[Pic] 130305 Jaejoong – JYJ Donation Ceremony To UNICEF Korea press conference {231 pic+3 Vid}

JYJ donated the money they received as honorary ambassadors of the ‘Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2012 (KBEE 2012)’ to UNICEF Korea.

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[Trans] 130201 U-Know Yunho’s Fans Donate 10 Million Won’s Worth Of Rice And Monetary Donations

[Trans] 130201 U-Know Yunho’s Fans Donate 10 Million Won’s Worth Of Rice And Monetary Donations

Seoul’s Fruits of Love Foundation revealed on the 2nd that fans of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho donated 10 million Won’s worth of rice and monetary donations.

The donation was made to celebrate U-Know Yunho’s upcoming birthday on the 6th. The rice will be donated to elders in need and the monetary donations will be used to cover medical expenses of children with rare diseases.

U-Know Yunho’s domestic and overseas fans recently donated a large quantity of rice wreaths to support the star’s appearance on the SBS drama ‘Queen of Ambition’. Fans from 13 countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Russia, Peru, Spain, Kuwait) and international fan communities donated a total of 19.622 tons of rice and 500 packs of ramen. 19.622 tons of rice can feed 160,000 people for one meal.

Source: [sports khan]

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu and His Fans’ Donation Work is just as Amazing as Him Becoming the Double Award Winner of the Golden Ticket Awards

[NEWS] Kim Junsu and His Fans’ Donation Work is just as Amazing as Him Becoming The Double Award Winner of the Golden Ticket Awards

Kim JunSu of JYJ has become a double award winner of the Eighth Golden Ticket Awards. Even though idol singers trying out musicals have become some sort of a trend, Junsu is unique in a sense that no one else has been as active and successful as him. An important fact here is that his receiving two awards is not a mere act of fan service to please his idol fandom.

What is interesting about the Golden Ticket Awards is that this award is to celebrate ticket power. It is an award that shows true worthiness of successful musicals in a sense that the awards are given to so-called money-generating musicals. It is interesting to see that Kim Junsu received two awards for the Male Musical Actor and the Concert Musician in very specialized awards as this one.  

JYJ Kim JunSu’s worth that dominates the musical market is simply amazing.

The Golden Ticket Awards is rather interesting because it celebrates the persons with the most ticket power on the stage. [Getting this award] is a great accomplishment because it chooses the persons that are truly vouched for and recognized by producers.

Kim Junsu received the Popularity Award and the Best Male Lead award in 2012’s Korean Musical Awards.  He really is a musical star that possesses both popularity and capabilities. A fandom may be able to work hard so that a musical actor can receive the Popularity Award. However, the Best Male Lead Award cannot be influenced by fans in that fashion. Receiving the Best Male Lead Award means that the actor has truly exhibited excellent talent as a musical actor.

 Interpark, a ticket selling and distribution company, recently announced winners for the Golden Ticket Awards after they processed relevant information such as the number of tickets sold, additional points based on ranking, and on-line polls. Kim JunSu took the first place in both Musical (Male Actor) and Concert.

Kim Junsu who played the lead role of Tod in Musical ‘Elisabeth’ showed strong ticket power through his solo concerts as well as ‘Xia Ballad & Musical Concert’ that was held for 3 days at the end of December. It is only natural that he took two awards in a sense that he boasted unmatched presence in terms of ticket power.  

“Kim JunSu receiving Musical Award in the Golden Ticket Award after he received the Best Male Lead Award [in the Korean Musical Awards] is evidence that he is sincere about musicals as well as possesses high box-office values.”

“It’s surprising that an idol singer took the first place in Musical. Kim JunSu proved that he is much loved by audiences of all ages.”

It was natural that compliments poured in when he received an award for ticket power on top of the Best Male Lead award. There is a saying that goes “grasshoppers only last for a season” [T/N: popularity or something/something’s dominance in one area is fleeting]. There are people who only consider musicals a quick business to generate income. There are idol singers that plunge into musicals using their popularity.     

The Idol singers’ advance into musicals seems to be a win-win business strategy between idols [and the musical industry]. Idols’ appearances in musicals have always been the target of criticisms because idols singers in musicals, rather than securing their place as sincere musical actors, were more about boosting ticket sales [using their popularity]. 

 Unlike idols who considered musicals as dabbling into musicals and leaving their marks in the industry, Kim JunSu secured his place as a true star actor in the musical market. The fact that Kim JunSu proved his value as a true musical star, not just a mean to sell more tickets, confirms once again that he should not be called a mere idol singer. 

 “I really received so much love this past year. I thank my fans that cheered for me every time I stood on the stage.”

“I hope the audience that was with me while I was on the stage felt happy and gained happy memories. I think the best way to repay their love for my performances and music is doing my best and performing well on the stage.” The Eighth Golden Ticket Awards double awards winner Kim JunSu did not forget to thank his fans who always supported him.

Some criticized that it was unfair for people who did musicals their whole lives. Their logic is that it does not make sense that all kinds of awards, almost impossible to receive even after doing musicals the whole life, were given to Kim JunSu who debuted only a couple of years ago.

If [an actor] has no talent and skills and still receives an award, he deserves criticism. The fact that these awards that even musical actors with long careers cannot receive were awarded to Kim JunSu means that he has that much of talent and he does his best.

What is even more interesting and meaningful than Kim JunSu receiving awards is this “donation culture”. His fans are also part of it. By donating all the gifts that poured in from all over the world for his solo concerts and musicals, he showed his quality as a star that act together with his fans.

Rice wreaths that his fans sent Kim JunSu were sent to the underprivileged such as children who cannot afford to bring lunch to school. 2,000 briquettes that 20 families can use for one month were sent to underprivileged senior citizens who live by themselves that use briquettes but cannot afford to buy them. 6,000 egg wreaths were donated to food banks nationwide to relieve malnutrition problems among the underprivileged such as children who live by themselves without parents and senior citizens who live by themselves. 

It is a beautiful thing that a star and fans come together to share what they have with their neighbors in need of help. Kim JunSu who was recognized as a talented musical actor. Kim JunSu who proved his top worth through awards that celebrate ticket power. Kim JunSu is a true star with both talent and skills.

And his fans that makes their star even more special by actively participating in charity work makes everyone around them happy. Kim JunSu and his fans’ charity work feels even more amazing than Kim JunSu becoming a double award winner. And maybe it is because Kim JunSu and his fans seem to have beautiful souls that help the less fortunate neighbors around them. 

Credit: Dshower (http://dshower.tistory.com/m/1989)
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[Video] 121012 JYJ Donation for Thailand Flood Relief and Now..

[Vid] 121012 JYJ Donation for Thailand Flood Relief and Now..

Good news from World Vision Thailand! Children who were damaged from Thailand flood got school supplies and necessaries through JYJ’s donation. JYJ make them smile

credit: JYJ Facebook

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[NEWS] 120818 JYJ Fans Donate For Flood Victims In The Philippines

[NEWS] 120818 JYJ Fans Donate For Flood Victims In The Philippines

The admins of JYJ Philippines donated goods to the Philippine Red Cross in honor of their idol, boy band JYJ. (Photos courtesy of JYJ PH)

MANILA, Philippines – Being a fangirl is not just about supporting your idol; it’s also about helping people in times of need. This is what fans from different countries of Korean boy band JYJ aimed to show when they responded to a call to help victims of severe flooding in the Philippines, which left 109 people dead and affected 4.1 million people.

JYJ Philippines, the local fan club of boy band, launched and organized the “JYJ Reach: JYJ Philippines Flood Relief Charity Project” to help Filipinos.

“The project’s purpose is to help our brothers and sisters who were affected by the flood in the Philippines,” said JYJ Philippines.

The heavy rains in the Philippines started last August 6 brought about by the southwest monsoon or “habagat.”

As of August 16, the Philippines’ National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said 924,948 families in 36 cities in 17 provinces including the National Capital Region were affected by the flooding.

JYJ, composed of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, is one of the most popular Korean groups.

When JYJ Philippines called out for people to donate to the worthy project, fans from different countries responded.

As of August 17, the “JYJ Reach: JYJ Philippines Flood Relief Charity Project” has collected P55,198.58.

“The response of the fans to project is overwhelming. We didn’t expect that even the International fans would give their support. But then it’s not surprising anymore because JYJ Families around the world are always supportive of each other’s fan projects,” JYJ Philippines told Bulletin Entertainment.

The donations came from fans in the US, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Turkey, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

“Honestly, we didn’t set any target as far as the total amount of donations is concerned. When we launched the project, we thought, any amount would do just as long as we’re able to help our brothers and sisters in need. The turnout really surprised us because in three days time we were able to collect more or less P27,000. And the tentative total we have now is PhP 55,000. So, it was beyond our expectation,” JYJ Philippines added.

In the first phase of JYJ Reach, JYJ Philippines brought ready-to-eat food and medicine. Last August 12, the admins of JYJ Philippines went to the Philippine Red Cross to donate the goods.

Next week, JYJ Philippines will donate to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya and World Vision for the second phase of JYJ Reach.

“We are inspired by our idols Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu and we will continue to do charity projects in the future,” JYJ Philippines said.

Source: Manila Bulletin
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[News] JYJ Spends $3 Million USD on Its Fans

[News] JYJ Spends $3 Million USD on Its Fans

JYJ’s fan expo, which started on June 28, has cost a hefty price tag of 3.7 billion KRW ($3.2 million USD).

JYJ is having a four-day “2012 JYJ Membership Week” at Hangnyeoul SETEC. It’s a large scale event/showcase catered toward C-Jes Entertainment JYJ members. JYJ is renting a total of three exhibit halls to present a 3D media façade, trick art, fan meeting, and film screening. The group is also preparing for the fans various paraphernalia. A corner of the exhibition was dedicated to showcasing trophies bestowed upon Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong, and Kim Jun Su for their acting in domestic and foreign dramas.

Although the use of 3D media façade isn’t anything new and won’t be effective in drawing people outside JYJ fan base, it is a valid attempt to give back to the die-hard fans.

Nearly 4 billion Korean won budget was prepared by JYJ official fan club membership fees. Domestic fans must pay 15,000 KRW ($12.99 USD) per year, and fans in Japan must pay 50,000 KRW ($43.28 USD) per year. A JYJ spokesman said, “It is through this event that we desire to give back the fees JYJ fans have paid yearly. Therefore, we won’t be promoting sale of merchandise or commercial activity of any kind. This is a pure gesture of gratitude through an annual event held just for fans.”

He also added, “If Hallyu-related events were just limited to performances during overseas fans’ visit to Korea, this event will be an opportunity to enjoy K-Pop in different ways.”

For this event alone, 15,000 Korea’s fan club members and 7,024 Japan’s fan club members are scheduled to arrive at the expo. The flood of Japanese fans marks a record-breaking number of a one-time entry of foreigners into the Republic of Korea. They arrive by 116 airplanes departing from 14 airports including Haneda, Narita, and Kansai airports. A total of 3,500 rooms were booked around Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon for this event.

credit: soompi

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[Info+Pic] 120519 The Founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant(FAE) Named The Baby Elephant “PaGhreyJae” After Kim Jaejoong

 [Info+Pic] 120519 The Founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant(FAE) Named The Baby Elephant “PaGhreyJae” After Kim Jaejoong

Soraida Salwala (@SoraidaSalwala) : Baby PaGhreyJae & Mom Moghrey http://twitpic.com/9mo74r

 Soraida Salwala: So the baby is “PaGhreyJae” meaning Beautiful male elephant “Jae” from Kim JaeJoong หรือเป็นไทยก็ “พลายงามแจ” นั่นเองค่ะ ขอขอบคุณทุก ๆ ท่าน

Soraida Salwala: I’ve named the baby “PAGHREYJAE” after the Korean artist Kim Jae Joong

Soraida Salwala: Hello Baby! http://yfrog.com/nv9z6yzj


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Jaejoong Fans….you are awesome!

[T/N Soraida Salwala is the Founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant(FAE), WORLD’s first Elephant Hospital ]

[Picture+Trans] 120313 Junsu Twitter Update

[Pic+Trans] 120313 Junsu Twitter Update

@1215thexiahtic: Like a flash, yesterday’s concert concluded one year of our journey.. I’m too filled with emotions for words.. It’s yet another beginning and a new leap…… while dreaming~

@poimin73: @1215thexiahtic You worked hard, it must have been difficult on you mentally as well.. Now its time for you to return as Death, XiahTod!!

@1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 Hyung it has to be almost morning right nowㅋ Aren’t you sleeping?

We went into Adidas departmental store…. Our Crown Prince was going to buy all the staff a pair of sports shoes each… I reached out to snatch one too.. He glanced over and saw me.. And said “Not you”.. And met my eyes unyieldingly… Then allowed even me to have one too pleasantly.. Crown Prince Forever

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Translation 120310 TVXQ Held Free Live Viewings At Disaster-Stricken Areas A Year After The Earthquake

[Trans] 120310 Tohoshinki Held Free Live Viewings At Disaster-Stricken Areas A Year After The Earthquake

Tohoshinki, who are currently holding their nation-wide tour “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~”, with 26 concerts in 11 venues, held a free live viewing of the Fukui Sundome concert on 10 March (Saturday) for the residents of three areas in the Tohoku region which were hit by the disaster.

A year since the Tohoku Earthquake, in which many Tohoshinki fans were also affected by, these live viewings were decided as (Tohoshinki) wanted to bring smiles and strength to the victims of this disaster, even if it was just one person.

The live viewings were held at 5 cinemas in the Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. 2000 people from these three prefectures, including fanclub members residing there and students in the disaster areas, were invited to the viewings for free.

The duo shouted, “Everyone in the Tohoku region, let’s get excited together!”, and showcased powerful stages including their new single “Still”, which will be released on 14 March, as well as “The Way U Are”, which was specially prepared for this day. During the encore, they had happy expressions on their faces as they said, “I feel deeply connected to everyone in the Tohoku region,” and “We would be happy if today’s live managed to bring you laughter, no matter how little,” captivating over 17,000 audiences over the 2 days.

At the cinemas, red penlights were distributed to the viewers as they entered and they enjoyed the concert, singing and waving their penlights along with the songs.

(repeated portions omitted)

Source: [mu-mo]
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Editors Note: A Year Has Passed Since The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami that rocked the world in 2011 doesn’t seem a full year ago does it? The tsunami still seems close because there are so many reminders around that it actually occurred. There are nuclear summit talks, charity events for victims, and rebuilding of stricken areas as an ongoing project. The tsunami will figure forever in the saga of JYJ’s struggle to stay above the water and to conquer the water through 2011. Not only did the tsunami aftermath effects bow to the concerted efforts of people around the world–but the industry that has tried and is still trying to drag JYJ down has had to bow to the ultimate realization that they are survivors. This is partly due to the utter talent and tenacity of JYJ, and the ingenuity and tenacity of JYJ’s true fans.

It is so easy to sing and dance along with a thriving group like TVXQ was before 2010. It takes more courage to survive a splintered group situation with your heart and loyalties intact. I am happy and proud to say that not only have we survived, but there are those of us who have enough love, passion, and compassion in our hearts to still embrace all five of these truly special young men.

The tsunami taught the world how to give and pull together to rebuild and rethink a way of living. The split of TVXQ has prayerfully taught the world how to acknowledge, evaluate, and start to restructure the entertainment industry.

Dear Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. Please do not ever regret doing what you felt was necessary for your own happiness but also for the happiness of others. Yunho and Changmin–do not ever regret doing what you considered to be the best for you. We may not ever fully understand what happened, but the important thing is to forge ahead and make a history that may someday converge onto a path that includes all five once again. Until then, and because there is a hope of then, we keep Fighting and Keeping the Faith!!

credit: Momma Cha@


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[TRANS] 120307 Park Yoochun Is Truly A Hallyu Star! Highest Personal Record Of 11.5 Tonnes Of Rice Wreaths

[TRANS] 120307 Park Yoochun Is Truly A Hallyu Star! Highest Personal Record Of 11.5 Tonnes Of Rice Wreaths

JYJ’s member and actor Park Yoochun demonstrated his prowess as a Hallyu star.

SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Rooftop Prince”, which Park Yoochun stars in, held its press conference on the afternoon of 5 March. The press conference venue, the Crystal Ballroom of Lotte Hotel in Jamshil, Seoul, was surrounded with “Support Rice Wreaths” sent by over a thousand fans from 30 countries, amounting to 11.5 tonnes. 11.5 tonnes of rice is enough to feed more than 100,000 children with malnutrition, and is a highest weight recorded for rice wreaths for a drama press conference, for any individual activity, as well as for Yoochun himself.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun, who will be returning to television screens with “Rooftop Prince” that begins broadcasting on 14 March, will be participating in JYJ’s South American concerts held on 9 and 11 March in Chile and Peru. In response to this, (Yoochun’s) management company expressed, “Park Yoochun has finished filming all his parts for the broadcast of “Rooftop Prince” up to the date which his schedule for the South American concerts ends. Thus, there will not be any problems with the broadcast schedule.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Seoul via Nate]

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[TRANS]111230 A Kim Junsu School Has Been Built In Cambodia

[TRANS]111230 A Kim Junsu School Has Been Built In Cambodia

Written by TheRarasaurus

On 28 December, The “Kim Junsu” School, which took 5 months to build was announced to be open.

This school has 6 classrooms, a washroom, and a clean water provision system. The village (that the school is in) has a population of 1,500 people, and is far away from the city, 3 hours away by car from the capital city. It’s economic and hygiene infrastructures are not well developed, and is one of the poorest areas in the country.

Junsu’s mother Yoon Young Mi had come to this village together with a volunteer group, and asked them what they needed to most. Without hesitation, they said that their children needed a school. When Junsu found out about this, the plan to build a school was set up, and also involved the locals.

500 students and their parents attended the opening ceremony, as well as local officials. The new students also put up an adorable performance to show their gratitude. Junsu’s mother said that she hope they can call this school the “Xiah Junsu Evergreen School” so that the students can maintain a fresh and green dreams for their future, and hopes that they can become future leaders when they grow up.

As Kim Junsu is currently involved in the preparations for his new musical “Elisabeth,” he was unable to participate in this event, but he said that via a video that “Next time, I will come to visit every one and sing songs with everybody, and I want to play soccer too,” in his greeting.

This town has also built a gate called the “Kim Junsu Supported Village” at the entrance of the town, to show their gratitude towards everything that Kim Junsu has done.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sportsseoul via Nate]

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Editors Note on Winter

Winter Rose [roses in winter are more my style]

Truth to tell, winter is not my favorite season of the year. I do not like to be cold, ever. We just got our first legitimate, sticking to the roads snowstorm of the season. This has been a landmark year for extreme weather, and it looks as if the weather is holding on to its reputation through December. At one point in time I would have thought it unusual to see so much diversity, but it is becoming commonplace to hear of wind storms, flooding,and power outages. This is scary because it is becoming a way of life.

Please continue to pray for Thailand, Japan, Haiti, The Americas, Australia, et al. Do you see what I mean–so many hurting areas. We can help each other by donating to worthy causes this Christmas season. I am realizing that the true meaning of Christmas, the giving that impacts hurting lives, is being lost in the hustle and bustle of Xmas.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk