not surprisingly so, since despite this being Junsu’s first time embarking on solo album activities, he has achieved great sales numbers even on charts abroad with his unique concept and 12 stylistically diverse songs.

CEO of C-JeS Entertainment Baek Chang Joo further expanded on Junsu’s success, saying,Ever since Junsu’s first public performance, his solo album has not only captivated the country, but also a wide area of Asia as well; as we were, of course, targeting markets overseas, it seems we have produced a world class music video. The awaited results were extraordinary. During Junsu’s successful Asia tour, the number of love calls we received from areas such as North and South America would not stop flowing in, and thus we decided to launch a world tour.

The CEO continued to reveal, For this world tour, Junsu has put together and prepared a repackaged album. As this album will be targeting the world market, it will include an English single and a music video produced in America. Although we cannot further clarify our future plans, Junsu will be climbing the steps to fame in America.

One of these American parties interested in JYJ’s Junsu commented, “There is great interest [and anticipation] for JYJ’s Junsu’s world tour success throughout America. The title song,“TARANTALLEGRA”, not only attempted to draw in interest via the K-Pop Wave, it created its own, unique sensation; the music video has gathered high marks from parties throughout America as well. It seems that, after promoting as a soloist and single-handedly holding a world tour, Junsu has demonstrated the global interest [he has gathered].

It has been decided that Junsu’s upcoming world tour will include stops in 2-3 cities per continent. Currently, Junsu is still on his Asia tour, which started in Seoul, and is continuing throughout countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China. Next month, Junsu will be holding his final concert in Hong Kong.

Source: Financial News via Naver
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[News] 120710 JYJ’s Junsu Tops the Asian Music Chart in Germany with “Tarantallegra

[News] 120710 JYJ’s Junsu tops the Asian Music Chart in Germany with “Tarantallegra”

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) recently topped the Asian Music Chart in Germany with his solo song, “Tarantallegra.”

On July 10, C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported Junsu ranked first on the monthly Asian Music Chart in Germany, which was updated recently, with the lead track of his solo album, “Tarantallegra.”

Big Bang ranked second and B.A.P ranked third. Junsu also proved his worldwide popularity as he ranked first on the iTunes Chart in Japan, tenth on the Billboard’s World Albums Chart, and first on the monthly Music Video Chart of a Chinese site last month.

Junsu is currently having a concert tour in Asia. Starting in Seoul in May, he went to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China, attracting over 30,000 audiences.

A spokesperson for Junsu says, “JYJ became very popular after they had their exclusive concert in Berlin, Germany. They were the first Korean singing group to hold a concert there. Junsu is also very popular in Europe as a leading character of Mozart and Elizabeth, the famous German musicals.”

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea

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[VIDEO + PICS] 120706 Press Conference for XIA 1st Asia Tour in Shanghai (Updated!)

[VIDEO + PICS] 120706 Press Conference for XIA 1st Asia Tour in Shanghai (Updated!)


ieasy.tv news


Video Credit: ieasy.tv via hakimaii + kankanews via anchan32
Photo Credit: ieasy.tv
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[VIDEO+TRANS] Channel V “Just Love JK” – JYJ Junsu Asia Tour in Taiwan

[VIDEO+TRANS] Channel V “Just Love JK” – JYJ Junsu Asia Tour in Taiwan

Hi everyone, thank you for watching tonight’s episode of Just Love JK.
8 years after JYJ member Junsu debuted, this is the first time he came to Taiwan for solo activities.
Just Love JK, will show many exciting footages to everyone

At the beginning of this program, we will have a look at Kim Junsu who has recently came to Taiwan
What we see right now is Junsu’s solo album
What do you have in your hand?
In my hand is the cover of his CD
It looks like it has a lacy feel to it
Right, it looks very pretty
Also look at the picture he took this time, it’s different from the Junsu we know in the past

Did you know, this album’s sales is super good
In Korea, his entire sales volume already surpassed 120,000.
Also I hear it happened in a very short time period right?
Right! Also he was ranked 10th on Billboard’s worldwide rankings.
This time with the release of his album, also coming to Taiwan to hold a concert
To all JYJ fans, this is a very happy thing.

Also his concert tickets were sold out within short 30 minutes
3500 tickets all sold out
That’s right that’s right.

What makes everyone very surprised is also 80% of this album was composed by Kim Junsu himself.

Also, I remember last time Jaejoong also came to Taiwan. Right?
When Jaejoong came to Taiwan, a lot of fans asked him to sing
What song? Sing the song he wrote for Junsu
Inside includes this song

Also this time, we see… Do you know Junsu has a twin?
His twin brother, also helped him write lyrics for songs in this album
I think this is great, it is older brother writing songs for younger brother
Right, I always had a dream that I have a twin brother. Don’t you wish for that?
Twins not so much, but I always dreamed of having a younger brother. Because I have a younger sister and an older brother, so I want a younger brother. Because I can ask him to do anything for me. haha~
Isn’t your younger brother always by your side?
Right, but he feels like an assistant

So everyone, we will see the footages of Junsu in Taiwan, as well as his concert, and our special report for everyone for Junsu’s visit this time to Taiwan.

Junsu came to Taiwan on the 22nd, he debuted 8 years ago, this is the first time for him to release a solo album and start his concert tour.

Junsu: Hi everyone, I am XIAH, long time no see (A/N: He said this in Chinese!!! *squeals*)

Junsu revealed at the press conference that he really missed the pearl tea from Taiwan
Junsu was really corporative, he would eat all the food the MC introduced without questioning it.

*press conference footage of Junsu eating*

After eating all the good food, of course he has to drink the pearl tea that he couldn’t forget

*press conference footage of Junsu explaining his filming of Tarantallegra MV, his kiss in Elisabeth, and him as a pretty girl for the MV*

This time Junsu visited Taiwan during the Duanwu Festival, and the organizers prepared some Zongzi for him.
His visit this time to Taiwan, he got to eat, drink, and received gifts.

On the day of the concert
It couldn’t be without fan support activities for the idol
Let’s take a look at how this group of fans supports Kim Junsu

Fan: This time we made our own fans, towels. For Junsu’s concert this time, we especially made a Q version of Junsu. To provide support for his concert this time. We also have activities inside. Also everyone took a picture with a live size poster of Junsu, and we collected all the pictures, and we will bring it to Korea and give it to Junsu’s parents, who will then give to Junsu. We limited this to 500 pictures.
We also worked with other fanclubs to send roses. As well as XIAH NO. 1

To provide support for Junsu, there were fans that day that stamped XIAH on their body

Because of his mom and Junsu’s nickname as “peach”, this time fans prepared these peach packages for him. They hope Junsu could be very healthy

What was really touchy was on the day, there was a fan that suffered a car accident that came to the concert disregarding her foot injury, she had to go to the concert to provide her support for Junsu.

Fan: I originally wanted to save money to go to Korea to watch his musical, because I believe Junsu shines in the musical. As his fan, I have to go support him! But, because of the car accident, I wasn’t able to go.

Reporter: So this time even if your foot is injured, you still have to come watch his concert?

Fan: Because he rarely comes to Taiwan, and it’s his first solo concert. So no matter what I told my mom “I’ll crawl there if I have to!” I have to come see him. Luckily my parents were very supportive. And other fans also helped me. So I successfully came to the venue.

Hope Junsu’s concert today will bring her strength for her to recover her foot injury. Hope this fan will get well soon.

Junsu’s fans abroad is a huge number too. On this days, fans from which countries came? Japan, Korea, Shanghai (mainland China)

*fan explains about the banner*

Junsu, you are really charismatic. The concert is about to start, let’s give him a couple words of support.

Fan: Junsu, I believe in all of your choices, you just have to do well in the things you want to do, you will do it to the best. I will always believe in you, and always support you, always love you, Junsu Fighting!

*Fans (and fanboy) show support for Junsu – Junsu fighting!*

Yay! Junsu’s concert started.

*footage of the concert*

Then it is the song his good friend Kim Jaejoong wrote for you “No Gain”

*Junsu singing No Gain*

On the day of the concert, he worked hard in performing, when he was greeting the fans, he almost couldn’t catch his breathe.

Junsu: Hi everyone, I am Xia, long time no see. I really miss you all (A/N: all in chinese! I’m impressed )

That day, Junsu’s parents also came to the concert, to support their son. What does everyone think of Junsu’s performance this time?

*fans saying Junsu’s the best*

Fan: Junsu, I’ll wait for you to come again next time~

We’ll see you again at the next concert.

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[NEWS] JYJ Junsu Passionately Sang On Dragon Boat Festival, Acted Cutely And Teased Taiwanese Girls

[NEWS] JYJ Junsu Passionately Sang On Dragon Boat Festival, Acted Cutely And Teased Taiwanese Girls

South Korean group JYJ member Kim Junsu released his solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ last month and yesterday on Dragon Boat Festival, he held his concert ‘XIA 1st Asian Tour In Taiwan’ for the first time at National Taipei University’s gymnasium. Fans sent him rice dumplings as a (dragon boat festival’s) tradition for him to replenish his energy. Kim Junsu did not let his fans down either. He whined to the fans and acted cutely, making his fans screaming non stop!

Kim Junsu appeared on stage with a blue suit singing his own composition ‘Breath’, and then greeted his fans, “How’s everyone? I am XIA. It’s been so long. I missed you all.” He then followed by Jaejoong’s ballad composition ‘No Gain’ and danced closely with the female dancers. During the performance of ‘Lullaby’, the female dancer were lying on his lap and then the two had a rousing dance. During the dance number ‘Tarantallegra’, he descended slowly from a 3m high stage.

Kim Junsu changed a total of 6 outfits, together with 8 dancers, singing a total of 17 songs for 2 hours. 11 new songs from his new album were sung. Upon singing ‘I Hate Love’, he said,” I spent a lot of effort finishing this song. I hope everyone will like it.” Additionally he sang ‘Scent of a Woman’ OST ‘You Are So Beautiful’, ‘Last Dance’ from musical ‘Elisabeth’ etc and concluded the concert with ‘Fallen Leaves’. After he finished his encore with ‘Mission’, ‘Dew Tree’ and ‘Fallen Leaves’, he teared up and thanked Taiwanese fans’ passionate support.

Kim Junsu also fulfilled the three wishes fans have prepared, including transforming into a kitty-like cuteness, and angel pose. Before Kim Junsu did all these actions, he would shyly giggled and slowly retreat backwards while fans were screaming ‘So cute!’ at him. His ex-Miss Korea mother and father were seated in the audience, enjoying his concert.

Last year, he came with his group and had a concert at Taipei Dome. This time he came alone and yet his popularity remains. Even though there were an extra of 200 tickets sold, the 3800 tickets were sold out completely, a total of 10.64 million TWD. In his Asia tour, the ticket price of Taiwan’s stop was the nearest to Korea’s and the production fee was a high 4.5 million TWD. The day before after his press conference, Kim Junsu went nearby his hotel and bought a bag to treat himself and he left Taiwan today. In view of Dragon Boat Festival, his fans also sent him 100 sets of fan support goods which includes longevity buns, perfume sachets, rice dumplings and fruits etc.

source: NOWnews
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120626 Xia Junsu Music Awards/ Tarantallegra Fan Sign Event/ 1st Asia Tour Clips

credit: JJYSSKK

credit: idkmybffdbsk

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[Trans] 120615 Xia Junsu Press Conference In Jakarta

[Trans] 120615 Xia Junsu Press Conference In Jakarta


it took me 40 minutes to prepare for this look, but I’ve been sporting this style ever since 6 months ago.

I landed in Jakarta last night. I actually have always wanted to visit Indonesia, but since there are things that need to be done first, I’ve only got the chance now. This is my first visit to Indonesia; I’m very interested to look around Jakarta. and i will tell my friends about Indonesia after i get back to Korea.


To satisfy Indonesian Xiahpwas, Junsu admitted to have been studying Bahasa Indonesia. He gave his smiles and laugh often during the Press Conference. The man who just participated in the Musical Mozart and really fond of Soccer looks enthusiastic when talking about his new album.


The word “Tarantallegra” is very unique, that’s why I chose the word. While I was writing for the song, someone suggested me to use ‘Tarantallegra’ . It is one of the spell in the “Harry Potter” Movie and so I match the makeup concept and everything else to be connected to it.
I’m always changing (t/n when asked about his idol) and after that, my idol is now Mozart.

I actually feel content with my career now, but if i could turn back the time, I would like to be a soccer player because I really like playing soccer. I’m just feeling very grateful with what I have now in my young age.

[Roni Sianturi (Promoter)]

The request is to bring one person, but the one who came was 30 people… (t/n vid cut off here)

Video Source: [MsJsane@Youtube]
Translated by: hikarinome@tohosomnia.net
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120617 Xia Junsu Jakarta Concert Compilation

credit: joselinpyo

credit: amelirizky88


A bit scratchy but good visuals

credit: neendia

credit: TVXQ5Indonesia

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[TRANS] 120607 JYJ Kim’s Junsu, Magical Choreography “Tarantallegra” Dance Version MV To Be Revealed on 11 June

[TRANS] 120607 JYJ Kim’s Junsu, Magical Choreography “Tarantallegra” Dance Version MV To Be Revealed on 11 June

A dance version music video of the title track of JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA)’s first official solo album, “Tarantallegra”, will be revealed.

Kim Junsu’s management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, stated on the afternoon of 7 June, that a dance version music video for “Tarantallegra” has been prepared in order to promote the album (further) to overseas fans.

According to C-Jes, the dance version music video this time has been re-edited to focus more on the performance, unlike the (original) music video, which was created based on the unconventional concept of a wizard’s hypnotic appearance as well as both the masculine and feminine appeal.

In the music video this time, Kim Junsu has perfectly taken on the high-level choreography by the famous American choreographer, Jeri Slaughter, who is also the choreographer for Christina Aguilera, presenting a music video of high-quality which is rarely seen in Korea.

The director of the music video said, “The original music video was focused on Kim Junsu’s masculine and feminine appeals, while the dance version music video this time has been edited to include more of the group dances. Scenes that were not seen in the original music video have also been added. It is more of an entirely new music video than an edited version.”

On another note, Kim Junsu’s dance version music video will be released via JYJ’s official Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/CJESJYJ) on 11 June.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TV Daily via Nate]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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[Vid] 120606 XIA’s First Solo Debut Interview

[Vid] 120606 XIA’s First Solo Debut Interview

JYJ has become a staple name in K-pop, and member Kim Jung-soo has made a solo debut under the name XIA. Hear the details of his first solo album and his future plans.

credit: arirangtoday

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