[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far

JYJ’s Junsu has been enjoying much popularity even in musicals.

According to (Junsu’s) management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on 21 March, the 12 performances of “Elisabeth” which Junsu has participated in so far have a cumulative total audience of more than 200,000. “Elisabeth” has ranked number 1 with record high sales due to Junsu’s involvement. It can be said that all the musicals that Junsu has participated in have become topics of discussion.

With his 12th “Elisabeth” performance on the afternoon of 21 March, Junsu has attracted more than 200,000 audiences so far, proving his popularity.

In response to his own popularity, Junsu said, “The feeling of working with really outstanding actors and actresses day after day is very fun. I am touched each time during the curtain call, thanks to the audience who applaud us, it gives me strength.”

In addition, he also said, “I hope that with the remaining performances of “Elisabeth”, the audience will be able to find their own happiness after watching the performances.”

Source : [K Star News]
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[News] 120223 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoo Chun Can Make The Series Popular?

[News] 120223 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoo Chun Can Make The Series Popular?

Cast members for SBS’s series Rooftop Prince were recently released.

SBS opened an official website for the series and posted pictures of cast members. Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min’s close look is already drawing a lot of attention.

Besides Park and Han, the pictures feature other actors, including, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Yoo Mi, Jung Seok Won, and Lee Min Ho and they made people eagerly anticipate the series.

The series will start airing in March after the current airing series Please Captain. The series is a fantasy romantic drama about a crown prince Park Yoo Chun in Joseon Dynasty who goes on time travel to the 21st century Seoul.

Male actors, including Park, Jung, Lee and Choi Min Ho already earned the nickname ‘Flower Boys F4.’

 People responded: “I’m already looking forward to seeing the series.” “I can’t wait until March.” “Watching Flower Boys will be very fun.” “I will watch the series after The Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[TRANS] 111221 Why Is Park Yoochun Considered As The Next Lee Seung Gi In The Advertising Industry?

[TRANS] 111221 Why Is Park Yoochun Considered As The Next Lee Seung Gi In The Advertising Industry?
Written by TheRarasaurus

JYJ member Park Yoochun is currently gunning for the position of the second Lee Seung Gi.

Park Yoochun recently became the model for a new product launched by a famous food brand, with his unique smile that catches the hearts of women, coupled with his humming along to the product name “Gismyun,” netizens who watched the ad said “You can’t help but want to buy it and eat it,” “Park Yoochun looks too sweet, let’s go buy ramyun” and other responses.

Aside from this, Park Yoochun has also appeared in an ad for a famous computer game, and is featured together with members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu in a pharmaceutical ad, getting involved in various types of ads, proving that he is gaining a reasonable amount of attention in the advertising industry.

And the reason why Park Yoochun has been chosen for more solo ads in comparison to his fellow members, should be because of the healthy, gentle image which he possesses. A representative from a large advertising firm said, “Park Yoochun is not considered as a star with exceptional looks, but one that possesses a natural and healthy image. And as a member of JYJ, he has a certain level of popularity, and is an ideal spokesperson appealing to consumers in their teens and 20s.”

Another person from the advertising industry said, “After becoming active as an actor, he has gained a certain amount of recognition among not only the younger age groups, but in the middle to older age groups as well. Currently, there are quite a number of advertisers that wish for Park Yoochun to endorse their products, and although I can’t give an exact number on how many cases, there are definitely a large number of advertisement requests asking for him.”

Following the current CF King Lee Seung Gi, who also has a warm, healthy image which earned him the the label of “Mother’s Friend’s Son,” Park Yoochun is currently receiving a lot of attention. Lee Seung Gi’s endorsements include home appliances, pharmaceutical products, apparel, foods and other advertisements, and is also a popular CF model among both consumers and advertisers, and now Park Yoochun is evaluated to have a similar potential.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen via Nate]

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[TRANS] 111121 JYJ’s Popularity Remains Strong Despite Restriction In Activities, Albums & DVDs Sold Out

[TRANS] 111121 JYJ’s Popularity Remains Strong Despite Restriction In Activities, Albums & DVDs Sold Out

Korean group JYJ have been unable to perform in official activities in Japan and other countries, but their popularity is just as before, and could probably be even growing stronger.

JYJ’s world tour concert in Ibaraki, Japan kicked off on 15 October, and attracted an audience of 80,000 people over 2 days. The upcoming special version of “In Heaven” to be released in November, which includes a DVD to thank the fans, has dominated the preorder charts of various large record stores. The Jamshil concert DVD that was released last week was sold out on Amazon immediately after it went on sale, showing their extraordinary popularity.

Despite not having any overseas activities, JYJ has still managed to keep in contact with their fans via social networking tools such as  twitter. In October, Kim Jaejoong even took the 2nd place after AKB48 in Japan’s influential fashion awards, proving his high level of popularity.

The fans have also shown great concern for JYJ’s individual activities. Park Yoochun’s “SungKyunKwan Scandal” DVD remained at the top of the DVD rental rankings for an entire month, “Miss Ripley” and Kim Jaejoong’s “Protect The Boss” have been broadcast in Japan and met with an enthusiastic response. The recently released “Protect the Boss” OST also took first place in total sales ranking of Gmarket Japan. Starring Kim Junsu, the musical “Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert” also became a hot topic when it was released.

JYJ’s management in charge of overseas markets analyzed, “I’m really surprised that JYJ managed to gain so much popularity despite not having any overseas activities. I think it’s due to the loyalty of the fans from Japan as well as the rest of the world, with the age range of the fans becoming wider,  and JYJ’s steadfast attitude towards their music as well as the charm from their individual activities are important reasons why fans are attracted (to them).

The special repackaged version of JYJ’s first Korean album “In Heaven” has exceeded 100,000 copies in preorder sales, and will be released this week.

Source : [yule.com.cn]

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Translation 111118 JYJ Kim Jaejoong No.2 On Japan’s Yearly Twitter Ranking For Celebrities…

[TRANS] 111116 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, No. 2 On Japan’s Yearly Twitter Ranking For Celebrities, “Proof Of Power”

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s explosive popularity in Japan has attracted a lot of attention.

In the “2011 Japan Twitter Topic Ranking” calculated from 1 January, 4pm to 1 November at 4pm, Kim Jaejoong has been ranked no.2 in the celebrity category.

Ranked at No. 4 is TVXQ, and No. 5 is Kara, and SNSD at No. 7. With AKB48 at the top, for this ranking for the celebrity category which is dominated by groups and not by a single member within a group, it can be said that Kim Jaejoong has created an extraordinary record.

Seeing this, netizens said, “Kim Jaejoong’s popularity is unbelievable,” “He single-handedly took the no.2 position, he’s great” and other responses.

Also, Kim Jaejoong has approximately 600,000 followers on twitter and is ranked no.7 overall, and no. 5 among the idols.

Source : [BaiduHero + TV Report via Nate]

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Translation 111016 CKD Feels the Effects Of Choosing JYJ As Their CF Models–Their Homepage Crashes

[Trans] 111011 CKD Feels The Effects Of Choosing JYJ As Their CF Models, Their Homepage Crashes

JYJ, who have been unable to appear on broadcasted programs, are becoming the most sought-after men in the advertisement industry.

JYJ, who became a hot topic for being chosen as the new CF models of CKD’s Penzal Q, have been showing off their devoted and caring boyfriend image in the CF as they take care of their sick girlfriend through the commercial ‘Don’t be sick’.

The story element of the commercial, which is very different from pharmaceutical advertisements of the past, and JYJ are both receiving an explosive popularity from the consumers.

Netizens are taking an active approach in promoting the commercial by spreading the ‘Don’t be sick’ video through Youtube, Daum TVpod, Naver Blog, and individual homepages. Penzal Q is properly feeling the JYJ effect as their homepage temporarily crashed when the video was released.

A representative stated, “The emotional commercial and JYJ’s popularity is causing a continuous stream of sales inquiries and as the response from consumers is so great, we are planning to reveal the making film of the commercial.”

The making film of JYJ’s Penzal Q have been released through the homepage (www.penzalq.com) and their official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/penzalQ).

Source: [star mk]
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Translation 110829 World Star Park Yoochun Is Popular With Everyone, Regardless Of Nationality

[TRANS] 110829 World Star Park Yoochun Is Popular With Everyone, Regardless Of Nationality
Posted on August 30, 2011
by melodiamuse

The press conference of the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards was held on the 29th of August at 10:30a.m. at the Taepyungro Press Center in Seoul.

The event was attended by Director Lim Kwon Taek (judging panel), Professor Martine Frost (Professor of Paris University Diderot), Maxime Paquet (Korean representative of Korea Connection), Lee Seung Geun (Korean representative of Korea Connection), Head of Romania’s Hallyu fans, Cabrera Miluska (Head of Peru’s Hallyu fans) and fifty international Hallyu fans.

Meanwhile, the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards is an international drama festival in its sixth year that encompasses dramas from more than 30 countries around the world.

Source: [newsen]

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NEWS 110806 “Protect the Boss” Already Receiving Lovecalls In Many Countries

[News] 110805 “Protect the Boss” already receiving lovecalls in many countries

The drama “Protect the Boss” is gaining lots of interest overseas already, recently reported as becoming a hot topic on Chinese video sites.

SBS Contents Hub, which is in charge of exporting dramas overseas, explained on August 5th that there is a huge amount of interest overseas for “Protect the Boss”. The drama is currently at the center of attention in the Asian market. SBS also stated that they are currently in the midst of negotiations for distributing the drama overseas.

According to SBS Contents Hub, most of Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and so on and so forth are expressing their interest in airing “Protect the Boss” in their own countries.

“Protect the Boss” is a drama about a secretary, Noh Eunsul, who is hired to work for a useless 2nd generation rich boy, Cha Jihun. This drama had already been a topic of interest before its airing because JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who had a successful acting debut in the drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, would be acting in it. On top of that, this drama has received a great response for its first 2 episodes.

Usually when looking to import a drama, they look at the viewer ratings after it has been airing for a while. However, in this case, this drama is already gaining love calls after only airing 2 episodes.

source: ENews24

credit: koreaboo

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