Editors Note: Yoochun in “I Miss You” Episodes 5 thru 8



       It is truly remarkable how a drama can be so simple yet complex at the same time. “I Miss You” is such a drama. It’s simplicity lies in the typical love triangle. It’s complexity lies in the main driving force of the story–hearts abused and bruised by life that have formed layers of scars much like an onion. These scars will have to be peeled away one by one for healing to take place. Scars can reach into the deepest recesses of the soul, and the spirit can bury itself so completely that what occurred traumatically becomes unreality.

I am so proud of the natural acting that Micky Yoochun is giving us in his role as Detective Han. He has exercised his acting muscles until they are starting to flow smoothly and believeably. I am always astonished at his ability to act as if there are no cameras, booms, directors, and others around him. He commands his acting space and he is surrounded by talented actors like himself.

As a member of DBSK, and now a member of JYJ, Yoochun presents a steady persona. His stage presence, whether singing or acting is superb. I do not ever want to lose his throaty vocals, or this acting facet of his abilities.This solidity carries into his roles making them supportive and legendary.

I will continue to follow this melodrama through his eyes. It can only get better from here. Thank You Yoochun.  I Love You.  

credit: Momma Cha

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu: “The Only Person Who Will Break PSY’s Record Is PSY Himself”

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu: “The Only Person Who Will Break PSY’s Record Is PSY Himself”

On November 29 at a hotel in Germany, JYJ’s Junsu made statements concerning singer PSY. He said, “Achieving Billboard Top 10 is hard even for American singers, so for PSY to reach top two with a song sang in Korean was an amazing accomplishment. Realistically, I think it would be hard for other Korean singers to break his record, except maybe PSY himself. Perhaps, and hopefully, we could be the one to break the record.”

Junsu continued, “Music is not like soccer where you can keep a clear score. When I say my goal is to succeed in music, what I mean is to improve people’s view on KPop music.”

He also shared the story of how he first saw “Gangnam Style” MV. He said, “When I was in U.S. to shoot “Uncommitted” MV, an American actor for this MV showed me “Gangnam Style” MV on his cellphone.”

Junsu has been a member of DBSK, and then JYJ, and became a top star in Korea. As a member of JYJ, his popularity has spread to Japan, and the rest of the world including in North and South America.

In May 2012, Junsu has released a solo album “Xia” and has performed in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. He will be completing his world tour on December 30 in Oberhausen in Germany.

credit: soompi
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DBSK Memory Lane Revisited–Nanjing 2009+Others

Just a few videos that hopefully will bring back wonderful memories for ourselves and our Guys. If not, we keep trying O.K.? Then we have to keep finding and posting them until we get it right.   😉  <33333

credit: rminniew+tahchangluvyuchun+s2o00m8+hanzihe+nanhau nan

[TRANS] 120807 From TVXQ To EXO: The First SM Best Album In 12 Years To Be Released

[TRANS] 120807 From TVXQ To EXO: The First SM Best Album In 12 Years To Be Released

The ‘SM BEST ALBUM 3′, which will feature a history of SM’s music, is set to be released on the 10th.

Planned to commemorate the SM exhibition that will be held in Coex, Seoul, this is the first best album in approximately 12 years since the ‘SM BEST ALBUM 1′ in 1994 and the ‘SM BEST ALBUM 2′ in 2001.

The album is receiving a positive response as it allows listeners to experience the songs of all the musicians of SM in one album.

Comprised of 6 CDs, the best album contains a total of 89 songs that were released between 2001 and 2012 in chronological order. From Yoo Young Jin to EXO, listeners will be able to see the history of SM in one go.

Not only will the hit songs of each artiste be featured, but the CDs will also contain OST hits such as Taeyeon’s ‘Can You Hear Me’, Tiffany’s ‘By Myself’ and Yesung’s ‘It Has to be You’, pianist Song Kwang Shik’s ‘Dreams of Heaven’ and folk singer Choo Ga Yeol’s ‘Do I Not Exist’, showcasing the large variety of music styles that SM has taken on.

Meanwhile, SM will be holding a ‘content IT experience’ exhibition that combines SM’s premium contents with cutting edge technology. The ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’ will be held in Coex from the 10th till the 19th of this month.

Source: [TV Report]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net
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Shinhwa Live/DBSK Live/ShiNee Live Assortment

O.K. We know what the Boys are basically up to, so now it’s time for some action, dance, and music from Shinhwa, DBSK, and ShiNee.  <3333333333333333

credit: kimjaejoong+capsuleHD21+Simply Steff1973+miroticocean+trexiamae+KYUtiepie501


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120705 It’s Summer!! It’s Hot!! Pour On The DBSK Coolness by Settling Down To Watch with an Iced Drink!!!… :)

Giant heat wave here. I thought a little DBSK coolness would take some of the heat off. 🙂

credit: Riretournesol1+HDBSK+yoochunlover5+NaiyumiGeisha+Kapha1000+sparklop

Momma’s Source: youtube

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DBSK O’ Funny Dance+TVXQ Cute and Funny Moment Act.2

Yes, it’s older footage. Yes, it’s precious. Yah!!!!!!!!! Youtube 😮

credit: Srk2TVXQ+arinasomYJ

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DBSK Spazz: Just a Little Vacation: Part 1


You see a globe. A shiny, sparkly globe covered in flashing lights that makes you think of bell bottoms and peace sig…wait a minute. Wrong globe. (removes quickly)



Ahem. (tries again…)



You see a globe. A slowing rotating globe that really reminds you of something you saw in geography class. It is called…What was it again? It’ must have been important….OH YEAH!!!! PLANET EARTH!!!!




Duh. Well. It is Earth, spinning exotically on it’s invisible axis, looking so peaceful from this far away. Really peaceful. What a shame that you’re suddenly getting closer…and closer…and even closer, until you can make out the outlines of high rises and fast moving cars. It seems you have descended into a very big city, and are quickly aiming for a curtained window, at the very top floor of an expensive-looking housing complex. You flinch and try to slow your velocity, expecting to crash straight into the window any second, but there are no air brakes on this ride. You close your eyes, and wait for the shattering of glass….but surprisingly enough, all you feel is a sudden blast of air-conditioned air, that seems to come from all around you. Someone has central air controls. Nice. The grandly furnished house seems empty at a first glance, but your quickly adjusting ears pick up the distinct sound of voices, male voices to be exact, voices that you recognize immediately….






 …so I told the manager that I was going to be gone for a few days, and he seemed okay with it. The only thing that’s really worrying me is….Yah. Hyung. Do you really need to pack so many clothes? It’s a vacation, not a photoshoot.










 Hmmm…..do you really think so? I might need them all…






                           Junsu thinks you have too many. Right, Junsu?

                        RIGHT!!! Hyung, can I put these down now? Please?



Hmmm…I just don’t know. Jiji-ah, what do you think?

Hyung, please.

What did you say, Jiji-ah? Junsu spilled orange juice all over Appa Jae’s new white sofa? Really? Maybe we should let him hold the clothes a little longer….

 Grrrrr…..(drops pile) Forget it. No more punishments.

Awww, Junsu-ah. You’re no fun.



Tell that to my back. Besides, there’s no stain on your precious sofa.

That’s because you painted over it with white-out.

…How’d you know that?





Doodlydoodlydoo…so many lines, so little time….


Tehe. Anyways, the only thing I’m worried about is someone spotting us with Yunho-hyung and Changmin-ah. I mean, it could really cause a scandal, if one of the fans took a picture or something.





That’s why they’re coming in disguise. Or at least that’s what Yunho said over the phone yesterday. I hope we’ll recognize them. It’s been such a long time…was this a good idea?

Of course, hyung.

Yeah. Of course.

Okay. Well we’d better go pick them up from the airport. (closes suitcase) Are we all ready?










I don’t know. Chunnie-ah, are you ready to have fun? Even more importantly, do you even want to have fun?

No. No, I hate fun.




Just kidding. Relax, Jae.

Yeah. Come on. Let’s go.





Sizty minutes later, at the airport……




Hope they won’t take too long. It’s a long drive to our resort.






I know right? Their plane’s already landed, I hope we didn’t miss them… Oh! Wait! Is that really…Oh my goodness….





(insert hysterical chicken laughter here)





I don’t know these people. Really.


What kind of disguises are those?










Wanna buy a Christmas tree?! It’s on sale!








                                                   Yunho. It’s May.



Which is exactly why it’s on sale! 40% off! You can’t beat that!!!

They can’t beat that, but they sure look ready to beat us, hyung. Do you think we should have chosen more thorough disguises?

We didn’t have time, Changmin-ah. Just smile and look pretty. Smile and look pretty.



Someone’s going to recognize you.





Nonsense! We’re hiding in plain sight! The fans will never see us!












to be continued….


all images from google. you know who you are.

credit: thatmelancholysoul at jyjfantalk.com





DBSK/TVXQ A Walk Down Memory Lane No. ?

I’ve done so many Memory Lane posts that I’ve lost count. It’s just fun to find old footage out there and smile, laugh, or cry through it all. They were so young on the first video with all those button noses, and so sleepy on the next. TT  🙂  Momma Cha






credit: bigeast1986+ayien55

Momma’s Source: youtube

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