[TRANS] 120804 Kim Jaejoong “Almost Faints” While Filming His Sobbing Scene For ‘Dr. Jin’

[TRANS] 120804 Kim Jaejoong “Almost Faints” While Filming His Sobbing Scene For ‘Dr. Jin’

Actor cum singer Kim Jaejoong filmed for 40 hours straight and finished off with a sobbing scene.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “With two episodes left of MBC’s ‘Dr. Jin’, Kim Jaejoong stayed up all night filming for the drama and left a deep impression on those watching during his sobbing scene with Kim Byung Hee,” and “Because there is a war in the drama, many scenes had to be filmed outside in the searing heat. The staff and actors are all fighting through the tough schedule.”

Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Kim Kyung Tak, who tries to win the heart of his father who pushes him away as he is a child born out of wedlock. It was later said that the last scene involving Kim Kyung Tak holding his father and sobbing  perfectly portrayed his longing and desperation.

Kim Jaejoong later stated, “It was sad. Even after the scene was over, I kept crying because my heart ached for him.”

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‘Time Slip Dr.Jin’ Goodbye Party Pictures Revealed… ‘Is It Really Over Now?

MBC TV Drama “Time Slip Dr.Jin’s” Goodbye Party Pictures Were Revealed.

The goodbye party, held two days ago, was revealed through the SNS of many actors and staff members, being spread throughout online community.

The party seems to have taken place at a restaurant, and the main actors seem happy, smiling in front of a giant cake. Kim Jaejoong also took a picture with the staff members.

Internet users who saw this commented, “They seem happy”, “Kim Jaejoong’s beauty that shines in between the staff members”, “I guess Park Min Young couldn’t make it”, “I can’t believe it’s over”, “What do I watch on weekends now~?”, etc.

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120808 JYJ Preparing To Release New Album in 2013

JYJ Preparing To Release New Album in 2013


Photo Credit: As Tagged

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu are scheduled to make their way to Los Angeles in the United States soon. They have been confirmed that they are meeting with local officials regarding their next album.

With JYJ beginning preparations for their new album, the members will find themselves quite busy as they are in the middle of their solo and drama activities. Following the end of their solo activities, the trio are planning to take a well-deserved vacation.

Kim Jaejoong is currently starring in the MBC drama, “Dr. Jin,” while Kim Junsu is set to perform in Hong Kong on August 26th as part of his 1st solo Asia tour, “XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert.”

JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “Ever since JYJ released its worldwide album with Kanye West, it’s been aiming to hold a full world tour. Its aim also means that it’s leaning toward working on an album in the U.S. market. That’s why the members visit officials in the country and invite them to JYJ’s world tour concerts.”

Many officials have been confirmed to have been invited to JYJ’s South American concert by C-JeS.

Meanwhile, JYJ is set to record their new album and release it early next year. Kim Junsu will be undergoing his first world tour, visiting North and South America, and Europe. He will also release his English single, “Uncommitted,” which was composed by Sony Music composer, Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer.

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A Personal Note to Kim Jaejoong Who Surpassed an Ajumma’s Expectations!! Episode 21

Unbelievable, Jaejoong. You have just proven yourself through portraying the role of Kim Kyung Tak in such a professional way. A wealth of critics and people who have always equated your handsome looks with lack of depth in your character can no longer do so. You are a gem ablaze with many developing facets. You can no longer be labeled as just a singer, a songwriter, or an actor because there is so much more potential in you that I can see being developed over time. Keep breathing; keep growing; and some day the entire world will see a sensitive, wonderful, talented and influential person who truly loves to give of himself to help others. This is what this Ajumma can see in store for you. I pray that you will desire this for yourself..

I come from a nurturer’s perspective–wanting the best for you and your brothers that you can achieve in this life. I have lived many things that you have yet to see or experience, so I know how much you can and will grow. Jaejoong, I have always been intrigued by your acting even when you were younger, but the depth to which you have taken the character of Kim Kyung Tak is an indicator of the man still in the making, with so much more to come.

I know that you are open to learning from those who have been in the business so much longer than yourself. Keep an open mind and a caring heart and you will see doors open to you that no man can shut.  I have cried with you many times, and I want you to understand how much tears are a medicine. Tears are the beginning of healing–indicators that the emotions are being released. This is healthy and manly. Some would criticise the man who cries, yet I say that he is healthier and more in touch with his emotions than the stalwart, keep-the-stiff-upper-lip role model that young boys are taught to emulate.

Now that you are finishing this role and working on “Here Comes Jackal’, I only hope that you will be offered many more challenging roles that will stimulate you to do your very best. You have a remarkable work ethic, but remember to take time to rest, sleep, and play to heal your body, soul, and spirit. Always Keep The Faith, Jaejoong!!  <3  Momma Cha

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

picture credit: StarDailyNews

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[Spoiler] 120807 News:120806 JYJ’s Jae Joong Grieves The Death of His Father on Doctor Jin

[News] 120806 JYJ’s Jae Joong Grieves The Death of His Father On Doctor Jin


The viewing rate of MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin increased.

On August 6, AGB Nielsen Media Research reported, the August 5 episode of MBC TV’s Doctor Jin recorded a viewer rating of 13.4%. It is 1.6% higher than that of the July 29 episode, which was 11.8%.

In the episode, the final story of Kim Byung Hee (played by Kim Eung Soo) and Lee Ha Eung (played by Lee Bum Soo)’s struggle for power was shown. Kim Byung Hee tries to kill Heung Sun, but it fails because of his oldest son’s betrayal. Kim Byung Hee eventually shoots himself and dies in Kyung Tak (played by JYJ’s Jae Joong)’s arms. Before he dies, Kim Byung Hee calls his son’s name for the first time, saying, “Your arms are warm, Kyung Tak. You now live your own life.”

Viewers who watched the episode responded: “It was the best scene of Kim Eung Soo and Jae Joong.” “I love Doctor Jin.”

Doctor Jin is currently attracting a lot of attention because only one more episode is left.

source: Xportsnews
credit: en.korea

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[Trans] 120731 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

[Trans] 120731 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Jaejoong: It’s supposed to be good for throat but if were to eat so much sweets, I’ll probably be stuffed like a pig by then. pic.twitter.com/7bM9whe7

 Jaejoong: Spider-Tak pic.twitter.com/da02GKua

Jaejoong: Director Oh always mixed up our names, calling us Young Tak, Kyung Hwi, Kyung Rae… pic.twitter.com/da02GKua

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[Trans] 120728 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

[Trans] 120728 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Jaejoong: Is this really that nice? pic.twitter.com/GB0Ttpgx

Jaejoong: Why is it only me..pic.twitter.com/4hKyCruL

Jaejoong: pic.twitter.com/CsCowdYq

Jaejoong:  Dad’s skill pic.twitter.com/wSDhMVVq

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[NEWS] 120730 The Ending of ‘Doctor’ Jin Will Depend on Jae Joong’s Decision

[NEWS] 120730 The ending of ‘Doctor’ Jin will depend on Jae Joong’s decision

Viewers of Doctor Jin are now paying attention to the decision Jae Joong will make in the last episode.

In MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin, Kyung Tak (played by Jae Joong) has reached a crossroad where he has to decide to choose his family or his love and friendship.

In the 18th episode, which aired on July 22, Kyung Tak becomes a double spy to protect his father Byung Hee (played by Kim Eung Soo). However, after getting advice from his best friend Young Hwi (played by Jin Yi Han) and finding out that his old lover Young Rae (played by Park Min Young) is facing death because of the religious persecution of Catholicism, he also tries to save both. 

A spokesperson for the series says, “Kyung Tak is the most important person for Ha Eung and Byung Hee who are in confrontation with each other, and he’s also a person who has no political ambitions.”

Viewers reacted: “I feel so sad because of Kyung Tak. He’s just being used by everyone.” “I think Doctor Jin needs to cure Kyung Tak’s confused mind first.” “I want to go back to the past to save Kyung Tak.” “All Kyung Tak needs is someone’s sincere love. I’m so sad.”

The spokesperson also says, “What’s really attractive about this series is that viewers can imagine what would happen if they could change the history or what decision they would make if they were in the old days. Because the viewers can feel the concerns and pain of the time by watching Kyung Tak’s confusing situations, they’re immersed in Kyung Tak’s emotion.”

SourceTV Report + Korea.com | Shared by: PrinceJJ

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[Trans] 120727 ‘Dr Jin’ Visual Art – “KyungHwi Couple

[Trans] 120727 ‘Dr Jin’ Visual Art – “KyungHwi Couple

In MBC ‘Dr Jin’, the friendship between police bureau officer Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jaejoong) and his childhood friend Hong Young Hwi (Jin Yi Han) has caused a development in the drama plot. Both are smart and has outstanding martial arts ability, but the friendship between them is one of the most attractive point of the drama. The strong friendship between “KyungHwi Couple” is comparable to lovers in love.

In the drama, Kyung Tak had a marriage engagement Young Hwi’s sister Young Rae (Park Min Young) and the “KyungHwi Couple” happy moment that happened when the three of them were fooling around on the streets, was pointed out by viewers to be one of the best scene. In this scene, Young Hwi held on to Kyung Tak’s hand while Kyung Tak mistook the hand that he was holding on to was Young Rae’s and thus smiling away happily. This scene spiked the viewers’ love for “KyungHwi Couple”.

 However the cute “KyungHwi Couple” began to caught up in turmoil when Young Hwi, as a Anonymous member, tried to assasinate Kyung Tak’s father who is Andong Kim clan’s leader. In order to protect his father, Kyung Tak had to be in opposition satnce with Young Hwi. The turning of a pair of childhood friends into enemies made viewers felt sorry.

To this, a representative expressed, “The friendship between men can be stronger than the love between lovers. No matter how cruel their opposite stance remains, they are still very concerned with each other. These feelings were naturally revealed through the natural acting of the actors. This is also why the viewers are able to be indulged with the storyline and the love for this couple.”

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[TRANS] 120723 JYJ Jaejoong, Meets With 1500 Japanese Fans At the Filming Site Of “Dr. Jin” & Has A Fanmeet

[TRANS] 120723 JYJ Jaejoong, Meets With 1500 Japanese Fans At the Filming Site Of “Dr. Jin” & Has A Fanmeet

JYJ’s Jaejoong interacted with over 1500 Japanese fans at the filming site of “Dr. Jin”.

According to his management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on 23 July, “On 22 July, Japanese fans visited the filming site of the drama “Dr. Jin”, and witnessed Jaejoong’s acting.” The fans delivered food and drinks to the staff and cast at the filming site. The fans later participated in the fanmeet, which was held at the auditorium of Yonsei University.

Jaejoong sang “Living Like A Dream” from the “Dr. Jin” OST, and also spoke of some of the happenings during the filming of the drama. During the fanmeet, Jaejoong spent an enjoyable time with the fans, including reading a Japanese poem.

Source : [K Star News]

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[Trans] 120722 Jaejoong Twitter Update

mjjeje: This is the gift everyone gave me (^_^) So happy (T . T) Don’t want to go home pic.twitter.com/Ti7zkIi

bums1313: Eh?? Came here so fast! Injured places seems to be okay! That’s great~ Worked hard today~~ It’s been long since JJ came to Bum’s~~ Those of you who came here thank you all!!^^* pic.twitter.com/e3Utl9Vb

bums1313: @mjjeje Give me one of those flowers~~~ ㅋㅋ

credit: 中国百度金在中吧
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