[Pic] 130402 JYJ 2013 Concert in Tokyo Dome

[Pic] 130402 JYJ 2013 Concert in Tokyo Dome

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[Trans] 130401 Park Yoochun To Perform A New Track At JYJ’s TD Concert, “A Song Full Of Spring’s Anticipation”

[Trans] 130401 Park Yoochun To Perform A New Track At JYJ’s TD Concert, “A Song Full Of Spring’s Anticipation”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun will be performing a new track at JYJ’s Tokyo Dome Concert ’2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo dome The return of the JYJ’ from the 2nd till the 4th of April.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Park Yoochun will be performing a new composition during the upcoming concert. Unlike the other members, who have each released a solo album, Park Yoochun has been focusing on his activities as an actor but has made the decision to surprise the fans with a new song. It will be a great gift for the many fans who have been waiting for the Tokyo Dome concert.”

As a Britpop song, Park Yoochun’s new track is titled ‘Walking in Spring with Her’ and contains lyrics that depict the anticipation and nerves a man feels when he’s starting a new relationship.

Park Yoochun stated, “We’ll be greeting our Japanese fans for the first time in a while at Tokyo Dome. Though there were times of sorrow in the long period of time we had to wait, we are able to greet each other once again with smiles and start anew. I wanted to express this in a song as a gift for our fans. I created the melody and lyrics with the anticipation we feel for the coming of Spring in mind.”

Meanwhile, JYJ will be holding concerts at Tokyo Dome for the next three days from the 2nd of April.

Source: [the star chosun]
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JYJpigg 『JYJ CONCERT in TOKYO DOME 2013 SPOT CM ver.』 + Mini Live Concert 2013

Sorry, I simply love this…   I had to re-feature it   😉

Cuteness! Cuteness! Cuteness!

JYJpigg 『mini LIVE CONCERT 2013』 3-1

JYJpigg 『mini LIVE CONCERT 2013』 3-2

JYJpigg 『mini LIVE CONCERT 2013』 3-3

credit: yuchuonpark

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[Vid] [Aud] JYJ @ Tokyo Dome 2013 Compilation Part 1

This is such an exciting moment. My heart is beating fast and I am in tears. Congratulations Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. We at JYJ Fantalk love you as do so many others out there. Thank You contributors.    🙂

credit: Park Yoo Rin+PolleeneyZZ Tn+heon2222+diekato+Kam Seo+ayajae11+NYCuckoo+

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[Trans] Singles April 2013 – Park Yoochun (Part 2 – End)

[Trans] Singles April 2013 – Park Yoochun (Part 2 – End)

Q: If Han Jung Woo’s character is not portrayed well, it would become a person with a fixed image. A typical love emotional scene plus a police officer with a hidden wound in his heart, usually the acting would be strong and sad. In the end, though Han Jung Woo has a painful wound, he is yet a optimistic youngster with gentleness. This is also one of the reason why I like the character Han Jung Woo. I think that it’s because of ‘Park Yoochun’ that there is this kind of ‘Han Jung Woo’.

I didn’t have this intention at first. (laughs) Though there are a bit of that kind of feeling during the discussion with the director, but it wasn’t the Han Jung Woo that I acted out in the end. It just naturally became like that. (laughs) Thus I just left it flow as it is. It is also vexing to think of my next work. For example, if were to act as a doctor or a trainee doctor, it would not be just portraying the character of a trainee doctor but to look at what kind of a character is that doctor. When I’m going to take on my next drama, I hope I am able to act as a character completely different from ‘Missing You’ Han Jung Woo. However I don’t have such confidence as of yet.

Q: Oh Jung Se who acted with you in ‘Missing You’ complimented Yoochun’s acting in an interview. He said there were instructions in the scripts that said, “Tears about to fill up”, “Eyes filled with tears” etc and they were portrayed out well.

“Eyes filled with tears” is the most difficult instruction. Haha. To be honest, when I saw the instructed expressions in the script, the burden was huge. (laughs) The acting instructions in this drama were very detailed. In the beginning, I worried for a long while on how to express it out. For example, a line has three sentences and those three were acting instructions. It was difficult to express it out. As there were times when I was saying a certain line and I was about to tear then but the scriptwriter knew which line is more suitable for the tear to drop. It was all written there and I did my best on expressing according to the script. In reality, I was not able to do well. (laughs)

Q: You seems to have did it. What did you think of during the part on “eyes filled with tears”?

I just think of my lines or the other party’s lines. I don’t really think of other things during acting. But crying scenes really exhaust one’s energy. I really cried a lot this time. Really a lot. Therefore I would be happy for a bit when I saw that there’s no crying scenes upon receiving of the script. Compared to memorising lines, the stress and the burden on energy are higher. I rather have longer lines. But when I really saw a very lengthy line I would again, ‘Awww~ No~!” (laughs)

Q: As an actor, who are the veteran actors that you respect the most?

There are many. But there is a common characteristic for all the veterans that I like. This is what I think… and that is… they are very handsome. (laughs)

Q: What kind of handsomeness? To Park Yoochun, what is the definition of handsome?

It’s simply the au naturale type. I like that kind of feeling. To be honest, I am the type who needs hair styling and make up to look good. But I wish to be the type that doesn’t need any styling and would look handsome in a very natural acting. However now is not of that stage yet, neither is those type of character. But that is my goal. I started as an singer, thus it is difficult for this transformation. However I believe I will be able to show what I wanted after I turn 30 years old. I really would want to act in a random way. (laughs)

Q: A random acting?

A really random way of acting. The kind of acting where I simply wants to do it as I like it. The cinematography and lighting can be done well by others and I don’t have to take note of that. I will just have to focus on my acting. I also wish to act with more natural lines.

Q: So do you wish to try on a stronger character?

I really do. Although my express of acting is kinda limited now but as long as there are not much big issues, I believe I have chances. When chance arrives, I would grasp on it well and would want to act it well. If it came true, my mother and company would not be worried anymore. I wish to show others the secure feel that ‘Yoochun can do very well too’. Because right now, everyone is still worrying about me.

Q: Why are they worried about you?

They said that it looks dangerous. (T/N: insecure) I really thought I am okay psychologically and physically. When I went drinking with a (promotional team’s) noona, she told me, “You looked like you are collapsing.” Not long after hearing this, I really did fall sick badly due to heavy stress. That noona later on told me, “Look! I told you~ you are collapsing.”

Q: Are you the kind who would endure despite sick?

I really don’t like to visit the doctor. Unless I am very very unwell, I would not visit the doctor. Medicine bought but I would not eat it. This time I was really unwell thus I ate a few pills.

Q: How did you maintain your health then? Especially when you are only able to sleep one to two hours a day.

Working with a happy mood and also, the drama team will take care of me. No kidding. Everyone really took good care of me. Not only did they prepared food for me. Everyone was joking and chatting during the journey to another filming site. It made me feel comfortable. Therefore even when I got on my car after filming ended, I felt really happy on my way home. All these gave me strength.

Q: People would be happy because of Yoochun too right? Aren’t you good with creating good ambience at the site?

It’s great to be working happily. When everyone is exhausted, it is not that bad that I smiled a bit more, isn’t it?

Q: As you did not have other activities, to people who only became fans of yours recently would probably think that you are a mysterious person. Thus forgetting that you are actually an interesting person.

Hmm, I am actually a very cheerful person. But one would look cheerful when one is in good mood while one looks moody when one is in low spirits. I am just being more cheerful than others. (laughs) Especially when the weather is good, I will be even more cheerful. On a day of beautiful sunshine while traveling on the car, I will feel so blissful.

Q: Do you planned to go on variety shows in the future?

It’s a bit pressurized to be on a talk show, they might not invite me too. (laughs) If possible, I wish to be on a more relaxed variety show. Under a comfortable ambience while happily talking. Lately, I watched ‘Advance – Friends’ Stories’. I would like to try on such programs if possible.

Q: What is your plan for your next drama?

I have actually confirmed on the drama for the early half of the year. Maybe I would have to think of the later half of the year. There isn’t that much television broadcasting companies in Korea anyway. I would also like to act in movies. I just want to let others see a different side of me. However during ‘Missing You’, Veteran actress Song Ock Suk told me, “I didn’t expect you to choose this drama.” It’s a different genre compared to ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. It is a huge risk for an actor to change his original image. Though at times, the acting is good but to audience, it might be unacceptable. At that time, I just want to let others see a different side of me. I didn’t think too much. Thus after hearing reviews from others, I have more issues to consider now.

Q: It was natural for actors to challenge new acting, however it has became a courageous issue now. Recently, young actors have been carefully choosing scripts.

How to say this. Some people like me when I have long hair while some others like me with short hairstyle. But I don’t really take note of these. As that is the current me. As long as it’s not overboard, no matter what style I am in, everyone should still like me. In another words, it could be some kind of self-confidence. I have a bit of confidence. This could be negative to me but as long as I am within my limits, I would like to try on different characters. This is also a way that makes me enjoy it. Of course, not the whole nationwide are my fans thus I still need to take note a bit. (laughs)

Q: Now that you have a lot of fans, there were a lot of agitating fans as well. Yoochun actually mentioned about ‘saseng fans’ before. Actually some artistes did encountered such problem too but they hide it away. However it seems that it’s due to JYJ that such issues surfaced.

Actually, there might be more problems surfacing due to our characters. However our company helped us resolved a lot thus it is only such level. Right now, it has lessened and I felt happy. What I felt is that, at places where I work (eg. filming site), I am okay if you followed me. But if one were to follow me in my personal schedule, and persisting in following, there might be accidents that could happen. It is very dangerous. Moreover, why are there people who lived for their own only, living to satisfy their own greed. Though it started out of goodwill, the conclusion is bad and it is wrong.

Q: You ever mentioned that ‘If I’m dating, I would revealed it.’?

That’s why, I need to reveal my relationship more. If I decided to reveal my relationship, that means I have thought for a long while. Thus it’s okay even if it was revealed.

Q: But what will happen to your girlfriend? (laughs)

I am still worried though. To be honest, it’s already difficult for us to be dating. From TVXQ to JYJ, everyone has too deep of an impression of our sasaeng fans. Therefore even if we met a girl of liking, she would go far away from us. Every girl would love to have a sweet relationship. Who would want a tough relationship? I can understand this. Therefore there were times where it was a regret. Of course if the opposite is an artiste too, the burden would be different. At least the relationship has to be at ease. Nobody likes to be scolded for having a relationship. If it’s your own daughter who gets scolded for being in a relationship with Yoochun. Who would be happy about it? Due to such thinking, I became more timid and thus find it more difficult to have a relationship.

Q: Thus if were to be revealed, it would meant that you love her a lot, to the extent of consideration for marriage therefore the revelation, right?

That’s right. Not those statement like ‘We have been together for a year.’ It will be after discussion with company staff, members and my family before the decision to reveal it. I think this is what I should do for everyone who likes me.

Q: A question from the fans. What is the meaning for becoming ‘Park Yoochun’s’?

To become mine, it also meant that I have became the other party’s. After leaving SM, my people, my family, people belonging to me became very important to me. During times when I am exhausted and with no energy left, I really need those people. I can’t live without them. Not long ago I realised that it’s not those that belong to me are the important. It is those who did not became others’ that are important. Therefore I changed my thinking. Though it is not easy and would still meet with circumstances and times where it is not smooth sailing, it is still best to be thinking towards that direction.

Q: You are quite good at talking. Is it true that you read very often?

Nope. I have been playing games lately. Haha

Q: What type of game?

That is a secret. I can’t say it. The image of mine in that game is not that good. As it often says a lot of vulgarities. (laughs)

Q: Heard that you like manga and movie too. Please make a recommendation.

I recently watched the anime ‘The Wolf Children’. It is very nice. It made me felt a lot too. A girl fell in love with a boy and that boy is a wolf. Despite knowing that he is a boy, she married him and gave birth to a daughter and a son. When the daughter was young, she had the characteristics of a wolf while the son had human characteristics. When they grew up, they started to change. The daughter wish to become a human while the son wants to be a wolf. After understanding the feelings that the mother had and looking at the process where their mother took care of them, it felt a bit, not sad but heartbreaking.

Q: Would you cry while watching drama or movie?

I would usually cry while watching sad movies. That would be usually in the morning, 8am?! Usually it would be that I woke up early or not that I have yet to sleep at that hour. Closing the door while I lie on my bed, watching movies or dramas. Sometimes I would not cry upon watching very sad movies but at times I would instead cry crazily in a not-so-sad scene. However I would try to finish watching it alone, venting out the feelings. I would secretly finish watching it without my mother knowing.

Q: When was the last time you cried?

(Looks at the people around embarrassingly and laughed out loud) Ah ha ha ha

Q: Was it not long ago?

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

Q: Erm… We got it. (laughs) We heard that you love drinking. How’s your alcohol limit?

Not sure. I finished the practice today and felt like having a drink too. Haha. Usually I would feel like having a drink after sweating it out. Thus I would try to drink with Jaejoong hyung after practice.

Q: Thus, it’s only after work schedules that you drank?

Yup, that’s right. Drank it only after work. (laughs)

source: Singles Magazine
credit: JYJ FC TW
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] Singles April 2013 – Park Yoochun (Prologue)

[Trans] Singles April 2013 – Park Yoochun (Prologue)


The atmosphere during the photo shooting is very quiet. In order for him to concentrate on his emotional acting, everyone looked at him quietly, cheering him through eye contacts.

When the photo shooting ended, he once again returned to the very charismatic 28 year old Park Yoochun who smiled cheekily and spoke sincerely.

“Compared to gratefulness, there were more of guiltiness,” This is his response about their fans who waited for them and towards the enquiry about the Tokyo Dome concert in April.

The young Micky Yoochun with a clean attractive outlook who would have a cute smile on even at the slightest joke, went through a worrying period alike to a youngster who left home. He has now transformed into a true man who can naturally act in romantic and action drama. Due to this period of time where everyone went through a turmoil of joy, anger and sadness, JYJ and their fans developed an even special relationship.

From ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to ‘Missing You’, those who only became fans to the recently transformed Actor Park Yoochun, would probably forgot that he is originally an idol singer. He neither chose the safest way to walk nor is the type who would care only about himself during acting or portraying the acting that his agency created.

 It is also because JYJ had a high obstacle wall that obstruct them and the public. When we told him that we collected some enquiries from the fans for him, Park Yoochun who heard this, laughed out saying, “I feel so insecure. Because our fans are not that innocent.”

It suddenly dawned onto us that actually before he became a mysterious actor who seems to be isolated from the world, he is actually a singer who sweat it out, communicating on a stage. When speaking about acting, he would be careful and humble, saying that he is still a newcomer at acting. At that moment, he is also a very friendly and straightforward mannered young man who would look at others in the eyes when talking, yet not overly done. It was a witty interview. Thus in that 50 minutes interview with Park Yoochun, it seems as though it was a short 5 minutes.

source: singles magazine
credit: JYJ TW FC
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] Singles April 2013 – Park Yoochun (Part 1)

[Trans] Singles April 2013 – Park Yoochun (Part 1)‏

Q: JYJ will be having a concert at Tokyo Dome this April. As this is your restarting activity in Japan, fans had high anticipation for it. How’s the preparation for now?

We also feel that it is a very meaningful event. I hope we are able to present a variety of performances. However there is a limit to the factors that we wanted to bring into the performance. Considering what we have, we will do our best in expanding the concert. Hopefully we are able to satisfy the fans’ anticipation. I will complete this performance with a mindset that, “This is the last performance.” I performed many times in Japan but I had never had this thought that “This is the last performance.” Looking back now, I can’t helped thinking, “Ah, I should have performed better that time.”

Q: We previously mentioned that this event is very meaningful. After going through many restrictions and difficulties, I think you guys would feel the preciousness of fans even more, right?

I guess so. Rather than unclear thinkings like “performed till I am unable to hold the microphone” or “till I am so old that I am unable to attend events”, there is a bit different this time. With such thinking, rather than gratefulness, I felt a sense of guilt towards the fans. With regards to activities in Japan, I always said that “If we were to do it like this, we will be able to do it in a very interesting way.” But it is not like this in actual. Therefore, to some extent, it made me very fed up, and also apologetic. Whenever there are events in Korea, Japanese fans would participate. I really felt sorry and touched.

Q: Is there also a feeling of “restarting henceforth”?

Yes. I really like the activities in Japan. To be honest, though the event at Tokyo Dome is going to be held, it is not as if all things has turned smooth sailing. Even now, Avex is still preparing to halt the event once again. (JYJ has won again their former Japanese agency Avex in a two year lawsuit. According to the judgement, the contract has ended and they are able to start their activities again.) I really has this thinking. “It’s good enough that we have this opportunity to perform.” Therefore when I had the chance, I hope to present a lot to the fans.

Q: When will you be releasing your album?

If only I can finished it before the concert this time, that will be good. I want to present a soft gentle style in the album, and rap as well. Due to such ideas, I was confused when I was composing! When I was composing a certain style, I thought again “Oh, I want to add another genre into the song.” Then I would add in many types of factors and was unable to find the balance for the song. If I were to present such an album I wouldn’t be satisfied either! Even though I knew fans are anticipating my album, I think that I should slowly, completely finished each song’s story before I present it out.

Q: I am anticipating a soft gentle music! Many fans would want to listen to Park Yoochun’s ballad album.

I faced quite a lot of difficulties during lyrics writing. In the past, I would write the lyrics then after which I would read the lyrics and add in the melody that comes to my head. However this time I had a change. I considered a lot on accompanying music and the smooth relay of the melody. Thus when I am done with the composing and add everything together, I realised it doesn’t suit the lyrics anymore. The arrangement and the melody would be very grand and when all are placed together, the lyrics seems to be out of place and it doesn’t sound compatible with the melody. Therefore I am still unable to write the suitable lyrics for it. From now on, I will finished all one by one.

Q: After drama ‘Missing You’ concluded, the haircut you had aroused discussions. Why did you decide to have changes to hair style so frequently?

To be honest, my body doesn’t belong to me only. To change a hair style is not an easy thing. Due to my work, I would have to follow such rules. But I think I still have a bit of selfishness, “I think I want to have a hairstyle of my own style.” Though it is important to find a hairstyle that suits oneself, changing hairstyles can also help me in relieving stress. As I have too many things done that were not up to my choice, I have this thinking that as long as it doesn’t result in me reporting to the prosecutor’s office, it should be okay even if I did that? (laughs) People around me are asking how am I going to film advertisement in this hairstyle?! Ah, to be honest it’s good to have so many endorsements but if I am unable to get any endorsement, I would think that it’s because I am not their type. Then I would work harder in my next work to reach their requirements then. But it is due to my hairstyle, this seems to be on another level of discussion. (laughs)

Q: Until now, which is the hairstyle that you like the most?

In fact I actually wanted to shave a hairstyle like Hareem and then tattoo on the scalp. Haha! Joking! Personally, I prefer long hair. After the end of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, my hairstyle then was long enough to tie a ponytail. Almost that length. But once I cut it short, I would not be able to grow it out again. I think I now understand why girls would find it hard to grow out their hair. Same as my mother. Furthermore if I were to grow out my hair, I might not be able to work for at least a year. However I am working for the whole of this year.

Q: In the previous interview, you mentioned before that if you are unable to work (in the entertainment industry), you would work in the farm with your members. Do you think this would happen?

At that time, I really did had this thinking. I will really give up being an artiste. I left the previous company with such thoughts. I sincerely ever thought that I would give up everything and live with my family just like that, just taking care of them. But the other members pulled me back. We are each other’s support.

Q: As you have been living under the limelight, it wouldn’t be easy for you to give up everything, right?

I am the kind of person who wouldn’t care about such things. In the past, I just want to live my life peacefully somewhere. I can do any kind of work. Since I have already done those tough work in the past, what else is there that I am unable to do? (laughs)

Q: When did you work in those hard labour before?

That was before my debut. It was for my trip to Korea.

Q: In the drama ‘Missing You’, there is a term to describe you, ‘chemical reaction terminator’. To have chemistry between actors, one had to listen to the other’s lines and actions. It would be difficult to understand other’s acting when you are a newcomer but for Yoochun, you seems to give an impression that you would react to the opposite’s acting from your first drama onwards.

Senior actors and directors did said this before, that my biggest forte is also my strength. For the first drama, I really acted without knowing what acting is. Because the other party is talking, I listened. Usually when anyone else is talking, people would usually listened to them isn’t it? In the beginning, I had no idea what it meant. Now I finally knew that listening to others is very important. Therefore it’s the same during memorising of lines. When facing a lengthy line or filming soon after the receipt of the script, reading the lines is the same as common communication. Naturally one would be able to memorise the lines. Filming would be more interesting this way. Acting would be more natural and that impromptu acting would be even more mesmerising.

Q: Idol-born actors don’t usually have good results. An actor’s life needs more freedom and Yoochun is considered to be living freely. There were many human interaction issues experienced and compared to other idols, your emotions seems to be expressed more fulfilling.

Due to own’s experience and also as an artiste, these experiences are very helpful to acting. Having personal experience and thus knowing such feelings, it would be easier to express it out. I saw seniors who would go on a trip after a drama ended. Though sometimes it was for a photo spread, but to see more, rest more and to interact more, is a process of accumulating experience. It is necessary for an actor’s life. It is benefiting.

Q: When you first decided to act in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, did you expect acting to be a big part of your life?

Of course not. At that time, I just thought that I should try and was not confident. As it is a saeguk drama, the burden was huge. Therefore I tried and thought to myself that if I find it interesting, I would then try continuing. (laughs) Actor is a job that is tough and yet needs attention and is very charismatic.

Q: After a drama ended, you would definitely found out about certain new feelings and skills, it must be interesting. How’s this time round?

‘Missing You’ is one that can be understood easily and the scenes can be imagined. However in the beginning, I seems to be unable to be indulged in it. My way of expressing doesn’t seems to be suitable for the scenario at that time and it made me had a hard time. But thankfully the character is quite different from my previous work and fans who watched the drama saw something different too. This made me satisfied. Actually this is the most difficult. I am still the same yet I have to portray a different character. I cannot simply change the way I speak or the actions or expressions and the feeling would be different. Thus I have to be become more sensitive. It’s great that everyone saw him as ‘Han Jung Woo’. I am very happy.

source: Singles magazine
credit: JYJ FC TW
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 130309 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

[TRANS] 130309 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(1:45pm KST) Our manager, who has stayed by our side and traveled the world with us for the past three years, has finally found his match made in Heaven and gotten married. We all got together and sang ‘Found You’ as our congratulatory song for his wedding. Hyung~! You have to be happy~~~^^

(1:45pm KST) Shall we give you all a small 10-second sneak peek of it? haha

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130108 ‘I Miss You’ To Get A One Episode Extension And Will End On The 17th With Its 21st Episode

[TRANS] 130108 ‘I Miss You’ To Get A One Episode Extension And Will End On The 17th With Its 21st Episode

MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I Miss You’ will end with a total of 21 episodes after recently getting a one episode extension.

The staff of MBC’s ‘I Miss You’ stated on the 8th of January that, “We will be extending ‘I Miss You’ by one episode and will provide viewers with a well-made drama till the very end.”

This means that ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’, the follow-up drama of ‘I Miss You’ will begin airing on the 23rd of January.

Meanwhile, the episode of MBC’s ‘I Miss You’ that aired on the 3rd of January showed Kang Hyung Jun (Yoo Seung Ho) placing the blame of a murder on Lee Soo Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) to punish her for not loving him. Many are curious to see what Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun), who has always stayed by Lee Soo Yeon’s side, will do. The next episode will air on the 9th of January at 9:55pm.

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[Vid] 121228 “Missing You” Making Film – Siblings Han Jungwoo & Han Ahreum~ [Eng]

[Vid] 121228 “Missing You” Making Film – Siblings Han Jungwoo & Han Ahreum~ [Eng]

credit: t4rw3n

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net

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[News] 121207 ‘I Miss You’ Became #1 on Wed-Thu Dramas…Defeated ‘Jeon Woo Chi’

[News] 121207 ‘I Miss You’ Became #1 on Wed-Thu Dramas…Defeated ‘Jeon Woo Chi’

I Miss You’ got the top of Wed-Thu dramas after defeating ‘Jeon Woo Chi’.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, ‘I Miss You’ on 6th recorded 11.5% of national audience rating. It’s 0.5% higher than its previous episode’s audience rating, which made it record its highest audience rating.

‘I Miss You’ became #1 among Wed-Thu dramas for the first time after it was released on November 7. The audience rating of the drama increased steadily, and finally it passed the audience rating of ‘Jeon Woo Chi’.

In ‘I Miss You’ on 6th, Joy(Yun Eun-Hye’s role) said to her mother Kim Myeong-Hee(Song Ok-Suk’s role) that she is Lee Su-Yeon, but also said that she cannot go back to Lee Su-Yeon. Kim Myeong-Hee cried out while saying that she will do that for her daughter, which made audiences cried. Also, it came out that a murderer of Kang Sang-Deuk was a janitor of a police office(Kim Mi-Kyeong’s role). Jeong-Woo(Park Yu-Cheon’s role) who suspected her went to her house, and fell down by a taser.

Meanwhile, ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ of KBS2 that had been #1 recorded 10.8%. ‘Dae Pung Su’ of SBS recorded 9.0% of audience rating.

credit: innolife
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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Editors Note: Yoochun in “I Miss You” Episodes 5 thru 8



       It is truly remarkable how a drama can be so simple yet complex at the same time. “I Miss You” is such a drama. It’s simplicity lies in the typical love triangle. It’s complexity lies in the main driving force of the story–hearts abused and bruised by life that have formed layers of scars much like an onion. These scars will have to be peeled away one by one for healing to take place. Scars can reach into the deepest recesses of the soul, and the spirit can bury itself so completely that what occurred traumatically becomes unreality.

I am so proud of the natural acting that Micky Yoochun is giving us in his role as Detective Han. He has exercised his acting muscles until they are starting to flow smoothly and believeably. I am always astonished at his ability to act as if there are no cameras, booms, directors, and others around him. He commands his acting space and he is surrounded by talented actors like himself.

As a member of DBSK, and now a member of JYJ, Yoochun presents a steady persona. His stage presence, whether singing or acting is superb. I do not ever want to lose his throaty vocals, or this acting facet of his abilities.This solidity carries into his roles making them supportive and legendary.

I will continue to follow this melodrama through his eyes. It can only get better from here. Thank You Yoochun.  I Love You.  

credit: Momma Cha

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