120625 Commentary: When Will The Real Kim Kyung Tak Stand Up????

When Will The Real Kim Kyung Tak Stand Up?????

 They may as well start boiling people in oil… Time Slip Dr. Jin has just reached an all time high–they are going so far as to torture the main heroine– Young Rae, along with Dr. Jin, for the trumped up charge of poisoning the Dowager Queen. Episodes 9 and 10 are stuffed full of violence and intrigue with poisoning and beheading as side dishes. This is not a drama to watch to relax or to share with your young children. It is barbaric and makes me so tense that I have to seek a calm place after viewing it. This is because it is depicting another time and place when things such as this occurred. The Spanish Inquisition and The Salem Witch Trials are comparable realities.

With the addition of Kim Kyung Tak’s character into the mix, this drama becomes an even more complicated story. His character is vulnerable, and his heart is tender–yet he finds it necessary to do the will of his politically scheming father and brother in order to procure a living. Faced with the stigma of being illegitimate, Kim Kyung Tak, portrayed by our own Kim Jaejoong, wars within himself as to what are the motives of the people that he loves. He hurts easily, and does not fully understand why his love for Young Rae is not returned. After she breaks their engagement, he still protects her reputation and takes the blame upon himself. Yet, even though becoming hardened. he cannot kill his best friend when faced with the knowledge that his friend is of a warring faction–a faction that he has been pursuing for a great while as a leader of the Police Force. 

I am waiting for Kim Kyung Tak to come to his senses and defend the woman he loves simply out of the purity of that love. He stands to lose her in the political war between his family and the royal family. If he can come to see this, and not mistakenly place Dr. Jin as the culprit, thus allowing further torture, perhaps Young Rae can grow to love Kim Kyung Tak for his compassion and ability to discern right from wrong. It wouldn’t hurt matters either if he learned to ask her will and her opinions.

It will take a massive sacrifice on Kim Kyung Tak’s part to do the right thing and to turn on his power-hungry family. The writing is on the wall; he just needs to interpret it. This seems to be at a point in history where many new discoveries and the age of enlightenment are starting to coalesce [pull togetherto make something new].

I know that there are those who say that “Time Slip Dr. Jin” has no depth–I see much depth. Perhaps it is not as deep as the Japanese version? I am fine with the drama just as it is. I don’t need deeper than this. My imagination can conjure up a whole lot more than what is being presented on the surface of this intricate story.

The question I am asking is this: “when will the real Kim Kyung Tak stand up”? Will he allow his brother and the totally inept, insipid state Doctor to maim or kill the woman that he has loved for 20 years?  Will he allow his embarrassment and anger to choke him into inaction?  Hopefully, he will trust the instincts of friends that he has known and loved for many years, and begin to take action against the injustices of the present political climate.

We are still waiting on Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak to bust a move in the right direction…Listening writer??

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Editor’s Note 120609: Hong Yong Rae Pulls Dr. Jin Through Cholera–Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Becomes Villian

As they say where I come from–“I do declare”…Our own Kim Jaejoong has taken on this role in Dr. Jin as Kim Kyung Tak, the illegitimate son of the leader of the aristocracy. He is a troubled young man, full of fear and desiring to fit in with his family that treats him as an outcast servant. Kim Kyung Tak makes compromises in his execution of military orders to please his father–the only family member who acknowledges that he is family. The thread of the story places his heart with Hong Young Rae, the daughter of a now impoverished noble family who sees her duty as a secret Christian to love everyone equally. She does not spare herself when an epidemic of cholera breaks out among the poor, but insists on helping Dr. Jin to treat the sick. When he contracts the disease himself she stays by his side to nurse him through–even defying the societal norms of her time that prevented a noblewoman from treating an unclothed man. Through her devoted efforts Dr. Jin recovers just before Kim Kyung Tak follows his Father’s orders to burn the village where Dr. Jin is treating his patients despite the fact that reports have come in that patients are recovering. Kim Kyung Tak teeters on the edge of decency and humanitarianism as he begins to see the injustices meted out upon the people. He has not yet become strong enough to fight this system which rewards the rich and takes from the poor. There is nothing new in this theme.

Hong Young Rae exists in a parallel universe which has captured Dr. Jin and placed him 150 years in the past during the Chosun Dynasty with only his skills as a neurosurgeon to treat the sick. Modern healing methods are possible only if he can find a way to adapt the meager supplies that he has taken from 2012 to the past. The question is will Dr. Jin’s love of 2012, Yo Min Ah, recover from emergency surgery to be there for him when he returns to his own time? Will Kim Kyung Tak rally and win the heart of his fiancee, Hong Young Rae? Only more episodes will tell the tale.

I look forward to viewing Episode 6.  It seems such a long wait and an even longer wait to get to Episodes 7 and 8. If my stomach can hold out against all of the gory and bloody procedures–not to mention vomit galore– I will be that much closer to answering these questions.

Kim Jaejoong–I am so proud of you for choosing this quality role that has such potential to speak out and act out against the Order of the Day. I would be happy to see Kim Kyung Tak begin to strike against the feudal social system that denies him dignity as an illegitimate son. It will take overcoming his fear of rejection by his Father, and the motivation of wanting to win the love of Hong Young Rae.

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Editors Note: Time Slip Dr. Jin–Off To A Good Start

Absolutely gorgeous hanbok, Jaejoong–they should allow you to keep it–it fits you that well.  Congratulations Mr. Kim–you are truly convincing in this role.  <3

This drama is going to be an excellent one. From the beginning the acting is great and the storyline is strong. Jaejoong is convincing in his role as a hanbok covered, pistol and sword-bearing military officer. He sits his horse well and presents his character well.

Dr. Jin is an excellent neurosurgeon who needs a lesson in humanity.
He is catapulted 160 years into the past at a crucial moment in his life. His girlfriend is recovering from emergency surgery, and there is a mystery involving a mysterious fetus figure that seems to be involved in his going back in time.

I can relate to this theme because I love to explore multi-universe theories. Quantum Physics is a grand subject

By Episode Two Dr. Jin’s character, Jin Hyuk, is firmly entrenched and he is immediately needing to use his surgical skills. His life hangs in the balance for the majority of Episode Two. I anticipate that the heroine and love interest in this drama, Hong Young Rae, will become torn between our dashingly handsome Kim Jaejoong as Kim Gyeong Tak and Song Seung Heon as Dr Jin.

I am looking forward to Episodes Three and Four with much anticipation.

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Editors Note: Episode 20 Rooftop Prince Ends…Sob…Sob…Sob…


First of all, I personally think that “Rooftop Prince” would have been interesting as a Parallel Universe production–however, reincarnation was the theme [I can’t even imagine wanting to go through this again] so “ya gots what ya gots”.

This was an absolutely adorable drama. It started and ended with tragedy but hope is in the air. Yi Gak and Bak Ha [scratches head] or Tae Yong and Bak Ha manage to meet in the palace gardens. Tears and reunited love all around.

I guess my biggest accolade goes to the writer, who somehow managed to corral this complicated set of characters into submission. Even so, we lost numerous characters never to be seen again, but all in all–the main characters were managed well. I am still wondering what happened to Yong Tae Yong in the hospital–but I can only conclude that once Yi Gak died in Joseon–Tae Yong awakened and came to Bak Ha.

I guess the giggly fun part is watching the Flower Four put on their modern wear and consume omurice. They turned it into a business.

‘Rooftop Prince’ was a combination of the tragic, the ridiculous, true love, sacrifice, and reward–complete with baby-faced protagonists and antagonists.  Interestingly, I thought the answer to the riddle was a butterfly, that’s what I think they wanted us to believe–but it was the lotus flower.

This had a truly surprising ending. I hope that a sequel is planned. Wouldn’t that be great? Bak Ha and Tae Yong with cute plump babies at their feet who have their own time adventure with Mom and Dad. We’ll see.  😮  

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Editors Opinion: Tarantallegra–Music As A Compelling Force

I watched the music video, read the words, and listened to the title track of Xiah Junsu’s new solo album, “Tarantallegra”. I admit that I approached it as a task to ‘endure’ solely because of the hype and teasers that deliberately were made to be unsettling to the minds of the fans. To say that this song, actually this concept, was psychologically promoted to the nth degree would still be an understatement. Phrases used were “are you ready to be shocked”, etc, etc in an effort to “prepare our minds” for the actual imagery and intent of the music video. Some of the imagery in the teasers did not appear in the actual product, for which I am grateful. I tend to dislike mind games and dominance.

You have to ask yourself, “what is the intention of this music video? After all, we are comfortable with the Xiah Junsu of old–the fresh-faced, button-nosed, energetic person who made us smile,laugh, and love him because he is a consummate actor and showman, but also a sincere human being. He still has this ability, but face it, he is no longer ‘Angel Xiah”. While getting glimpses of the real Xiah Junsu through candid shots of him with the members and individual moments with family and friends, we must also be aware that he dwells inside himself in his own space with his own thoughts and desires that are not typical of everyone around him.

Sylvester LeVay calls him a ‘genius’, as do many others–so let us define exactly what genius means. In Merriam-Webster’s  11th Collegiate Dictionary, the term ‘genius’ has many definitions of which I have chosen the following few as definitive (in my opinion) of Xiah Junsu: ‘A person who influences another for good or bad; a peculiar, distinctive, or identifying character or spirit; a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude; extraordinary intellectual power, especially as manifested in creative activity.

There. I will now state my ‘opinion’ of what “Tarantallegra” truly means. I could be totally wrong, however, I believe that it is a ‘protest song’ stating that modern music in the realm of Junsu’s existence is too controlling, mundane, and limited for him. He feels caught in a web of ‘sameness’ that holds him to a standard of music and interpretation of music as an art form that everyone around him adheres to through necessity. Why? At this moment in time–because it sells.

Junsu is a visionary–he sees things as they can be, not as they are. Potential in music flares out at him and draws him as a spider to its web; as a moth to a flame. [ I choose to emphasize here that this is not Junsu’s stand alone–I believe many artists dwell here daily] Junsu simply goes where others fear to tread.. The imagery in the music video comes through to me as imprisonment and seduction, much like ‘Mirotic’, but the message is entirely different– for in “Tarantellegra’ Junsu is depicted as many-faceted, compelling, vibrant, and potentially able to escape this typical music/lifestyle  to do something different.

 We cannot ignore Junsu’s ability as a dancer. He is athletic– with a strong, driving force and energy that , yes, surpasses the abilities of many. However, there are those who can perform at this level, also–if they so desire to do so. Example here–the back-up dancers. They cannot be considered background in this video because they play such an integral role in its production. I cannot say that I appeciate all of the imagery and movement depicted, but they help to bring the message across–something new is needed to set the artist free. I, Music, have been captured. I long to be free! I long to be different!

This is where the responsibility manifests. Freedom is not free reign as much as it is free expression. Caution should always be there to entertain but still nourish.This music video is not for children. Children cannot understand its implications, nor should they have to. The viewer who does not perform, write, sing, or dance may not get the full implications, either. I see no blatant sexuallty;  I see sensuality, which is more compelling to the mind. Also keep in mind that this was a joint effort. The lyrics to “Tarantallegra’ [embedded in the video] were written by Juno, Junsu’s twin brother, so the words also express something inside of him. The music score is Junsu’s, it has a life of its own.

As I stated earlier in this editorial–these are my opinions alone; my assessment of what this song indicates to me. I love the music, and I understand the lyrics only too well as a singer and songwriter. The imagery is effective, but not necessarily appealing to me in all of it’s aspects, but it is not my work. That is the nature of art–it is a personal expression that manifests itself differently to every viewer and observer. I am reminded of being in ‘Art Appreciation’ class in college many years ago watching underground films that were considered too controversial to present to the masses. “Tarantallegra” in that time-frame would have been an underground video. Times have now changed, and the entertainment industry has also changed. ‘Xia/Xiah’ means ‘Asia’, so I believe that the message Junsu and company is putting forth is that Asia is a varied culture in many ways including her music and ability to interpret music and dance.. As an artist, Junsu enjoys all types of music and dance genres, and I believe that he feels a need to express this. Interestingly, he has chosen an originally Greek, then Italian folk music dance form to present his point. The “bite’ of ‘Tarantallegra’ is music’s compelling, sinuous tentacles that entwine around our personalities and influence our lifestyles. Music and dance are both gifts from God. Use them wisely.  Loving You. Momma Cha

Caution: Imagery is not for children

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Editors Note: 120426 The Plot Thickens on The Rooftop: Episodes 11 & 12

Wow!!!  What a surprising ending to Episode 12. Yi Gak planted one on Bak Ha ‘right in the kisser”. I figured he would come to the realization sooner or later that he loved her. All the signs were there all along, but what was a complete give-a-way was Yi Gak’s reaction to the call about the fire, and his impassioned speech at the end of Episode 12. . He threw everything up in the air and raced to rescue Bak Ha from danger. I believe by this time he was the only one who didn’t know that he loved her.

In Episode 11, Yi Gak fights his attraction for Bak Ha with every fiber of his being because he feels that marrying Se Na will reveal the true circumstances behind the Crown Princess’ death and enable he and his men to return to Joseon. I don’t believe that Yi Gak/Tae Yong has ever been fooled into thinking that Se Na had sincere feelings for him. She just shows him how possessive she is of everything Bak Ha has, and she has no finesse or manners fitting for a Crown Princess. His heart follows its natural course and settles on Bak Ha because of her warmth, her vulnerability, and her candidness. Yi Gak and Bak Ha are a perfect match.

I am a bit disappointed in the pettiness of the Grandmother’s actions. She doesn’t listen when Yi Gak/Tae Yong  tries to explain to her the circumstances of the fire; assuming that he has abandoned the project on a whim. She is so intent on securing Se Na as Tae Yong’s wife that she is blinded to all of the manipulation and evil ways that this woman has. Thankfully, YI Gak can see her ways. She does not attract him.

Lastly, the drama’s ruthless, professional killer, Tae Mu, is rapidly losing control of his mind and his senses. He is passionately enraged and possessive of Se Na to the extents of using any means possible including manipulation and extortion to secure her and the company. Once he finds out that Bak Ha is Se Na’s younger sister and the daughter to inherit Chairwoman Jang of Hong Kong’s company shares–he immediately begins to plot to gain control of the company by using Se Na. Lying about her family circumstances has set Se Na up for a major fall. This is the typical chaebol narrative with a truly sinister twist!  What I believe is even more of a twist is the fact that Se Na and Bak Ha may be blood sisters. That discovery will heat things up!

I am excited to see Episodes 13 and 14 next week to  see how this continues to play out. I will be happiest when Yi Gak sends Se Na packing. Of course, the writer and director are going to drag this out–but the drama, yes, drama, will be coming to a head real soon. As I said in a previous summary, I believe that I know the end to this plot–but I am not a teaser.

Let’s just keep watching and enjoy the splendid acting and–oh, yeah Yoochun-ah– better come up for some air by the next episode. We love you both.  🙂

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Editors Note: Episodes 9 and 10 Rooftop Prince [The Emotional, Teary Part]

Wow…!!  ‘Rooftop Prince’ is starting to hit hard on my emotions. The ‘wicked stepsister’ is getting more wicked every day. She has this uncanny ability to turn everything around to her own advantage including just literally grabbing Yi Gak/Tae Yong around the neck just at the opportune time to convince her sister [Park Ha/Bu Yong] that she, Se Na, has his utmost affection, even though Yi Gak has specifically requested Park Ha’s company. As is typical of dramas, the victim hangs her head and retires from the game, leaving Se-Na with the prize. . or, to put it succinctly, Park Ha plays basketball with Man-bo, Chi-san, and Yong-sool as a diversion to feeling her broken heart.

Yi Gak is, of course, totally innocent, and oblivious to the fact that Park Ha has been emotionally wounded–so he persists in asking her why she is avoiding him. This makes Park Ha avoid him even more, and after she disappears from a ‘family’ barbeque, Yi Gak pursues her, overtakes her, and tries to get to the bottom of the problem. His attempt at peace is rejected, so…in a huff, Yi Gak hops on his trusty bike and pedals furiously away.

Convinced that their relationship is now truly over, Park Ha picks up her cellphone and tweets a message to Yi Gak. “I like You, I love You”, never intending to send it. Of course she accidentally hits the button and, Voila!, the message is sent.

Horrified, Park Ha sees Yi Gak coming back. He approaches her in a way that helps her to realize that he has yet to access the message, so while he is getting them something to drink, she grabs his cell phone from his jacket and buries it. That would have been that–except that a dog belonging to a nearby couple starts digging the cellphone up which attracts Yi Gak’s attention, and …well,he gets the message…

Park Ha, totally humiliated, hops on her bike and leads Yi Gak for a chase. As the scene and Episode 10 closes, he has cut her off with his bike, and we have a week  to wait for what comes next. Well, sorta, because what came next was my tears. TTTTTTTTTT’s Lots of tears. My heart is hurting for this warm, giving, girl who has never had a chance at true love or at being in a stable family. As the drama continues to unfold–I am rooting for Yi Gak and Park Ha as a couple. I also have my own concept of how this ends and who was responsible for the death of the Crown Princess in Joseon. I think I shall keep it to myself.  🙂

Fighting!!!  Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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Editor’s Note:120330 Rooftop Prince–Dance, Dance, Splash!!…Yoochun Busts A Move


  All of us avid fans know how beautifully Micky Yoochun can bust a dance move and make it look as if he invented dancing, savoir faire and all… Well, if you took a gander at his energetic dance moves in Episode Four of Rooftop Prince you would laugh so hard as to see stars. Everyone is assuming that Yi Gak is unbelievably lazy, not spoiled, and so no one guesses that the motivational, talented gyrater in the white costume is Yi Gak himself. As all of the Prince’s Men dance to help sell the strawberries for their kind benefactress Bak Ha–the people swarm to buy. The impetus–Yi Gak who has donned the costume to help the cause. As a matter of fact–he dances so hard that he swoons dramatically; and since it is assumed that he is a girl no one removes his costume.

While still clothed in this hot monstrosity, Yi Gak is frightened and angered by Bak Ha, who confides her decision to return to America, thinking that he is her long time actress friend. Without revealing his identity, Yi Gak walks away with the knowledge that he cannot tell his men of her decision. What will they do? Yi Gak watches TV at her friend’s apartment and sees “The Crown Princess” dressed in a wedding gown on the Shopping Channel. He takes a cab to the location and confronts Hong Se Na with her infidelity.

Yong Tae-Mu, his cousin who aspires to the company throne, comes to her rescue and hits Yi Gak so hard that he is thrown into the water and drowns much like two years previously. Tae Mu is horrified, thinking that he has killed two men, but miraculously Yi Gak survives.

We are left with a confused Crown Prince who decides that it is his duty to assume the character of the grandson to win his ‘true’ love. It will be intriquing to see where all of this is leading… Episode Five–we are waiting…

Editor’s Note: 120329 “Rooftop Prince” Elevator Scene Takes Us By Storm

 Rooftop Prince

SBS’s “Rooftop Prince”  starring Park Yoochun has aired it’s first episode. It is presently on drama sites with partial subs. This has been a much anticipated drama, especially in light of the recent actual sasaeng drama and parental loss in the lives of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. This brings some sunshine in along with the sincere efforts of Junsu to cheer us up.. Congratulations Yoochun. I will write a review as soon as I have opportunity. 


I just finished watching Episode One of Rooftop Prince with English subs at www.viki.com 

This drama is considerably complicated and starts very tragically with the death of the Crown Princess. She is not what she appears to be, and is dearly loved by the Crown Prince (Yoochun). This story line has the feel of Cinderella minus the wicked stepmother. Why have a wicked stepmother when you can have a wicked step-sister? As is natural, the Crown Prince suspects foul play, and the instinctive viewer finger points to the wronged sister of the Crown Princess.

There is a huge amount of hopping back and forth between time. Yoochun’s modern character drowns (through actual foul play), and the Crown Prince and his royal band of vigilantes end up in the apartment of the modern-day wronged step-sister.

This drama is going to be complicated and will need intense direction in order to keep the viewer from being disoriented. Over-all it looks like a great storyline, humorous and not-so-humorous plot, and I am looking forward to Episode Two. Park Yoochun is doing an excellent job of acting and so are the other characters, especially the child actresses. Episode Two should help the plot to settle in and then we will be off on a Grand Adventure!!!

O.K. Episode Two is hilarious, especially the fire scene and teaching the Guys modern conveniences like ‘ahem’  toilets. The Crown Prince is getting the picture rapidly . He knows that they have time-traveled 300 years and this will prove interesting.  BTW. What’s with the alcohol and whipped cream? This Momma must be behind the times. Absolutely funny!

Episode Three of Rooftop Prince is out. My Goodness. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. This drama is proving to be a wonderfully hilarious ride full of quirky surprises and lots of emotional angst. Just what we all like, right? The elevator scene is so funny, funny, funny. Poor Guys, picturetakers, cameras, and all.

I wanted to cry with Micky at the palace. He can look so pathetic, can’t he? Crocodile Tears. TT

There is so much, how do you cover it all? I love everything about this drama. The characters, the plot, the colors, the situation…YAWWWW………  Momma Cha  😉  <3

Fighting Park Yoochun!!!!  Momma Cha

www.viki.com   www.dramacrazy.net

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Editors Note: A Year Has Passed Since The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami that rocked the world in 2011 doesn’t seem a full year ago does it? The tsunami still seems close because there are so many reminders around that it actually occurred. There are nuclear summit talks, charity events for victims, and rebuilding of stricken areas as an ongoing project. The tsunami will figure forever in the saga of JYJ’s struggle to stay above the water and to conquer the water through 2011. Not only did the tsunami aftermath effects bow to the concerted efforts of people around the world–but the industry that has tried and is still trying to drag JYJ down has had to bow to the ultimate realization that they are survivors. This is partly due to the utter talent and tenacity of JYJ, and the ingenuity and tenacity of JYJ’s true fans.

It is so easy to sing and dance along with a thriving group like TVXQ was before 2010. It takes more courage to survive a splintered group situation with your heart and loyalties intact. I am happy and proud to say that not only have we survived, but there are those of us who have enough love, passion, and compassion in our hearts to still embrace all five of these truly special young men.

The tsunami taught the world how to give and pull together to rebuild and rethink a way of living. The split of TVXQ has prayerfully taught the world how to acknowledge, evaluate, and start to restructure the entertainment industry.

Dear Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. Please do not ever regret doing what you felt was necessary for your own happiness but also for the happiness of others. Yunho and Changmin–do not ever regret doing what you considered to be the best for you. We may not ever fully understand what happened, but the important thing is to forge ahead and make a history that may someday converge onto a path that includes all five once again. Until then, and because there is a hope of then, we keep Fighting and Keeping the Faith!!

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Editors Note: Addendum To The Double-Sided Nature of Fandom…

Where do I start? We all knew that the Chileans [and soon Peruvians] were going to be passionate. That was a given. We also knew that Jaejoong was going to be the main target. After all, he was voted the sexiest man in the world, right? or something thereabouts… 🙂  Even with that knowledge I don’t believe that JYJ and their staff were prepared for the airport debacle that just occurred. I gathered from reading accounts and watching the videos that there were flashmob dances and a warm reception planned for our Guys. Obviously, something went wrong–and instead of a warm welcome, JYJ received a hot mobbing. I am thankful for those fans, staff, and reporters who leaped to the rescue, and I understand that some were hurt in the process. Beyond Monica was there and tried to help as well. Our Guys were man-handled and that is why I am writing this addendum.
BTW, why didn’t the airport security help? The situation with TVXQ’s Yunho having to quiet and direct the fans was due to insufficient participation by the airport security. But I digress…

All of the controversy about JYJ being abused by fans is reflected in what has just occurred and has been happening on an escalating scale for 8 years. I am very grateful that this has come to everyone’s attention, because it is time for the fandom and the world to realize how devastating and demoralizing this type of behavior can be to JYJ, TVXQ, and other groups. I have read that Shinee’s fans can be quite rambunctious.

How do you point the blame for emotional outbursts only on the artists? Admittedly, they have to exercise self-control as much as possible because the fans are their livelihood and you never want to abuse anyone. They put up with this type of behavior day after day, year after year, and no one expects them to occasionally lose it? That is totally unrealistic. They are chased by sa-saengs(privates)in cabs, by the Paparazzi, and it is reported that approximately 150 sa-saengs are on their trail each day. I personally do not see how they have not gone completely insane. I believe that it is the knowledge that we are there praying for them and supporting them, along with their own families and friends providing support that help them to stay stable.

Now I know why Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun are so close, as are Yunho and Changmin. It is survival. They all share experiences either collectively or individually that would boggle your mind. These experiences encompass not just fans who do not understand limitations, but also (as we are all aware)the companies they work for.

I commend you, JYJ, TVXQ, et al. You have excellent self-management tools that you have had to develop over the years. All I ask is that you continue to communicate when you are so stressed that you are afraid that you will lose it. Don’t disguise it; speak to us frankly. We cannot help you if we do not know the facts. Lots of love. Momma Cha

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Editors Note: The Double-Sided Nature of Fandom

The Double-sided Nature of Fandom

Okay. I hadn’t written much about the controversies surrounding our Guys and the fans, sasaengs, anti-fans, etc.etc.–but it has now escalated to the point that something must be said, mostly due to the fact that I consider JYJCY to be human beings. Humans beings have flaws, and everyone has their point of no return. Back someone up in a corner and they are going to come out fighting.  It is wrong to call celebrity’s personal phones day and night. When do you expect them to sleep or relax with their family and friends? It is wrong to gather at their place of residence and expect them to be able to relax. How is it justifiable for fans to constantly pursue JYJ and TVXQ or any other celebrity with such intensity as to drive them to encounters such as are implied here? I live a public life, not to the extent of groups like JYJ or TVXQ, but I feel qualified to write my thoughts on this whole issue.

Living a public life means having absolutely no privacy. It means having to constantly mind every word and action to the point of hysteria. It means being totally misunderstood just because it seems the norm for every public person to be targeted for misinterpretation. While fans can open their doors and stride out into the world with their heads high and allow the sun to shine on their faces, celebrities have to sneak out of back entrances, engage body guards, or disguise themselves to go to the downtown convenience store. How do they date without someone seeing them or interrupting them? Do you realize how confining and ultimately damaging to their bodies and personalities this is? Nothing is spontaneous. Every move must be planned and calculated to ensure that the celebrity can get to their destination on time and with safety. As we all know, attempts have been made on our Guy’s lives, Yunho specifically. That they forgive and keep on serving the fandom is greatly beyond what I would consider to be their obligation regardless of the fact that, yes, we spend time and money on them. What would their candid answer be if our Guys were asked whether they would have pursued this industry with the knowledge that they now possess; of how hard it is to live, breathe, and especially–to have relationships. To be honest, Junsu has given us some insight into this in his recent interviews. Read them.

Let me say that there are better things to do with your time than running behind celebrities. I love the fans and I love JYJ and TVXQ with all my heart, but if our Guys were in my hometown I would not feel compelled to be on their doorstep day and night, or to stalk them. I would attend concerts and support them in ways that are reasonable, but to constantly be there to the point of pushing them to react this strongly, and making them compromise their reputations would be totally wrong. How would you like to have no life except serving the fans? If it were me, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

Now, for the real tough stuff. Audio tape evidence is out there, and supposedly videotape evidence that points a finger at JYJ and TVXQ as abusers of fans. GIVE ME PAUSE…..Who is abusing who? Who isn’t being allowed to protect the fans? Who isn’t being allowed a speck of privacy? Who isn’t being allowed to have a proper date?  Everyone deserves to have a home filled eventually  with the laughter of their children.

We have to ask this question: “Who are the ones responsible for creating this evidence?”. It seems awfully convenient that this footage is out there. Is all of it legitimate? Probably not. Do we have video and audio tools in this modern age that can doctor and alter videos and audio materials? Yes, we do. Would someone go so far as to deliberately try to destroy JYJ and HoMins reputations? Of course they would, because it would put a damper into the Hallyu Wave, and eliminate some of the competition. There couldn’t possibly be anyone jealous of their successes, right?

Artists give and give. They are the ultimate servants of the people and sometimes they take this role so seriously that they lose their ability to protect themselves. If any or all of this ‘evidence’ were true, It would not make me change the love in my heart for JYJCY. My love is based on who I believe they truly are–hardworking, sacrificing human beings. They bleed just like everyone else, and they deserve respect and space to live.

Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. You have given so much to us. We thank you with sincerity and ask you to forgive our trespasses into your life as much as we forgive your own mistakes. If anything has come out of this horrendous nonsense, it has been my realization that to know that these men are indeed this vulnerable and this human is incentive to make me and my family love them even more. Fighting!!!!  

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Editors Note: A Belated Look At Valentines Day

 Editors Note: A Belated Look At Valentines Day

      Holidays are wonderful. They take the drab out of our existence and give us opportunity to relate to loved ones and friends. For some, however, holidays can be a hurting time. Singles, especially, may find Valentines Day to be a hard holiday to embrace.

     I can remember being single. It was a lonely existence with time spent working; visiting family and friends; fishing and bowling–just in an attempt to fill my hours and keep my thoughts off of going home to my empty house. I can remember driving down to the ocean and staring out at the water while bemoaning my single state. I am an extreme extravert–and being alone for me was not a good thing then or now.

     I listen to my daughters, both single, and realize that they also struggle with this love holiday. While they are searching and praying for their special person, it is emotionally trying to view everyone else around them in relationships. They struggle with the decision to attend a valentine’s party, or not? What they do not realize is that the state of being single also has it’s own merit.

     When you are single you can choose to make your own agenda. You can motor to a quiet spot on a whim; go shopping without extreme guilt, or sleep in (a rare privilege for us married folk). There are none to argue with your politics unless you choose to allow them. You can invest and save for a rainy day and…you can buy a luxury car or a sports car because you are usually the only occupant. In other words you have more freedom. On the down side–you may experience less social interaction.

     There are some single people who love being single. They surround themselves with family and/or friends and choose to live a single lifestyle. They are happy in the knowledge that this is their choice, and many are true nurturers. They become the aunties and uncles that shower love on everyone.

    I guess this all boils down to realizing that the old axiom, “grass is always greener on the other side” may not always be true. Not all singles want married bliss, although  I can safely say that most do, and not all marrieds want to stay married. Marriage is hard work and extreme commitment,and is definitely not for the faint of heart!!

     That said, Valentines Day can be painful for singles and marrieds alike. So the next time you bemoan your fate as a single on Valentines Day, please remember that there are widow(ers), divorced persons, and people in abuse situations out there. Valentines Day is a struggle for them also.

credit: Charlene @charlenesattic.com

Be Blessed

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Editors Note: What Is a Chameleon?

Human skin sheds, but does not change color.  Chameleons adapt to any color background because the colorant is from a protective force within. .

Chameleons are remarkable reptiles. Their method of protecting themselves and guarding their territory is to change to suit the environment in which they presently live. This means that they are red against red; blue against blue, green and yellow against green and yellow. This works fine for the chameleon who was designed by God to be this way. However, when it comes to people, changing their outer colors to gain advantage in each market points to inconstancy, insecurity, and unreliability. What determines strength is the ability to make a wise stand and stick to it despite severe opposition and persecution. The insecure tend to run in numbers, gaining their strength from bullying and conniving while the secure gain their strength from inner resources that inspire others to be supportive.

Are you getting my message? The chameleon changes on the outside but the inside does not change. Humans tend to change from the inside and show their outer colors, which, theoretically, do not change. A brave man is a brave man, and a coward is a coward. There is always hope that a person can change their colors–but the desire must come from the inside to be displayed to others around them. Inspiration makes a difference in the way that we act, perceive, and receive.

Remember. No one is disposable; there is always margin for change, and the change that is permanent is motivated from the inside and shows results to the present society and beyond. Pray for change; make a stand; fight wise battles; and expect results.

Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

Editors Note on OPINION

Editor’s Note on Opinion

This is the reality of stardom. Sad to say, even though there are varying degrees of obsession–there will always be personages within the fanbase who do not understand boundaries. Every person deserves life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–those are guaranteed constitutional rights–at least in America. I cannot speak for another country. It appears to me that if there are individuals who violate these norms of societal living, even within a fanbase, there should be repercussions.

How can you expect a star to entertain you over time with lack of peace, sleep and rest? If you truly love them then you will also want the best for them–and I consider sleep and R&R at the top of the best chart.  

The article below speaks for itself. It addresses one of the issues of being forever in the public eye. I’m sure that our imaginations could not stretch far enough to envision every problem that crops up. There is a price to be paid for being a public servant. The price is lack of freedom and privacy.

 A question was posed about why these persons are not arrested, detained, etc.? We all know why Yunho decided to forgive and let the person who attacked him go. Yunho is compassionate, as I’m sure many of them are. Is it aiding and abetting to allow them to walk away, or to allow saesang’s to stalk unimpeded?

 In my own opinion, it is not helping those intrusive individuals to become responsible, caring people by allowing them asylum because potential for great harm is present in their actions. Why are they tolerated? Despite their behavior the industry tolerates them because a large percentage of these individuals or groups will buy goods or attend concerts, even if to cause mischief. It boils down to money received over a guaranteed future existence for the artist. Shame on the industry for placing their entertainers potential for revenue making above their personal need for safety.

BTW, Kyuhyun, I salute you for thinking quickly upon your feet and running instead of confronting. It probably saved your life. 

Let’s Keep Praying and Fighting!!!

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk