[Pic] 130604 JYJ (EN) Line Update

[Pic] 130604 JYJ (EN) Line Update

[Yuchun’s birthday] surprise party with Jaejoong&Junsu! will be able to see more pictures at Membership week!!

Happy birthday to you~~
Happy birthday to you~~
Happy birthday dear Yuchun~~~
Let’s sing together!

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130423 Angel’s Artistry Compilation

Angel’s Artistry

This fan takes video&music artistry to an all time high level. It takes a lot of dedication to do work this appealing. This is a labor of love. 🙂

credit: AngelWing

JYJFantalk Source: youtube

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[Vid] 130223 JYJ Jaejoong Fanmeet & Mini Concert in Hong Kong Greeting

[Vid] 130223 JYJ Jaejoong Fanmeet & Mini Concert in Hong Kong Greeting

On 2013/03/24

credit: CSJYJ03

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[Vid+Trans] 120903 K-STAR News – JYJ Yoochun at Seoul International Drama Awards

[Vid+Trans] 120903 K-STAR news – JYJ Yoochun at Seoul International Drama Awards

(Seoul Drama Awards 2012 Keyword)
2.Park Yuchun

caption: Looks like that person has come

caption: The man who is sorry to be popular, Park Yuchun

At the Seoul Drama Awards 2012, there is [Park Yuchun]

PD: Who did you come to see?
Fans: Park Yuchun!

Fan: I came from China
PD: Your Korean is good, are you really Chinese?
Fan: Yes, I am. I learnt hard because of Park Yuchun.

Regardless of national boundaries and age, fans are gathered solely for the common feature that is ‘Park Yuchun’

PD: How much do you love Park Yuchun?
Fan: Look~ I came dressed just like him, right?
(caption: pride explosion!)
It’s the same outfit as the one he wore in Shanghai Fanmeeting.

Even the passion to match his clothes!

caption: Park Yuchun’s charm
Superior acting
Perfect singing ability
Fan: First, he’s very handsome, nice and is a good actor and singer.

PD: What do you like so much about him?
Fan: Everything (is attractive about him) !

Fans: Park Yuchun oppa, we love you!
Yuchun oppa, we love you!
Park Yuchun, we love you!

Park Yuchun who gathers such fans differed with his entrance with screams by his international fans.

He doesn’t forget his fans from the 2nd floor.
caption: scrupulous fan-service!

Yuchun (inside bubble): Hi~!
Fans: kyak! ack~! wow! kyaa~

Fans don’t know how to react

Then, was Seoul Drama Awards 2012 Park Yuchun Day?

caption: For 2 years in a row, he was awarded the Netizen Popularity Award
This day, Park Yuchun took the Popularity Award chosen by netizens from all over the world with a high difference of votes.

caption: Park Yuchun’s popularity secret?
1. Handsome
2. Acting skills
3. Fans
Fans: kyaaaaaa~
Yuchun: I think for 1. and 2. I still need to work harder in the future so I think it’s the third one.

That’s not all. The drama Rooftop Prince has won 3 awards in total including Best Hallyu Drama and Best Hallyu Actor and he has showed his best hallyu star’s force.
caption: Netizen Popularity Award
Best Hallyu Drama
Best Hallyu Actor
3 awards accomplishment

F3: Crown Prince~~~!

GakHa: I shall promise that we will stay together forever.

08.25 Park Yuchun Shanghai Fanmeeting
Meanwhile, Park Yuchun is planning to genuinely have his Asia fanmeeting tour which started recently in Shanghai.

caption: Park Yuchun is in the midst of his Asia Fanmeeting Tour
Yuchun: I sincerely love you a lot, thank you.

We will expect more handsome activities from you!

trans by: Sheena (@parksheena6004)

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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INTERVIEW Park Yuchun Returns As the Heir To a Rich Upper Class Family…

I am glad that you want to live simply, Yoochun. It makes things more enjoyable and memorable when you save them for special occasions. Smart man. Momma Cha

[Interview] Park Yuchun returns as the heir to a rich upper class family. “I really wanted to act in a traditional melodrama”Note: Parts of the interview not regarding Yuchun have been omitted

Yuchun returns as the heir of an upper class family. “I really wanted to act in a traditional melodrama.”
Q. I know you’ve received many screenplays (T/N: aka many offers), so what’s your reason for selecting this role?

Park Yuchun: I wanted to try a melodrama no matter what. I was cast last, and after seeing the seniors that were cast beforehand, I really wanted to work with them and replied, “I will do it.” I want to hear that I’ve gotten, even if it’s only slightly, better from my first performance.

Q. You played a flawless character in SKK Scandal, and this time it’s also the role of a flawless heir of an upper class family. How are [the roles] similar to your personality?

Park Yuchun: On the contrary, I tend to live more simply. I tend to avoid high-end restaurants, and don’t go unless it’s a special occasion. I go about once a year with my mother. I don’t like things like that. In that aspect, Yutaka is similar to me.

Q. What are the similarities between your character and yourself?

Park Yuchun: My first appearance is in a scene of [Yutaka] arriving at an airport , where I appear kind and well-mannered. I believe you can feel the atmosphere the character was raised in through his ease and natural manners. But this isn’t because he has no concerns, but because he’s experienced suffering. I really like that [about the character] and want to express that aspect [of him] well.

Q. Through our previous performance, you got a lot of “mother fans.” Do you expect the same to happen this time?

Park Yuchun: For this drama, I want to focus on acting more than any other parts. I will engage myself posed to learn more. My sense of responsibility has become bigger than my first drama. Such aspects continuously take a share of my heart. I will properly and seriously take part in acting, not “did he get into acting because he’s being very restricted in his activities as a singer?” I’m originally a singer, but when I’m acting I want to do it properly.

Q. In , as the drama neared the end, you showed how you were physically worn out. How do you plan to take care of your health this time?

Park Yuchun: I am completely unable to take care of my health right now. I can’t even think about taking care of my health. When I really get into something, I tend to concentrate intensely… and although it’s tiring, it’s enjoyable. I’m enjoying [filming] even if I can’t get much sleep.

Q. I heard you use Japanese a lot in the drama. Was there anything particularly difficult?

Park Yuchun: Speaking in Japanese isn’t difficult, but your tone can’t help but change if you use a different language. When I speak in Japanese, I sometimes come out as Park Yuchun, not Yukata, so I’m trying to be careful in those parts.

“The worst lie in my life” told by the four lead actors

Kang Haejung: The lie I tell most often is saying “yes” to the question asking if I’ve eaten. It’s because if I tell them I haven’t eaten, many different situations may arise so I simply lie that I’ve eaten.

Park Yuchun: I think I also tell lies like that often.

’s ratings as told by the four lead actors


Park Yuchun: After reaching a certain percentage [of viewers], I hope it won’t go down [to a lower percentage] from that

Source. Top Star News
Translation by. withJYJ
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