Yunho’s Fans Donate to Charity in Celebration of Yunho’s 27th Birthday

Yunho’s Fans Donate To Charity In Celebration of His 27th Birthday

To celebrate TVXQ member Yunho‘s 27th birthday, fans all over the world have donated funds to charity in his name.

Yunho’s birthday was on February 6th, and his fans have donated an impressive large sum of $21,000 to the Community Chest of Korea as well as the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

The first time Yunho got involved with the Korean Animal Welfare Association was through a special adoption campaign for celebrities via fashion & culture magazine, Oh! Boy. The association reported on their Twitter page that $1,700 was donated in Yunho’s name, and they expressed their deep gratitude.

Members of Yunho’s Japanese fan blog ‘ONE‘ also donated nearly $20,000 to a social welfare association in his hometown of Gwangju, celebrating the birthday of their favorite celebrity.

Additionally, his fans in China volunteered their time with the less fortunate, and donated enough money to support a young girl living in a difficult situation in China so that she can live comfortably for an entire year.

Yunho has been known to take a special interest in social welfare, which explains why his fans chose to celebrate his birthday in such a matter.

In the past, the singer has generously shared his wealth by donating scholarships to his alma mater, among other things.

In related news, Yunho & Changmin are currently in the middle of their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE‘ in Japan.

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120206 Celebrating TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and SuJu Kyuhyun’s Birthday!!

[Trans] 120205 Celebrating TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s birthday! Fans amass 2 million won in donations and rent bus ads to show their support.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun are both had their birthdays recently.

U-Know Yunho will be celebrating his birthday on 6 February. To give their well wishes, fans donated 2 Million won to the Animal Freedom Korea, as an exceptionally meaningful present. Last year, Yunho participated in the “Adoption activity with the Stars” and has an unfinished bond with Animal Rights Korea. To commemorate Yunho’s charity activities, fans gathered funds and donated 2 million won and did their part for the animal protection groups.

On 5 February, Yunho also revealed flower and cake, as well as the documents validating the donations on his personal site, and sent a message of gratitude to his fans.

Currently, TVXQ is holding their Japan nationwide tour, and Super Junior is holding their world tour as well.

(Irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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[TRANS] 120126 A Birthday Party For JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong In Egypt?

[TRANS] 120126 A Birthday Party For JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong In Egypt?

Birthday parties for JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong were held in Shinjuku and Egypt.

A post was recently made in an online community with the title ‘Jaejoong Oppa’s Birthday Parties in Shinjuku and Egypt’.

In the post’s photos, fans can be seen celebrating Kim Jaejoong’s birthday on the 26th. Though the singer himself wasn’t present, the fans were seen having a good time and sharing a birthday cake together.

Netizens who saw these photos left comments such as, “Of course, they’re JYJ, a global group”, “Jaejoong’s really popular, even in Egypt”, and “Birthdays are the best holidays for fans to celebrate!!”

Meanwhile, Hong Seok Chun posted a tweet on the early morning of the 26th that read, “It’s Jaejoong’s birthday. I send applause to Jaejoong to celebrate it.”

Source: [TV Report]

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[TRANS] 120126 Well Wishes For Kim Jaejoong’s Birthday, Fanclubs Prepare Activities Such As “Donations + Congratulatory Messages”

[TRANS] 120126 Well Wishes For Kim Jaejoong’s Birthday, Fanclubs Prepare Activities Such As “Donations + Congratulatory Messages”

In celebration of Kim Jaejoong’s birthday, his fans wrote down their congratulatory messages.

26 January is JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s birthday, and fans left messages of well wishes on various SNS such as twitter and facebook.

Aside from leaving messages, Kim Jaejoong’s fanclub collected a total of 5 million won in donations during the “Hero Festival” held on 15 January, which will be donated to various regional childrens’ center across the country to commemorate his birthday.

Kim Jaejoong’s group JYJ will be kicking off their Latin American concerts on 9 March.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + BNT News]

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[TRANS] 120127 Chinese Fans Put Up Subway Advertisements In Myeong-dong In Celebration Of U-know Yunho’s Birthday

[TRANS] 120127 Chinese Fans Put Up Subway Advertisements In Myeong-dong In Celebration Of U-know Yunho’s Birthday

TVXQ U-know Yunho’s popularity in China has also been proven in Korea.

A photo with the title “Chinese Fans’ Birthday Advertisement For Yunho In Myeong-dong” was uploaded onto a particular site.

This was an advertisement placed by a U-know Yunho Chinese fansite in celebration of Yunho’s birthday on 6 Feb, in Myeong-dong subway station, at the platform headed towards Danggogae.

The text on the advertisement reads, “Happy Birthday. Our most precious treasure!” and “Jung Yunho, soar like the dragon”.

Upon seeing this, netizens commented, “Chinese fans are admirable. Their advertisements can be seen even in Korea…”, “Wishing Yunho oppa a Happy Birthday”, among other responses.

On another note, Yunho’s fans donated 140 tonnes of rice to the Community Chest of Korea in Seoul, for his birthday last year.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TV Report]

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120126 A Birthday Surprise Fanfic For Kim Jaejoong by Momma Cha

Birthday Graphic #398

All situations in this story are fictional. The only thing real is the main characters.  🙂

Birthdays are meant to be special and fun. After all, how many times do you get to celebrate the only day out of the whole year that you can pretend is exclusively yours? Yes, pretend. There are hundeds of thousands of people who share your birthday with you. You are unique but there are only 365 & 1/4 days in a year. Except leap year of course.

 As our tale unfolds try to imagine that this day is exclusively Kim Jaejoong’s in which to celebrate his birthday–to laugh, to have fun, and to share it with others……Sigh….. (sudden grinding halt….)

Enter Scene One

La-ti-da-ti-da…Jaejoong awakes to the smell of freshly brewed expresso and JiJi lounging luxuriously on his new bedspread. “JiJi!! Get off the bed!!!  Huh? Is someone here? I smell expresso”. Then he remembers, “OH Yeah!! Today is my Birthday!!”
He has put the timer on the Expresso Machine just to awaken him on this special morning, and to begin his birthday with zest!! Sadly, Junsu has flown to Japan the night before, calling late to express his regrets for not being in Seoul on Jaejoong’s birthday, and… to tell Jaejoong of the wonderful present he will give him upon his return. “Regrettably’, said Junsu, “That will be next week”.

Jaejoong is not dsturbed. Yoochun is in town, not to mention family and friends, so today is looking up.and his anticipation grows of an exciting birthday among loved ones.  Jaejoong has received several calls from family members wanting him to drop by to pick up his presents.

Suddenly, his cellphone rings. “Jae hyeong, this is Micky. I’ve just been called out of town by the new casting director for “January Blessing”, you know–that new drama I was telling you about?  I’m so excited. I’ll be away for your birthday. but don’t worry, Ricky said that he would come over and spend some time with you”. “I gotta run, See ya”.  Oh, BTW, I have a cool gift for you. I’ll give it to you soon’.


Jaejoong puts down his cellphone with a puzzled look. “Why didn’t they tell me that they were leaving earlier than this? That’s odd. Oh, well, I’m going to get my day started with a fresh cup of expresso and a decent breakfast.”

Jaejoong follows his nose to the kitchen where the expresso awaits, hot and hearty. He cooks some ramen, pores a huge cup, and sits down to read the morning paper, but it isn’t distracting enough to keep him from thinking about Junsu and Micky leaving town so abruptly on his birthday. If he allowed himself to dwell on it much longer it was going to ruin his mood.  Draining his cup, Jaejoong cleans up, then picks up his cell phone to call his family. “I’m supposed to be there at 11:00. I wonder what I should bring”?  The telephone rings and rings. No answer. Then a message kicks in. “Due to an important family event the Kim’s will not be in town from today until February 3rd’. If you have something important to tell us, please leave a message after the beep. We will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Jaejoong stares at his cell phone. This is unbelievable. Most of the people he has depended upon to help him celebrate his birthday have gone out of town. ‘If I didn’t think it was crazy, he thought–I would assume that they are running away from me. Oh Well, Yunho and Changmin promised to stop by on their way to that red carpet gala event.


What is the name of it? ‘Promises for The Future Road Show’?  “I can’t remember–I’m starting to get a headache”… I think that I’ll just grab a pillow, lie on the couch and take a nap until someone calls. JiJi, keep a look-out, will ya?– And take that Santa suit off!!!

(Scene Fades)

(Enter Scene Two)

Jaejoong has fallen sound asleep.

 “I’ll protect You” starts to play. it is Jaejoong’s cellphone. “Snort”. Jaejoong startles awake and flips the phone.  ‘Hello, this is Jaejoong”. “Hi Jae Hyeong, this is Ricky”. “Oh yeah, great–you’re coming over right?” ‘You’re spending time with me on my birthday, right”?  Complete silence. “Aw. it’s your birthday?  Sorry, hyeong, I was calling to tell you that I’ll be going out of town and I heard that they needed you to call the office. You didn’t answer your phone earlier. Bye”.



Jaejoong’s jaw drops three inches. “What is going on?  What event is  more important than my birthday? So Ricky has decided to go out of town too”?




” I’m not calling. I’ll just get dressed and go on down. Naw, that won’t work. They’ve probably gone out of town. If I wasn’t a grown man I would cry”.

Just then the phone rings. “Jaejoong, did Ricky tell you we had an assignment for you? You need to hurry”. There’s a photoshoot today at Seoul Forestry. Did you forget?  Your manager set it up. You need to meet the crew at the reserve”.

Jaejoong is so stunned he can’t answer for a moment. “A-a- photoshoot? At The Forestry Reserve? O.K. I’ll be there soon”.  After closing the phone. ” I am so mad. I ate that great big breakfast and now they want me to do a photoshoot on my birthday? They told me I had the day off!

(Scene Fades)

(Enter Scene Three)

‘Where is this Forestry Reserve? I’ve been driving around for two hours!! Oh, wait a minute–that looks like an entrance. Yes!

Jaejoong drives up into a clearing. There is no one in sight. It is winter. The birds aren’t singing, there is snow on the trees… ‘What kind of photoshoot is this going to be? There’s so much snow I can hardly drive. I wonder if the crew is held up? I’ll call the office”.

Two calls later and there is no answer. Jaejoong is starting to panic. It is also starting to snow. Suddenly–“I’ll Protect You”. Jaejoong answers the phone with “Why am I here? Where is the crew?

‘What crew, Jaejoong? This is your manager. I stopped by for your birthday but you aren’t home. Where are you?

Where am I?  Don’t you know? The office said that I had a photoshoot at the Forestry Reserve and that you had set it up. I’m sitting here with the car running and no crew in sight”.

‘I know nothing about this. There must be some mistake”.  Come on home and I’ll be waiting for you”. The manager rings off. 

Unbelievable. Jaejoong turns the car around–grateful to be heading back home. “The office never makes mistakes like this. I wonder what really happened. Following a back road to avoid detection, Jaejoong pulls into his Private garage 90 minutes later. “Br-r-r-rrrrrrrr, it is cold. I may as well be in Alaska”.

 The journey to the Penthouse seems endless, especially since Jaejoong has made it a habit of climbing the stairs for exercise. When he arrives at the entrance winded and tired, he stops for a moment and leans against the wall. “What a birthday”, he says to himself. “I could have stayed in bed’

Turning the key he enters the luxurious apartment expecting to see the manager. JiJi meets him in the foyer with a bag of kitty treats in his jaws. “Thank, You, JiJi, but I can’t eat those. Oh! You want me to open them for you? O.K.  Someone should get a present”!!

A crashing noise from the master bedroom sends Jaejoong sprinting down the hall. As he skids around the corner he sees the manager calmly picking up pieces of his prize Taiwanese urn from the floor.  Jaejoong is too tired to care. All he wants to do is to go back to sleep.

“Hey, I’m sorry man. I accidentally hit it with your suitcase”.  As Jaejoong stares at him he points toward two large suitcases filled with Jaejoong’s clothes and toiletries.

“I took the liberty of packing for you. We don’t want to be late”.

Jaejoong just stares at him blankly. What more surprises could the day bring? “Late for what ? Where are we going”?, he asks.

“On a little trip; just you and me going to a friend’s lodge. The staff decided to pull together and give you a week away for your birthday. You’ve been pushing it rather hard these last few weeks. You deserve a rest”.

‘You’re right”, Jaejoong stifles a big yawn. “I deserve a week’s rest right here in my own home away from forests and trees.  I’m going to bed”.

“No, No, you can’t do that”.!  The manager is frantic. “We really need to go right now. Look, I have a picture of the lodge right here. Remember the fun you had there with Yoochun”?

The manager grabs the suitcases and starts heading for the door. “We have to catch the plane in a hour. I promise there will be plenty to do, even in winter. I already called your housekeeper. She’ll take care of JiJi and the house.

Jaejoong sways on his feet. “O.K. O.K. I’ll go, but only if I’m allowed to sleep for two days”.

“Fine with me.. You can sleep in the car”…………………………..ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

(Scene Fades)

(Enter Scene Four)

Jaejoong is so exhausted that he can’t remember the trip to the airport or the flight. When he awakens they are traveling down a snow-covered road that looks slightly familiar. He has  been here before.  Stretching and yawning he watches the scenery go past and reflects on the fact that his birthday will soon be gone with no celebration; no presents; no family; and–well, he does have the manager. That knowledge does nothing to lighten his mood. At least he will have a whole week in which to choose his own pursuits.

As they round a corner the lodge appears ahead. It is dark and looks cold and totally uninviting. “I’ll sleep well, though, he thinks. Yeah!

Suddenly, as the van comes to a stop, there comes a loud shriek followed by a sudden blazing of lights at the windows. Jaejoong sits stunned as the door flings open and Micky and Junsu, grinning from ear to ear, drag him from the car and half-carry him to the door, legs flailing. Yunho and Changmin rush out to form a chair with their hands to carry the birthday boy inside. All of a sudden people are popping out from every corner of the lodge. There is his umma and appa; and his sisters and their families. Friends, relatives, and staff all grin from ear to ear as they clamor for his attention. Story after story of keeping this a secret for weeks rolls off of their lips while Jaejoong slowly comes alive with the excitement of it all. Just think–a whole week with all of these people…. (sudden grinding halt)   🙂

End of Play

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEJOONGIE.   Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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[PIC] 120115 Jaejoong’s Niece Tweets a Picture of Jaejoong with His Family

[PIC] 120115 Jaejoong’s Niece Tweets a Picture of Jaejoong with his Family

It was Jaejoong’s father’s birthday on January 14th.  It looks like Jaejoong’s family had a get-together to celebrate it ^^  

Happy Birthday Jaejoong’s Appa!  

Source: herowoori
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Thanks to The Little Pear of JYJ3 for the information provided for this post^^

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[VIDEO] 2011 Xiahday 1st Teaser, 2nd Teaser, 3rd Teaser

So..this teaser was originally uploaded on 2010xiahday’s channel, that’s why it’s set to private just a few hours after it’s first uploaded. And now i just found it in 2011xiahday’s channel…aigoo~~~they were move it to this channel…

finally…Here you go..ENJOY the 1st teaser…^___^

[VIDEO] 2011 Xiahday 1st Teaser

3RD Teaser

credit: 2011Xiahday @YT

shared by: iXiahCassie

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111217 “Junsu, Happy Birthday!” From Lee Gi Kwang, and Min Young Ki Among Others

JYJ member Kim Junsu received (birthday) wishes from his artiste colleagues on his birthday.Kim Junsu, who celebrates his birthday on the 15th, received congratulatory messages via Twitter from artistes including Kim Jaejoong, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang and actor Min Young Ki.

They left mentions for Kim Junsu, wishing him on his birthday, with Kim Jaejoong’s saying “To my beloved Junsu, happy birthday”, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang said, “Junsu hyung.. I’m in Dubai right now, a foreign country so very far away from you.. keke Even from such a far away place, I want to sincerely wish you a happy birthday, hyung!!~~ I’ll give you a proper birthday wish when I get back to Korea, hyung!!! Happy birthday^.^!!”.

Actor Min Young Ki said, “Junsu, happy birthday!!! Have the best day ever today!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I’m sure every day is the best day ever for you!!! I feel so great about Elisabeth because you’re with us!!! Hwaiting!! Happy birthday Xiah-Tod!!!!!!!!!!!”.

In particular, Kim Junsu’s elder twin brother Kim Junho also revealed his regret of not being able to spend his birthday with his younger brother by saying, “Junsu, my other half! Happy birthday. I realized that we’ve never spent a birthday together because we’re both so busy.. Eat lots of great food with your Korean friends and have a great time! I’m always grateful to have you”.

Kim Junsu’s fans also created a webzine that included a congratulatory video from celebrities such as Lee Dong Wook, Kim Seon Ah, Seo Beom Seok, Bae Hae Sun, Kim Hyun Joong and Park Sung Gwang.

In response to these, netizens expressed, “Junsu-oppa Happy Birthday”, “You must spend the happiest day ever today”, “Have you had seaweed soup?” among other responses.

On another note, Kim Junsu is practicing intensively in light of the performance of the Musical Elisabeth in 2012.

Source : [ TV Report via Nate + BaiduTVXQ ]

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Translation 111215 Junsu’s Mom Tweet

[Trans] 111215 Junsu’s Mom Tweet

The Hoday birthday event held in Tokyo today ♬ Thank you, ^^ Juno’s fans. ♥ Celebrating brithday for our Junho and leaving congratulatory and thank you messages to me on Twitter. Really thank you~ I~ Love Everyone~ ♥

Our youngest son~ Don’t be jealous seeing hyung and mum together~ ke I will be back in Korea soon to cook seaweed soup for you~ ^^ Junho, Junsu ya~ I love you all!! And, thank you for being born as mum’s children~ ♥

credit: zunoxiahmom+loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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111215 Happy 25th Birthday To Kim Junsu from Momma Cha

Hi Junsu.

You may never see this post, but it is my desire to express to you how much I appreciate you on your birthday. What is it about you that endears you to my heart like a family member? There are many things–the way that you laugh for one. Your laughter is so contagious, and I love to watch it start in your eyes and travel through your entire body. You make me laugh with you, and there are times when I truly need a good laugh.

I love to hear you sing. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but believe me June, your singing is  unique. Your vocal tones range from piano to forte; from legato to tinny. Yes, you can be tinny, but it is such a wonderful sound that it can capture my attention in the midst of all the other voices on the palette. I really cannot describe your vocals fully with the musical vocabulary that I possess. I can only close my eyes and let them play.

I enjoy the athletic side of you. You are a wonderful dancer. I am a person who loves to move and dance; take a hike –or at least a good, long walk. I was so thrilled to realize that you and the members had climbed the mountain. I want you to take care of yourself, but part of that is staying physically fit. I didn’t have an interest in soccer until I became aware of your team. Now it is something to watch and pursue.

I simply love your “humanitarianism”   🙂  You were describing your red-faced demeanor while gaming, but I define your ‘humanitarianism’ as helping others less fortunate than yourself–whether it is building houses for needy families to planting trees et al. One of my favorite pictures of you is the “Happy Energy” picture. The smile in your eyes seems to reach out from your soul. I know that some of the charities that you participate in are joint ventures, but I see the tender part of your spirit that desires to give. Adoption is a part of you.

I love the fact that you still cling to church and family. Family is so important in life, and when you possess a wonderful family such your own I ask you to treasure it with all of your heart. Church is also important because it is a place of sanctuary from all of the evil, mean things that life can throw at you. It is somewhere to go where you know that you will be loved and nurtured.

Last, but not least, I admire you as an actor. You have enormous potential in this field, especially stage acting. You have always been able to command a stage, and you have the ability to separate yourself from the role once you exit the stage. Choose your roles wisely and you will secure a future for yourself and your posterity.


Happy Birthday Junsu. I pray that you will have so many more wonderful celebrations. You are a private individual, and I thank you for those parts of you that you choose to reveal to us. That is our gift from You on this Christmas Season. Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year.


Momma Cha  @jyjfantalk

Translation 110604 Daily Post of JYJ Tweets This…

[Translation] 110604 Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ.
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, June 4th to 5:59am KST, June 5th.

Another birthday wish from another member

(Junsu, 6:09pm KST) @6002theMicky Yoochun, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday~^^

Source: [Junsu’s Twitter]
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