[TRANS] 131124 TVXQ Become The First Foreign Artistes To Perform At The Tokyo Dome For Three Consecutive Years


TVXQ have become the first foreign artistes to perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive year.

The group made this announcement during their fanclub event that was held on the 23rd of November at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. The accomplishment is extremely meaningful to both TVXQ and their fans as this makes TVXQ the first foreign artistes to hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive year.

During the fanmeet, TVXQ announced, “We will begin our Japanese tour in April next year, and perform at the Tokyo Dome on the 20th, 21st and 23rd of May,” and “We will hold a total of 26 concerts in eleven cities across Japan.”

The news of TVXQ’s upcoming nationwide tour was reported by various Japanese media outlets. Oricon, Sankei Newspaper, Nikkan Sports were some of the media outlets that covered the announcement and gave detailed information on the upcoming tour in posts titled ‘TVXQ: Becoming the first foreign artistes to perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive year’.

Meanwhile, TVXQ met with 36,000 fans at the fanmeet that was held on the 23rd and performed a rendition of ‘Very Merry Xmas’, their single that will be released on the 27th of November.

Source: [osen]

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[TRANS] 131102 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, November 2nd to 5:59am KST, November 3rd.

(Jaejoong, 12:40pm KST, Twitter) Seriously, these guys..☆ pic.twitter.com/Q8vdpFhaIJ

[From left to right:
-From the maknae (youngest), Kim Junsu; if I could, I’d already be in the standing area. Hyung, I’ll be waiting to see you go up to 7 in the ‘Gwiyomi song’!!!
-6002. Just do what you normally do… As always! You are perfect.
-Gummy. I should have been sexier than Jaejoong.
– Don’t forget the blanket you said you’d give me! – Song Ji Hyo – Jaejoong’s songs are a “Paradise”]

(Jaejoong, 1:54pm KST, Twitter) As expected, I’m a rain guy [T/N: It rained today in Seoul. It always seems to rain whenever Jaejoong has a concert :P]

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]

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[TRANS] 131012 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong To Pre-release A Ballad On The 15th Ahead Of His First Full-Length Album


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will be pre-releasing a ballad ahead of his upcoming album.

On the 12th of October, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong is set to make his comeback on the 29th of October,” and “Promotional activities for his new album will begin on the 15th, with the pre-release of a ballad track.”

The ballad, which will be released two weeks ahead of the album, is a piece that Composer Baek Moo Hyun, who also wrote ‘Love is like a Snowflake’, participated in and has lyrics that depict the longing for a love already lost with the help of an acoustic guitar and string accompaniment.

Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice and sophisticated vocal talents will be supported in the song by Noeul’s Lee Sang Gon to create a high-quality production.

Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album will be filled with a variety of rock genres; all songs have been recorded and the album is currently receiving its finishing touches.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be kicking off his Asia Tour in Seoul on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Ticket reservations were held this week and all 14,000 seats were sold out in 15 minutes.

Source: [wstarnews]

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[TRANS] 130608 TVXQ To Kick Off Their First Tour Of The American Continents Next Month

[TRANS] 130608 TVXQ To Kick Off Their First Tour Of The American Continents Next Month

TVXQ are set to kick off their first tour in the American continents next month for their World Tour.

The group will be holding their ‘TVXQ Live World Tour – Catch Me’ concert at the Nokia Theater in LA, USA on the 6th of July. They will then move to South America for a concert in Lima, Peru on the 14th of July.

This will be TVXQ’s first solo concert in the Americas and Peru was chosen as it is seen as the biggest K-pop market in South America. JYJ were the first to hold a concert there and were followed by U-KISS, Big Bang, and Super Junior. A well-known Peruvian daily newspaper printed an article of TVXQ’s concert and stated, “The K-Pop Duo are finally coming to the capital city of Peru for their World Tour”.

With a change in TVXQ’s usual focus of Japan, China and Southeast Asia, many are expecting the group’s activities to expand further with their concerts in the Americas. TVXQ’s representatives stated that the group is also preparing to hold concerts in Europe and are preparing to become a K-pop group that is popular all over the world, not just Asia.

TVXQ are rewriting the history of K-pop with their latest world tour. They became the first Korean singers to hold a 5 Dome Tour in Japan, and will be the first non-Japanese singers to perform at Nissan Stadium, which is able to hold 75,000 people.

TVXQ will also be releasing their 37th single ‘OCEAN’ on the 12th.

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[Vid] 130607 Tohoshinki “TIME” Tour, Fukuoka Dome Interview

[Vid] 130607 Tohoshinki “TIME” Tour, Fukuoka Dome Interview


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[Trans] 130124 Kim Jaejoong Returned As Solo Artiste, The Reason For Not Using ‘Hero Jaejoong

[Trans] 130124 Kim Jaejoong Returned As Solo Artiste, The Reason For Not Using ‘Hero Jaejoong

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong who made his return recently debuting as a solo artiste, expressed his reason for not using ‘Hero Jaejoong’ as his stage name.

At a cafe in Apgujeong on the 22nd of January, Kim Jaejoong had an interview for the release of his first solo album ‘I’ and expressed his thoughts on returning as his original status as a singer after a long break and his plans for the future activities.

During the beginning of the release of Kim Jaejoong’s solo album, though the topics were surrounding his deep involvement in the compositions of the songs, the topic that made others curious is why didn’t he use his own name for the album. Though it was not an unusual case for singers to release his/her own album with his/her own name, Kim Junsu who released his solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ last year, he used the stage name ‘XIA’ which was used when he debuted almost a decade ago. This caused a comparison among the two of them.

Actually the answer to the question is simply easy. Ever since he stepped into C-JeS, he has never used the stage name ‘Hero’. Kim Jaejoong made his explanation, “Junsu prefer ‘XIA’. I did talked to Junsu about this (using own name) before and Junsu himself felt that ‘Kim Junsu’ will be more suitable as a musical actor but as ‘Kim Junsu’ who sang pop music, ‘XIA’ would be more suitable.” , “In fact, it is really more suitable.”, “As for me, ‘Hero’ was a name I used during the time as five, but right now I am trying my best to find and capture my own way.”


In that case, did he take note of Kim Junsu who has successfully released his own album and had a world tour? He denied and said, “To be honest, I am very envious. This friend of mine was able to have a world tour with a full album but my situation is a bit different.”, “As I am only challenging new genre, thus I would not be bothered and Junsu would not be of a pressure factor to me.”

However, as compared to dance songs, rock music tends to be more familiar at overseas. Due to its genre, it is able to conquer the world market easily. Kim Jaejoong expressed that if he is able to fill up the songs for the concert, he would have plans for a world tour. Although it is so, the reason for not liking a world tour is simply because of loneliness.

He said, “For example in Junsu’s case, there are times where certain things are done out of own’s will. It is so lonely that it kills.’, “Junsu doesn’t drink or join in the after-party with the staffs and would eat alone and went back hotel.”

When asked “Do you drink?”, he answered “Yes” and Kim Jaejoong’s expression turn brightly with a “In that case, I won’t be lonely.”

source: wstarnews
credit: ktam @ Disp-TVXQ_JYJ
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[Trans] 120802 JYJ Park Yoochun Deleted His Twitter Account, “Changes To Emotional State – Nope. No Other Special Reason.”

[Trans] 120802 JYJ Park Yoochun Deleted His Twitter Account, “Changes To Emotional State – Nope. No Other Special Reason.”

On the night of the 1st. Park Yoochun left a message on his Twitter, “Always supporting me and giving me love, I am really always thankful. I will try to meet (everyone) in the future through good activities, good music and acting… ^^ Truthfully grateful once again, I love you all!!”. After leaving this message, he left Twitter.

Park Yoochun created his Twitter account on the 16th October in 2010 and started to interact with fans through this. After which, Park Yoochun would relate his feelings through Twitter or shared his photos with his friends, attracting fans’ attention.

 Park Yoochun who used to do all that, recently wrote about his woes on whether to delete his Twitter account or not. After he left his last greeting for fans on the 1st, he deleted his Twitter account.

Regarding this, Park Yoochun’s representative company told TVDaily that, “To join or leave SNS is a very natural thing that can be done by anyone, isn’t it? So is Park Yoochun. There’s no special reason or anything happened to his emotional state. Hope that fans will not worry.”

On the other hand, Park Yoochun will be starting his Asian fan meeting starting on the 25th at Shanghai.

source: TVDaily
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[TRANS] 120727 Park Yoochun To Begin His Asia Fanmeet Tour In August

[TRANS] 120727 Park Yoochun To Begin His Asia Fanmeet Tour In August

JYJ’s Park Yoochun will be holding fanmeets all across Asia.

On the 27th of July, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that, “Though it has been over two months since ‘Rooftop Prince’ ended, Park Yoochun’s domestic and overseas popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down,” and “With his popularity as an actor, which began in 2010 with ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, taken into consideration, it has been decided that Park Yoochun will be holding a large-scale fanmeet tour for his Asian fans.”

‘Miss Ripley’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’, which are airing in countries such as Taiwan, China and Thailand, are currently experiencing explosive popularity in these nations. Taiwan’s ‘Yes Entertainment’ held a poll titled ‘Which Male Protagonist has Stolen Your Heart?’ and many of the 22,000 viewers voted for Park Yoochun, who came out on top and beat Song Seung Heon of ‘Dr. Jin’ and So Ji Seob of ‘Ghost’.

Park Yoochun stated, “I’m really grateful for the love that our Asian fans have given me,” and “I believe these fanmeets will be a fun opportunity for me to show our overseas fans how I’ve been doing these days. I hope to share memories of Lee Seon Joon, Song Yoo Hyun and Lee Gak with them.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s Asia fanmeet tour will begin in Shanghai, China on the 25th of August and will continue on to Taiwan and Thailand. Talk is underway to include an additional one or two cities in the tour as well.

Source: [bnt news]

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[News] 120727 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Will Tour Asia

[News] 120727 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Will Tour Asia

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun will go on an Asia tour to hold fan meetings.

On July 27, Park’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “Park will hold his fan meetings in Shanghai, China on August 25 and in Taiwan and Thailand.”

Since Park has become a beloved Hallyu star in Asia after appearing on the TV series Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley, and Rooftop Prince, he decided to meet his Asian fans while touring.

Park says, “Thank you very much for supporting me and I think I will have a lot of fun with with many Asian fans through the fan meetings. I’m happy to talk about the characters that I played in the TV series.”

According to the agency, they will maybe hold additional fan meetings in one or two other countries.

Source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[TRANS] 120508 Kim Junsu, “First Solo Activity In 8 Years…Working Alone Is An Overwhelming Feeling”

[TRANS] 120508 Kim Junsu, “First Solo Activity In 8 Years…Working Alone Is An Overwhelming Feeling”


JYJ member Kim Junsu expressed his thoughts about releasing his first solo album.

On 11.40am of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and introduced his new album.

Kim Junsu said, “It’s been 8 years since since my debut, and I released my first solo album, Although I do feel a burden because I had to complete the entire album myself, but this also meant that I could do and sing the genre of music that I enjoy.”

He also smiled and said, “Although I’m very anxious, but I’m also looking forward to it. Recently, every day has been emotional for me.”

Kim Junsu released his first solo album on 15 May, and has kicked off his activities. Among the JYJ members, he is the first one to come up with his own solo official album.

Since he made his debut in 2004, he is releasing a solo album under his own name for the first time, and even worked on the production as well as recording and song writing, showing off his talents. (This album) consists of different genres of music such as dance, pop, ballads and R&B, and he also worked with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, rapper Bizzy and others.

Kim Junsu will also be holding his concerts on 19-20 May at Seoul’s Jamshil Stadium, and after his local concerts, will be going on an Asia tour in Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Shanghai etc till July.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Star News via Nate]

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[News] 120503 JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo is May’s Most-Anticipated Singer

[News] 120503 JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo is May’s Most-Anticipated Singer

JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo will release his first solo album and it is the most-anticipated album for the month of May.

Music site Monkey 3 did a survey starting on April 26 through May 2 asking 356 people, “Who is the most-anticipated singer of May?” Kim ranked first receiving 40 percent of the votes.

Kim previously released his teaser poster and the title of his album Xia Tarantallegra and made people eagerly anticipate his album.

The title song “Tarantallegra,” which is a spell to make people dance, is made by Kim. Kim will begin his Asian concert tour at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on May 19 and 20.

IU ranked second receiving 14 percent of the votes. She will release her new single Spring of a Twenty Year Old, which includes 3 songs, on May 11. The song ”Peach,” which is written by IU, will also be released on May 4. The song has a lovable feeling with the concept of a fluttering heart.

Infinite, who drew a lot of attention with their song “Be Mine,” ranked third. And the group was followed by Lissang, Ulala Session, and Baek Ji Young.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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120502 CJESJYJ Youtube Junsu_1st Album_Xia_Tarantellegra_Teaser_02

This seems to have goth imagery, however, I really can’t form an opinion until I see the entire music video. I get the impression that this is going to be a high-energy, provocative video, Mr. Kim Junsu. Don’t overheat now, ya hear? 🙂

credit: CJESJYJ

Momma’s Source: Official JYJ Youtube Channel

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[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jun Su Names His First Solo Album “Xia

[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jun Su names his first solo album “Xia

JYJ’s Jun Su released the teaser poster and the name of his first solo album after releasing its visual concept, Unequalled, last week.

On April 30, C-jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, released the teaser poster of Jun Su’s first solo album on JYJ’s official Facebook account (www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ).

In the teaser poster, Jun Su is wearing a cloak, showing a dark image. There’s also a phrase that reads Xia Trantellegra, which is the album’s title.

Trantellegra, which is written in a strong style, means a magic spell that makes people dance. It’s the lead track composed by Jun Su.


As the teaser poster gives a powerful image of Jun Su, people are now curious about the jacket photo, which will be released soon.

A spokesperson for Jun Su says, “The title of Jun Su’s first solo album is Xia. Xia is a representative identity of Jun Su. It also means a type of album that combines all the talents of Jun Su.”

The advance sales for Jun Su’s first solo album Xia will start on May 4 on and offline.

The second teaser video of Jun Su’s first solo album will be released on May 2 on JYJ’s official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/CJESJYJ), and the jacket photo will be released on May 4.

Jun Su will hold his first concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on May 19 and 20. He will then start his concert tour in Asia. He will hold live concerts in six Asian countries, and it will start in Thailand on May 27. Jun Su’s popularity in Thailand was proved as all 3,000 tickets, partially out for sale, were sold out only in ten minutes.

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea