[TRANS] 140124 U-Know Yunho Donates 35.2 Million Won To Gwangju, ‘A Steady Stream Of Donations From The Star’


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has stepped up to make donations to Gwangju, his hometown.

According to a representative of SM Entertainment, “On the 22nd, U-Know Yunho donated the 35.2 million Won of profits he made from participating in the ’2013 Gwangju Design Biennale’ to Gwangju’s Community Chest of Korea donation drive. His donation will be used to help children in need in the Gwangju region.”

According to this representative, U-Know Yunho worked as the honorary ambassador of the ’2013 Gwangju Design Biennale’ event from the 6th of September till the 3rd of November. U-Know Yunho released hand-drawn sketches, as well as mobile phone cases, mugs and plates designed by the singer himself.

The profits made from selling these items were donated the Gwangju’s Community Chest of Korea donation drive, showcasing U-Know Yunho’s love for his hometown. It has been found that U-Know Yunho has secretly been participating in a variety of donation drives and volunteer services.

Meanwhile, TVXQ are currently busy promoting their new track ‘Something’.

Source: [mydaily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 140111-140115 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, January 11th to 5:59am KST, January 16th.


(Junsu, 6:35pm KST, 140111, Twitter) This is heaven on earth~~ pic.twitter.com/toCTd7kl1J
(Junsu, 6:37pm KST, 140111, Twitter) Sunset pic.twitter.com/tB7P1rAH3q
(Junsu, 8:04pm KST, 140111, Twitter) It’s so pretty pic.twitter.com/KXswgQjPEK



(Jaejoong, 9:17pm KST, 140111, Twitter) I had so much fun in Gwangju^^ Your outfits were amazing~! I can’t wait for the two concerts in Nagyoa~! and the two concerts in Seoul~ The dress code for both Nagoya.. and Seoul is “Kim Jaejoong”. Show me how great your imagination can be~ haha


(Junsu’s mom, 5:23pm KST, 140112, Twitter) We went for a walk with Xiahki♡Hoki for the first time in a while~ Seeing them having so much fun has made me so happy~^^ pic.twitter.com/qbAztQJu3p

(Junsu, 6:41pm KST, 140112, Twitter) @zunoxiahmom Xiahki and Hokiㅜ

(Choi In Suk, 6:02pm KST, 140112, Twitter) Today was the last performance of the musical [Friends]. Thank you everyone, I love you. pic.twitter.com/gkb1wsz8Wc
(Zakky, 8:19pm KST, 140112, Twitter) @indding Great job!!
(Junsu, 1:42am KST, 140113, Twitter) @zakkykim Turtle!!! Sorry;;
(Zakky, 1:47am KST, 140113, Twitter) @1215thexiahtic pic.twitter.com/gvKwcARFpk


(Junsu, 6:41pm KST, 140112, Twitter) We’ve come to a Chinese restaurant! pic.twitter.com/uMrg7y52r5



(Junsu, 12:22am KST, 140113, Twitter) Sasahara.. Can you just leave us alone, and stop caring about what we do? You take false information you picked up from somewhere.. and act like you know something.. and if you happen to make a guess that comes true, I guess some people listen to you, huh? Do you enjoy that? Stop taking such an interest in what we do and go about your own business~ What exactly is it that you do for a living?? That’s what I’m most curious about..


(Junsu, 1:20am KST, 140113, Twitter) This was fun lol pic.twitter.com/x16KoOKcVs
(Junsu, 1:29am KST, 140113, Twitter) Hansol, your mouth is going to split in half if you yawn like that keke Everyone.. keeps staring at you~~ Let’s pretend that we don’t know each other ^^;; Sorry pic.twitter.com/WNZRdZYAGO


(Junsu, 11:38pm KST, 140114, Twitter) The musical Ghost.. I was captivated by Juwon and Ivy’s singing and acting, and I fell for the ardent love depicted in the musical. And Choi Jung Won. I got to see first-hand why she is called the greatest musical actress of Korea. I lo..lo…ve… respect you.
(Zakky, 11:41pm KST, 140114, Twitter) @1215thexiahtic Come watch Kim Junsu’s performance of December! I heard you’ve only watched Park Gun Hyung’s performance?
(Junsu, 11:58pm KST, 140114, Twitter) @zakkykim Hyung.. I really do want to watch my own performance.. But how do I go about doing that? [I’d say to myself] Try and give me some biting criticism.. lol
(Gun Hyung, 12:00am KST, 140115, Twitter) @zakkykim What are you guys doing haha Let’s get some sleep

@1215thexiahtic Welcome back haha
(Junsu, 12:11am KST, 140115, Twitter) @gunboy77 Hyung! Sweet dreams~^^
(Moon Jung, 12:18am KST, 140115, Twitter) @1215thexiahtic You’ll come check out a Spanish prison next, right?? haha
(Junsu, 12:21am KST, 140115, Twitter) @mjkim8200 Director! That Spanish prison is from La Mancha right? I’ll make sure to drop by soon haha
(Moon Jung, 12:23am KST, 140115, Twitter) @1215thexiahtic I’ll have fanfare prepared just for you~^^
(Junsu, 12:25am KST, 140115, Twitter) @mjkim8200 You must! keep that promise^^

(Jaejoong, 4:03pm KST, 140115, Twitter) It’s still Christmas here.. I should put all this stuff away.. pic.twitter.com/EqYhYFHq4E
(Junsu, 4:16pm KST, 140115, Twitter) @bornfreeonekiss Your house is so pretty lol I should really go for a visit! Aren’t you going to have a housewarming party? lol
(Jaejoong, 4:19pm KST, 140115, Twitter) @1215thexiahtic I moved in a while ago and you’re telling me to have a housewarming party now? haha Oh, if you live alone, not even Christmas or the coming of Spring has any appeal..ㅜㅜ
(Junsu, 4:47pm KST, 140115, Twitter) @bornfreeonekiss I feel the same way lol Birthdays and Christmases lose more appeal as the years go by~~


(Jaejoong, 4:28pm KST, 140115, Instagram) The beef I marinated yesterday~ It looks so good~ http://instagram.com/p/jLl7K2knt-/


Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong+Others’ Twitter + Jaejoong’s Instagram]


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[TRANS] 131205 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131205 Kim Jaejoong Is Confirmed To Hold A Nationwide Tour In Korea “For The First Time Since His Debut”


Kim Jaejoong will be setting off on a nationwide tour.

As an addition to his first album’s Asia tour, Kim Jaejoong will be touring the nation, holding concerts in cities like Busan, Gwangju and Deagu.

Beginning with a concert at the Busan BEXCO on the 4th of January, the singer will be performing at the Gwangju Yeomju Gymnasium on the 11th, Daegu’s EXCO on the 18th and Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium on the 25th and 26th.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong will be touring the nation and holding concerts for his fans every weekend in January,” and “This is the first time that he’s partaking in a nationwide tour since he made his debut, and it’s sure to be great news for his Korean fans.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong released his first solo album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why’ on the 29th of October and has since been performing all across Asia for his fans.

Source: [joynews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJ Fantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130717 D-50 Till The Gwangju Design Biennale ‘The U-Know Yunho Effect


Concept art from the ‘My Favorite Gwangju’ exhibition, a collaboration with U-Know Yunho’

There are fifty days left till the 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale and it’s already become the talk of the town.

With a two-top strategy of inviting ‘Hallyu stars’ BoA and U-Know Yunho to participate in promotional activities, it was revealed on the 17th that requests about the convention are flooding in from China and Japan.

This year’s event is expected to write a new page in ‘Gwangju Tourism’ history as a map of tourism in Gwangju is set to be created on the heels of the biennale’s expected success.

When it was reported that U-Know Yunho would be attending his honorary ambassador commencement ceremony on the 5th of September, fans both in Korea and overseas began calling the foundation to secure seats for the event.

Ticket reservation sites in Asia are experiencing a ‘Gwangju Boom’ from Japanese and Chinese fans, and travel agencies are working on holiday packages that include the commencement ceremony at the Gwangju Design Biennale for U-Know Yunho’s overseas fans.

After attending the commencement ceremony, Asian fans are planning to visit U-Know Yunho’s ‘My Favorite Gwangju’ exhibition, as well as his old school.

With requests coming in for Japanese and Chinese leaflets for the 2013 Gwangu Design Biennale, the foundation in charge of the event is set to print more leaflets soon.

The ‘Gwangju Map Project’, which will study the history of Hallyu stars and famous designers from Gwangju, is expected to be popular with fans.

The project will feature a collaboration of 40 famous designers in Korea and will be printed as a book and map detailing the various tourist spots and eateries in Gwangju.

The 40 designers recently spread out throughout Gwangju and the Jeolla Northern Province to find hidden eateries and tourist spots. The project will highlight such places in the province from the perspective of the designers, bring a new angle and approach to such areas.

CEO Lee Yong Woo of the Gwangju Design Biennale stated, “The Gwangju Design Biennale, which is the frontrunner of promoting Korea’s designs as a part of the Hallyu Wave, is focus on tourism in Gwangju this year to help the local economy flourish.”

Meanwhile, this year’s Gwangju Design Biennale will be held for a total of 59 days (September 6th~November 3rd) and the list of participants will be revealed this month. BoA’s logo song will be released online around mid-July.

Source: [news1]

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Momma’s Source; dongbangdata.net

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[News] 130204 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fanclub Donates 20.6 Million Won To The Fruits Of Love Foundation

[News] 130204 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fanclub Donates 20.6 Million Won To The Fruits Of Love Foundation

Hallyu star U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fans recently made a donation to Gwangju’s Fruits of Love foundation to help those in need.

According to Gwangju’s Fruits of Love foundation, U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fanclub ‘Jung Yunho FanBlog Ring One’ donated 20.6 million Won to the foundation to commemorate U-Know Yunho’s birthday on the 6th of February.

His Japanese fans stated, “We knew that U-Know Yunho has been donating scholarships to his high school for the past eight years, and we thought that it would be more meaningful to make a donation than to give him expensive gifts,” and “We would like to keep helping U-Know Yunho’s hometown Gwangju this year.”

Of the 20.6 million Won that was donated, 2.91 million Won will be used to buy rice for the families of low-income students in Imgok Middle School, and 17.69 million Won will be donated as scholarships for Imgok Middle School and U-Know Yunho’s former school Gwangil High School.

Meanwhile, U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fans have been continually making donations over the past few years. Last year, they donated 22 million Won and 1,1118 copies of TVXQ’s album and have donated a total of 77 million Won since 2011.

Source: [asiae]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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FANACCOUNT 110626 JYJ Concert in Gwangju’s MC (Excerpts)

[Fanaccount] 110626 JYJ Concert in Gwangju’s MC (Excerpts)‏

Part I:

JJ: You all came even in such a bad typhoon weather, it must be hard for everyone who came to Gwangju! Then, we heard that there’s a lot of people who were unable to come here. We will work hard for those empty seats, today’s concert will be even brighter! Firstly, members, please say your greetings.

JS: Hi everyone, I’m very happy to see you all. Today is a meaningful day, the long trip for 2010 World Tour will end today in Gwangju. Because we have prepared the handsome stage and performance, and the ability to interact more with everyone is good enough. Just like what was said, even though there’s a typhoon and yet you all came, really appreciate that!

YC: Hi everyone, I’m Yoochun. I’m very happy to see everyone. Junsu’s hairstyle for today is very handsome right? Jaejoong hyung and I, and I personally like this hairstyle of Junsu’s, thus was hoping to see this hairstyle. For the last performance today, Junsu especially styled this hair. Jaejoong hyung, you dyed your hair black for today too, right?

JJ: Yes, ah, erm… yes? Hahaha~

YC: No matter what, yesterday I read the weather forecast for today. This afternoon at 3pm, the typhoon warning was broadcasted right? (I) feel that with everybody’s passion and our hardworking performance, probably the typhoon would not come here. Anyway, (we) would experience the typhoon when we returned to Seoul. Because it’s the last stage today, therefore everyone seems to have came watching, with anticipation and reluctance. Today we said this when we were rehearsing, “Today is the last round,
(we) have to enjoy it well.” Thus we hoped everybody can watch it happily.

JJ: Yes, (today’s) last public performance can be the performance that round things up. And, kehahaha. Everyone has been saying if only our MC section can be longer. We will talk for a very long while today, don’t worry. Firstly, it just started, so we’ll now use our singing to thank everyone.

Part II:

JJ: Thank you. This performance will conclude with this song… I’m sorry to smile and talk at such a sad part. Ah, today is our last stop for the world tour, and also this place is, of course smaller than Busan’s, but because of the support that was not any incomparable to Busan’s, I’m really very happy, We JYJ were very blessed and very thankful. So, the last song that we all knew, and we know that (we and fans) are very reluctant to leave, but it really is the last song. If I were to continue like this, everyone will have to work hard on the internet in the end right? But can it be that it was the world tour’s last stop, our members would like to say a few words, lastly, let’s say our greetings one by one.

YC: Starting from me? Okay, in fact, if we were unable to have a concert, we wouldn’t have the chance to meet everyone, isn’t it? Right? Therefore, with such thoughts, no matter the singles we have prepared, the albums we have prepared, even though it was prepared, there’s no stages for us to perform. There were times of disheartened during productions, there were times like these. But because we debuted as singers, therefore we would want to be happy with everyone again at stage like this, the place that we adored the most. It is more meaningful than any broadcast, than any stage, the place that we loved the most is a concert performance. Due to the worldwide album, we are really thankful to be able to stand at a stage like this, it feels very good. Of course every member is very busy. What is the most important thing, what is the thing that we need the most, we also would want to remember that JYJ is not a normal name only. Hoped that everyone can continue to give us the support. We really hoped to meet everyone with an even more handsome public performance. Thank you.

JS: Today is the last stop for this year, and the last stop for the tour and what’s left is the next song. Although we have stood on many stages, but with the name of JYJ, and to once again breathe in the same place with everyone, it was the most basic to me, but was also the most difficult place. Therefore, our tour for this year was not spreading strength, it’s where we received strength, it would be good if this strength can last us till the end of this year. No matter when, although we have always said this, but we really want to truthfully thank everyone. Thank you.

JJ: So, this is the last song. Our story will continue in the future, and will present with no limits to everyone, a better look, a more suave look. We feel that the road for us in the future will still be endless. There are a lot of things to do, a lot of hurdles to overcome, there are a lot of newcomers too, and (we) also heard a bit about fans ‘climbing over the walls’ (T/N: changed to other idols-loving, i.e.) But, there are not much time, and we’ve aged. Recently, if I did not shave for one day, facial stubble could be seen, if we did not eat for a meal… the belly that did not protrude will also be out, it’s as though we have hit our first phase of andropause.

JJ: First and foremost, our passion and the things we wanted to do in the future that’s yet to be done, now is the ideal we had during preparation as trainees. Through that ideal, we feel that we will be more confident and grow even more. If the heart that believed in us will continue to support us, then we will do it with all our best effort till the end. Is there anyone who is in their third phase of menopause/andropause? Hahaha. Joking. Then… I’m sorry. Created such an ambiguous atmosphere. Firstly, we JYJ have worked hard for the tour, it was hard for everyone too. Presenting to everyone the last song, In Heaven.

credit: DNBN+Mr Park
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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Translation JYJ’s Final Comments At the Gwangju Concert


[Trans] JYJ`s final comments at the Gwangju Concert
Posted on June 27, 2011
by YunhoFan

[TRANS] 110626 Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s Last Ment at Gwangju Concert

Jaejoong’s last comment: “We want to turn our stories into new songs and show you an even more wonderful image of us. I think that we still have a lot to show you guys from now on. There are a lot of mountains we have to climb over; and since we’re old now, we cannot hear really clearly much when fans are moving, we can’t eat even one meal per day and that’s why we’re hungry, this such a changing phase of life isn’t it *laughs*
Anyway, from now on, the thing that we will show you are going to be even bigger than what we’re showing you now. I’m saying this with a very confident heart so please watch over us like you’ve always been doing. If you do that then we will be able to do our best until the very end…”

Yoochun’s last comment: “I think being a singer means to stand on the stage like this and be interlinked with everyone like this rather than being able to go on variety shows. I know that we still haven’t really obtained the name JYJ, and that’s why we will continue to do out best. Please keep supporting us from now on.”

Junsu’s last comment: “It’s the last stop of our tour, and even though there’s still one more song left, but to become one with everyone and to be able to breathe the same air with you guys as JYJ at a place like this, even though it is a very basic thing, I think that this is the place given by God…”

Source: @runa0418

Momma’s Source: dbskalways.wordpress.com

Forgive the picture 🙂

Translation Japanese Press Covers Gwangju Concert…

[TRANS] Japanese Press Covers Gwangju Concert ^__^ — Best Time Ever Since Debut
Posted on June 27, 2011 by jyj3

Wonderful to see the Japanese press cover JYJ ^___^ (I Agree 🙂 )

JYJ, at the end of the world tour “We received energy from the fans”

JYJ held the last concert in Kwangju and concluded their “2011 JYJ world tour concert.”

Starting on the 2nd of April, JYJ held their concerts in Bangkok, Thailand then in Taiwan, China, Japan, 4 cities in America and in Korea’s Pusan and Kwanju. In total, the tour unfolded in 7 countries, 10 cities. This time, Kim Jaejoong, under the concept of “Creative Challenge,” even personally directed the production of the Asian leg of the world tour.

JYJ, who held the encore concert in Kwangju for the sake of the Korean fans, could not hide their regret as it was their last stage. Kim Jaejoong said: “Today, the last stage of this world tour, instead of focusing on the planned performance I want to become closer to the fans.” He also explained his feelings: “I hope you will cheer us on and believe in us until the end.”

Park Yoochun who is recently appearing in the drama “Miss Ripley” said: “The time we had on this world tour is the most amazing that we have had since our debut as singers! Even though the members are busy with our individual activities, without losing the heart (T/N: JYJ as their core activity) we want to meet you again in another wonderful performance.”

Kim Junsu expressed his gratitude to the fans: “Instead of giving energy through our concerts, we received energy from the fans. We are thankful for the fans from the bottom of our hearts.”

With the end of the world tour, JYJ who are individually starring in dramas and musicals will devote themselves to their solo activities.

Source: Innolife

Translation Credit: @As0or

Momma’s Source: jyj3.net

Translation 110627 Concluded World Tour with Gwangju, Followed by Solo Activities

[Trans] 110627 JYJ concluded World Tour with Gwangju’s, followed by solo activities‏

JYJ held their two-months of “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert” and rounded off with an encore concert in Gwangju.

JYJ started with Bangkok on the 2nd of April and continued with Taiwan, China, Japan and four North American cities, then Korea’s Busan and Gwangju, with a total of 7 countries and 10 cities.

Kim Jaejoong was Asia tour’s director, who directed with the concept of “Creativity Challenge”. C-JeS Entertainment’s representative Baek Chang Ju said, “The 2011 World Tour Concert that displayed JYJ’s infinite possibilities gained strength from fans’ support and encouragements from all around the world and was marvelously concluded.”, “Please also look out for the upcoming solo activities of the three members,” entrusting the fans for support.

JYJ’s Gwangju encore performance had about 7000 audiences and because it was the last concert, the reluctant feeling was unable to be hidden. Also JYJ presented a big laughter to fans by sharing the imitation of their favorite KBS2 Gag Concert segment.

Kim Jaejoong expressed, “Because today is the last concert, rather than giving a neat choreograph of a concert, (We) would rather be closer and ‘breathing’ with the audiences. JYJ also would be preparing exciting activities,” and telling to fans, “Please support and trust us till the end.” The heartfelt audiences answered with their encouraging applause.

Park Yoochun, “There seems to be very little chances to show ourselves to you all, but through this World Tour Concert, it was the happiest time I had after debuting as a singer,” and “Members would be busy with our individual solo activities but would not lose the focus of JYJ. We’ll meet again with an even more handsome public performance,” relaying his thoughts towards the end of the world tour.

Kim Junsu said, “Rather than saying it’s World Tour Concert that injected energy, it was actually the acceptance by fans. I would like to sincerely thank every fans and hoped that this year ends well.”

Additionally, JYJ’s Gwangju encore performance will be shown through KBS2′s Entertainment Generation, broadcasting on the 28th at 7pm KST. (YES!!!!!)

credit: chosun+baidu

trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma”s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Vid 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju…

[Vid] 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju Part 3

credit: jeff12626

credit: 1215HALU

credit: jjinni82

credit: jeff12626

credit: jeff12626

credit: maybery188

credit: jeff12626

Credit: 1215HALU

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Pictures 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju Part 3

[Pic] 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju Part 3

Onward to more personal projects and Whew!!–maybe some rest for our poor fingers. Love You, Jae,Chunnie, and June. Thank You for sharing your time, talents, and personalities. 🙂 Momma Cha

I Can’t Handle Any More Cuteness

Credit: as tagged+DC
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Pictures 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju

[Pic] 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju

Some pictures of Jaejoong and Junsu from the encore concert. Momma Cha.

Credit: as tagged+jyj126+jujunsu+jemochi+SUA_LOVE_JUNSU+DC

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Pictures 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju Venue

[Pic] 110626 JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju Venue

These photos are mostly Yoochun. I will post other members as they become available. Momma Cha

So closeeee

Credit: as tagged+DC+only031226+makoto_JIN+hiarena+loveloveholic

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