[TRANS] 131015 The Reason Why We’re Excited For Park Yoochun And Lee Joon’s Movies?





Park Yoochun begins filming for ‘Sea Fog’… Will even take on a bed scene
Lee Joon bares his upper body for ‘An Actor is an Actor’

It’s a ‘choice that is on a whole new level’. The daring challenges that Park Yoochun and Lee Joon, who have made their mark as idol stars-turned-actors, are taking to enter the movie industry are garnering a great deal of attention. Instead of choosing ‘even’t movies that rely on their popularity as idol stars, these two celebrities have decided to take on completely unexpected roles, even braving scenes that involve small doses of nudity.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently began filming for the movie ‘Sea Fog’ but MBLAQ’s Lee Joon will be greeting moviegoers on the 24th with ‘An Actor is an Actor’. One is a thriller while the other is an action movie, but both draw attention for the fact that they are not romantic comedies, a route most often taken by idol stars.

Park Yoochun scored a role in the movie with the full support of Director Bong Joon Ho, and will be working alongside great actors such as Kim Yoon Seok and Moon Sung Geun. In a movie full of violence and desire, Park Yoochun will be saying all his lines with a Jeolla Province dialect. It has also been said that he will be filming a bed scene with the actress who will play a women Park Yoochun’s character falls in love with.

Lee Joon’s next role has become a little wilder. ‘An Actor is an Actor’ by Director Kim Ki Deok has Lee Joon as a top star who has a bed scene with four different actresses. The singer even bared his upper body for a scene in the movie. In 2009, Lee Joon appeared as the younger version of Rain in ‘Ninja Assassin’ and has received many movie offers since then, but ended up choosing ‘An Actor is an Actor’ after deciding that it would be the best choice for him.

Park Yoochun and Lee Joon’s challenges can be seen as their determination to cast away their ‘idol premium’ and succeed on their own as actors. A representative of the movie industry stated, “Park Yoochun and Lee Joon are signaling their entrance as up and coming actors in their twenties,” and “If they are able to succeed in their first leading-role movies, they have the potential to make it big in the industry.”

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[TRANS] 130928 Park Yoochun – Han Yaeri On Board For ‘Sea Fog’, To Commence Filming On October 6th


Han Yaeri and Park Yoochun will be working together on their next project.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Han Yaeri is currently in the final stages of negotiations for a role in the movie ‘Sea Fog’.

‘Sea Fog’ is based on the 2007 play with the same name and depicts the life of sailors and stowaways out at sea. Han Yaeri will be playing the role of stowaway Hongmae, and will be the romantic love interest of sailor Dong Seok (Park Yoochun). They will also be joined by Kim Yoon Seok and Lee Hui Joon.

Director Shim Sung Bo will be grabbing hold of the megaphone while Director Bong Joon Ho will be in charge of production. The film will begin filming on October 6th.

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[TRANS] 130116 Max Changmin Talks About ‘Moonlight Prince’, “I Couldn’t Sleep Well Because I Was So Worried”

[TRANS] 130116 Max Changmin Talks About ‘Moonlight Prince’, “I Couldn’t Sleep Well Because I Was So Worried”

TVXQ’s Max Changmin talked about his first experience on ‘Moonlight Prince’.

Max Changmin attended the press conference of KBS 2TV’s new variety program ‘Moonlight Prince’, which was held in Yeoido on the 16th, and stated, “After the our first filming session, I went home thinking, ‘It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.’”

He talked about the pressure he feels when he said, “I couldn’t sleep well because I was so worried,” and he also added, “Though there are many difficulties, the four people I’m working with are so dependable. I’m learning as I follow them, and I think I’ll get better if I work hard.”

Max Changmin commented, “I think it’s a program that has a more exciting future than the present.”

Meanwhile, ‘Moonlight Prince’ is a book-based talk show that features Kang Ho Dong, Tak Jae Hoon, Jung Jae Hyung, Brave Brothers and Max Changmin as the MCs. Each week, a guest will choose the book and the theme of the talk will be based on the book that is chosen. As the follow-up program of ‘Win Win’, the show will begin airing on the 22nd.

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[Trans] 130103 Park Yoochun Films All Night For ‘I Miss You’ In -22 Degrees Weather

[Trans] 130103 Park Yoochun Films All Night For ‘I Miss You’ In -22 Degrees Weather

It was recently found that Park Yoochun filmed all night for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I Miss You’ during the coldest cold wave of the winter season.

With the coldest cold wave hitting the nation today, JYJ’s Official Facebook page revealed the recent whereabouts of Park Yoochun. A photo of Park Yoochun was posted with the words, “The temperature hit a record of -22 degrees on set in Paju. Please give your support to Detective Han Jung Woo.”

A representative stated, “Though the coldest cold wave has hit the nation, Park Yoochun has been filming all night for his drama. We’re using everything we can to keep warm such as hot packs, furnaces, blankets and hot tea, but because it’s snowing so much and the roads have frozen over, we’ve been faced with many difficulties,” and “But because the 17th episode contains crucial plot points that will help Han Jung Woo solve his case, Park Yoochun is completely focused on his acting, as expected from the crazed rabbit. Park Yoochun’s professionalism and ability to focus on his acting regardless of the cold weather is amazing.”

(omitted for spoilers)

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[Translation] 120613 Jaejoong’s Message For MazeJae

[Trans] 120613 Jaejoong’s Message for MazeJae

Fan Support for ‘Here Comes Jackal’ by Maze Jae. We decided to do meals support after we heard that Jaejoong wasn’t able to have a proper meal due to the hectic filming schedules. Jaejoong is in a very good mood today. Wearing a singlet and slippers, he smiled and nod to us. After he finished eating, he especially waved to us and said that “I ate well.” It’s all worth to see your smiling face

Jaejoong’s note after signature: ‘Here Comes Jackal’ will be an interesting movie!

[Omitted the part that is not allowed to be taken out of weibo]

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[NEWS] Still coping with father’s death, Yoochun to return to work?

[NEWS] Still coping with father’s death, Yoochun to return to work?

It seems that JYJ‘s Park Yoochun who is still broken hearted over the recent death of his father will be returning to work even before his tears have had a chance to dry.

According to a broadcast insider, Yoochun will be heading over to the set of his new SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince‘ after his father’s burial on March 16th.

Until now, the ’Rooftop Prince’ staff members have planned their filming schedule around JYJ’s Chile and Peru concerts, but they did not expect the sudden passing of his father.

Because Yoochun plays a leading role in the series and ‘Rooftop Prince’ is set to broadcast its first episode on the 21st, the situation cannot be helped and it will be difficult for the staff to allow any delays.

A staff member remarked, “Yoochun’s representatives have been told of the circumstances. He must be both physically and mentally drained, and everyone sees this as an unfortunate event.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ is a romance story that spans 300 years. The first episode will air on March 21st.

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[PIC + TRANS] 120213 Rooftop Prince’s Filming in Hapcheon

[PIC + TRANS] 120213 Rooftop Prince’s Filming in Hapcheon

SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ Filming at Hapcheon

SBS drama special ‘Rooftop Prince’ was filming at Hwang-mae mountain at Gahoe-myeong, Hapcheon-gun. The drama filming has a tight schedule and filming started from 8am to 6pm. Including Park Yoochun, who is acting as the lead character ‘Lee Gak’, 80 staff and 10 authorized persons from Hapcheon participated in the filming. ‘Rooftop Prince’ is a romantic comedy about a Joseon Crown Prince loses his wife and leaps over 300 years to Seoul in the modern time. The first broadcast will be on Mar. 14.

(unrelated parts omitted)

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[News] 120210 JYJ’s Yoo Chun explains, “I’m Not The Man Who Was Threatened By An Ex-Girlfriend”

[News] 120210 JYJ’s Yoo Chun explains, “I’m Not The Man Who Was Threatened By An Ex-Girlfriend”


As JYJ’s Yoo Chun is mentioned as the male idol group member A who has recently been threatened by his ex-girlfriend B with his nude video, C-jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, stated its official position on the issue.

On February 10, C-jes Entertainment said, “It’s very unfortunate that there are slanderous articles and rumors about Yoo Chun spreading around. We ask all of JYJ fans and reporters for your active support to prevent the spread of such articles and rumors.”


C-jes also said, “If it is revealed that the articles and rumors are false and invasion of privacy, we will take legal action against them immediately through our corporation attorney, law firm Sejong.”

The first criminal investigation department of the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office announced that B had been summarily indicted for threatening A with his nude video on February 9.

According to the prosecution, B asked A’s agency for a billion won with A’s nude video that she filmed when she was dating him. She also threatened that she would release the video online if the money was not given. On the basis that B was a first-time offender, the prosecution confiscated the video and B was summarily indicted.

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